• An in-Depth Analysis of the Entrepreneurship Education in the Philippines an Initiative Towards the Development of a Framework for a Professional Teaching Competency Program for Entrepreneurship Educators Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian Miriam College
    Volume 5, September 2010 The International Journal of Research and Review 51 An In-depth Analysis of the Entrepreneurship Education in the Philippines: An Initiative Towards the Development of a Framework for a Professional Teaching Competency Program for Entrepreneurship Educators Maria Luis
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  • Competency Standards of Housekeepers in Metro Manila
    CHAPTER 1 The Problem and its Background Introduction Hospitality is the cordial and generous reception and entertainment of guests or strangers, either socially or commercially. From this definition we get the feeling of the open house and the host with open arms, of a place where peo
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  • Concept Analysis: Competency
    Competency The purpose of this concept analysis was to further explore uses of the concept and theoretically define how important the multidimensional aspects of competency are to the professional practice of nursing. Competency is essential to the profession of nursing, and providing a clear
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  • Teaching Competencies in Relation to Students' Academic Performance in Spamast-Cas (Ungax Research)
    Chapter 1 Introduction Teacher competence and teacher quality are concepts that are often referred to and frequently applied in different educational contexts. Whitty (1996) identifies professional competence, which includes knowledge and understanding of children and their learning, subj
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  • Preschool Teacher Hiring Standards, Policies, and Practices
    THE HIRING OF PRESCHOOL TEACHERS IN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN PASIG CITY: A COMPARISON AND CRITIQUE OF CURRENT STANDARDS, POLICIES, AND PRACTICES (by Amanda V. del Rosario) ABSTRACT The early years of children are important because of their unique developmental needs (phys
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  • Evaluation of College Instructors' Teaching Competencies Towards Proposed Human Resource Development Program
    Chapter 1 The problems and its Background Introduction In today’s competitive environment, developing and attaining standards or competence for all teachers has increased. Competencies are defined as the set of knowledge, skills and experience necessary for future, which manifests i
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  • Managerial & Teaching Competencies
    I. Is there a significant relationship between managerial competencies and teaching competencies? II. Related Literature A. Basic of Managerial Competencies 1. The term competence as a concept that serves to connect individuals and their actions has been defined as “ the capacity to
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  • Policies and Standards for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
    Republic of the Philippines OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT COMMISSION ON HIGHER EDUCATION CHED MEMORANDUM ORDER (CMO) No. 14 Series of 2009 SUBJECT: POLICIES AND STANDARDS FOR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING (BSN) PROGRAM In accordance with pertinent provisions of Republic Act (RA) No. 7722, oth
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  • Motivation and Competency
    Title: “The Level of Motivation and the Teaching Competency of High School Teachers in Laguna College of Business and Arts, A.Y. 2012-2013. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Profession is a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive preparation including instruction in sk
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  • Dress Standards at Work: You Are What You Wear, Really?
    Dress Standards At Work: You Are What You Wear, Really? Clothing is a powerful tool for identity construction and can be recognized as a stamp of self-expression. Simply put, clothes make the man (Mark Twain, 1927). In modern day situations, women are gradually engaging in manipulation of work at
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  • Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Public Secondary School Teachers in the Philippines
    Background of the study Teachers play a very crucial role in achieving the objectives of Philippines’ vision 2020. Disgruntled teachers who are not satisfied with their job could not be committed and productive and would not be performing at the best of their capabilities. Teaching profession i
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  • Teaching Native American Youth
    Teaching Native American Youth Laurie M. Freeman University of Phoenix Teaching Native American Youth ` Information literacy and technological literacy are necessary for educators in the constantly changing global world. Scholarship, practice, and leadership are important concepts in teaching
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  • Development of Dance and Music in the Philippines
    Development of Philippine Literature According to Atienza, Ramos, Salazar and Nazal in their book Panitikang Pilipino, “true literature is a piece of written work which is undying. It expresses the feelings and emotions of people in response to his everyday efforts to live, to be happy...
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  • teaching profession book summary
    TEACHING PROFESSION CHAPTER SUMMARY CHAPTER 1: You, the Teacher as a Person in Society – Brenda B. Corpuz, Ph.D. “Teachers… are the most responsible and important member of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth.” – Helen Caldicott Our...
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  • history of the judicial depart of the philippines
    National Competency Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS) Posted by saicebrian on July 5, 2009 The Paradigm (from Transmissional to Transactional) Shift of education in the Philippines is the transfer of teaching concepts from the Traditional “bookish and direct learning approach” Teaching...
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  • Competency Framework for Teachers
    Competency Framework FOR TEACHERS Competency Framework FOR TEACHERS TITLE: Competency Framework for Teachers SCIS NO. 1192142 ISBN 0 7307 4092 7 ©Department of Education and Training 2004 Reproduction of this work in whole or part for educational purposes, within an educational...
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  • The Use of Scientific Games in Teaching Science
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The study of science is essential. Science is the study of the world around us. Everything around us concerns science. Without it, it is impossible to get into medicine, engineering, architecture and other fields requiring technical expertise
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  • Competency; Supply Chain; Market Chain
    CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM: RATIONALE AND BACKGROUND Introduction Hospitality students who graduate today face many challenges when finding a job in today’s competitive job market. Graduates must meet the expectations of the prospective companies as well as recruiters’ expectations. If they a
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  • feasibility study in retailing industry in the philippines
    Citation: Batt, Peter J. and Cadilhon, Jean-Joseph. 2007. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Fresh Produce Supply Chain Management. Edited by Batt, Peter J. and Cadilhon, Jean-Joseph. RAP Publication 2007/21. Bangkok: AFMA, Curtin University, Department of Agriculture, FAO....
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  • Ambiguity of Teaching to the Test Standards, Assessment.
    Ambiguity of Teaching to the Test Standards, Assessment. Preface It is difficult to think about educational policy or educational reform without Thinking about testing. In practice, all the policy talks about “systemic reform,” Standards, “No Child Left Behind,” and many other rally
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