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Summary And Notes On The Poem I Am Getting Old Now

I'm getting old now is a prose poem. It is quite vibrant and simple and presents the theme of cycle of life.It depicts the poet's acceptance of death and links with with his nostalgic memories of his mother. The first part of the poem symbolize his dream while second part signifies that he is close to death. He address death as a long lost friend whom he seeks to meet in the near future. Realizing that he has got less time to spend on earth he reminisce his past memories and dream a lot. In his dream...

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Why I Am Who I Am Now

Why I Am Who I Am Now Life has many things to offer us. Some things offer happiness, success and anything that may help us be contented and enjoy our journey. Some things, on the other hand can put us down. Like failure, hatred and many others. Criticism is one of the things in life that offers both. Criticism is something that may definitely make us or break us. I am the kind of person who doesn’t trust that easily. Yes. I do know many people especially now that I’m in college. But I have...

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I Am Thomas Notes

Related Material I am Thomas Written by Armin Greder and Libby Gleeson. * “Powerful illustrations to a spare text makes a parable of Thomas’ journey, which reflects the courage we all need to fing out passion and be ourselves” (Blurb) * Recurring images of Travel and children’s toys. * Cover page- 3 images at the right top of page. The rest is blank * Written In first person. * Difference in illustrations: Pastel drawings is juxtaposed with charcoal drawings. * Indicates...

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I Am the World

I AM THE WORLD Translation by Karlo Antonio G. David My translation of Alejandro Abadilla’s poem “ako ang daigdig” has proven to be the most popular post in my blog thus far. Many of the search items that led people to the post indicate that an analysis was being sought. This consequently gave me the idea of making an analysis of my own. Here, I will make a close reading of the poem. I will proceed by using English, but will focus on the original Filipino text. Later I shall attempt to translate...

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Plot Summary on I Am David

I am David- Anne Holm “I am David” is a book about a twelve year old boy who is living in the time of the II world war. He escapes from a Nazi concentration camp with the help of a prison guard. David has been in this camp for the majority of his life and finds adjusting to the world outside hard. The first couple of night of being on the run he keeps living in the fear of the Germans recapturing him. David makes it to Salonika with mild surprises such as finding out what beauty. David then...

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I Am Sam (Summary Paper)

I Am Sam My brief overview of I am Sam is about a mentally challenged man named Sam Dawson who faces epic interruption in his simple way of living when he has to raise his daughter Lucy who he fathered with a homeless woman. Lucy mom abandoned her after she gave birth to her. Sam is raising Lucy alone and is faced with an abundantly load of adversity because of his handicap. As Lucy becomes older she begins to become smarter than her father and alarming incidents starts to occur and question...

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I Am Legend Summary

“Day one thousand and one. We came in close contact with a hive today. Blood tests confirm that I remain immune to both the airborne and contact strains. Canines remain immune to airborne strain only. The vaccine trials continue. I'm still unable to transfer my immunity to infected hosts. The Krippen Virus is... elegant.” -Robert Neville A virus breaks out in “I Am Legend”, virtually wiping out the human race, leaving only a select few to return order to the world. Instead of being contractible...

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I am from poem...

rules, they would be severely punished. The forest, on the other hand represents, social disorder where one can be whoever they want to be, and ultimately misbehave. The contrast of civilization and wilderness is seen in this following quote, “ Thou and I, Hester, never did…’ ‘ Never, never!... What we did had a consecration of its own. We felt it so! We said so to each other! Hast thou forgotten it?” (183). When Hester and Dimmesdale meet each other in the forest, they turn into happy love birds, but...

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The "I exist as I am" in Whitman

Whitman The “I exist as I am”, Whitman is talking about his perceptions of his grander self, hisI AM”. The I AM is the compilation of all that he feels he is or has been or could potentially be. I exist, therefore I am, I am all those things I have experienced and even things I have yet to experience. I am female, I am male, I am child, I am adult, angry, happy, wise and foolish. He is viewing the grander picture of how he has been responding or reacting to his environment with different...

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Who Am I

Elegy/Repetition Who Am I Jennifer Leff Who am I Who am I Don't know what to think Living every day Like it's the first 5 How could it get any worse Don't know what to think About life They told me to just Hold on tight 10 Who am I Lost and out of control Don't know who or where to turn Will they just watch me burn Who am I 15 to afraid to fall Am I afraid to find more dark Or am I afraid to loose it all Who am I Deniably...

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Why I Am in School

2010 Why I Am Attending College Why did you decide to go to college at this moment in your life? Each and every one of us possesses distinctive reasons for attending college. Many of us have reasons are completely legitimate and then there are many of us that are going for irrelevant reasons that many of us don’t comprehend or pertain to getting an education. The reasons that I am going to college are to make more money so I can have financial independence, be qualified for a field so I can advance...

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November Poem Analysis

November poem analysis The poem I am going to be analyzing is called ‘November.’ This poem is about death. In the poem, the author Simon Armitage gives a clear message about what he thinks death is and how to deal with death. He also gives clear connection with the poem to the title, which makes the reader understand the poem better. In this essay I am going to include the following; the poets attitude to his subject, the poets descriptive skills, the language used, how the poem affects me, and...

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I Am Legend: Book vs Movie

hears the title I Am Legend being mentioned, they usually associate it with Will Smith and the terrific job he did in portraying the protagonist of the story Robert Neville. However, what they typically leave out is the equally terrific job done by author Richard Matheson coming up with the storyline and writing the original book version. While Richard Matheson’s post-apocalyptic science fiction book, I Am Legend, and Francis Lawrence’s post-apocalyptic science fiction movie, I Am Legend, both have...

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I Am All Of Me

For as long as I can remember, I have always known who I am; it wasn’t until recently that I learned what I am. Since my earlier years as a child, I had always dreamt that the fairy tales my mother spoke of were real. I had hoped that I, too, was living in a surreal world surrounded by the mythological creatures of my fantasies. I gave up that dream when I turned thirteen, when my father ordered me to leave childish thoughts behind, in order to better prepare for becoming a man. Ironic was the fact...

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Review of Kath Walker's Poems: Then and Now, and Civilization

My response to 'Then and Now' and 'Civilisation' Then and now The poem 'Then and Now' compares the different generations of the old and the new. The old refers to the period of time where Aborigines could roam their country without any troubles, their lifestyles were able to be expressed as there was no control in authority in that period of time. The new generation is where everything has changed; constricting their lifestyles and their growth in beliefs as Aborigines because their dreams and...

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To What Extent Is the Statement, Prejudice Is Based on Not Truly Understanding Others, True in to Kill a Mockingbird and the Poem ‘Then and Now’

Leeand the poem ‘Then and Now’ by Oodegeroo Noonuccal. Prejudice based on not really understanding others is shown in the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, through the character of Boo Radley. Boo is a mysterious, misunderstood being who no one in the town truly apprehends him and therefore is forced into being prejudiced against by everyone in the town of Maycomb through fear of the unknown. Prejudice formed from not truly understanding others is also shown in the poem ‘Then and Now’ by Oodgeroo...

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till they all made amends. That was all about Jake the snake. There was ab old man named Mark Who looked like an old fart. He had white hair, He looked like a bear, And he snored like crazy in the dark. There once was a man named Bill Who went to the mill to see Will They went to the lake After they ate a pancake Jill, Bill and Will left Phil at the mill Narrative Poem #1 A girl in the woods was very hungry She went to the store but her coupons...

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Am I an Adult?

question and a topic my mother and I have debated over numerous times. When I was in my early teens I had it all figured out and clearly mapped out in my mind. Immediately I was going to be an adult the very moment I turned eighteen. In my little pea brain it was that simple. The United States government declared me an adult, so why wouldn’t everybody else. Eighteen was the magic number...right? I was still in high school, but I could write my own excuse of absences notes. What could be more adult like...

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Analysis of the Poems

As poets come and go, few I found were as self revealing as Sylvia Plath. This is one of the primary aspects of her poetry that appeals to me. As a woman in a male dominated society, Plath felt unable to express her feelings and outlooks and turned to writing poetry as a means of escape from what she felt to be an unrewarding life. Her poetry portrays a woman who constantly struggled with depression and mental illness and is a vast collection of pure and raw emotion that I can’t help but admire. ...

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'I Am' by John Clare (Poem Analysis)

I Am” is a poem that was written by John Clare during the 1840s. Clare’s rustic poetry had brought him considerable fame and wealth, which enabled him to escape the meagre life he had experienced up until that time. After some years, his rural style of poetry was no longer in fashion, and his poetry met with little success. Psychological pressures resulting from the need to make money to feed his family, the struggles to adapt his poetry to the changing times and his inability to reconcile his rural...

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I Am Legend(Book)

I AM LEGEND(book) The novel's main character is Robert Neville, apparently the sole survivor of a pandemic the symptoms of which resemble vampirism. The author details Neville's daily life in Los Angeles, as he attempts to comprehend, research, and possibly cure the disease that killed mankind, and to which he is immune (Neville assumes this is because he was bitten by a vampire bat who was "infected". Because it was not a human, it did not kill Neville, instead, he became ill for a period of time)...

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Poems 2/HS305 The Harp Of India Why hang'st thou lonely on yon withered bough? Unstrung for ever, must thou there remain; Thy music once was sweet - who hears it now? Why doth the breeze sigh over thee in vain? Silence hath bound thee with her fatal chain; Neglected, mute, and desolate art thou, Like ruined monument on desert plain: O! many a hand more worthy far than mine Once thy harmonious chords to sweetness gave, And many a wreath for them did Fame entwine Of flowers still blooming on the...

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"I Am" Paper

I AM PAPER I AM THE RESURECTION AND THE LIFE David P. Velez 201120 Spring 2011BIBL 323-B10 LUO Liberty University David P. Velez 22829002 201120Spring 2011 BIBL 323-B10 LUO I Am Paper; I Am the resurrection and the life. I Am the Resurrection and the Life The apostle John, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, cites eight statements spoken by Jesus that shines evidence of His deity and His authority over all things. They are found in the book of John. I Am the Bread of Life (John 6:35)...

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Seamus Heaney Two Poems

Poems From Different Cultures -A Comparison of Two Seamus Heaney's Poems At this moment in time I am studying two poems by Seamus Heaney. Seamus Heaney was born in 1939 in County Derry, Northern Ireland. He grew up on a farm and was one of nine children. He is well educated, having achieved a first in English at Queen's College, Belfast. He remained in Belfast and became a lecturer at St Joseph's College and later at Queen's College, and has lectured at various institutions since that time. Heaney...

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Forberedelse til heldagsprøve i Engelsk Vg1 SSP og vg2 YF, Ås videregående skole. Legges ut på It’s learning og i papirversjon i skolens resepsjon tirsdag 2/4, 2013, kl 08.00 Preparation The essay questions in Part 2 of the exam are all linked to the same topic: “Social Equality” One of the basic democratic ideals is to guarantee social equality, which means that we all have the same rights and opportunities in life. However, the following newspaper headlines suggest that this is...

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Who Am I

life, I always seem to come across one question… Who am I? Many thoughts occur in my mind, although I seem to be certain I have it all figured out; I always tend to second doubt myself. But this time, I am pretty sure who I’ve become. You see, I must thoroughly elaborate my past before I can explain the present. Therefore, you being able to understand what I had to endure to become the man I am today. It all started long ago with a basketball, but soon it became the best basketball player I could...

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I am a Train

Metaphor Presentation Speech Essay: I am a train!! I am Strong Determined Loud Fast And I stop for nothing - Train carts represent my age & experiences. The Contents; people, animals, random items are facets of my personality. - And Im moving full speed ahead, Strong willed & NOT looking back. --- I am just like a train in so many ways. The carts are symbolic of me growing, learning & adding parts to who I am. As child, train wasn’t very long, just...

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Feminism & a Poem

week back, I was walking on the road at Bangalore, It was a very usual busy day around 11 am in the morning. There was some work in progress to repair the platforms of the road. I noticed two women were hiding behind a name board. one among them was holding a kid and feeding him. The other was nearly old 50 years. I also noticed that a cradle near to them in a tree branch. I started observing them, for a while to know, why they were hiding behind?. After, hearing their conversation, i came to know...

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I am who I am

Black & White: I am Who I am One thing that truly sparked my attention for this assignment is the title, “Who am I and Why Does it Matter?” Over twenty-two years of my existence, I still ask myself this question every day. I cannot guarantee that I have an absolute answer, for I am still in the process of personal discovery and grasping the concept of personhood that differs at a particular time. What does it really mean to be me, especially at this point in time? Am I the same person now as opposed...

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Poetry and Poem Readers

of poetry to enforce the central theme of her poem "Manners." The title of this poem suggests that it will be about learning how to act right and what is expected out of an individual, but as readers read into the poem and start analyzing it, the central theme becomes a little bit different. As a reader of this poem, I started to realize that individuals in today's society no longer act as they did in the past. To me, the central theme of this poem becomes simply realizing that even though society...

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Who I Am Today

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” C.G. Jung My soul has become a flower, blooming under cherry blue skies, embracing renewal and becoming something beautiful. I look back at the life I have lived and the person I have become and I can pinpoint a great number of events that have now made me the person I am today. These events play back to me, like an old black and white picture, unaware that the whole time, I was silenced. Where my thoughts and feeling flow out...

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Analysis of John Clare's "I Am"

11th, 2013 ENG 252 Darrohn Analysis of John Clare's “I Am” Through the use of punctuation (or lack thereof), repetition, and rhyme scheme, John Clare's first stanza of “I Am” expresses the speaker's distorted sense of self and vast understanding of his morose existence. The following stanza has been chosen as the analysis point for this paper: I am-- yet what I am, none cares or knows;My friends forsake me like a memory lost:--I am the self-consumer of my woes;--They rise and vanish in oblivion's...

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i am not that woman by kishwar naheed

witnessed harassment against women and its effect is greatly reflected as we see women subjugation the main focus of Naheed’s poetry. Naheed’s poemsI Am Not That Woman” and “The Grass Is Really Like Me” voice the lack of dignity and respect felt by the females and how they come to terms with it. Feminism being Naheed’s forte is the main theme of the two poems. Naheed highlights how females are reduced to mere objects of use with their emotions put aside, are used for physical satiation, thus puts...

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How Do the Poems Reveal the Poet’s Attitude to War?

do the poems reveal the poet’s attitude to war? In our anthologies we have had a choice of many different poems, and they where all about either people in the war or what has happened afterwards. I have chosen these five poems to write about: The Charge of the Light Brigade Disabled In Flanders Field The Man He Killed Dulce Et Decorum Est In each poem I will look at the effects in each poem such as rhythm, alliteration and many others. Also I will write what I think the poems are about...

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Who am I

Who am I2028825-35242500 I’m Ephraim Jae B. Baniaga from Brgy. Guerrero Dingras Ilocos norte, 20 years of age.My personality and character are two important features that make me who I am. Although I may have some weaknesses in my character, I am basically the up beat type. I try to be as happy as I can most of the time. Everyone cannot please each other but if everyone pleases themselves and are cheerful most of the time, I feel that it is a better start to put yourself in life. Being down or...

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Poems (Igcse)

Lit – Poems What Thing Is Love? (George Peele) George Peele was an English dramatist, born in 1556. He led a reckless life and died of small pox. The poem ‘What thing is love’ was written in 1580’s and is in some ways against love. According to him love is more of a sting then hurt but yet a pretty thing. He says that one should not love as women can hurt you with love – Love’s dwelling is in ladies’ eyes, From whence do glance love’s piercing darts (Cupid’s arrows i.e. Roman God of love), That...

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Why Am I here

always asked where I am going to college or what do I want to do with my life. For many, this can be a simple question with a quick clear answer, showing that they know exactly what they want to do with their lives. For me, this is a very difficult decision and my future career is still a mystery. Knowing what you want to achieve in life is a wonderful thing, but the most important aspect of a career is happiness. Even though I do not know what I want to do for the rest of my life, I do know that some...

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A poem about "Magic" Summary

A Poem for “Magic” A Poem for “Magic”, written by Quincy Troupe is a truly dazzling poem. I’m not usually one who can easily relate to a poem but this one elicits so much passion for the game of basketball that it resonates in my head. The way that the game is described in the poem makes me think back to the mindset I had when I was just a little kid playing dunk ball on my 6 foot hoop in the driveway. I could do whatever I wanted on that hoop and it made the game feel magical being able to...

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I AM Paper

Liberty University I am Paper Bible 323-D08 August 12, 2013 Jesus had seven I am statements that are in the Gospel of John. Today I will be discussing about the statement concerning the Bread of Life. This statement can be found in a couple of places within the Gospel of John. In John 6:35, ‘Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.’ In John, 6:48, ‘I am the bread of life.’...

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Tupac Poem Summary 2morrow

Poet: Tupac Shakur Poem: And 2Morrow Critical Analysis Tupac Shakur is one of the most legendary and popular poetic/rap artists to this day. He is considered to be one of the most influential people of his time, influencing every African-American citizen in North America. Thought of as the creator of rap, Tupac has sold over seventy-five million albums worldwide although his career ended as quickly as it started. Six, is the number of years Tupac spent making rap professionally. Thirteen...

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Sylvia Plath's Poem 'Mirror'

never get back, growing older is an idea that many try to deny, especially in today’s society. Told from a mirror’s point of view, the mirror in the poem witnesses the truth of what it means to age. Sylvia Plath’s poem, Mirror, is a poem that deals with the truths and lies in the struggle a woman goes through when grasping the reality of aging. The poem is appealing due to the ways in which Plath successfully uses personification, figurative language, and diction in her writing to emphasize this idea...

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Who Am I

Who Am I...? I would consider this question not completely answered until my time here on earth is complete. Especially given the circumstances of my life at this moment, I'd have to say that if I were to die tomorrow, I would not be satisfied or serene with how things turned out. So let’s pray I have some time to reflect on my past mistakes, learn from them, and try to use them constructively in helping others so they don’t have to go through what I have during my twenty four...

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Television and Free Notes

___ TEST – I Marks: 30 Total Time: 1 hour SECTION – B WRITING B.1 The following is a telephone conversation between Tom and Pam. After this call Mr. Tom receives an urgent telephone call from Mumbai. Before leaving, he leaves a message for Mr. Sam. Write the message in not more than 25 words in the space provided. ________________________________________________________________________ Pam Tom Pam Tom Pam Tom Pam : : : : : : : Hello! Is it Ahmedabad 632392? Yes, it is Can I talk to Mr. Sam...

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I Am A Black Woman Analysis

 When reflecting on history, it is evident that there has been much struggle for Black people, especially woman. The poem, “I am A Black Woman,” by Mari Evans, portrays a relationship between Black women of our history and today’s society. By the usage of vivid and inspiring words, Evans is able to capture the reader’s attention. It is clear that the speaker is a very strong black woman. She portrays this in a way that she describes moments where she has struggled and when other black women of history...

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I am a slave

listen to me, I am feeling like a widow. My padrone abandoned me in prison. GOD only you could solve my problem, only you could bear me witness upon this crime I have been accused, but of which I am innocent. Please, if you are God come and rescue me, before society hangs me. Amen!' I am from Togo, in west Africa, but I can't remember the village I am from because I got kidnapped when I was little.When I was playing outside my tent with my little brother, the ball fell into the bush. I ran after...

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Explication of Sharon Old's Poem, "Late Poem to My Father"

Sharon Olds' poem "Late Poem to My Father" exposes the profound effect that childhood trauma can have on someone, even in adulthood. The speaker of the poem invokes sadness and pity in the reader by reflecting on the traumatic childhood of her father, and establishes a cause and effect relationship between the abuse he endured as a child and the dependence he develops on alcohol as an adult. The idea of emotional retardation caused by childhood experiences is not uncommon, especially in our...

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Olds Poem

Devon Sahid Humanities 101 September 26, 2011 October 24, 2011 Olds Poem In Sharon Olds The Summer-Camp Bus Pulls Away from the Curb she states “With a pencil and two Hardy Boys and a peanut butter sandwich and grapes he is on his way, there is nothing more we can do for him” the narrator is sending her son off with what she thinks he will need not only for summer camp but for life. She sends him away with two Hardy Boys books. This is relevant because the Hardy Boy characters are...

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I Am Tourist

The poem 'I Am Tourist' deals with the meaning and significance of tourism; particularly focussing on the modern take on what is a tourist. Adrian Mitchell presents the point of a ignorant tourist, and shows their lack of connection to the foreign land through the use of various literacy techniques such as imagery. The poem's purpose is to let us witness the typical tourists's shallow mindset, lack of respect to the culture and misplacing of priorities. It is written in first person narrative which...

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Who Am I

de Lima Bap-1B “Who Am I” In this essay, I’m going to share my experiences on what I have learned on myself. These experiences will reflect on what are my characteristics and trait for being who I am now. As my state of mind, I tend to feel happier and more receptive to information when the information talks about the subject are interested in. If i have personal problems like worries about my family it affects me. Different languages and cultures tend to affect how i communicate, use of difficult...

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I Am Legend

and living hosts. He also discovers that the vampires are affected by the garlic, mirrors, and crosses because of "hysterical blindness", the result of previous psychological conditioning of the infected. Driven insane by the disease, the infected now react as they believe they should when confronted with these items. Even then, their reaction is constrained to the beliefs of the particular person; for example, a Christian vampire would fear the cross, but a Jewish vampire would not. Neville also...

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CONTENTS: PART A: MELANCHOLY INSIDE FAMILIES PART B: PABLO NERUDA-BIOGRAPHY PART C: POETRY (poem) PART D: IL POSTINO (film) A tribute to Don Pablo…. By Jishnu Menon PART A 1. Write a poetic response to the poem. “Melancholy inside families” by Pablo Neruda is poem that is strong in visual appetite and conveys emotions such as gloominess and fear through those visuals. I believe the images that have been brought to the reader’s mind are not imaginary but tales...

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What does it means to be old

What does it mean to be old? Six people were interviewed for this short study. They ranged in ages from 15-71 years old. In chronological order they were Gavin (15), Kajal (18), Ian (19), Sean (42) June (64) and Daniel (71). The participants in this study all mentioned various processes that were involved in aging. This would correlate with the Biopsychosocial Framework what is stated in the Cavanaugh, Blanchard-Fields text. The younger participants focused more on physical appearances. They...

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Poem Collection for Literature Class

No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells; Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs, The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells; And bugles calling for them from sad shires. What candles may be held to speed them all? Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes Shall shine the holy glimmers of good-byes. The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall; Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds, And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds. Reading this poem, I couldn’t help...

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The Great I Am Sayings of Jesus

records the seven great “I AM” statements of Jesus, each one used to give insight into His person, His deity, and how He relates to God in the OT. “Seven times John records Jesus saying, ‘I am…,’ attaching it to a metaphor. These seven statements give special insight into who Christ claimed to be…He was identifying Himself with Jehovah of the Old Testament”. The “I AM” statement that I will be focusing on is “I AM the true vine”. Jesus says this in John 15:1 “I AM the true vine, and My...

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Then and Now

Material Your Daily Routines – Then and Now Use the following form to describe your daily routines before you were a college student versus a typical day’s routine now that you are a college student. Using the form as a reference, answer the questions that follow in at least 50 words each. Daily Routine Form Day Before college After college Sunday I would lounge around in my pajamas all day and just watch TV with my sister and family. I get up every morning and check on the progression...

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sharon olds

might be a different time and era now, however, along with time changes, romantic love also does evolve as well. Looking back in time, we see the cliché acts of chivalry and ‘old school love’ which is the most appealing and more of what we crave for. Meaning the simple things that show you care such as holding the door open, giving a coat to their partner when its cold, picking her up from her home and meeting the parents, etc falls into the category of chivalry. Now it is more common to run into skeptics...

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Who I am

​As I scroll through the unknown hallways of high school for the first time, anxious and worried of the unexpected I was about to anticipate, my palms start the tip of shaking heavily and sweating uncontrollably. Thinking to it, I knew it was a start, a new start of life as a beginning, new chapter of not just believing in finding myself, challenging more to my limitations, setting high bars, letting myself free to the world of judgements and doubts of others around me, and showing my heart to the...

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Plot summary of the old man and the sea

Section Two The plot summary of the old man of the sea The Old Man and The Sea is the story of an epic that makes a very great effort between an old, who has a lot of experience of a particular activity and he is the epitome of a modern human life, it was happened in a small fishing village near Havana,Cuba, The waters of the Gulf of Mexico, in the 1940,s in the twentieth century. The writers of...

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Compare the Presentation of War in the Poems 'Dulce Et Decorum Est' and 'Icarus Allsorts"

Compare the Presentation of War in the poems ‘Dulce et Decorum est’, by Wilfred Owen and ‘Icarus Allsorts’, by Roger McGough. Dulce et Decorum est was written by Wilfred Owen and Icarus Allsorts was written by Roger McGough. Dulce was written during WW1. Wilfred Owen wrote this poem while he was in a military hospital. In the poem Owen reveals the chilling truth about what WW1 was really like. Icarus was written in the tension of the Cold War. In the poem Roger McGough turns a very serious (fake)...

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Am I Blue?

physical appearance alone. For many people, the root of their anxiety stems from the fear of others judging or evaluating them because of they way they look or act. The short stories “Am I Blue?” by Bruce Coville and “Hum” by Naomi Shihab Nye both illustrate the uselessness of judging a book by its cover. In the short story “Am I Blue?” by Bruce Coville, Vince, the main character, discovers that people are not always what them seem. In this story Vince, who is questioning his sexuality, is the main target...

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