• College Research Project Rubric
    College Research Project Rubric Name: I. Intro: What and why did you pick the university? 1 What is you first and second choices for majors? 2 /20 II. Getting in What are the admissions requirements? (ACT, SAT, GPA, placement test…) 3 What is
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  • To the Young Women of Malolos English and Tagalog Version
    Letter: To the young Women of Malolos London, 22 February 1889  TO MY COUNTRYWOMEN:           When I wrote the Noli me tangere I pondered long on whether or not courage was a common virtue of the young women of the country. Though I searched my memory diligently, though I recalled one by on
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  • Tagalog Quotes
    paano kung makasakay mo sa jeep yung taong mahal mo kasama yung girlfriend niya? anong gagawin mo? ako.. hahawakan ko yung kamay niya at ibibigay ko dun sa girl na mahal nia at sasabihing.. ingatan mo siya.. love ko yan e? sabay "Para!". I asked God bakit masakit magmahal? Di nya ko sinagot, tumu
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  • Grading Rubric
    Book Review Instructions and Rubric Write a review of the book you read. Please type all work (include word count in heading). Be sure to include the following: • Introduction to book and or author • Brief synopsis of plot • What was good about the reading experience (use concrete examples a
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  • Busn460 Rubric
    BUSN 460 Final Presentation: Week 7 Component | Points Received | Points Allowed | Expectations | Preparation | | 10 | Presentation submitted to correct location: Document Sharing >Final Reports and Presentations by deadline, microphones tested, all team members present, and no technical iss
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  • Rubric
    Compare the diffusion of Buddhism from its origin to the 6th century C.E. with the diffusion of Christianity from its origin to the 6th century C.E. Be sure to include similarities and differences in how each religion gained followers as it diffused. Must specifically address gaining followers
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  • Rubric
    Rubric for Math Exhibit Criteria | Dreadful (1) | Poor (2) | Acceptable (3) | Exceeds Expectations (4) | Outstanding (5) | Weight | Score | Completeness | Exhibited 1 to 3 outputs/projects only | Exhibited 4 outputs/projects only | Exhibited 5 outputs/projects only | Exhibited 6 outputs/projec
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  • Presentation Rubric
    Presentation Rubric – Group Name | FAIL | PASS | CREDIT | DISTINCT’N | HIGH DISTIN’N | WEIGHT | MARK | Organ’n | Audience cannot understand presentation because there is no sequence of information. No introduction, middle and conclusion. | Audience has difficulty following presentation
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  • Assessment Rubric
    Final Project: Assessment rubric Please attach this rubric to each of your essays. |Criteria |5 |4 |3 |2 |1 | |Unity |•Student writes a |•Student writ
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  • Case Analysis Rubric
    Case Analysis | 0 points | 1 point | 3 points | 5 points | Mission Statement  (concise statement of what business you are in, purposes and values and key components of mission) | no mission statement | vague mission statement, does not distinguish organization, no clear components | clear &
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  • Scoring Rubric
    Examination Scoring Rubric CRITERIA EXCELLENT 25 VERY SATISFACTORY 22 SATISFACTORY 20 NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 18 Mathematical Errors 100% of the steps and solutions have no mathematical errors. Almost all (85 – 90%) of the steps and solutions have no mathematical errors. Most (75 – 84%) of the s
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  • Rubric for Middle School Personal Narrative
    _________________________________ Personal Narrative Rubric A The student clearly understood the assignment and devoted a lot of time and effort to the writing process. The author successfully translates the experience of physical motion and sensation into vivid and descriptive words. The
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  • Basic Structure Scoring Rubric for Narrative Writing
    BASIC STRUCTURE SCORING RUBRIC FOR NARRATIVE WRITING • 12 or more logically sequenced/focused sentences 7 points – There are 12 or more logically sequenced, complete, and coherent sentences focused on a single topic. 5 points - There are at least 10 logically sequenced, co
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  • Rubric
    Evaluating the Expository Essay Name: ________________ Due: _____ Essay Score: _____/20 Self Eval. ___ Peer Eval. ___ Bibliography:___ Total: ____/40 | |Student built rubric |Key
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  • Rubric for Group Work
    COLLABORATIVE WORK SKILLS: RUBRIC FOR GROUP WORK Name of Group Member Evaluated: ____________________ CATEGORY SCORE OF 4 SCORE OF 3 SCORE 0F 2 SCORE OF 1 Contributions Routinely provides useful ideas when participating in the group an in classroom discussion. An active member who contributes t
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  • 4th Grade Rubric for Scoring
    4th grade Rubric for Scoring CDE.ca.gov |Score=4/4 | | | | |The writing |Clearly addresses all parts of writing task |Narrative writing |Provi
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  • Writing Rubric
    WRITING RUBRIC | PURPOSE AND AUDIENCEScore: | PURPOSE AND AUDIENCEScore: | DEVELOPMENTScore: | LANGUAGEScore: | A | Addresses purpose effectively, uses assignment to explore topic’s intrinsic interest, shows full understanding of issues, engages audience, establishes credibility, uses heading
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  • Rubric
    FACEBOOK RUBRIC | |Beginning |Developing |Well Developed |Accomplished | |Overall Layout[pic] |Greater attention to detail is |Shows some attention to |Completed with care a
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  • Rubric System
    MKTG7501 Foundations of Marketing – Assessment 1 Part C Oral Presentation Self Reflection: Assessment rubric Student Name: ______________________________________________ Criteria Awareness of Criticism Analysis of criticism Fail (Mark of 0) Not aware of criticism. Did not identify criticism fro
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  • Science Fair Rubric
    Science Fair/Exit Project Packet Task: Students will use their knowledge of the scientific method to design and conduct their own science experiment. Students produce their own scientific question that they will test through experimentation. This is a LONG-TERM project that will require students
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