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    Habang napagaralan ko ang buhay ni Rizal ay naliwanagan ako na sa kabila ng lahat.May bahid pala ng mga pampersonal na intensyon ang kanyang mga gawain. Naaalala ko pa ang mga sinabi ni Taviel kay Rizal sa isa sa kanilang mga pag-uusap sa loob ng piitan. Ipinunto ni Taviel na ang isa sa mga dahilan sa...

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    Indian Ocean basin from 1450 CE to 1750 CE. Be sure to assess the effects of the continuities and changes that you describe. The Rubric BASIC CORE (competence) (same rubric for East Africa and West Africa question) 1. Has acceptable thesis. • The thesis must correctly specify both continuity(ies) and...

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    ------------------------------------------------- Rubric for Research Paper Top of Form |   | Excellent | Good | Fair | Poor | Paper Requirements | 90-100% of the paper requirements (2,000 to 2,500 words, double-spaced, 12 point, readable font, proper format, and page number on every...

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    University of Phoenix Material Research Paper Rubric Each section of the rubric contains evaluation criteria. Use the rating scale to rate yourself on each criterion even if the element is not contained in the rough draft. In the notes section for each category of the evaluation criteria, you...

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    POLI 334 Paper Rubric Assignment: Write a research paper comparing two or more Middle Eastern countries on a topic of your choice. Due date: April 16th, beginning of class. Presentations: April 16th and April 18th (see presentation schedule posted separately) |100 points |Poor...

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    ESL 220-14 Fall 2013 Name: Using the department timed writing rubric 4.0 column as an example, add your own description to each category and 3-4 specific points of criteria for an excellent timed writing exam. Content: It is the path that the essay takes to develop. It...

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    ins a well developed thesis that evaluates whether organized labor succeeded in improving the position of workers in the period from 1875 to 1900. - presents an effective analysis of several factors that contributed to the level of success achieved. - effectively uses a substantial number of documents...

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    BARKING-: Bhonkna To make the characteristic short loud cry of a dog b : to make a noise resembling a bark To speak in a curt loud and usu. angry tone To make a loud rough noise Crazy or extremely foolish: She must have been barking mad to lend him so much more BASHFUL –Sankochi, Jhempu Socially...

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    Media & Design Elements Rubric Source: www.samford.edu/ctls/Portfolio_Assessment_Rubrics |  |Novice |Apprentice |Journeyman |Expert |Points Earned| |Typography...

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    THE LEGENDS OF THE TAGALOGS The Legends of the Tagalogs (REPORT) Submitted by: Diputado, Ericka Jasmine B. BSBA IIA Submitted to: Mrs. Nessie Obaña (Instructor in Philippine Literature) 2014 The Legends of the Tagalogs In a certain wide region of Luzon, there...

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    Ano sa Tingin Mo? Kung naghahanap ka ng kasiyahan o bagay na makapagpapasaya sa'yo, hindi mo na kinakailangang lumayo pa. Sa mahigit anim na bilyong tao na lumalakad ngayon sa mundo, siguradong hindi mo kayang ibigay ang iyong pansin sa bawat isa sa kanila bagama't lahat ay may nakakatawang karanasan...

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    Researched Argumentative Essay (7-10 pages): In this essay, you will articulate and defend a claim/thesis about the topic you researched for your annotated bibliography. This assignment will ask you to engage the sources you’ve been gathering and analyzing all semester to compose a carefully reasoned...

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    U.S. Civil War Template Analytical Scoring Rubric 1=Unsatisfactory 2=Less than satisfactory 3=Satisfactory 4=Above satisfactory Aspects Criteria (Descriptions of Scoring Levels) Score Editorial Aspect 1: Spelling Errors 1. Student has 6+ spelling errors 2. 3. 4. Student has 3-5 spelling...

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    APPENDIX 2B: Retail Plan [Presentation 2, 20 mins] Marking Guide Student Name Student ID Poor Excellent 1. Background / Introduction: Provides a concise introduction to the topic. Demonstrates the significance of the need...

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    WRITTEN COMMUNICATION VALUE RUBRIC for more information, please contact value@aacu.org The VALUE rubrics were developed by teams of faculty experts representing colleges and universities across the United States through a process that examined many existing campus rubrics and related documents for...

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    WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO CREATE SCORING RUBRICS FOR YOUR STUDENTS?  Well for one, it helps to spell out clearly what you expect from them in terms of quality, content, and effort.  It gives you an objective criterion on which to base a grade, eliminating a lot of the “It’s not fair!” mentality that...

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    Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Caraga Administrative Region Division of Agusan del Sur Prosperidad District-I MAPAGA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GRADE-V NARRA BEST PRACTICE SY 2011-2012 I. PROJECT TITLE: D’ MEDIA PROGRAM( Drill the Multiplication Exercises to ...

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     Beginning Emerging Proficient Excellent Initial Comments 2 Initial comments were posted but did not address the assignment. 4 Initial comments address some of the assignment requirements. Comments are not well organized and show limited knowledge and evaluation of the topic. 8 Initial...

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    UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA MARKETING COMMUNICATION (COM420) INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC INSTRUCTIONS 1. This is an individual assignment. 2. Students are required to identify ONE local brand/product that they believe need to be rejuvenated, rebranded or improved in term of...

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