• Marketing Strategy of Wrp
    TUGAS Customer Behaviour & Marketing Strategy “MARKET RESEARCH for WRP NUTRITIOUS DRINK” Oleh: Tadia Medha Amadati (2010881003) Program Pasca Sarjana Magister Teknik Industri Universitas Katolik Parahyangan 2010 Kegemukan adalah masalah yang sering dialami wanita karena m
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  • Problems Faceing Susu Collectors in the Bantama Sub-Metro
    CHAPTER ONE Introduction Background to the study Personal saving may be voluntary; it can also be contractual through insurance policies by insurance companies and also contributory if through the traditional social security system or “susu“. “Susu” is a traditional form
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  • Susu in Ghana
    This is a guest post by Fehmeen Ahmed, the founder of the Microfinance Hub Blog. The term Bottom of the Pyramid should be synonymous to the word ‘resourcefulness’ because of all population segments, this group cannot afford to be otherwise. Low income groups are compelled by the paucity of as
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