• Freedom of Speech for Children
    Basically, my aim today is to tell you about my feelings on freedom of speech between adults and kids. It's about having authority but knowing when to let your guard down and listen. Before I begin, I want to mention that this speech contains terms and expressions that may be considered as ‘hars
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  • Speech on Space Exploration
    INTRODUCTION Space exploration is the investigation of physical conditions in space and on stars, planets, and their moons through the use of artificial satellites (spacecraft that orbit the earth), space probes (spacecraft that pass through the solar system and that may or may not orbit another ce
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  • St. Jude Charity Speech
    LINDA NGUYEN OUTLINE CHARITY SPEECH St. Jude’s Children hospital, fight for childhood cancer Purpose: To inform my audience that there are kids out there that need our help and to have the audience persuade to donating. INTRODUCTION ATTENDTION GETTER/ RELEVANCE; Think back to a time whe
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  • Persuasive Speech
    Persuasive speech outline purpose: To persuade my audience to donate blood through the American Red Cross. Introduction: 1. Did you know that blood donated to the American Red Cross saves XXX lives per year? 2. People should give blood because it is easy and though there might be a little pain
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  • Speech
    Informative Speech Going Green with Wave Energy The Wave of the Future With 70 percent of the Earth's surface covered by water, it is certainly feasible that flowing water should be a good source of alternative energy. Energy can be produced by strategically locating turbine engines in th
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  • Slavery Speech Sample
    Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to donate to my charity, Love146. Central Idea: Love146 is the most deserving charity because of the work they are doing around the world to stop child sex slavery. Give Love146 Introduction: I. (Attention-getting device): She was only a nu
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  • Informative Speech on the Surf Rider Foundation
    informative speech by kayla venable, mcneese state university Introduction: 1. Attention Getter: With the economy the way it is now and all that’s happening with the oil spill each and every one of us needs to put effort into saving the environment and our wildlife. The blame for
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  • Budget Speech
    | |[pic] | | | | | |
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  • Speech
    Speech – Culminating Activity When were you ever told to follow the crowd, to do what everybody does? When were you ever told to be a follower, not a leader? Well I don't know about you, but I haven't been told these things, so why should we be told now. School uniforms defeat the purpose of bein
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  • Speech to Inform
    Speech To Inform Speech to inform:Euro-2012 In April 2007, Ukraine and Poland were named co-hosts for Euro 2012 tournament. This joint bid, taking into account Ukraine's tough economic condition and administration problems, has become a headache for UEFA President Michel Platini. The matches will
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  • Hillary Clinton Speech
    Hillary Clinton- Democratic National Convention Keynote Address Hillary Clinton had gone before the United States to represent herself, and her party’s intentions for presidency in the 2008 Democratic Party. Her calls were vivid and drawing; I would like to analyze her weaknesses and her strength
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  • Budget Speech 2011
    Contents Issues Seeking Permission Page 1 Chapter I Introduction and Background Tribute, Acknowledgements, Pre-budget Consultations, Vision for prosperous Bangladesh, Expectations vis-à-vis Resource Constraints 1-4 Some Important Pledges: Implementation Progress Facing Recession, Ach
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  • Speech Research
    Speech Research Form Use this form to begin your preliminary research into the topic of your speech. You need to collect information from at least five different database collections using the Park Online Library Databases (http://www.park.edu/library/database.aspx). In addition, you need a
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  • Working Towards Intelligible Speech in Toddlers
    WORKING TOWARD INTELLIGIBLE SPEECH IN TODDLERS “Now that my baby is finally talking, I can’t understand a word he’s saying!” First we want them to talk, then once that happens, we complain that we can’t understand them. This is a big concern among parents of toddlers, especially when yo
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  • Munger's Speech at Harvard
    CHARLIE MUNGER ON THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMAN MISJUDGMENT Speech at Harvard University Estimated date: June, 1995 Transcription, comments [in brackets] and minor editing by Whitney Tilson (feedback@tilsonfunds.com) Moderator: …and they discovered extreme, obvious irrationality in many areas of the ec
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  • 1970's Speech
    0's | | | | |Have you ever wondered what were the 70’s like?|Gough Whitlam was our Prime Minister in 1975. |These were spoken by Gough Whitlam after he was|
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  • Persuasive Speech
    PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE SAMPLE - MOTIVATED SEQUENCE PATTERN By Fui Oili (with modifications made by S. Pastor) TITLE: Vacation in Hawaii GENERAL PURPOSE: To persuade SPECIFIC PURPOSE (GOAL): To persuade my audience to choose to take a vacation to the neighbor islands before taking a vacation out o
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  • How to Describe and Save Memories About the Holocaust? on the Example of the Lego Concentration Camp by Zbigniew Libera
    How to describe and save memories about the Holocaust? On the example of the Lego Concentration Camp by Zbigniew Libera [1] First of all, before I start with a description of the art project made by one of the most famous polish artists Zbignie Libera, I will try to make a description of four
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  • Persuasive Speech
    Does anyone know when marijuana was first federally prohibited? Marijuana was prohibited in 1937, but marijuana prohibition isn’t working. Today between 95 and 100 million Americans admit to having tried it and nearly 15 million have used it within the past month. High school seniors consistently
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  • Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Ctritique
    Adriana Hernandez T.Ana Isaza Writing 12 June 2012 A Speech That Changed, Changes, and Will Keep Changing Lives “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Martin Lu
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