• Carpet Weaving Women and Socioeconomic Status
    CHAPTER -I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Nepal is a small country, which occupies a geographical area of 141,181 square kilometers sandwiched between two Asian giant’s China and India. The country is divided administratively into 5 development regions and 75 districts. Municipality is the lowest
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  • Forest
    Forest Situation of India Booklet No. 9 Forestry: FS-1 Contents Preface I. Forest in Ecology II. Multiple Roles of Forests III. A historical Background IV. The forest Acts and policies V. Land Use Patter in India VI. Forest In India VII. Reasons and Consequences of Deforestation
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  • Role of Married Women in Household Decision Making: a Case Study of Nayabazar Vdc, Ilam District Nepal
    Role of Married Women in Household Decision Making: A Case Study of Nayabazar VDC, Ilam District A Thesis Submitted To: Central Department of Rural Development Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, in University Campus, T.U. In Partial Fulfillment for the Masters De
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  • Role and Status of Women in Nepalese Society
    THE ROLE AND STATUS OF WOMEN IN NEPALESE SOCIETY Submitted to: Dr. Ek Raj Ojha Kathmandu College of Management Submitted by: Pragya Uprety Rabi Rayamajhi Manish Agrawal BBA Third Semester December 5, 2005 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS “The ro
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  • Business Environment in Nepal and Bangladesh
    A Report on “Business Environment in Bangladesh” Submitted To: Mr. Rameshore Khanal Submitted By: Achyut Khanal Ghan Shyam Pun Prashanna Maharjan Sudip Shrestha South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM) MBA (Global Business) 15th May, 2013 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to
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  • Ob Practices at Chaudhary Group in Nepal
    To Whom It May Concern This is to certify that the following students of ACE Institute of Management, pursuing MBAe, visited our organization Chaudhary House at Sanepa on 9th March 2008 for the preparation of the report about the Organizational Behavior pattern and practices prevailing in this or
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  • Conflict Resolution and Governance in Nepal
    CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND GOVERNANCE IN NEPAL Nepal Foundation for Advance Studies (NEFAS) In cooperation with Fredrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Nepal Conflict Resolution and Governance in Nepal TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword 1 Preface 2 Part -1 Conflict Resolution in Nepal 1.
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  • Nepal
    Nepal |Facts & Figures | |[pic] | |Map of Nepal | | | |Prime Minister: Pushpa Kamal Dahal (2008)
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  • Bhutanese Refugee in Nepal
    A STUDY ON Bhutanese Refugee in Nepal M.Sc. Part - 2 Examination Paper - 9 and 10 Human Rights Department University of Calcutta Name: Rupak Ghosh Roll __91/HRT___ No.___050011___ Registration Number: 011543 of 2000 - 2001 Acknowledgements It would not have been possible for me to ca
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  • Water, Wetlands and Forest
    Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity CBD Technical Series No. 47 Water, Wetlands and Forests 47 A Review of Ecological, Economic and Policy Linkages CBD Technical Series No. 47 Water, Wetlands and Forests A Review of Ecological, Economic and Policy Linkages Pub
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  • Renewables 2011 Global Status Report
    RenewableS 2011 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT _2011 Ren21 STeeRInG COMMITTee Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber Ministry of Foreign Affairs United Arab Emirates Øivind Johansen Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Norway Mahama Kappiah ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) Cape V
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  • Forest
    CONSERVING THE WORLD’S FORESTS: ARE PROTECTED AREAS THE ONLY WAY? TANYA HAYES * ELINOR OSTROM ** “[W]e know less about what brings deforestation under control, except that experience suggests the need for strong government institutions to implement stated policies and resist elite groups who ha
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  • Social Impact of Armed Conflict in Nepal
    Social Impact of Armed Conflict in Nepal Cause and Impact Ms. Anjana Shakya Research Team Leader SIRF 2006 Submitted: May 6, 2009 Social Impact of Armed Conflict in Nepal – Cause and Impact 0 Foreword This research process has been not only a project or academic exercise but a journe
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  • Energy and Technological Assessment for Prospective Eelctrical Railway Technology in Nepal
    A Project on "Energy and Technological Assessment for prospective Electrical Railway Technology in Nepal" Executive Summary Nepal is a developing landlocked country. There are lots of efforts needed to develop the transportation sector of Nepal. The cheapest means of transportation i.e. wat
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  • Comparative Study: Tea of Nepal and India
    Introduction Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, after water. For a number of developing countries it is also an important commodity in terms of jobs and export earnings. Tea production is labour intensive and the industry provides jobs in remote rural areas. Millions of livelihoods
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  • Tourism in Nepal
    NEPAL Tourism sector analysis Source: CIA - The World factbook, 2008 This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of UP ZRS and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of
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  • Nepal
    An isolated, agrarian society until the mid-20th century, Nepal entered the modern era in 1951 without schools, hospitals, roads, telecommunications, electric power, industry, or civil service. The country has, however, made progress toward sustainable economic growth since the 1950s and is commi
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  • Forest
    INTRODUCTION The Wildlife in India is a mix of species of different types of organisms. The forests of India are ancient in nature and composition. Indian people need to have more wildlife education. They are rich in variety and shelter a wide range of flora and fauna and insects. The fact they
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  • Water Laws in Nepal
    Water Laws in Nepal Laws Relating to Drinking Water, Sanitation, Irrigation, Hydropower and Water Pollution WaterAid Nepal February 2005 WaterAid Nepal / Anita Pradhan Water Laws in Nepal Laws Relating to Drinking Water, Sanitation, Irrigation, Hydropower and Water Pollution February 2005 ii
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  • Forest in India
    Vonany : * Vonany, a multi-media communication platform, helps friends, colleagues, and relatives to communicate seamlessly with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. * It permits multiple-user conference on the mobile and can integrate into any business enterprise solution bei
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