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The Case For Open Heart Surgery At Cabarrus Memorial Hospital

 Open Heart Surgery at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital Bettina Pressley Strategic Management for Healthcare Organizations September 9, 2014 Professor Dennis Coker South University EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report examines Cabarrus Memorial Hospital implementing a full-service cardiac surgery program. The report will identify the key issues to include internal and external opportunities and threats, and it is necessary to point out that the main reason for open-heart surgery strategic plan development...

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Open Heart Surgery

Open-heart surgery had been one of the largest life saving surgeries performed. The first successful open heart surgery was performed in 1952 by Dr. F John Lewis. He used ice to cool down the heart and slow circulation. The basis of heart surgery involves exposing the heart (open). The sternum must be sawed through to expose the heart. The heart cannot be left pumping during surgery. At first ice was used but now a heart lung machine is used. It involves hooking a tube up to the aorta. Blood goes...

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Memorial Hospital

CASE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL The nurses at Memorial Hospital work a regular schedule of four 10-hour days per week. The average regulartime pay across all nursing grades is $12.00 per hour. Overtime may be scheduled when necessary. However, because of the intensity of the demands placed on nurses, only a limited amount of overtime is permitted per week. Nurses may be scheduled for as many as 12 hours per day for a maximum of five days per week. Overtime is compensated at a rate of $18.00 per hour....

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Post Open Heart Surgery Depression

post open-heart surgery. This theory will consider dynamic causes of depression including physiological, psychological, developmental, social, and spiritual factors of patient experiences. Post-Cardiovascular Surgery Depress Physiologic Stressors Depression is among one of the many risks involving any cardiac open-heart surgical procedure. The body is put under a tremendous amount of physical stress and could cause someone to feel the effects of depression. A saw is used to crack open the...

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Heart Surgery

Open heart surgery can be real painful on a family, just as it is to the person having it. My father had to undergo this procedure, and might have to undergo it again. This was a devasting time for my family and myself. This occurred almost two years ago. The evening before my father’s surgery they had him take a shower or bedside bath. They told him to use a special soap on his chest and legs. This special soap kills the bacteria on your skin and helps to prevent infection after surgery. The...

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Peel Memorial Hospital Case Analysis

Balanced Scorecard Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital | Case Analysis | | Thomas N. Bailey | 2/15/2011 | Kaplan University GB520 Term 1101D Unit 4 Introduction Prior to the 1990s, generous government funding allowed Canadian health care facilities to provide excellent service and quality. In the early 1990s, increasing health care costs have changed government funding, requiring providers to be more financially accountable. In the mid-1990s, hospitals and regional health authorities...

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Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital Bus644: Operations Management Vanessa Washington Khrista Richards June 8, 2015 In this assignment I will be discussing the case study in our text on “Memorial Hospital”. I will be looking at the ways the hospital might measure quality. I will also explain the potential costs and failures of quality for Memorial Hospital and discuss how each can be measured. I will be looking at the ideas or techniques from TQM that Janice could use to help Memorial focus on...

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Pate Memorial Hospital

 Case Synopsis In mid-April 2000, Pate Memorial Hospital (PMH) uncovered a concerning piece of news. This news was discovered by Sherri Worth, assistant administrator at Pate Memorial Hospital in charge of the hospital’s Pate Health Clinic (PHC). Worth discovered that a firm had been conducting a study to determine whether there was sufficient demand to establish a clinic five blocks north of the Pate Health Clinic, the opening date for this potential clinic was May...

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Robotic Surgery

ROBOTIC SURGERY Robotic surgery, computer-assisted surgery, and robotically-assisted surgery are terms for technological developments that use robotic systems to aid in surgical procedures. Robotically-assisted surgery was developed to overcome the limitations of minimally-invasive surgery and to enhance the capabilities of surgeons performing open surgery. In the case of robotically-assisted minimally-invasive surgery, instead of directly moving the instruments, the surgeon uses one of five...

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The Unhealthy Hospital Case Study

service and the results possible from a hospital and on the other hand the stakeholders look for the best possible profit they can gain from the business. This is the point where a competent hospital or a healthcare manager comes into picture. In this case the healthcare set up is going through a rough stage where in an increasing cost of healthcare facilities like the equipments, pharmacies etc is indirectly affecting on the quality of care provided in the hospital which is ultimately bringing down the...

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Case 6-Columbia Memorial Hospital

Case Study #6 Managerial Accounting #1 With no change in volume (utilization), is the clinic projected to make a profit? Currently the clinic sees about 45 patients per day and they have capacity to handle 85. If they continue how they are operating the clinic is looking at a loss of $3,173. At this rate the clinic will not be able to make a profit in spite of inflation over the next couple years. #2 How many additional daily visits must be generated to break even? There is an average of...

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Hospital case

goes to the GP. GP examines the patient and in some cases the GP will refer the patient to the hospital. In the hospital the person will be examined by a doctor and maybe there’s a surgery. After the surgery he needs to go to the local pharmacist for his medicines. The pharmacist sends him a bill. The payment of this bill will be arranged between the patient and the health insurer. 5. Four external factors that influence the costs of the hospital are: If the government doesn’t invest in the healthcare...

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Situation Analysis-Peace Memorial Hospital

Situation Analysis-Peace Memorial Hospital Peace Memorial Hospital is a 600-bed, independent, not-for-profit, general hospital located on the southern periphery of a major western city. It is one of six general hospitals in the city and twenty in the county. After doing much research, the Board of Directors has decided that they should open an ambulatory location in the downtown area, to be known as the Downtown Health Clinic (DHC). The clinic will have 4 major objectives: “1. To expand the hospital’s...

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Massachusetts General Hospital: CABG Surgery (A) case study

It has been a growing concern in both the industry and society. Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is no exception. Even though the average length of stay (LOS) for the patients in MGH has been declining (Exhibit 10), it is still the highest compared to their competitors (Exhibit 6). Besides the cost, there is no uniformity of process and standardization across different facilities and departments of the hospital. MGH lacks communication and coordination between the facilities. Key Issues: Dr...

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79752082 Hospital Management and CABG Surgery Case

Running Head: HOSPITAL MANAGEMANT Hospital Management and CABG Surgery Case Answer 1. Payoff There are various payoffs or benefits those one could expect from the implementation of care path method in the hospital. Execution of Care Path could help to improve the quality of operating processes of all the departments of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) (Wheelwright & Weber, 2004). The implementation of care path or critical path method could help to provide standard...

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Pate Memorial Hospital

Pate Memorial Hospital Introduction Pate Memorial Hospital is a 600 bed, debt free , not-for profit , one of the six general hospital located on the southern periphery of a major western city. It is financially stronger than most of the metropolitan-based hospitals in the United States and has the highest overall occupancy rate among the six general hospitals. Industrial Analysis of Hospital and Ambulatory health care services There’s a dramatic transformation in Health care and hospital...

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Cardiologist and Heart Surgeries

Cardiologist and Heart Surgeries A cardiologist is a physician who is certified to treat problems of the cardiovascular system—the heart, arteries, and veins. Cardiology is classified as an internal medicine subspecialty. Knowledge of internal medicine and other specialties is required to obtain certification. There are many requirements on the quest to becoming a cardiologist; first, obviously is graduation from an approved medical school. Next is the completion of an ACGME-accredited internal...

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Case study: Shouldice Hospital Limited.

While reading this case study, one problem can obviously been observed- paradox of change. Shouldice is operating at its "best operating level"(as we can see from the case), a specialized work force but it is failing to meet all the demand for its chosen market niche. Adding additional capacity to meet market need may upset the existing work force and lower quality of operations. Failing to meet market requirements may cause competition that would lead hospital to loss market share. I make a SWOT...

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Heart Disease

Heart Disease Kayla Tusa Adelphi University Abstract This paper is aimed to view heart disease and show the effects that it can have on the person who has it. The points made in this paper will show what heart disease does to the body. It shows symptoms and treatments that are used with this disease. It mainly shows the facts about heart disease. The illness in my family that I feel poses the greatest threat to me is heart disease. Heart disease has been in my father’s family for a...

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Hospital Acquired Pneumonia Case Study

Hospital Acquired Pneumonia October 7, 2010 Hospital Acquired Pneumonia Hospital acquired pneumonia is currently the second most common nosocomial infection in the United States and is associated with high mortality and morbidity (Seymann, 2008). This paper is a case study of a 52 year old female who was in the hospital for a scheduled gastric bypass surgery. During a post-op test she aspirated dye thus beginning the process of her developing nosocomial pneumonia...

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Shouldice Hospital Case Study

Shouldice Hospital Case Study Calvin Barron Liberty University March 2, 2010 Respectfully submitted to Prof. Scott McLaughlin Overview The Shouldice Hospital serves as a glaring example of extraordinary service and care for the impaired and needy. From carpeting and soft lighting to doting personal care from the staff, the Shouldice experience sets a standard of excellence for the industry. Dr. Earl Shouldice displayed an early desire for medical understanding with an age...

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Pate Memorial Hospital

Problem statement Pate Memorial Hospital is a 600-bed, independent, not-for-profit, self-supporting hospitals. PHC, an ambulatory health care facility, was opened by PMH. Sherri Worth, a new assistant administrator of Pate Memorial Hospital in charge of the PHC, was told that a firm plan establishes a clinic five blocks north of PHC. It is a big competitor for PHC. On the other hand, financial problems, Short service hours, long waiting time and lacking of gynecological services are all be the...

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Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery The ethics of robotic surgery is a multi-faceted topic of debate with many different viewpoints all worthy of deeper exploration and consideration. Medicine is ever-changing due to major technological innovations and government regulations. With all these changing factors in medicine, the focus should always be to provide the best possible care for the end user, or the patients. Is robotic surgery the best way to provide for the end user? There are many concerns and questions...

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Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery and Heart Attacks

HEART ATTACKS & HOT WATER: A very good article which takes two minutes to read. Heart Attacks And Drinking Warm Water This is a very good article. Not only about the warm water after your meal, but about Heart Attacks. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals, not cold water, maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating. For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However...

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Jamaica Hospital vs Queens Hospital Center

JAMAICA HOSPITAL VS QUEEN HOSPITAL CENTER Jamaica Hospital vs. Queens Hospital Center Nakisa Frazier Excelsior College NUR 431/ Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems Professor Melanie Bujanda Romero 11/25/2012 If you ever had to wait to several weeks or even months to see a doctor or specialist, you would know how anxious the wait can make you feel. You can easily become simply frustrated or even concerned about a possible negative...

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Business Administration Hospital Case

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL CASE    Names & student numbers  Marit de Hoog   Peter Kock // 1665849  Rolf van Moergastel // 1563838    Class  IB­09                                                                  1  1. Modeling process.  Model the described process with the activities in the care chain. Draw only the  process of the hospital and describe how the process is linked with the  pharmacist, the GP and the health insurance.  Specify in the process diagram of the hospital the sub­processes...

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PATE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. I. Summary of the Facts A. Market – Medical and Health Services 1. HMO – Health Maintenance Organization 2. PPO – Preferred provider Organization 3. Economic Market – Monopolistic Competition B. Product 1. Preventive and primary health care services 2. Emergency care services 3. X-ray and laboratory testings 3. Benefits a. Core – providing basic health services to people in need. b. Secondary 1) providing cautionary screenings to forecast and prevent...

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Malpractice: Surgery and Basic Human Right

be the case because they have violated one basic human right (i.e., the right to privacy). A human rights violation should not go unpunished in my opinion. The Vicente Sotto scandal is a testimony of medical malpractice wherein doctors, nurses and other health workers are not allowed by law and ethics to divulge information about their patients. That is one provision the Patient’s Bill of rights, it happened at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu, Philippines. The hospital administrators...

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Gastrointestinal Disorder Case Study T.B, a 60yo retiree, is admitted to your unit from the ED. Upon arrival you note that he is trembling and nearly doubled over with severe abdominal pain. T.B. indicates that he has severe RUQ (right upper quadrant) pain that radiates to his back, and he is more comfortable walking bent forward than lying in bed. He admits to having had several similar bouts of abdominal pain in the last month but “none as bad as this.” He feels only slightly nauseated but...

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Shouldice Hospital Case Solution

as compared to that of a typical hospital? A. The hospital focused on this new procedure for treatment of external types of abdominal hernias. Some differentiating features of the Shouldice process were the arranging of abdominal muscles into three distinct layers, reinforcing the abdominal wall with six rows of sutures and did not involve any insertion of screen and mesh under the skin. Beyond the surgical procedure, it was the service process of the hospital that differentiated it from others...

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Shouldice Hospital, Ltd. Case

Starting as a small hospital, the Shouldice Hospital has had a rather long history since the end of the Second World War. And At the time of his death in 1965, the founder Dr. Shouldice’s longtime associate, Dr. Nicholas Obney was named surgeon-in-chief and chairman of the board of Shouldice Hospital Limited and under his leadership, the volume of activity continued to increase, reaching a total of 6,850 operations in the 1982 calendar year. And primaries represented approximately 82% of all hernias...

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Lincoln Hospital Case Study

Management 594 Case Two Table of Contents Page Lincoln Hospital Case Study Introduction 3 Contracting and Diagnosis Stages 5 Third-Party or Other Types of Intervention 6 Third-Party Effectivity and Next Steps 7 References 8 Lincoln Hospital Case Study Introduction This case describes a crisis situation that unfolds at the Lincoln Hospital, a 400-bed for-profit facility. At the root of the crisis is a dysfunctional relationship...

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Memorial Hospital Case Study

Memorial Hospital Case Study Abstract Memorial Hospital Case Study uses a series of communication between different level and functional hospital employees to paint a picture of how this hospital operates. This paper will analyze and summarize key characteristics underlining the organization structure, management style and leadership, identify major challenges and recommend workable solutions. Analysis Organization 14 department heads report to the president directly. “Coordination...

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Perpetual Mercy Hospital Case

Perpetual Mercy Hospital Case Situation Analysis The hospital industry has seen a dramatic change since the 1960s. Millions of dollars were poured into the industry causing a huge boom in independent hospitals and respectively a large boom in insurance coverage. Eventually the government had to step back in and reassess their role in health care. Here is what you need to know about the industry. Types of Health Care Programs: - HMOs are Health Maintenance Organizations that provide health care for...

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Shouldice Hospital Case

CASE : SHOULDICE HOSPITAL – A CUT ABOVE “Shouldice hospital, the house that hernias built, is a converted country estate which gives the hospital ‘a country club’ appeal.” A quote from American Medical News Shouldice Hospital in Canada is widely known for one thing-hernia repair! In fact, that is the only operation it performs, and it performs a great many of them. Over the past two decades this small 90-bed hospital has averaged 7,000 operations annually. Last year, it had a record year and performed...

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Akon's Hospital

Akron’s children Hospital (Case Study) Akron Children’s Hospital started as a day care nursery provider in 1890 and became one of the largest pediatric healthcare system in the united state. Akron Children’s Hospital is located in a friendly community of Akron, Ohio. With more than 3000 pediatric specialists Akron Children’s Hospital offers over 30 practice areas of medicine and surgery specialized for children which help the hospital draw over half a million patients a year not only from the United...

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The Case of the Unhealthy Hospital: Blake Memorial Hospital

The Case of the Unhealthy Hospital Anthony R. Kovner Harvard Business Review No. 91506 SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER 1991 HBR Anthony R. Kovner The Case of the Unhealthy Hospital Bruce Reid, Blake Memorial Hospital’s new CEO, rubbed his eyes and looked again at the 1992 budget worksheet. The more he played with the figures, the more pessimistic he became. Blake Memorial’s financial health was not good; it suffered from rising costs, static revenue, and declining quality of care. When the...

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summary of "Open heart, open mind"

SUMMARY OPEN HEART, OPEN MIND Awakening the Power of Essence Love Tsoknyi Rinpoche with Eric Swanson InOpen Heart, Open Mind: Awakening the Power of Essence Love”, Tsoknyi Rinpoche- the Tibetan teacher of Buddhist meditation-mentions the Buddhist path aims at encouraging people to “live more openly, wisely, generously toward themselves and others”. To meet that target we need both understanding about our basic nature, the patterns that prevent us from our basic nature and the methods to...

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General Surgery Case Study

 General Surgery Case Study Brief Summary Background: Barbara Norris grew up in a small town in western Massachusetts. She developed a fond respect and admiration for the nursing profession due to her mother and grandmother both being nurses. She knew that nursing was the career she wanted to peruse. She obtained her nursing degree from Eastern Massachusetts University, and began to work at EMU in the emergency room. She was an ER nurse for four...

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A case study on outsourcing of hospitals

 A case study on Outsourcing of Hospitals Submitted by: Sadikchya Acharya MBA III(R) KINGS College MGT 620 Operations Management & Supply Chain International American University Introduction There are numerous strategies which are used to design to gain operation excellence and to gain competitive advantage through price cut and minimizing other operations cost also adding product value is one of them. Outsourcing can also be the process or people and supply chain that gives and addition...

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Shouldice Hospital

Shouldice Hospital Limited A Brief History: Dr. Edward Earle Shouldice graduated from the University of Toronto in 1916. By 1940, Dr. Shouldice was operating a private medical and surgical practice, lecturing at the University of Toronto, and pursuing research work in areas of advancing medical knowledge. During World War II, he was called to serve on the Medical Examining Board. Dr. Shouldice, a major in the army, found that many young men willing to serve their country had to be denied enlistment...

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Shouldice Hospital

Decision Case #13 Shouldice hospital offers an enriched and comfortable experience for patients accepted into the program for hernia operations. As soon as they arrive at the hospital they are interacted with very closely. Administrators and surgeons spend time with their patients prior to the operation to ensure that their needs are met and that their stay at Shouldice is a comfortable and successful one. After a normal hernia operation at a hospital or another institution, patients are...

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Shouldice Hospital - Essay

The Shouldice Hospital has been very successful during the past years and has grown to become the “world’s leading centre of excellence for hernia repair”. Based on research, • Shouldice has expanded their room capacity to 89 beds with 5 specialized operating rooms and a staff of about 150 people (nurses, doctors, administrative) that collaborate together to provide a higher quality health care service to the patient. • The innovative method used for sedating a patient with a sleeping pill...

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St. Marys Hospital Case

St. Mary’s Hospital Case Solution 1) Upon the story presented, necessary actions should be taken to overcome the hospital’s problems. St. Mary’s Hospital last year’s numbers showed the necessity of such actions. For the first time, since the hospital started operating, they presented deficit on its revenue. St. Mary’s hospital had some major problems in a few departments. During the last few years, the occupancy, or the number of patients in the hospital, has been declining. Such problem is explained...

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Bloodless Surgery

Bloodless Surgery | [Type the document subtitle] | Michael Jones | Abstract There have been many court cases that has made, parent who deny their child blood transfusion, to have to get one. Most time the courts will side with the parents, but if their decision not to is life threatening, the court side with the hospital. Most times it is for religious reasons that parent don’t want their child to have blood transfusion. There are many risks associated with blood transfusion, some...

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Shouldice Hospital

experienced the similar operation at other hospitals. And the recurrence rate for all operations performed at Shouldice is about 0. The Unique Selling Point of the Hospital “There is No Substitute for Experience”. Shouldice Hospital has been dedicated to the repair of hernias for over 55 years. The trained team of Shouldice Hospital surgeons have repaired more than 300,000 hernias with a greater than 99% success rate. Surgeons at Shouldice Hospital have a virtual 100% success rate performing...

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Cosmetic Surgery Be Informed

Cosmetic Surgery Be Informed Everyone has looked in the mirror and found something they want to fix. Cosmetic surgery can boost self esteem, and give confidence it seems the pain associated is secondary. Many people are willing to take the involved risks even though complications can arise. Cosmetic surgery changes the appearance by altering parts of the body that function normally but do not look the desired way. Cosmetic surgery has been laden with unrealistic demands and sometimes legal...

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Plastic Surgery

history, future, benefits, and controversies of cosmetic surgery. I. Introduction to history of cosmetic surgery through the ages . 800 B.C. Physicians were utilizing skin grafts for facial reconstruction . World War I had a impact on Plastic Surgery; due to war wounds and disfigure . American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASPRS) . Techniques and procedures II. Risks and benefits of cosmetic surgery . Cosmetic Surgeries . Make the patient feel better about themselves, increase...

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Massachusetts General Hospital: Cabg Surgery (a)

MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL: CABG Surgery (A) Today, governmental, corporate and individual customers increasingly are resisting insurers' attempts to pass on rising healthcare costs. Healthcare providers' costs meanwhile are escalating in the face of an aging population, expensive technologies and therapies... Both payers and providers must determine their true competencies and find ways to remain profitable despite leaner margins. In 1994, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), with its $1 billion...

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Effects of Plastic Surgery

Effects of Plastic Surgery Just in case you were unsure of the effects of plastic surgery, this can be a pretty good guide to some of the things that you might not expect after having had surgery…and some things that you probably already knew but haven’t thought all that much about. Basically having plastic surgery will affect you in three major ways. The first and possible least important is the effect it will have on your pocketbook. Plastic surgery, whether it is a face lift, breast enhancement...

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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not solving the problem at route. The problem is the perception that the mind has on what is important. All cosmetic surgery is doing is changing the appearance but not the mental state. Someone who has such a mental disposition to these illnesses will have their offending extremity changed, but they will ultimately always find something they are not happy with. Instead of cosmetic surgery, these people should be offered psychological help. Cosmetic surgery only masks the inner...

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Health Care and Trinity Hospital

Amt2 In: Business and Management Amt2 Community Health Needs Assessment   On March 23, 2012 it became a requirement for all hospital organizations operating a state-licensed hospital facility to compete a community health needs assessment (CHNA) at least every three years. The report must include a description of the community the hospital serves, the process and methods used to complete the assessment, input from persons representing the interest of the community, a prioritized description...

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Healing Hospital

 Healing Hospital: Daring Paradigm Grand Canyon University Spirituality in Health Care HLT 310V Currently, Western Medicine in the United States is heavily evidenced based. The therapies and surgeries are validated by clinical trials, are proven to be effective in treating a given disease, and have often been successful at eradicating certain illness and diseases. With modern medicine, the common end goal is to cure. The healing hospital paradigm takes a different approach to medicine...

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Open M Open Heart, Open Mind and Open Door

Open Heart, Open Mind, and Open Door “Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors” is the United Methodist’s trademark phrase expression its mission for evangelism. It is a wonderful catch phrase. And its essence contains the Christian message as well as the Methodist Social Affirmation to the world. To whom and how should we open these three doors: with our hearts, minds and opportunities? I see three doors in this catch phrase. Jesus said, “I am the gate for the sheep: whoever enters through me...

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Heart surgery

Even in cardiac surgery, techniques and procedures lose and gain fashion. For example, today’s surgeons are now using homograft valves in an increasing number of cases. In earlier years, homografts never had the popularity that their mechanical counterparts did, in part because of the problems of supply and demand and of storage and preservation. Some, however, continued to use homografts, especially Donald Ross and Brian Barratt-Boyes, who were largely responsible for their development. Even before...

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History of Coronary Bypass Surgery

artery bypass surgery, also coronary artery bypass graft (CABG, pronounced "cabbage") surgery, and colloquially heart bypass orbypass surgery is a surgical procedure performed to relieve angina and reduce the risk of death from coronary artery disease. Arteries or veins from elsewhere in the patient's body are grafted to the coronary arteries to bypass atherosclerotic narrowings and improve the blood supply to the coronary circulation supplying the myocardium (heart muscle). This surgery is usually...

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“Case Study-Big Changes for the Small Hospital”

CHANGES FOR A SMALL HOSPITAL REVOLUTION BY A LEADER CASE GIST This case is story of big changes for a Small Hospital. Story is rounded around F .NICHOLAS JACOBS. He started work for small hospital named as Windber Medical center facility as a president. Firstly he was dread when he entered in new environment. Then he started to work under their culture. He was discussed with employees and community. Taken idea about people who are directly and indirectly involved with hospital. Then he provides...

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Shouldice Case

Shouldice Hospital as a processing operation with products, attributes and resources. 2 What are its competitive priorities? 3 What kind of market has it chosen to focus on? Shouldice Hospital follows the business model of focus on a single standardized service for a narrow target of consumers, rather than to provide customized solution (as in a general clinic or hospital). It focuses on providing quick, convenient, and reliable cure for external types of abdominal hernias. The Hospital uses its...

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Plastic Surgery and It's Side Effects

This is a paper I had to do in one of my first college courses. This paper is about plastic surgery and the side effects that are not always mentioned to the patient before or at the time of surgery. Again, please remember that this was my first paper so it is not the best. I do hope however that it can be beneficial to someone in their search foe the same answers. Plastic surgery procedures have been being performed on people from all walks of life for many years now and most people come away...

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Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery is the use of robots in performing surgery. "Surgery is performed by manipulating straight instruments while viewing the instruments on a monitor. Robotic surgery is the evolution of laparoscopy that addresses the drawbacks of laparoscopy"(NJ urology).Considering the never ending improvement of technology, this type of surgery is being used more by a day worldwide and has a potential to totally take over the field of surgery. However, as robotic surgery has its advantages, it also...

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