• The Woman Who Had Two Navels
    the woman who had two navels is an interesting story thats why our professor gave this as a project. i need the full summary of this story in order for me to apply it in our reporting subject. im hoping that i can have it. i think this website is a big help for me, my friend told me to search on thi
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  • The Woman Who Had Two Navels
    The summary of the The woman who had two navels the Spanish colonial period and the diverse heritage of the Filipino people. Often he deals with the coexistence of 'primitive' and 'civilized' dimensions inside the human psyche. In his short story 'The Summer Solstice,' set in the 1850s, Joaquin
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  • Thw Woman Who Had Two Navels
    Characters Connie Escobar- the lead female character, was described by literary critic Epifanio San Juan as a sufferer of her mother’s estrangement from a world where unconfident males take advantage of women by violating them or by venerating them. Macho Escobar- a man who had an affair wi
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  • the woman who had two navels
     EVIA, Aeenah Eunice M. III-BS. Medical Technology THE WOMAN WHO HAD TWO NAVELS By; Nick Joaquin\ Nicomedes Marquez Joaquín was a Filipino writer, historian and journalist, best known for his short stories andnovels in the English language. He also wrote using the pen...
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