• House captain
    House Captain Well to start with I would request all of you to raise your right hand when I say raise. Raise Well….hands down….. Great…I have just proved one of my most important point….”They all listen to me”…. Well jokes apart coming to the point now. A heart full o
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  • House captain
    I am writing this letter to apply for the post of International ribbon (First Preference) or house ribbon. From my first day at ….. I made up my mind that I would apply for these posts as I saw it as a great opportunity to show my love for different cultures as well as my ability to or
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  • School vice captain
    Good morning boys, girls, teachers and parents my name is XX. Even though I only started here at the beginning of this year for the OC, I’ve already been involved in many aspects of School life here at I’ve represented or participated in numerous school events such as district swimming, school b
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  • School captain speech
    | | | | | | |House: Kooyong |
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  • Vice captain speech
    I’m here today because I’m obviously running for school captain. I’m up here today because my job is to try and persuade you to vote for me. Now let’s get started. For all those people here today that don’t know me my name is Eliza Dugan.   And to all those people that do know me you sho
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  • Freedom of speech
    Bethel School District V Fraser “I know a man who is firm. He’s firm in his pants, he’s firm in his shirt, his character is firm…” These were the words spoken from a student who attended the Bethel High School in the state of Washington. When hearing those words, many thoughts may run th
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  • Effectiveness of the school facilities
    EFFECTIVENESS OF THE SCHOOL FACILITIES TO THE LEARNING ACHIEVEMENT OF THE SELECTED FOURTH YEAR STUDENTS OF LICEO DE SAN PEDRO (LDSP) A.Y. 2012-2013 A Research Paper Presented to the Faculty of the English Department In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English IV
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  • Be a captain
    I think I would be a good sports captain because I will do my best by encouraging you, motivating you, supporting you and most of all, being a good sport. encourage others to participate in sport Criteria: SCHOOL VALUES FOR HOUSE CAPTAINS The elected house captain should (already) and will:
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  • Speech
    Red House Captain Speech - Kirstin Strachan Teachers and Fellow Red House members, For those of you who don’t know me already, my name is Kirstin Strachan and I would like to represent you as Red House Captain. I am really enjoying being in the red house, and what would make my last year at
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    VIEWPOINT NEUTRALITY AND GOVERNMENT SPEECH Joseph Blocher* Abstract: Government speech creates a paradox at the heart of the First Amendment. To satisfy traditional First Amendment tests, the government must show that it is not discriminating against a viewpoint. And yet if the...
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  • Milestones of the school history.
    Sri Lankan International School Jeddah In 1996 a group of Sri Lankans led by two Engineers A.L.M.Zacky and Abdul Cader made an initiative by proposing to form a school by the name of “Jeddah Montessori”.. In June 1997 the Sri Lankan Community was shocked to hear about Ministry officials
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  • The implementation of soft skill among the students of king george the fifth secondary school
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  • School captain speech
    School Captain Hi Everybody I’m here today because I’m obviously running for school captain. I’m up here today because my job is to try and persuade you to vote for me. Now lets get started. For all those people here today that don’t know me my name is Joe Bloe. And to all those peopl
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  • School captain speech
    Almost all of these school captain speeches sound the same. They start off with a quote, put in a couple of jokes and try terribly hard to find the balance between inspiration and comedy…. This will be no different. So what makes up a good captain speech? Basically I’ve got to get up here, be
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  • School captain speech
    Good Afternoon Teachers, Parents and Students. I am Anna -last name- and I am running for school captain. I have spent all my primary years attending -name of school-and have enjoyed every moment of it. I would like to become the new school captain of -name of school-to ensure that this school sta
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  • school captain speech
    School Captain Speech Good morning /afternoon ___________ my name is _________I stand here before you to discuss the reason why I want to be part of the leadership team and hopefully become school captain for this year. (20__}. I realize that it's a privilege to have the honour but I...
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  • Back to school night speech
    In the teacher's Back-to-School Night speech, three instances, I feel, that demonstrate sensitivity to the parents are the teacher providing a written disclosure document on what to expect in his/her classroom, providing instructions on how to access the school's Web site, and by having translators
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  • School council speech (example)
    Good morning Mr. Henwood Mrs. jones and students, i want to show all of you why I want to be school council. If you want to be school council, you need all these different characteristics. I can tell you all now that I think I have what it takes to be part of school council comity. I...
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  • Speech for election of school prefect
    The duties which have to be full filled: 1. Carry out duties of the house 2. Assign people to different events 3. Represent the house at inter-school events 4. Enforce discipline 5. In all be the face of the school The following are points to be noted while writing a speech to become...
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  • Persuasive speech - captain hook
    Persuasive Speech from Captain Hook Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I have, may it please the court and jury, a few words to say. In the first place, I do not deny anything that the court has against me. Of course, I am here to make an appeal to the court to acknowledge that I did not have an
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