• The postmaster -summary
        Summary of “The Postmaster”1: Rabindranath Tagore’s short story, “The Postmaster” centers around a young postmaster named Dadababu. Dadababu has been transferred from Calcutta to a small Indian village, Ulapur, for a position as postmaster. He finds himself feeling very lonely and
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  • My antonia summary
    Summary: Introduction The novel opens with an unnamed narrator recounting a train trip through Iowa the previous summer with an old friend named Jim Burden, with whom the narrator grew up in a small Nebraska town. The narrator recalls talking with Jim about childhood on the prairie, and then notes
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  • Summary of air transportation: a perspective of managment
    Air Transportation: A Management Perspective Summary Chapter 1: Aviation Overview In less than 100 years aviation has gone from basically nothing to a huge world industry that connects every corner of the world together. Virtually all major firms in the industry are part Aerospace Industries Asso
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  • Eyes were watching god summary
    Historical Information about the Period of Publication: The United States during the 1930’s saw the effects of the great depression. Unfortunately this had a very traumatizing effect internationally. Hitler began to take power in Germany and the dictatorships saw the start of the second world
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  • Summary of hound of baskerville
    SHORT SUMMARY (Synopsis) When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead in the alley by the moor, Dr. Mortimer goes to London to get Sherlock Holmes’s help in deciding on the proper course of action for the new heir. He reads the manuscript about the family curse, supposedly begun over Hugo Baskerv
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