• Teachers day
    India has been celebrating Teacher's Day on 5th of September since 1962. 5th of September is the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, a philosopher and a teacher par excellence. On this day, we gratefully remember the great educationist Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. His dream was that "Teachers
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  • Teachers day
    eachers Day Speech - Teachers Day is a dedication to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a staunch believer of education and was one of the most well known diplomat, scholar, president of India and above all a teacher. As a tribute to this great teacher, his birthday has been observed as teachers'
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  • 9/11 Speech
    Bush’s speech is in spoken mode, it is a planned speech; on the day of 9/11 bush had to respond quickly to the tragedy and showed he cared. Bush is talking about the terrorist attacks on America and how the nation will move forward from it and also he is showing sympathy for the life’s lost that
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  • Children'day speech
    Children build the nation sound and strong. Todays children play a very vital role in developing the country or a nation. One may question how can these tiny tots can change the nation .Yes because todays children are tomorrows responsible citizens of the country. For a country to develop lies in th
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  • Graduation speech
    A NEVER-ENDING JOURNEY To our industrious principal, to our respected teachers and faculty staff, to my fellow students and to our beloved parents; I would like to give you my dearest greeting of a good morning. This is my first time to stand in front of a huge audience because usually, I only talk
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  • Speech
    Homepage Homepage Sample Speeches Contact us Search Our Site Free Employee Handbook EmployeeHandbook.RocketLawyer.com DIY Employee Handbooks. All States. Legally Binding. Immediate Use. Free Sam ple em ploy ee welcom e letter This free sample template can be used for new employees, in a w
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  • My speech
    Teenagers of today have their heads in the phone and their fingers going a mile a minute is considered the norm. Since when did hanging out in town become a normal thing to do for teens? Nowadays teenagers don’t even have to go anywhere with their friends because they can talk to all of them at t
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  • Free speech vs hate speech
    Free Speech vs. Harmful Hate Speech Freedom of speech is instilled at the beginning of the Bill of Rights and it allows citizens of the United States to express their opinions without being afraid of what might happen to them, much like in other countries. Many times people are directly or indirec
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  • St. crispen's day speech
    St. Crispen's Day Speech William Shakespeare, 1599                           Enter the KING WESTMORELAND. O that we now had here     But one ten thousand of those men in England     That do no wor
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  • Annual day speech of bhartiya vidhya mandir
    Draft Speech for  Annual Prize Giving Day on the 22nd November, 2004 at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan My dear children, parents, Sri B. K. Chakraborty, Commissioner Education, Sri N. K. Dutta, Executive Vice Chairman, Sri K. Kalaichelvan Principal and dear friends   I am grateful to Bhartiya Vidya Bha
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  • Speech of mr. ghulam sabir on 15 november at iqbal day in copenhagen.
    SPEECH OF MR. GHULAM SABIR ON 15 NOVEMBER AT IQBAL DAY IN COPENHAGEN. I am delighted to see here the dignitaries representing their great countries. Their presence among us is a symbol of solidarity in our efforts towards creating a sense of brotherhood among man. Our main aim as I have written and
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  • Father john world youth day speech
    The Holy Father John Paul II starts off his speech by analogizing the young people of the world. It is the celebration of the 20th world youth day. The theme of the next world youth day is "we have come to worship him." it is a theme that allows young people from all over the world to follow i
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  • Chief guest speech for primary school annual day
    A GIFT FROM GOD One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd." I
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  • Recognition day speech
    My alma mater called and requested that I give an inspirational speech during the graduation rites of its Grade School Department. Odd. A week before, I made a self-assessment and determined I wanted more training / experience in public speaking.  Hmmm…  What can I say?  The universe will con
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  • Graduation day - speech
    (Address the audience) Minister of Education – Dr. Luois Galea, Rector of University of Malta – Juanito Camilleri, staff, students, families and students’ relatives, friends and guests and last but not least all fellow graduates of Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy of 2007- tha
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  • Jomo kenyatta indepedence day speech analysis
    Jomo Kenyatta, first president of Kenya, from an Independence Day message to the people, as quoted in Sanford Ungar's Africa, the People and Politics of an Emerging Continent, New York, 1985. "It is with great pride and pleasure that I receive constitutional instruments today as the embodiment of
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  • The Communication Decency Act: the Fight for Freedom of Speech on the
    The Communication Decency Act: The Fight For Freedom of Speech on the Internet The Communication Decency Act is a bill which has insulted our right as American citizens. It a bill which SHOULD not pass. I'll share with you how Internet users are reacting to this bill, and why they say it is unc
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  • Propaganda in the Online Free Speech Campaign
    Propaganda in the Online Free Speech Campaign Propaganda and Mass Communication July 1, 1996 In February 1996, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the first revision of our country's communications laws in 62 years. This historic event has been greeted
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  • A Speech Given by Frederick Do
    FREDERICK DOUGLASS’S POWERS OF APPEAL After his escape from slavery, Frederick Douglass chose to promote the abolition of slavery by speaking about the actions and effects that result from that institution. In an excerpt from a July 5, 1852 speech at Rochester, New York, Douglass asks the qu
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  • Remains of the Day
    Kazuo Ishiguro’s Remains of the Day gives an eloquent treatment of the issue of how a stoic English butler’s unemotional reaction to the emotional world around him is damaging and painful, and how he resolves to make the best of the “remains of the day”—the remainder of
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