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Tara By Mahesh Dattani

SOCIAL ISSUES AND ITS EFFECTS IN MAHESH DATTANI’S “TARAMahesh Dattani, the writer of the play Tara is an actor, playwright, dancer, director, teacher and screenplay writer. Dattani has won prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award for his play”Final Solutions” and that play deals with Communalism. Mahesh Dattani is a spokesman for all the marginalized people. The play “Tara” was first performed as “Twinkle Tara” at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore, on October 23, 1990. Tara is a play which exposes the...

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Gender and Tara

Andharia Darshangi's Assignments Friday, 6 April 2012 Gender Discrimination in Mahesh Dattani’s “Tara”                                          Name: Darshangi Andharia                     Paper: E-c-202: Indian Writing in English        Topic: Gender Discrimination in Mahesh Dattani’s “Tara”                                         SEM: 2, part 1                                     Year: 2011-2012                                         Submitted to,                                ...

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About Mahesh Dattani

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Mahesh Dattani Born 7 August 1958 (age 54) Bangalore, India Awards Sahitya Akademi award Website http://www.maheshdattani.com/ Mahesh Dattani (7 August 1958) is an Indian director, actor and writer. He wrote such plays as Final Solutions,[1] Dance Like a Man, Bravely Fought the Queen, On a Muggy Night in Mumbai, Tara and 30 days in September[2][3] He is the first playwright in English to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi...

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Final Solution by Mahesh Dattani

house, where causes of Hindus and Muslims hatred are being discussed and strange secrets of terror, greed, avarice and communal hatred are being revealed. The details of stage given in the play help the audience to experience the shifts in time, Dattani keeps shuffling the frames:- “Within the confines of the ramp is a bare born presentation of the house of GANDHI’S with just wooden blocks for furniture. However upstage perhaps as an elevation a detailed kitchen and a Pooja room. “ When the curtain...

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The portrayal of women characters in Mahesh Dattani

English 201 14 October 2013 A Portrayal Of Women Characters By Mahesh Dattani While thinking about writing a research paper on female characters under the context of Indian play wrighters, the mind suddenly striked with that glorious name of a writer who was the first Indian English playwright to win a Sahitya Akademi Award. It is not that the former writers are less significant but Mahesh Dattani reveals his genius through the representation of the suppressed invisible issues...

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Final Solution by Mahesh Dattani

throw up countless such incidents in independent to secular India. Such incidents and communal violence in India between Hindus and Muslims was underscored emphatically by the brutal bloodshed in Gujarat in 2002. These were some of the issues that Dattani had actually dramatized in the form of Final Solutions earlier, dealing with the recurring rhetoric of hatred, aggression, the monetary and political exploitation of communal riots, in chauvinism and parochial mindset of the fundamentalists, in the...

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The Marginalized Groups in Indian Social Construct: A Critical Study of Mahesh Dattani

Association Unifying the Sciences, Engineering, and Applied Research) The Marginalized Groups in Indian Social Construct: A Critical Study of Mahesh Dattani 1 Sanjiv Kumar, 2Dr. Prakash Bhadury Research Scholar, Kumaun University, Nainital, Uttarakhand , India 2 Assistant Professor, NIT Hamirpur, Himanchal Pradesh, India 1 Abstract: Dattani is one of the prominent exponents of Indian drama in English (IDE), especially with his contributions in the 90s India when the dram of roots has...

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The Cult of Tara

Tara in Tibetan Buddhism “The worship of the goddess Tara is one of the most widespread of Tibetan cults, undifferentiated by sect, education, class, or position; from the highest to the lowest, the Tibetans find with his goddess a personal and enduring relationship unmatched by any other single deity, even among those of their gods more potent in appearance or more profound in symbolic association.”1 Tara is thought to protect her people from “the cradle to beyond the grave; and, as Stephanie...

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Mahesh Duttani

Asmitatheatre | ------------------------------------------------- Top of FormBottom of Form | | Mahesh Dattani's Final Solutions   Final Solutionsby Mahesh Dattani    Direction Arvind Gaur  Translation Shahid Anwar MusicDr.Sangeeta Gaur  Kavita Nagpal Hindustan TimesMahesh Dattani's final solutions in its Hindustan avatar sound and look much better than it did in the original English. Translator Shahid Anwar and director Arvind Gaur have made major improvements – and not merely of the cosmetic...

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Book Review of Tara Revisited

Review of: Tara Revisited Maria Kelly History 204.401 May 8, 2008 Throughout History, women have played various roles, but often time portrayed much differently. In Tara Revisited Catherine Clinton analyzes the women of the South during and after the Civil War and discusses the myths and realities. Often in literature and movies, there was an idealized picture of a gentle and romantic picture of Southern life, yet this was not the realistic picture. Tara Revisited...

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Quest for Identity in Oneself

Quest For Identity In One Self: Tara. Mahesh Dattani’s plays are first work shopped with his company Playpen in Bangalore. Dattani puts the finishing touches on his dialogue only when it is spoken aloud by the actors in rehearsals. He writes plays to be seen and heard, not literature to be read. Dattani bears life to the bone, dealing with gender issues. He is a spokesperson of all the marginalized people. He says, “Every individual wants to be a part of society, of the mainstream but we must...

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Language: Poetry and Marks Block

Marks Block 1 Non-Fictional Prose Block 2 Mulk Raj Anand : Untouchable Block 3 Raja Rao – Kanthapura Block 4 Anita Desai – Clear Light of Day Block 5 Salman Rushdie – Midnight’s Children Block 6 Short Stories Block 7 Poetry Block 8 Mahesh Dattani- Tara SYLLABUS MASTER OF ARTS – ENGLISH YEAR – II STUDY OF NEW LITERATURES IN ENGLISH Sub. Code: MAE/Y/240 Credits: 02 Total Marks: 100 Minimum Pass Marks: 40% Internal Assessment: 40 Marks University Examination: 60 Marks Block 1 Introduction ...

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Final Solutions

Prof.S.Jayaraman Final Solutions Mahesh Dattani, the author of the play ‘Final Solutions’, is the first Indian play Wright writing in English to win the prestigious Sahitya Academy Award for his book ‘Final Solutions and Other Plays’, in 1998. One of the producers of his plays, Alyque Padamsee called him as one of the “most serious contemporary playwrights.” Mahesh Dattani is a multifaceted personality. He is a director, actor, dancer, teacher and writer. An avid teacher of contemporary theatre...

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Communication through the Language of Silence in Mahesh Elkunchwar's Yugant Trilogy

Communication through the language of ‘silence’ in Mahesh Elkunchwar’s ‘Yugant Trilogy Since the pre-colonial times to the present era of logo-centrism it is ‘communication’ that defines our existence. According to Michel Foucalt, in the universal structure of existence, formation and domination of various power groups are decided through communication and the language used in it. The various power groups constitute the field of truth, by imposing specific knowledge, disciplines and values upon...

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Tara Stockage Social Media

Tara Stockage Social Networking September 11, 2013 English 015 Is the social networking beneficial to people in the world today? Social networking has recently become the quickest, most convenient way for individuals to stay in touch throughout the world. Social networking allows people to communicate through, share thoughts and post pictures. Social networking is a huge advantage to people today. Social media benefits our society in many ways such as communication with people around the world...

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NEW MAN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (ISSN: 2348-1390) 6 MAHESH DATTANI’S ON A MUGGY NIGHT IN MUMBAI: AN ODYSSEY OF INDIAN HOMOSEXUALS 1. DR. PRAKASH BHADURY ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, DEPT. OF H & S. S, NIT, HAMIRPUR & 2. SANJIV KUMAR. RESEARCH SCHOLAR, KU, NAINITAL Homosexuality has been common across cultures in the world though the term was first coined by a German Doctor in 1869.The term gay and lesbian came as later development from the sexual behavior of same...

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FINAL by Tara Lambert

FINAL by Tara Lambert IIS IT ETHICALLY ACCEPTABLE FOR POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS TO REQUEST YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PASSWORDS TO CONTINUE A JOB INTERVIEW? IS IT ETHICALLY ACCEPTABLE FOR POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS TO REQUEST YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PASSWORDS TO CONTINUE A JOB INTERVIEW THESIS STATEMENT: The popularity of social media has potential employers requesting passwords due to their concerns related to hiring future employers. Is this ethically acceptable or is it a invasion of privacy? In my discussion I will cover...

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Indian English Drama

has given us some brilliant playwrights like Manjula Padmansbhan and Mahesh Dattani. Manjula Padmanabhan was the first Indian to earn international fame with her Harvest, a futuristic play that deals with the exploitation of human body in 21st century. Padmanabhan projects a dehumanized, tefrrifying world in which mothers sell their sons for the price of rice. But her plays are intellectual and not suited for stage while Dattani is taken to be a true successor of Girish Karnad and responsible for...

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Willian Henry Gates by: Taras Kolomatski

virtual tick-tack-toe, where the user played against the computer. Gates enjoyed hacking the computer to give him more computer time and changing the code of the program that made class lists so that he was with mainly female students. WRITTEN BY TARAS KOLOMATSKI Gates scored 1590 out of 1600 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test and enrolled into Harvard University in 1973. There he produced an upgrade to the programming language BASIC. The following year a company incorporated his upgrade of BASIC:...

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Dance Like a Man

Mahesh Dattani's play ''Dance Like a Man'' opens with a young dancer, Lata, bringing her fiance, Viswas, home to meet her parents. Their hopes, and the family histories that emerge from their conversation, are quietly amusing, and the missteps and misunderstandings that trip up everyone when Lata's parents return to the house are very funny. It is also somehow reassuring to know that families on the other side of the globe are as fractious and occasionally dysfunctional as our own. But be wary....

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Novel: Swallow the Air by Tara June

Belonging is essentially a perspective represented to express a variety of ways in which one can associate within society and themselves. The novel “Swallow the Air” by Tara June Winch, the short story extract “Scan” by Manifesto and the poem “Originally” by Carol Ann Duffy are all influenced by the different perspectives through exploring and reflecting upon the meaning that the composers have conveyed. I have viewed vast range of representations of belonging and the use of different forms and features...

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Danish Jawed , the Outstanding Canadian Playwright

week shooting project started with MAHURAT of the first Indian Tele Film Bara Shayar Chhota Aadmi Jawaid Danish in Toronto in the presence of the Sahitya Akademy winning playwright and Director of films , Mahesh Dattani. It is a historic day for the artists of Rangmanch –Canada as Mahesh Dattani clapped the first shot for The Mahurat Ceremony of the film on June 16. It is a Barefoot Films Canada Production .Theatre and Movie goers in Canada are well acquainted with the name of Jawaid Danish who...

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final solution

Volume : 1 | Issue : 10 | October 2012 ISSN - 2250-1991 Social Science Research Paper Mahesh Dattani’s ‘Final Solutions’: A Quest For Solutions To The Communal Problems In India *Mosarraf Hossain * Fazila Manzil (flat-4/B) Aman apartment, 21/49, kuttitola, Malda-732101 ABSTRACT India is a country of communal diversity. The existence of such society demands mutual understanding among its religious sects. But more than once the harmonious chord has strained and a series of communal...

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Hispanic American Diversity Tara Ann Goldizen-Rick

Hispanic American Diversity Tara Ann Goldizen-Rick Axia College of University of Phoenix There are large clusters of Hispanic born Americans across our country. These significant minorities possess similar and different cultural beliefs, languages and socio-economic backgrounds that are responsible for a large percent of this melting pot we call the United States. Four of the minority Hispanic cultures being viewed for this paper are; the Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and Columbian Americans. ...

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Dance Like a Man

Dance like a Man! “ ..., dance like no one is watching.” --- Satchel Paige. But the truth is people do watch and make one dance. Dance like a man by Mahesh Dattani, deals with the dogma of being a man in the forties of indian society. Though the story revolves around the a dancer couple and their family, but at the emotions of the play lies in the emotional and social dance. Jairaj did dance to the tune of his father, his dancer and intelligent wife and to the tune of this society. "Oh! He...

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A Case Of Burnout

A Case of Burnout When Mahesh joined XYZ Bank (private sector) in 1985, he had one clear goal—to prove his mettle. He did prove himself and has been promoted five times since his entry into the bank. Compared to others, his progress has been fastest. Currently, his job demands that Mahesh should work 10 hours a day with practically no holidays. At least two day in a week, Mahesh is required to travel. Peers and subordinates at the bank have appreciation for Mahesh. They don’t grudge the ascension...

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Maa Tara Tarapith

 All problem solution than ur LOST LOVE BACK BY SADHANA (With out Stone) Hello can u not get desire results? Here is the solution of all problems like as follow:- love marriage Business problem Problem in husband wife Foreign traveling Problem in study Problem as childless Physical problem Problem in family relations problem in your love Willful marriage Promotions our wised love back Get all solutions in your life within 24 hours and with 100% guaranteed. With in astrology systematic...

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Clear Light of Day

Tara and Bim attempt to reconcile their childhood dreams with their adult lives and work to resolve the lingering guilt of past family conflicts. When Tara returns for a visit with Bimla and Baba, old memories and tensions resurface and blend into a domestic drama that is intensely beautiful and leads to profound self-understanding. Their struggles with autonomy and independence are echoed in the backdrop of the newly-partitioned nation Plot summary The book is split into four sections covering...

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Women Role in Indian Cinema

beautifully depicted. "Charulata" based on a Tagore's novel dealt with marital discord with much finesse. "Devi" was on religious bigotry when an elderly man starts thinking of his daughter-in-law as a Goddess after a dream. Ritwik Ghatak's "Meghe Dhaka Tara" and "Subarnarekha" are considered path-breaking films about the agony of the Bangladeshi refugees, shown through the eyes of the woman protagonist. Aparna Sen's "36 Chowringhee Lane" is an unforgettable film exploring the loneliness of an elderly...

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Mr - Mind Mapping

Case No. 6 - Mapping the mind of a Consumer! - by Meera Sheth Tara Deviah reached the glass doors of Karma Good Living (KGL) almost expecting a security guard to appear, but sadly he was talking on his mobile phone.  Once she walked in, gone was this annoyance. KGL was  large, roomy, colourful, and, at first glance had at least 70 shoppers in view. The floors were clean too, she liked clean floors. Presently her husband, Manu, walked in having parked the car. "Myna messaged; she wants a 3 litre...

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Kissing Doorknobs-Hesser

never giving up. The story begins by introducing the main character, Tara Sullivan. At the age of eleven, she heard the phrase: step on a crack, break your mother's back. Then she started counting cracks everywhere she went, in constant fear of breaking her mother's back. Tara was an outcast throughout most of elementary school. While her friends were trying to look like the models in magazines and starting to date boys, Tara was busy playing with troll dolls, counting cracks, and kissing doorknobs...

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Clear Light of Day Literary Analysis: The House as a Metaphor

Home Is Where the Heart Is In the book Clear Light of Day, Anita Desai develops an extended metaphor of the Das family house to symbolize the entrapment of the Das children: Bimla, Tara, Raja, and Baba. Desai’s book follows each of the children as they grow up, but when the family gathers at the Das house for Raja’s daughter’s wedding, it is the first time the family had been at the house together since childhood. The house, kept the same through the years, then morphs into a prison, causing...

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Human Resource Managemeny

time frame. Case – 4 A Case of Burnout 1. If the news is broken to Mahesh, how would he react? If the news was broken out to Mahesh, he would be ready totake up the post because at any point it is human nature thatmost of the people do not give importance to the medicalReports, when it comes to balancing with the Promotion andHealth...

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Mac Flecknoe

0/5 0/5 0/5 0/5 Assignments 0 / 10 0 / 10 0 / 10 0 / 10 Home Exam 0 / 10 0 / 10 0 / 10 0 / 10 Total 0 / 25 0 / 25 0 / 25 0 / 25 Home Examination and Assignment Marks : S No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Teacher's Name Sheuli Chowdhury Harpreet K.arora Mahesh Shobha Rani Elvina S. Amongla Amrita Singhnew Comer Elvina S. Amongla Archana Prasad Paper Title CLSI. LIT. (II) CLSI. LIT. (II) ENG. LIT. 2(II) ENG. LIT. 2(II) ENG. LIT. 2(II) ENG. LIT. 2(II) ENG. LIT. 3(I) Sos. of Contem. India He Marks 0/0...

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Wow Philippines

announces new tourism campaign "Pilipinas, Tara Na! After the fall of the controversial “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” of the Department of Tourism, here comes “Pilipinas, tara Na!” as the new Domestic Campaign Slogan of DOT. DOT Secretary Alberto Lim said that the new slogan was meant for the Filipinos to travel within the country rather than going to another country. He also said that the new slogan will be recognized because it was derived from the “Tara Na, Biyahe Tayo”. Lim said that DOT will going...

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Interest Inventory

Football |(Math Lesson) | | |Cindy: Football, baseball |Students will learn to add positive and | | |Tara: Football |negative numbers using a football game. | | |No |The football yardage lines will be the | | ...

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Gone With The Wind Book Report

of the work: Gone with the Wind 2. Author and date written: Margaret Mitchell and written during the Civil War Era. 3. Country of Author: Georgia 4. Characters: Scarlett O’Hara - She is a pretty southern belle who grew up on a Georgia plantation of Tara right before the beginning of the Civil War. She is selfish and futile just like her dad, but also seeks to please her mom, Ellen. Flirtatious and headstrong protagonist in the novel. Rhett Butler- Scarlett’s third husband who is handsome, yet dangerous...

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Violino Security Risk Mgmt Frameworks

al_world_experience?page=1 IT risk assessment frameworks: real-world experience Formal risk assessment methodologies try to take guesswork out of evaluating IT risks. Here is real-world feedback on four such frameworks: OCTAVE, FAIR, NIST RMF, and TARA. By Bob Violino May 03, 2010 — CSO — Assessing and managing risk is a high priority for many organizations, and given the turbulent state of information security vulnerabilities and the need to be compliant with so many regulations, it's a huge challenge...

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Tax Return

have itemized deductions. Neither have special itemizations. Their daughter Tara is a dependent to both of them since they are still married and have equal custody and care over her. Lastly, neither Harold nor Sarah have unusual circumstances with their marriage. Since the married couple is a standard married couple in IRS eyes married filing jointly is the best option for them. The next challenge is determining if Tara Peterson, the child, is determined to be a dependent of the household. To do...

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Essay analysis chapter 4 Clear Light of Day by Anita Desai

Clear Light of Day – chapter one At the beginning of the chapter one, the reader discovers the siblings of the family. There are Bim, Tara, Raja and Baba. At first, the links between these characters seem really unclear. Their relationship looks knotty and messy. The atmosphere is gloomy and dark. Firstly, even though it is very early in the novel, the reader can already see that the family is used as a symbol of Indian Muslim microcosm (the country get slip up to India and Pakistan as the family...

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State of Emergency at Mercy Hospital

facility. Hospital emergency department is overcrowded Diliper has a lot of credibility. Tara Samson has filed a compliant and is considering a legal action against Dr. Diliper. His recent unprofessional behavior is threatening the culture that Dr. Gabu is trying to build in the emergency department. Dr. Scott Gabu has to take a decision whether to take any disciplinary action on him to prevent legal action by Tara Samson.    Solution for the situation:  Disciplinary actions should...

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Business Entities, Laws, and Regulations Paper

Frank sets up as an S corporation, he will not have to pay federal income taxes at the corporate level. He will report his profits and losses when he files his individual tax returns. Professional Practice: The best business entity for Akiva and Tara is a limited liability partnership, LLP. A LLP is a special form of partnership that states all partners are limited partners who stand to lose only the money that they invested to start the business (Cheeseman, 2011). LLPs are limited to professionals...

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aged about 42 years, an Indian Inhabitant, residing at Room no. 303, 3rd floor, Sai Sarthak society, Patharli Gaon, Kalyan Road, Near Manjunath School, Tilaknagar, Dombivili (East), Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 421 201. And (B) Mr. Mahesh Kewalram Jamnani (S/o Late Shri. Kewalram Assandas Jamnani aged about 37 years, an Indian Inhabitant, residing at Room no. 303, 3rd floor, Sai Sarthak society, Patharli Gaon, Kalyan Road, Near Manjunath School, Tilaknagar, Dombivili (East), Thane...

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Levi Straus & Co

storage) - $100,000(best job offer) Economic profits = $80,000 Q12: Tara is considering leaving her current job, which pays $56,000 per year, to start a new company that manufactures a line of special pens for personal digital assistants. Based on market research, she can sell about 160,000 units during the first year at a price of $20 per unit. With annual overhead costs and operating expenses amounting to $3,160,000, Tara expects a profit margin of 25 percent. This margin is 6 percent larger...

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Scarlette O' Hara Charater Analysis

because she promises Ashley she will, and loses her true love, Rhett Butler, because of her persistent desire to win Ashley over. Scarlett has qualities that of remarkable talent for business and leadership. She recovers her fathers’ plantation, Tara, after the war leaves it decimated, and she achieves great success with her saw mill in Atlanta. Despite her sharp intelligence, however, she has almost no ability to understand the motivations and feelings of herself and others. Scarlett lives her...

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Sample Certificate for Mba Project

PESCE for his valuable guidance and encouragement. We convey our regards and thanks to our guide Prof. A S Mahesh for his support, guidance, specification, and ideas without which this task would have been completed without full merit. Deadlines play an important role in successful completion of project on time efficiently and effectively. We convey our regards and thanks to Prof A S Mahesh for having constantly monitored the development of this project and setting up precise deadlines. We extend...

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Calder vs Jones: a Case of Jurisdiction

the risks against which the business must protect itself when making the decision. Professional Practice Akiva and Tara are newly licensed as obstetricians and want to open a birth clinic together.   In order to start up the business Akiva and Tara will need to take out a large loan to finance the start-up costs. Akiva and Tara are both medical professionals, so it would be in their best interest to organize the business as a limited liability partnership (LLP). A limited...

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What You See vs. Reality: Teen Mom

girl named Tara. As years passed, we had issues that strained our friendship from time to time, but we always knew we had each other’s backs and nothing would change that. When it came time to graduate middle school, we both were set on different high schools, but we promised to always try to stay in touch and remain friends. As life took it’s toll, it became harder and harder for us to keep in touch, but one day changed all of that. During my senior year of high school, my friend Tara Tepe became...

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Gone with the Wind and Jubilee- Race Issues

it’s found to be the exact thing that Scarlett lives her life for. After she escaped from the war and returned to Tara where she laid on the Earth and rested her check against the ground, it was made known to her that her father’s words were true, and there was nothing better than the land of Tara; of home. After being at Tara for some time, the news arrives that the taxes of Tara have been raised and the O’Hara’s are no longer going to be able to afford the land. When Will came in and asked Scarlett...

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Market Report Sample

Marketing Report Executive Summary Gem Rayner and Tara Salinger are young designers who will be designing clothes for they're new label 'GnT'. Soon they will reveal their new collection 'Sun-rise to Sun-set' and 'Sun-set to sun-rise'. Their new fashion collection will consist of clothes that allow young women the ability to express their personal creativity and to be themselves in the clothes they wear. Currently the two young designers envisage establishing their position in the market in the...

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Gun Milan

 »   Guna Milan Guna | Boy | Girl | Maximum Obtained | Obtained Point | Area Of Life | Varna | Vaisya | Bramhin | 1 | 0 | Work | Vasya | Chatu | Jalch | 2 | 1 | Dominance | Tara | Vadha | Saadhak | 3 | 1.5 | Destiny | Yoni | Mesha | Gau | 4 | 3 | Mentality | Maitri | Venus | Jupiter | 5 | 0.5 | Compatibility | Gana | Rakshas | Manushya | 6 | 0 | Guna Level | Bhakoot | Taurus | Pisces | 7 | 7 | Love | Nadi | Antya | Madhya | 8 | 8 | Health |  »   Horoscope Matching Results ...

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Overcoming Obstacles

phone, 16 messages that I will not be replying to. I put in my code the (the birthday of my boyfriend Dan) and wrote him a cheesy good morning message, I put my phone in my bag and left for school. When I arrived, my two best friends Brittany and Tara were standing at the gate waiting for me. I reached in my bag for my phone to pull out and show them. “OMG!” they both exclaimed. “I know right” I tried to put the same amount of enthusiasm in as they had used, it seemed to work. “How do you have...

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 Anjan Vishakantaiah Mahesh Applying for M.Sc. In Electrical Engineering-Graduate studies STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I, Anjan Vishakantaiah Mahesh, am applying to University of Saskatchewan  for the admission to Master’s Program in Electrical Engineering with specialization in the field of Communications. Here is my brief statement of purpose. Why Higher Education? Right from my High school days I had a strong inclination to be an Electronics & Communication Engineer . My Interest...

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Art and the History of Women

what is considered the ideal woman, the push into styled scenes and strong but feminine women, setting the stage for the new mark of beauty to come. A post 1960 example of the depiction of females in art is the 2013 Archibald Packing Prize-winner, Tara Moss by Mathew Lynn. The painting is a prime illustration of the evolution of women throughout art history. This representation of modern beauty and the restrictions lifted from women and the expectations of conduct that they had to follow have changed...

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Branding Yoga

patented the 26 postures under the U.S. copyright. In 2006 he had more than 1650 Yoga Studios around the world. He is the person who owns the biggest gyms in America. [ (Bikram Yoga College, 2012) ] In the other hand there is a former model named Tara Stiles, she start practicing just for the relax feeling and made her first YouTube videos for a request of his model job in Ford Modeling Agency. After leaving the modeling agency, she decided to make her own yoga classes so, she make more videos to...

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Alia Bhatt: a Biography

Indian actress and model who appears in Bollywood films. Born into a family where her parents, Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan, and elder sister Pooja Bhatt were actors and filmmakers, Bhatt made her acting debut at the age of 19 withKaran Johar's Student Of The Year (2012), which was a box-office success. Alia was born in Mumbai to Bollywood personalities Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan. Her father Mahesh Bhatt is a director, producer, and screenwriter while her mother Soni Razdan is a film actress...

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Three Cups of Tea Report

brunette man who is the co-founder of the Central Asia Institute (C.A.I), which builds schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is also the founder of Pennies for Peace, an associated program that raises money for school supplies. He is married to Tara Bishop and has two children with her, Amira and Khyber. Greg is the co-author of Three Cups of Tea. Haji Ali- (unknown – 2001) A short, elderly Muslim man; he is the village chief of Korphe and Greg Mortenson’s caring adviser. Dr. Jean Hoerni-...

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Everything Bad Is Good for You

curve, social networks. S.O.A. also demonstrated interwoven narrative and social issues which offered the audience a chance to follow the unfolding of relationships and hardships. We have Villalpando 2 Jax Teller (the protagonist), his love interest Tara, his mother Gemma, his step father Clay, their motorcycle club “Sam Crow” (which averages around seven bikers and 2 prospects), other branches of Sam Crow, local gangs, sheriff’s department, F.B.I., I.R.A. ( An Irish terrorist organization), multiple...

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