• Emilio Aguinaldo
    The Philippine revolutionary leader Emilio Aguinaldo (1869-1964) fought for independence of the Philippine Islands, first against Spain and then against the United States. Born on March 23, 1869, Emilio Aguinaldo grew up in Kawit in Cavite Province and was educated in Manila. Appointed to a munic
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  • Emilio Aguinaldo
    Emilio Aguinaldo As I asked my family and relatives, “Who is Emilio Aguinaldo?” one answer was consistent and it declared him a “Filipino hero.” Emilio Aguinaldo is best known as the Filipino leader who fought against Spain and later the United States for the independence of the Philippines
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  • Reaction Paper of Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo
    Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio were friends. This is a fact glossed over in our history books like Historia:Pag-usbong, Pakikipag-tagpo at Pagbubuo by Prof. Raul Roland Sebastian and Dr. Amalia C. Rosales. Aguinaldo, a bachelor and the capitan municipal of Cavite El Viejo (now Kawit), was ind
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  • Information System for Manggagawa ni Mang Jose Multi-purpose Cooperative
    INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR MANGGAGAWA NI SAN JOSE MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE A Thesis Proposal Presented to the faculty of Informatics International College Diliman Quezon City In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degrees Bachelor of Science in Information...
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