• Should the Names of Registered Sex Offenders Be Available to the Public?
    “In July of 1994, Jesse Timmendequas, a convicted sex offender, raped, beat and strangled Megan Nicole Kanka. This sex offender lived across the street from the Kanka family; however the family was never aware of this.” (www.mapsexoffenders.com) This event brought about the ongoing controversy t
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  • How Can We Effectively Monitor Sex Offenders
    How can we monitor sex offenders more effectively? As a concerned parent of four children, I want to be able to protect my family. Therefore, I need to know of all the dangers within my current community as well as surrounding areas. Upon asking a person questions about safe areas for kids to pla
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  • Sex Crimes
    A sex offender (also sexual offender, sex abuser, or sexual abuser) is a person who has committed a sex crime. What constitutes a sex crime differs by culture and by legal jurisdiction. Most jurisdictions compile their laws into sections such as traffic, assault, sexual, etc. The majority of convict
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  • Sex Offenders
    Sex Offenders: Is Jail Successful Rehabilitation? Chandra Stiggers Professor Brown June 21, 2011 Hypothesis: Does incarcerating a child molester rehabilitate him so that he is able to function normally in the community once he is out of jail to prohibit another sexual crime within society?
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  • Civil Confinement for Sex Offenders Research Papers
    Civil Confinement for Sex Offenders Research Paper Civil Confinement for Sex Offenders began in the state of New York on April 13, 2007 with the enactment of the Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act (SOMTA) (SOMTA, 2008). O’Connor (n.d.) states; “that this act covers prisoners already se
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  • Probability of Sex Offenders
    Probability of Sex Offenders Abstract The wisdom on sex-crime recidivism, coupled with high-profile sex crimes against children, has helped spur the spate of registry and neighbor-notification laws, even before they could be properly studied for their impact on recidivism rates. Several resear
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  • Sex Ed
    Human sexuality has biological, emotional/physical or spiritual aspects. The biological aspect of sexuality refers to the reproductive mechanism as well as the basic biological drive that exists in all species, which is hormonally controlled. The emotional or physical aspect of sexuality refers to t
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  • Sex Offenders Within Our Community
    Abstract This paper is an analysis of sexual predators’ in our communities. Focusing on how one is classified as a sex offender, the meaning of classifications and the hardships they face when they are placed within our societies. Everyone in the world would consider this classification of a crim
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  • Are Statutory Rape Laws Discriminary Towards Boys?
    STATUTORY RAPE LAW A recent Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Opinion offers a look into how juveniles are charged in statutory rape cases and reflects some interesting and sober judicial thinking. The case is Commonwealth v. Bernardo B, 453 Mass. 158, 169 (2009). A 14 year-old boy was c
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  • Sex Offenders
    Punishing Sex Offenders Sexual assaults leave a bad image in our minds, and leave a bad impression to the society. Several highly publicized sexual assault cases have caused states to crack down on offenders in various ways. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act requires’ sex offend
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  • Exposing Sex Offenders and Their Use of Internet Communications
    Exposing Sex Offenders and Their Use of Internet Communications Name: Class: Professor: Date: Table of Contents MLA Cover Sheet …………………………………………………………………….…… 1 Abstract ….…………………………………………………â€
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  • Why Limits Are Imposed on Criminal Laws
    Darien Anthony 10/11/2012 Criminal justice 1 Why limits are imposed on Criminal Laws The founding of criminal law on the principle of rule of law means that the power of government is limited. Unlike royalty in the Middle Ages, which had limitless absolute power, governments are limited in the
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  • Sexting Unfair Laws
    Prewriting Any girl can have sex if she is 16 but she cannot send or take a picture of herself in a sexual was without being under the threat of becoming a sex offender and having to register on the sex offender registry which should only be for real hard criminal like pedophiles and gang rapists
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  • Sex Offerenders
    Everybody has heard of sex offenders. What people don’t know is what their family life is like and what it’s like being a sex offender. Sex offender could have a life time of having to register and have restrictions unlike the rest of the country. Sex offender registration is a system in variou
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  • Texas Textbook Controversy
    ------------------------------------------------- Texas textbook controversy- Analysis Kim Stevenson Eastern New Mexico University CI 531 1WW March 3, 2013- Abstract: Ever since the 1960s, the Texas textbook controversy has had an issue in America. The Texas school board is meeting to mak
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  • Sex Offenders
    Dayara Rodriguez Prison & Punishment Paul Lichtbraun CJ 202/01 Community corrections programs oversee offenders outside of jail or prison. They are administered by agencies or courts with the legal authority to enforce sanctions. Community corrections include probation — correctional su
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  • Sex Offenders
    Marie Dalance Once you have chosen a program, define the program, and discuss the effectiveness of the program. Sex Offenders People who commit sex crimes are known as sex offenders. We also define sex offenders as an individual who has confessed to, or been convicted of committing a sex crime,
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  • Sex Offenders
     Sex Offenders The Nottoway County facility is an all-male state prison in Burkeville, Nottoway County, Virginia. It has a low security work center on the same site. Nottoway, is a Level 4 security facility with inmates serving long term sentences, including single, multiple, and life...
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  • Should the names of registered sex offenders be available to the public?
    Should the names of registered sex offenders be available to the public? The state of Georgia requires the disclosure of every sex offender’s address in a given area. Research also show that 67% of sexual assaults are victims under the age of 18. Almost 2/3 of all sexual assaults...
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  • sex offenders
     Unit 2 Project: Restricted Living for Sex Offenders Regina Woodford Kaplan University CM 220-10 Professor Chagala March 10, 2014 Restricted Living for Sex Offenders The “Big Idea” that I have is to have restricted living for sex...
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