• Against Hate Speech
    Against Hate Speech Hate crimes are done too frequently in the United States. Although we have laws that supposedly regulate them, many people still feel the need to commit acts of violence on people that are different than them. Many of these crimes originate with some sort of hate speech.
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  • Epideitic Speech on Overpopulation
    Angela Hodgson Public Speaking Steve Martin April 27, 2005 Epideictic Speech We as individuals cannot even pretend to understand the problems with overpopulation. We do not take the time or the effort to be educated enough; therefore we do not help the prevention of future problems to kee
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  • Speech
    Speech is not just someone's written or voiced opinions but it is also the way that person tries to express his or her ideas or believes using other meanings. Gestures, signs, paintings, photos, etc…are different forms of speech. Our government guarantees free speech but not that anyone can mak
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  • Lou Gerhigs Farwell Speech
    Language Analysis of Lou Gehrig's Farwell Speech to the Yankees Lou Gehrig was one of the best baseball players to ever play the game. He was blessed with an amazing career playing for the New York Yankees setting many major league records such as 2,130 consecutive games from 1925 to 1939. Unfo
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  • Free Speech
    Free Speech: Is There Really Such a Thing? In order to find truth to anything, one must make multiple suggestions, ask many questions, and sometimes ponder the unspeakable. Without doing so, there would be no process of elimination; therefore, truth would be virtually unattainable. Now, in our at
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  • Free Speech Movement in the Us
    Analyse the ideals and goals of the free speech movement in Berkeley. The first official protest was held in May 1960 in the San Francisco Hall. The protest was held whilst a meeting for the House of Un-American Committee (HUAC) was taking place. It was a stand against US oppression of pol
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  • Free Speech on the Internet V. United States Constitution
    The internet became a very popular and huge way of getting millions of different kinds of materials and information for everyday use in the later 80's early 90's. It became easy for anyone to access millions of different kinds of materials ninety nine percent of which is decent according to our gov
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  • Commemorative Speech Outline
    INTRODUCTION I. (Attention Grabber) "Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy – the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan." This was a speech that President Roosevelt delivered to the nation the day a
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  • Hate Speech
    This paper will address some of the issues surrounding hate speech and its regulation. I will explain both Andrew Altman and Jonathan Rauch's positions in the first two sections. The third section will be on what Altman might say to Rauch's opposite views. I will then discuss my view that hate speec
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  • Comms Uniform Speech
    Speech Pattern: Topical Do you remember what your wardrobe was like during high school? Maybe you wore the latest in brand name clothing, anything that wasn't associated with gang signs, or whatever hand me downs you could get. The reality is physical violence is common between children because
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  • Inspirational Graduation Speech
    Ok, its 12:15 and I just walked into my house from seeing a movie with three of my best friends and I have to write this speech. A speech that's suppose to inspire all of you, and tell you how the future has so much to hold for the class of 2005, how the possibilities are endless. Right now I'm pr
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  • Mr. Buchanan's Speech
    Immigration Reading Response The problems arisen from the overwhelming immigration brought forth by Mr. Buchanan are significant and cannot be overlooked. Together, the problems and the solution he provides seem persuasive enough to convince citizens to support restrictions on future immigration
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  • Speech Community
    Barrett Rogers ANT 1013.005 Dr. Robert J. Hard March 29, 2005 Speech Community Contribution There is an infinite amount of chat rooms available on the internet and each one can be defined as its own speech community. I have chosen to analyze a chat room that is devoted to the hit Fox reality
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  • Red Man's Speech
    RED MAN'S SPEECH Today's hot and sunny Red Man, perhaps it's the huge mass of people but I'm really getting hot in this tinny room for sure, the walls are shattered, the floor is ruined, those punks are cutting out the breeze I need!. God damn it! I'm sweating like a pig on a day-spa but it doesn
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  • Persuasuve Speech Outline
    PERSUASIVE SPEECH: Outline Student: Ekeze Enubuzor Instructor: Comm 110, Fundamentals of Public Speaking Date: Title: Specific Purpose: I. Introduction A. Attention Getter 1. Story about Mr. Robert Henry a. Mr. Robert Henry is a 45-year-old corporate executive who, while prepari
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  • Freedom of Speech
    Living in the United States we enjoy many wonderful freedoms and liberties. Even though most of these freedoms seem innate to our lives, most have been earned though sacrifice and hard work. Out of all of our rights, freedom of speech is perhaps our most cherished, and one of the most controversial.
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  • Memo to Adopt Constitutional Speech Contest
    The American Legion of the state has invited our school to participate in its annual High School Oratorical Contest. Each year they host a nationwide contest in order to encourage our youth to address Constitutional issues. In the attached copies you will find information about the contest, but
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  • How to Give a Speech
    June 8, 2005 Tips for picking a topic: • Don't pick a topic that is too big of broad. You have a limited amount of time for each speech so you need to pick a topic that can be completed or covered in the allotted time. • Don't pick a topic that is too technical or obscure. Places to find topi
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  • Persuasive Speech
    Title: Persuasive Speech Introduction 1. Attention getter- Pictures of aborted babies 2. Topic audience relationship- You or someone you know may be pregnant and may be considering having an abortion. 3. Credibility- I have been told that I was pregnant once and I also know people that have
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  • Jfk Speech Analysis
    In watching my speech performance from last Wednesday, I believe I saw improvement in many areas. My eye contact with the audience was much better than before, my speech sounded more extemporaneous, and I seemed more enthusiastic about the subject. While many things did seem to go better this t
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