• Teaching Assistant Personal Statement
    Tuesday 4th October 2011 Re: voluntary work placement. Dear sir/madam, My name is ....., mum of two. I am enrolled on a cache course teaching assistant level2 and as part of the course I am required a placement of 6 hours a week from k1 upwards. I am writing to you to asked if you have an
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  • Describe the Differing Roles of Teaching Assistants. Compare the Similarities and Differences in Different Teaching Assistant’s Jobs, and Consider the Personal Qualities and Skills Needed by These Professionals.
    ‘Well trained Teaching Assistants are a key resource and are used very effectively in many (primary) schools.’ OFSTEDs Review of Primary Education 1994 – 1998 (1999) Teaching Assistants (TAs) have an essential role to play in the smooth and effective running of a school. They ar
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  • My Personal Statement
    Personal Statement Introduction: With BSc in Mechanical Engineering, I have had over twenty (20) years of varying engineering working experience. Over fifteen (15) years has been with the Volta River Authority (VRA), a power utility in Ghana, in which I served in various capacities including Proje
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  • Teaching Assistant Level3 – Supporting Numeracy Development
    Miss Sharon Jordan 65 Birmingham road Rowley Regis West midlands B65 0HS Student number JOR010HS / S28787 Assignment 7 Question 1) Vocabulary factors Level of English proficiency / Educational background Factors foe ELs Motivation / Primary language Vocabulary knowledge â€
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  • A-Z of Personal Statement
    Chapter 1: Preparing to Write Your Statement Your LSAT score has been tallied, your undergraduate grades have been earned and recorded, and your recommendation letters have been requested. To complete your law school application, you must write an excellent personal statement, one that sets you apa
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  • Personal Statement
    Personal Statement I believe education is a powerful and important asset to human development. Society depends on the education of our youth today and also on trying to educate students to be responsible and considerate to others. Teachers today are faced with teaching children to understand wh
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  • Personal Statement
    Personal Statement There are always going to be people in your life who have been good role models, who are very important. Most likely, parents are two of your role models which in my case it's true, where they have been there for me every step of the way guiding me. Which, I'm just like them,
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  • Personal Statement
    Personal Statement As a rising senior, the past three years of my academic career have centered on all aspects of the sciences. And although I don't regret any of the classes I have taken throughout college, I feel bound and restricted to a set curriculum. It's a feeling I want to break out fr
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  • Business Personal Statement
    Personal Statement for Business Studies I believe that Business Studies is the key to successful career development in modern society. It is a subject which particularly interests me, because of its relevance to current economic issues and the potential it provides for employment in many areas.
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  • Personal Statement
    Personal Statement This personal statement will explain some things about me personally, and why I am an excellent candidate for graduate school. Acquiring an undergraduate degree is, for me, the next logical step in my progress in my IT career. I have constantly had an interest in IT eve
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  • Personal Statement
    Personal statement The subject of Law has always intrigued and fascinated me greatly. My interest in Law stems from a concern with resolving conflict and the important contribution it makes to our society. It is my personal experiences since moving to the United Kingdom that have been one of my m
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  • Teaching Assistant Diploma Unit 2
    Assignment 2 1. Briefly outline the social and emotional development of children from birth to age sixteen and the influences that might affect development. When observing the development of a child or baby it is important to remember.. -Every child is a unique individual with their own cha
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  • Personal Statement
    Personal Statement I want to take the Postgraduate Course in Education with Mathematics in secondary sector of education because I want to devote my further professional career for teaching young people this fascinating subject. I believe that I will greatly benefit from teacher training provi
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  • Personal Statement
    Personal statement   A book about TV production stated that: "for most people, television is just another of those amenities that we take for granted: it is part of our everyday life like radio, films, and newspapers". Not for me. I am an overseas student from Vietnam who always knew from the bo
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  • Personal Statement
    Personal Statement This world is always changing. The ancient society of yesterday has today evolved into an "ultra contemporary society" equipped with technological products through scientific discoveries. The advancement in technology has become a boon to human life bringing a magical change in
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  • Personal Statement
    The drafting of this personal statement has been ominously looming over me throughout this entire application process. As I find myself incapable of overcoming what appears to be the seeming impossibility of this undertaking. How do I convey to the select committee enough about myself in two pages?
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  • Level 3 Teaching Assistant
    UNIT 301 Consider the role of a learning support professional in a school. Outline the considerations for someone in that role when dealing with confidential information. All information held on pupils comes under data protection guild lines. It can include our address, phone number, birth date, e
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  • Personal Statement
    PERSONAL STATEMENT Field of Study: TESOL (1090 words) The first time I saw a Vietnamese talking to a foreigner on a street of Hanoi, I thought it was a miracle. How could these two people of different races and skin colors walk hand in hand and they were not talking in Vietnamese! I felt so embarras
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  • Teaching Assistant Level 2 Assignment 1
    Task one There are four main aspects of a teaching assistant which are too:- Support the teacher These tasks can range from: * Organising the classroom equipment. * Assisting in preparation for tasks. * Making sure all equipment is used safely by pupils. * Ensuring safe use of the inter
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  • Teaching Assistant
    Unit 1 Supporting the Teacher Task 1: Describe the key aspects of the role of a teaching assistant The key aspect of a teaching assistant is to carry out a range of different practical and administrative tasks. As well as, work under the direction of the teaching staff or senior staff in the s
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