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Spiritual Discernment And Vocational Counseling Paper

Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling Keisha Hairston Liberty University Abstract Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling I. Personal Position Based on the survey, the factors that are very important to me when making career decisions are: *Praying for wisdom to make Godly decisions. *Depending on a sense of inner peace from the Holy Spirit *Judging the decision’s consistency with the character/ethics of Jesus. *Considering personal strengths, talents, gifts, and abilities...

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Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling

Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling Phyllis Wilson Liberty University Abstract This paper starts with a description of how to make godly decisions through prayer, the Holy Spirit and reading biblical scriptures. It will explore spiritual discernment using the bull’s-eye method. The literature will discuss my past and present experiences of discernment, a counselor and clients experiences and my comments on my personal position of this client’s supplication. Spiritual Discernment...

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Spiritual Discernment And Vocational Counseling

 Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling Amy Holmes Liberty University Abstract Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling Personal Position After taking the survey at the end of the article I found that I have quit a few very important responses when it comes to my decision making in relationship to education, ministry opportunities, career choices, or other major decisions. Personally I found that I answered that it is very important to me when using...

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Spiritual Discernment

Personal Position In the article, “Discerning Spiritual Discernment: Assessing Current Approaches for Understanding God’s Will”, the survey displayed my factors that are believed to be of importance when it comes to making decision about one’s career. This decision is important because the career decision that someone makes can at times be the ultimate driving force as to what direction their life will go in. On a personal level it is important to pray for wisdom to make godly decisions, to pray...

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Spiritual Discernment

listening, motivating, challenging, and knowing the difference between coaching and therapy. I currently work for a company as a Nutrition Educator. This company has grouped together their unique process to provide a variety of services: coaching, counseling, and educating. Throughout the day, I am interchanging between all of the skill sets, and processes. It can be confusing to play a part that wears many hats. During the process, we educate, counsel, and coach the client to make their own changes...

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The Gift of Spiritual Discernment

Image Dei. The book holds each spouse accountable for their particular roles in the marriage and it gives balance in that the blame is not singular in nature, but equal. Comparison and contrast of the book to the Bible and Marriage and Family Counseling 1 After reading Intimate Allies it was very clear that it is very compatible to the Bible and to the outline of Marriage and Family I notes. Both the Bible and the notes of Marriage and Family are geared toward marriage modeling God’s design....

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Group Counseling

Trends in Group Counseling Growing Trends in Group Counseling: Ethical and Technological Issues that Effect Vocational Rehabilitation Term Paper By Diadra McGraw 546 Group Counseling Dr. B. Canfield February 26, 2008 Abstract This paper explores the different ways in which group counseling can be used for the purpose of Vocational Rehabilitation. It also gives detailed information of how technology can be used in group counseling during Vocational Rehabilitation...

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Spiritual Mentoring Reflection Paper

Spiritual Mentoring Reflection Paper Michael W. Moore Grand Canyon University: MIN-350 July 7, 2013 Spiritual Mentoring Reflection Paper This essay will be explanations of spiritual mentoring, reflecting off my mentoring and or being mentored. These will be broken down into three parts that defines and explains spiritual mentoring, contemplate on mentors in my life, and I will discuss people that I am mentoring now. This paper will start with the definitions and explanations of spiritual...

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Counseling Theories Paper

RUNNING HEAD: PERSON-CENTERED AND EXISTENTIAL THERAPY Comparing and Contrasting Person-Centered and Existential Therapy Taji L. Mitchiner North Carolina Central University Theories and Techniques of Counseling and Psychotherapy Spring 2011 Introduction This research paper will examine the similarities and differences between Person-Centered therapy and Existential therapy. Person Centered therapy and Existential therapy are both non-directive from the humanistic approach. Both of these...

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Ethical Counseling Report

Individual Counseling Krishunna Pearson Liberty University Abstract Within the pages of this research paper, there will be an examination of several aspects of ethical issues that may arise within group counseling. The paper will compare common ethical concerns during group and individual counseling. It will also examine ethical standards that should be upheld by a counselor in group counseling. The research paper will also examine the use of Christian disciplines within counseling sessions...

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Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams week 6

 The Role and History of Mental Health Counseling Dorothy Farrow Capella University Part 1 This Paper will cover how a Mental Health Counselor can promote wellness, as well as resilience for a certain client population. Wellness is doing well and being well. Wellness is a sign of positive personality, positive social skills, and positive emotions. Resilience is being able to recover from trauma, or adversity and recover fast, it deals with optimism and how well an individual have learn...

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Curb Comparison Paper 1- Effective Biblical Counseling

Comparison Paper 1: Effective Biblical Counseling by Larry Crabb Submitted to Dr. Jaeduk Kim, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the course 201520 Spring 2015 PACO 507-D02 LUO Theology and Spirituality in Counseling By Shonda M. Curb March 26, 2015 Comparison Paper 1 In Effective Biblical Counseling the author, Larry Crabb (1977), develops a biblical counseling model designed to assist the Christian counselor. The purpose of this comparison paper is to detail...

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Counseling Interview Paper

Counselor Interview Paper Jessica Peacock I plan on going into the School Counseling field, so for my interview I went to a long time family friend Kay Weems. Kay is a school counselor currently at Madison Station Elementary, but she has 19 years of experience at different levels of education in counseling and in different environments as well. She also was an elementary teacher for 10 years prior to becoming a school counselor. Kay went to school at Mississippi State and received a bachelor’s...

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My Counseling Theory Paper

University Abstract What is to be said about life and circumstances? There are many different theories and perspectives about it, but my concern is when someone feels they have to be subject to their circumstance. Further in this paper I will discuss my personal counseling theory and how I believe that not one person has to be ruled by a certain circumstance and that they are not by any means validated by one person because they have the opportunity to discover meaning in their life for themselves...

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Pastoral Counseling

 Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper Rosalyn Jackson PACO 500 B04 LUO January 18, 2015 Professor Steven Brooks Liberty University Abstract Pastoral duties expand far beyond church administration, preaching, and evangelizing. Often times, their duties include counseling parishioners and non-parishioners with many types of issues. Pastoral counseling allows an opportunity to help others through using principles from the Bible along with personal experiences that relate to those of the counselee...

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Spiritual Needs Assessments

Spiritual Needs Assessment Most of American perceives belief in religion as valuable, the issues of belief can be challenging for healthcare care provider when patients want to talk spiritual with them. Many barriers with the spirituality topic report by healthcare provider including lack of time, experience, difficult to notice which patient want to discuss the aspect of spirituality, and addressing the spiritual concern is not their responsibility. As the Joint Commission required spiritual...

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Professional Counseling Positions and Settings

Professional Counseling Positions and Settings Latisha Hale CNSL 502 February 7, 2012 Dr. Snyder Professional Counseling Positions and Settings Professional counseling has been a growing field for many years. According to the United States Department of Labor (2010), in 2008 all counselors’ positions totaled 665,500 jobs. The professions involved in counseling are Educational, vocational, and school counselors, Rehabilitation counselors, mental health counselors, Substance abuse...

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Spirituals are religious folk songs that were created and first sung by African Americans in slavery around the 1860’s and passed along from one generation to the next. As the song(s) is (was) passed on, it starts to change. The changes that take place become a part of the original song and eventually the music takes on a different form. In the time of music making, Americans fought and won a war for independence while the rapidly expanding Black population remained enslaved. All of the African...

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Biblical Counseling Essay

Biblical Counseling vs. Secular Counseling CCOU 201-D11 LOU: Introduction to Christian Counseling Xxxxx X. XXXXXXX L33333333 Liberty University 24 April 2013 There is a need for effective biblical counseling now more than ever. As the world progresses to the stages prophesized anarchy God’s people as well as lost souls need the appropriate direction in life. Crabb clearly states in his introduction that the purpose his book, Effective Biblical Counseling, is to incorporate the principles...

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c Counselling Counseling is a dynamic interaction between counselor and counselee where a counselor adopts certain attitude and uses knowledge and skill to introduce and sustain in the clients learning process of self-expression leading to self understanding, leading to action so that the client changes his behaviour and solves his problems. Counselling is a non-directive talking therapy, which creates a non-judgemental space in order for you to work through your difficulties in a safe therapeutic...

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Counseling can be viewed as relationship between two individuals, a counselor and a client, with the aim of helping the client overcome a problem or reduce adversary/suffering .In this relationship, the assumption is that the client is in a problem and needs assistance, while the counselor is experienced and possesses unconditional positive regard to the client. Therefore, counseling may also be regarded as a helping profession because it aims at helping the clients deal with the problems they face...

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Goal of Christian Counseling

 Anthony A Frank CCOU 201 Liberty University The goal of Christian Counseling in Discipleship November 25, 2013 The Goal of Christian Counseling in discipleship Summary: The ultimate goal of Christian counseling is to bring forth maturity in Christ. Maturity in Christ is being like Christ or the BELIKECHRIST submitted to God and His standards in all areas. Maturing believers will always be characterized by behaviors and attitudes which are in accordance with Biblical...

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Initial Counseling Name: _______________________ Date: ______________________ The following counseling session is designed to inform you of what is expected of you concerning your job performance standards. This is an initial performance counseling and will be presented in a “list” format. You will receive feedback on your actual performance during your monthly performance counseling (DA Form 4856). During your monthly performance counseling we will discuss in detail the areas that you...

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Choice Theory Paper

Choice Theory Counseling Paper Tineka Wilson Liberty University Abstract It is imperative to study and incorporate counseling theories when counseling individuals. Many counselors use choice therapy with their clients. Choice theory is an explanation of human behavior. It promotes clients with a healthy way of thinking. According to choice therapy, the behavior is simply an attempt to meet the five basic psychological needs. Those human needs are psychological, power, fun, freedom, survival...

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Prayer in Counseling

Prayer in Counseling Prayer is communicating, worshiping, and sincerely seeking God's face, knowing that He hears us, loves us and will always respond. Prayer is a big part of many of people’s lives these days. People use prayers everywhere and everything they do so using prayer in counseling is only natural. The counseling field cannot get away from praying in their sessions. But counselors have to be careful how they use prayer in treatment because they need to not instill their own viewpoints...

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awareness of well-being and satisfaction of “ affect hunger.” Support offers a healing process- an integration of all parts of the person. (1) The relationship itself, where the helpee experiences the helper’s acceptance and warmth. (2) Direct counseling help in the form of reassurance or environmental support (3) Decisive and firm crisis management. List the four steps of psychological first aid required in response to a crisis situation: (29-32) (1) Appraise the current condition of...

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Theology Term Paper

Rohith Bhatia THST 175 8 December 2011 Theology Final Paper Throughout my experiences in Narratives of Christian Faith, many themes have come across. However, the three I feel are most prominent are resisting temptation, the silence of God, and the discernment of spirits. These themes can be seen in the works of Antony, Ignatius, Silence, and Medieval Writings on Female Spirituality. Resisting temptation can be seen in The Life of Antony. Antony realized that there is more to life than...

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How People Grow Reflection Paper by Cloud and Townsend

REFLECTION PAPER OF HOW PEOPLE GROW BOOK BY CLOUD AND TOWNSEND Villatoro-Ramirez Counseling Department Denver Seminary Monte Hasz Psy. D. Elisabeth A. Nesbit, Ph.D. CO 631 01 Career Development and Assessment October 8, 2012 Reading How People...

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Hypothetical Paper

Hypothetical Paper Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper KristinaMarie Fry University of Phoenix BSHS/322 Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper Resource Section 1: Client Information Scenario: Freydia is a 27-year-old mother having been on crack cocaine for four years. Her offspring, ages seven and nine, have been taken away from her care by Child Protective Services and are presently residing with her mother. Freydia seeks admission to the drug program...

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 LIBERTY UNIVERSITY PASTORAL COUNSELOR'S IDENTITY AND ETHICS PAPER A PAPER SUBMITTED TO DR. STEVEN BROOKS PACO 500 INTRODUCTION TO PASTORAL COUNSELING BY BEN CLAYTON JR. DETROIT, MICHIGAN MARCH 22, 2015 Abstract This paper is comprised of information gathered in order establish and identify ethical boundaries and guidelines that are to be adhered by this counselor. This study also includes information that is needed to obtain necessary licensing and training to ensure proper pastoral care...

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The Preference and Need for Prayer in Counseling

The Preference and Need for Prayer in Counseling Liberty University GRST500_D02_201030 Abstract Spirituality is an important component in counseling because it also contributes to the social, physical and emotional well-being of the client. This survey illustrates the preference that it has of incorporating prayer and scripture into counseling practice. It provides a basic overview and describes the essential desire...

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Effective Counseling

Counselor By {Author} {Institution} Abstract This research paper discusses the qualities that are necessary for an effective counseling and as such any counselor considered effective must posses them. The paper has a separate discussion of both personal and professional qualities required for any good counselor. The personal qualities form a larger part of the discussion because the...

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Discipleship Counseling

Discipleship Counseling CCOU201 B06 Discipleship counseling written by Dr. Neil T. Anderson is a complete guide to helping others walk in Freedom and grow in Christ. This book is very useful to church leaders, counselors, lay leaders, anyone who needs a step by step guide on biblical counseling. This book gives the reader a better understanding on how discipleship counseling works and shows them how to create a counseling...

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Compare and Contrast Paper

 Compare and Contrast Paper on Christian Counseling Methods By: John M Shisler For: CCOU 201 – D10 Summer 2014 Introduction Christian counselors are doing God’s work and must use the Spiritual Gifts with which they were blessed to be able to reach their clients. While it may be difficult to always reach a client right away, when a Christian counselor can be effective and help someone understand what God desires for them, it can be a very fulfilling and satisfying experience. But the Christian...

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Discipleship Counseling within the Helps MInistry

 Discipleship Counseling Within The Helps Ministry Violet L. Modiri Liberty University Abstract This paper will discuss and explore the Biblical basis for a helps ministry and build a general framework for understanding the basis for discipleship counseling. In addition, the paper will establish an order of importance pertaining to the vital need of discipleship counseling within a helps ministry. The helping ministry gives special attention to the needs of...

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Spiritual Teachers

Great Spiritual Masters and Teachers  Written by Devon Love  Sections on Babaji, How To Pick (Or Not Pick) A Spiritual Teacher, and Conclusion  written by Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D.    Introduction  Throughout time, many spiritual masters have offered teachings in service to humanity. Many who have  been inclined toward self‐realization have, through a wide variety of different paths, reached this goal and gone  on  to  teach  others.  This  process  remains  a  mystery  to  most,  and ...

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ideas from another author(s). In this course, we are using an edited chapter book as our text, so the actual authors of the chapters you cite will vary depending upon the chapter from which you take your information. That being said, your posts and papers should not [emphasis added] cite Erford (2014) alone unless he, in fact, wrote the chapter you are citing. He is the editor of the textbook and not necessarily the author of the chapters you are citing (He is the sole author of chapter 15 and co-author...

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Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling In the book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling (2011), Mark McMinn grasps attention of the readers to the role of the Christian faith in counseling practice. The author explains through the practical examples how psychology, theology, and spirituality have an effect on the mental health of people. He considers the Christian faith as a reliable means to achieve trust and understanding in patients while practicing cognitive therapy. According to McMinn...

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Spiritual Need Assessment

Running head: SPIRITUAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT Spiritual Needs Assessment Spirituality in Health Care HLT-310V September 16, 2012 Spiritual Needs Assessment Spirituality plays a vital role in every person’s life, especially during times of sickness. Spirituality is very personal. Peoples’ faith and religious beliefs aid them in handling stressful situations. Some of the positive impacts of spirituality are better coping skills, reduced anxiety, and the alleviation of the fear of death, and...

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Reflection Paper

Professional Portfolio and Theoretical Reflection Paper The counselor is viewed as a wise person, a teacher, experienced in living, mature enough to have a workable set of values; knowledgeable about careers and how people make decisions, effective in assessing human traits and behaviors. Since standardized tests are important counseling tools, the counselor is skilled in their use, especially in their interpretation. One might further expect that the counselor would enjoy disseminating information...

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“Answering the Question: What Is Spiritual Formation?”

Seminary “Answering the Question: What is Spiritual Formation?” A Paper Submitted to Dr. B. R. Lowman In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Spiritual Formation PATH 520 By Floyd C. Marsh 20 March 2008 “Answering the Question: What is Spiritual Formation?” How would God Himself answer, with just one word, the question “what is spiritual formation?” His response, no doubt, would be “conformation...

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Spiritual Gifts

Introduction This essay will show the meaning of spiritual gifts, which are supernatural gifts that God has blessed Christians with. These gifts can be used for the purpose of everyday life, edification of gifts, and to usage and development of spiritual gifts. When individual obtain spiritual gifts there are steps Christian need to fully explore in each gift that they may have. The Bible speaks on twenty-three gifts but this paper will speak on the ministerial gifts of faith, healing,...

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Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling CNLS/502 August 27, 201 Professional Counseling Counseling can be refer as a voluntary and confidential process that takes place within the context of a professional, which includes individuals, groups, or members of a family. The goal of a counselor is to listen to their patients to gain a more concrete understanding of their clients concerns. Once understanding is gained the counselor works with the client to help effectively identify the concerns the...

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Odd Girl Out Paper/Counseling

pinpointing the kind of bullying is necessary. When I say I this I mean is it blatant and direct or is it hidden and aggressive. Knowing how the bullying is happening is key to being able to intervene and hopefully curb if not stop with a comprehensive counseling program that educates and informs the entire staff, students and community of bullying and its effects on society as a whole. When working with mean girls it is important to always to keep in mind how deceptive and charming they can be at the...

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Counseling Class Final Exam Paper

extroversion/introversion and judgement/perception were a point off). According to the Myer-Briggs personality description, INFJs prefer occupations that involve the big picture, involve conceptual awareness, and lead to a better understanding of the spiritual, emotional, of future needs of people. They want their work to have impact or meaning and for it to bring them admiration and respect. Different occupations that seem to be attractive to INFJs include education consultant, English teacher, fine arts...

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Spiritual Diversity

Running head: SPIRITUAL DIVERSITY IN HEALTHCARE Spiritual Diversity in HealthCare Amber Norris Grand Canyon University: HLT-310V April 14, 2013 Abstract Many people describe “faith” in different ways. However, many studies indicate patients of all faiths tend to utilize familiar components such as meditation and prayer, as well as the patient’s own perspective on how their personal culture and...

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Online Counseling

Technology in Counseling Argosy University/Atlanta Abstract Technological advances have opened many doors for the counseling field. These innovative changes incorporate the way services and information are disseminated and retrieved by practitioners and client. This paper looks at the commonly uses of communication modalities ethical issues, code of ethics, advantages, and disadvantages with online counseling. This paper also looks at the California Telemedicine Development Act of 1996. ...

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Counseling: Cognitive-behavioral Therapists

Evidence based practice of counseling and psychotherapy paper Coun 501 Counselor Professional Identity, Function, and Ethics Jacqueline Moore March 10, 2013 Liberty University Author Note This assignment is being submitted on March 10, 2013 for Dr. Gavin for Coun 501 Counselor Professional Identity, Function, and Ethics Abstract Despite the general acknowledgement that it is important for counseling and psychotherapy practice to be informed by research, it is clear that in recent years...

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Position Paper APA

 Position Paper on Psychology and Christianity Integration Kevin. B. Guillory Sr. Point University Position Paper on Psychology and Christianity Integration Introduction First of all to make counseling truly Christian we must bring our faith and our counseling together in our mind. We do this by recognizing Christ as the only wonderful Counselor and he becomes our model. Most importantly we not only make Him Lord over our lives, but also over our clinical education and practice. We...

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Culturally Adapted Family Treatment Paper

Running head: CULTURALLY ADAPTED FAMILY TREATMENT PAPER Culturally Adapted Family Treatment Paper Launita J. Grand Canyon University October 10, 2012 Culturally Adapted Family Treatment Paper When an individual is suffering with a substance abuse disorder it affects the entire family. One’s family must come together to help his or her loved one to overcome and achieve the necessary goals in life to sustain his or her addiction. Within this paper one will locate the integrated concepts of family...

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Coun 500 Personal Identity Paper

 Professional Identity She’la S White Liberty University Abstract This paper will provide the reader with a reflection of my professional identity. This will focus on the role of a professional counselor and the differences between a professional counselor and other related professionals. It will also integrate how religious and spiritual beliefs can impact professional counseling. It will summarize my beliefs and values and what I plan to do so that I will not impose my beliefs...

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Psychology, Theology in Chrisitian Counseling

Christian Counseling Mark R. McMinn SUMMARY The book begins with at brief selection as it addresses the importance of the counselor utilizing the Christian faith in counseling in addition to focusing on the relationship between psychology and theology. It addresses the issues and concerns that religion may bring into counseling sessions and how the counselor should address and handle these challenges. McMinn addresses the facts that spiritual development...

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Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices

 Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices Abstract The integration of biblical practices and counseling has been discussed for decades. There is an increased interest in spiritual and emotional health, among Christian counselors and with secular therapists as well. Understanding the differences between implicit and explicit integration practices in therapy help a therapist to decide which techniques should be used appropriately in therapy. There are critics who claim there...

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Family Counseling

Family Counseling Approach Research Paper COUN 601 Daphane Moore Abstract A family counseling approach is a counseling theory that includes a combination of a variety of techniques, interventions, and tenets are used to address the needs of family members. Psychoanalysis is a form of therapy developed by Sigmond Freud. He was the first therapist to explore talk therapy as a viable means for treating psychological disorders. Psychotherapy serves as an umbrella concept for psychotherapeutic...

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Counseling Suffering Clients

Counseling suffering clients, especially through an integrative approach to Christian Counseling, may be more in-depth than I once thought. Here are five concepts that I found particularly, insightful, unique, or I had not thought about before. 1. Personal Worldview behind the practice Our own personal worldview is inescapable, and each of us holds a worldview or the way that we see our understanding of the world and our place within it (Entwistle, 2010, pg. 67). In order to counsel others,...

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Ethics and Cross Cultural Counseling

much more. There are at least five sources of it. They are the universal, ecological, national, regional, and racio-ethnic tributaries. Interactively, they shape and influence all human behavior, including counseling. The majority of the professional groups or sub-groups such as the counseling industry have moral codes of conducts, procedures and laws. These behavioral principles are geared towards counselors for high efficiency and success rates in therapy sessions (Hill, 2004). They help maintain...

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essence of addiction counseling. Counselor, 5(3), 43-48. The Historical Essence of Addiction Counseling William L. White, MA What distinguishes the profession of addiction counseling from the array of helping roles that have preceded and have followed it? What would be lost if the specialized knowledge and functions performed by the addiction counselor disappeared? This essay will explore these questions by attempting to define the historical essence of addiction counseling. The distinctiveness...

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Counseling Approaches

Counseling Approaches Lizbeth Tini Grand Canyon University : PCN-435 April 14, 2013 Counseling Approaches This paper is going to define and explain the differences in two specific counseling approaches used by counselors in today’s profession. The main focus of this paper is going to be the contrast between Brief Interventions and Solution-focused counseling techniques determining which is most effective or could it be using both would get...

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Counseling Minors

Running head: COUNSELING MINORS: ETHICAL AND LEGAL 1 Counseling Minors: Ethical and Legal Issues Involved Alexandra Martin Walden University COUNSELING MINORS: ETHICAL AND LEGAL 2 Mental health counselors have many things to consider when working with clients. Providing services to clients comes with several expectations. Some of the factors which counselors must be aware of include: cultural differences, environmental influences, client...

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History of Counseling

 History of Counseling Lead to Multidisciplinary Teams COUN5004 Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors History of Counseling Leading to Multidisciplinary Teams Counseling is a relatively new profession which has transformed over time from treating mental illnesses to providing educational guidance to counseling with a variety of specializations. Pistole summarizes by stating that counselors, now, aim to, “contribute to the vitality and vigor and...

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