• Malaysia Strategy
    19 September 2011 Asian Daily Malaysia Strategy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bold reforms: One up for Najib Tan Ting Min / Research Analyst / 603 2723 2080 / tingmin.tan@credit-suisse.com • PM Najib surprised Malaysians by
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  • Indian Telecom Industry Caselet
    Indian Telecom Industry – Business Model Name: Abhinav Viswanathan Roll No: 1 Batch: PGDM E-Biz July 2010-12 1. Is the M & A rules in mobile sector is good or bad. Write Pros & Cons? Pros: Big service providers (Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, T
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  • Telecom Regulatory
    TELECOM REGULATORY & POLICY ENVIRONMENT IN PAKISTAN: RESULTS OF THE 2008 TRE SURVEY JOSEPH WILSON, PHD i Pakistan Country Report Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. Executive Summary ...............................................................................................................
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  • Infrastructure and Rural Development in Malaysia
    INFRASTRUCTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN MALAYSIA Introduction 1. Malaysia has achieved substantial success in its rural development, especially in reducing the incidence of poverty in both rural and urban. In the process, the rural areas have been developed with infrastructures, utility, soc
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  • A Study of Multimedia in Malaysia
    Managing Knowledge Workers: A Study of Multimedia Super Corridor’s Status Companies in Malaysia by Norzanah Mat Nor Research Student HRM Department, Cardiff Business School Cardiff University, Aberconway Building Colum Drive, Cardiff CF10 3EU Wales UK e-mail: Nornm@cf.ac.uk or Norzanah1204@yahoo.
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  • One Malaysia
    One Malaysia 1.0 INTRODUCTION Malaysia is a multiracial country with a rich cultural heritage, its population is formed by 3 main races, the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians, plus minorities of indigenous communities. Conflicts between races; racism issues are not uncommon in a multi-cultur
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  • Water Resource Management in Malaysia
    Water Resources Management in Malaysia: NGO Perspectives Chan Ngai Weng Professor Geography Section School of Humanities Universiti Sains Malaysia 11800 USM Penang, Malaysia {email: nwchan@usm.my} ABSTRACT Water is expected to be the main issue in the 21st century as this vital resource becomes inc
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  • Changes in Socio-Cultural Trends and How It Affects the Marketing Mix of 2 Companies (Astro & Maggi) in Malaysia
    Assignment Question A Examine the scope and activities of your own country of residence, or one that you are very familiar with. 1. Identify and examine the key social-cultural trends, including demographic and lifestyle developments that have taken place within your chosen country over the past dec
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  • The Survival of Non Alcoholic Beverages in Malaysia
    Evaluate what are the factors that can contribute towards the success of the non alcoholic beverages Introduction The largest consumer markets in the world today are the Muslims. Whereby, Muslims count for an estimate of 1.6 billion of the world population (Central Intelligence Agency, 2008 as
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  • Branding Satisfaction in the Airline Industry: a Comparative Study of Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia
    African Journal of Business Management Vol. 5(8), pp. 3410-3423, 18 April, 2011 Available online at http://www.academicjournals.org/AJBM ISSN 1993-8233 ©2011 Academic Journals Full Length Research Paper Branding satisfaction in the airline industry: A comparative study of Malaysia Airlines an
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  • Bsc Approach to Telecom Industry
    Industry Paper The industry of interest in this paper will be the global telecommunication industry. Since it covers a broad amount of different services (e.g. internet, radio, television, mobile and fixed-line telephone services), I specifically concentrate on the wireless mobile and fixed-line
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  • Malaysia Airlines
    - A joint initiative of the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, the Straits Steamship of Singapore and Imperial Airways led to a proposal to the government of the Colonial Straits Settlement to run an air service between Penang and Singapore, resulting in the incorporation of Malayan Airways Limit
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  • Malaysia Consumer Food
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Euromonitor International) Overall market improvement due to rising consumer confidence During 2010, the overall consumer foodservice in Malaysia saw improvement due to recovery from economic recession. People were more willing to spend on eating out, be it at full-service resta
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  • Cyber Crimes in Malaysia and U.S.A.: What Should We Do in Malaysia?
    1. INTRODUCTION • Discuss the definition(s) and the scope of cyber crimes. • Search in the internet for the definition(s) and the scope of cyber crime. • Note down the references. • Quote the definition(s) or paraphrase the definition(s) but you must acknowledge the references. • Fol
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  • Consumer Lifestyles in Malaysia
    Consumer Lifestyles in Malaysia Euromonitor International July 2011 Consumer Lifestyles Malaysia  Euromonitor International Page i List of Contents and Tables Structure of the Report ............................................................................................................
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  • Malaysia Consumer
    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/1355-5855.htm APJML 22,4 Malaysian consumers’ credit card usage behavior Zafar U. Ahmed Graduate School of Management, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Malaysia 528 Received November 2007
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  • Contract Act 1950 of Malaysia
    www.ccsenet.org/jpl Journal of Politics and Law Vol. 4, No. 1; March 2011 Clarification of Rules of Acceptance in Making Business Contracts Dr. Md. Abdul Jalil Associate Professor of Law Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Management International Islamic Univer
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  • Cybercrime in Malaysia and Usa
    “Cybercrime in Malaysia and U.S.A” What should we do in Malaysia. INTRODUCTION: According to the Oxford advance learner’s dictionary, the meaning of cybercrime is the crime that committed using the Internet, for example by stealing somebody's personal or bank details or infecting their com
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  • Hdc Malaysia
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  • Marine Tourism in Malaysia
    Paper presented at the National Seminar on the Development of Marine Tourism Industry in South East Asia at Langkawi (25 - 28 September 1997) MARINE TOURISM INDUSTRY - trends and prospects By Mohd Nizam Basiron Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA) 16th Floor, Wisma Sime Darby Jalan Raja Laut 503
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