"Specifically What Should The Carters Cover In Their New Employee Orientation Program And How Should They Convay This Information" Essays and Research Papers

Specifically What Should The Carters Cover In Their New Employee Orientation Program And How Should They Convay This Information

New Employee Orientation In recent years employee orientation programs have taken on a position of importance in most successful organizations. All of the information in this process will facilitate the orientation of new employees. Most employers provide orientation programs for new hires and training programs for both current and new employees. These programs have different purposes. Orientation programs typically deal with the assimilation of employees into new working environments while training...

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Orientation Program

Orientation Training Program for New Employees 1. Introduction Orientation is the pre-job phase of training. It introduces each new employee to the job and workplace as soon as he or she reports to work. The primary purpose of orientation is to tell new staff members what they want to know and what the company want them to know. Idaman Development Corporation (IDC) was incorporated on the 01st January 2009 to undertake the development of Idaman area of Taman Ibukota. IDC focuses to plan, develop...

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Carter case

The Carter case assignment Chapter 1 1) Make a list of five specific HR problems you think carter cleaning will have to grapple with 1) Recruitment and selection of new employees as they are expanding. 2) Training and development of the new recruited employees. 3) Appraisal of their performance 4) Compensating the new employees 5) Benefits 2) What would you do first if you were Jennifer? First I would hire a consultant in order to start the business expansion in a proper way I...

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Principles of Supervision 1 July 2010 Orientation: Training for New Employees It is very important for every workplace to have an orientation program in order to train all new employees. The first few days at a new job will create a lasting impression upon an employee. Will the new employee perform his or her job safely, efficiently, and correctly? Part of the answer depends on this orientation; the way the trainers teach the new employees during their orientation will form the foundation for his...

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Carter cleaning

Honesting testing at carter cleaning company. Questions and Answers. 1.What would be the advantages and disadvantages to Jennifer’s company of routinely administering honest tests to all its employees? Polygraph testing raises a large number of legal and moral issues; issues Carter Cleaning must avoid. Using some of the available “paper and pencil” honesty tests may be a possibility. In general, these have been shown to be reasonably reliable and valid. They are still controversial. The...

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Explaining Employee Orientation

Employee Orientation “A good employee orientation helps everything to make sense. When things make sense to us, (i.e. when we understand) we feel more confident. Confidence, in turn leads to a positive attitude. A positive attitude increases our capacity for learning and it is infectious and therefore is self-reinforcing.” (Troughton) "Employee orientation should be an on-going learning process", according to the Novia Scotia, Canada government, which employees thousands of employees. The...

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New Hire Orientation: A New Approach

New Hire Orientation: A New Approach It is the first day of your new job. After arriving, suddenly you flashback to the last time you were in this situation. A dreadful feeling comes over as you recall how boring and useless that first week was. Five days of your life you will never get back. It was so awful; the thought of turning around and leaving crosses your mind. Is this job really worth it? Little do you know that this time it will be different because you are working for Peabody Energy...

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The Carter Cleaning Company: the High Performance Work System

By Mohammad Ali Janvri (Reg. No. 1011145) The carter cleaning company: the high performance work system 1. Would you recommend that the company expand their quality program? If so, specifically what form should it take? Answer: Meeting with the employees directly is a good way to get the accurate feedback from them in order to increase the involvement of the employees in an organization. There can be many opportunities for the Carter company for improving the level of their human capital...

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Successful Orientation Programs

The old saying, “Well begun is half done.” When a new employee starts with clear idea of goals, values, and expectations in new firms, they can be a good employee for the successful performance of the firms. Many new employees have trouble in the beginning step of their work. Orientation programs help that new employees successfully fit into new positions. Therefore, when new employees clearly understand their jobs in good orientation programs, firms expect the success of their business to increase...

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Employee Orientation Hr

of a new job. You're filled with anxiety, anticipation, enthusiasm and excitement, ready to prove to your employer that they made the right choice in selecting you. Now imagine being greeted by your supervisor, given a brief tour, and then shuffled to your desk, office or cubicle, handed a stack of papers and documents to which your supervisor tells you that you will spend your first day orienting yourself to your new company and position by reading through all that documentation. Now, how welcome...

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Induction Program

high employee turnover, averaging as much as 200 to 300 percent per year (Woods, 2002). Employee turnover in their first 30 days is to blame for such high percentage. New environment, overload of information, pressure to perform for new bosses and obey new work rules, this combination of new things may make a new employee feel insecure and overwhelmed and often are the cause of resigning. Company which invest their money into recruiting process wants their new employees to stay. Orientation programs...

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Carter company

Chapter 3: Strategic HRM and the HR ScorecardContinuing Case: The carter cleaning company: the high performance work system1.Would you recommend that the company expand its quality program? If so,specifically what form should it take?Ans: Most students will agree that there are opportunities to expand the quality program.The employee meeting approach is a good start in terms of utilizing high involvementorganizational practices. There are opportunities to maximize the overall quality of their human...

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Developing Orientation Program

 Instructional Design Proposal Jessica Carabeo Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Schools of Graduate & Professional Programs HRM 604 – Developing Human Capital Coy Hillstead October 20, 2013 Company Overview Med-Eval is a privately owned organization in the Worker’s Compensation and insurance industry. Established in 1994, in Northern Virginia, they are the leading provider of independent medical evaluations and discounted medical diagnostic testing for workers’ compensation, automobile...

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Three Day Orientation and Training Program

Introduction Orientation of the company and job training is the first crucial step to ensuring a positive performance from both new and old employees. Proper orientation and training the employee's involves a continuous process that must begin at the time of hire to ensure a since of employee value and company involvement. Orientation will reduce: job training cost, employee anxiety, employee turnover; and improve: employee attendance, performance, and over-all skills available. Well developed orientation...

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Case 52: the Safety Training Program

Case 52: The Safety Training Program Question 1. Evaluate the company’s on-the-job training program. Should it be changed? Houghton Refrigeration Company safety training program is very poorly organized. I disagree with their current process of hiring and training new employees. Houghton Refrigeration should not expect newly hired employees to learn a job within ten minutes and perform the job correctly without any prior knowledge of the product they are about to work on. Currently...

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On the Job Training: Orientation and Training Program

TRAINING: ORIENTATION AND TRAINING On the Job Training: Orientation and Training Program On the Job Training: Orientation and Training Program Any company that has hired employees knows how important orientation and training can be. Without the proper training employees will always be one step behind. The proper training early on can save countless hours of error correcting and re-training. Explaining the company policies and expected work ethic early on can make the difference in a new hires...

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Team Approach in Recruitment, Selection, Orientation and Training

Team Approach Sandra Spicuzza Chess Indiana Wesleyan University Sandra Spicuzza Chess Dr. Calvin Padgett Human Resources Management February 22, 2011 Team Approach in the Process of Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, and Training I believe that a team is a collection of individuals organized to accomplish a common purpose, who are interdependent, and who can be identified by themselves and observers as a team. Our teams will exist within the larger organization and interact with other...

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Manual for New Supervisors

This manual is here to help all of our new supervisor transition from their old companies to our new company work ethics. Everything in the manual will show you the ways to perform your duty as a supervisor effectively and with pride. Within this manual we have completely demonstrated different situations and the way they should be handled. Remember every situation is different and therefore should be treated separately. All of these practices should be understood and as a supervisor also practiced...

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The New Training Program for the Carter Cleaning Company

Continuing Case:   Carter cleaning company: The new Training program   1. What specifically should the company cover in their new employee orientation program, and how should they convey this information?    Answer:   Orientation content:       - Information on employee benefits       - Personnel policies       - The daily routine       - Company organization and operations       - Safety measures and regulations       - Facilities tour  A successful orientation should accomplish four...

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What Should A Business Plan Cover

 What should your initial presentation to IAN cover? IAN has a two-step process for evaluating proposals received. In step 1, an internal team reviews the presentation and it may be discussed with an investor member with relevant domain experience Step 2: If shortlisted, the team is invited for an in-person presentation to investors Hence, your goal in the first step should be to help us understand why your venture is a good case for investment. The initial pitch presentation (this could...

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Cover Letter Basics

Eng-105 Int August 2, 2012 Cover Letter Basics A cover letter is an invitation for a hiring manager to read your resume. Hiring managers usually have an order to which they read your submitted documents. That order would be cover letter, then resume, and then any supporting documents. You want your cover letter to grab their attention and draw them in. After reading your cover letter they should want to learn more about what it is you have to offer their company. This can be your make or break...

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Developing a Training Program

graduates do not have the basic skills to do their job. What makes these statistics even more disturbing is that employee skills are becoming increasingly important in the face of globalization, technological change, trade liberalization, deregulation and other external pressures on organizations today. For many organizations, one solution to the problem of a grossly unprepared workforce is to utilize workplace education programs. These programs are used to develop employees that are proving to be...

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Essentials of Staff Development and Why You Should Care

RUNNING HEAD: Essentials of Staff Development and why you should care. Essentials of Staff Development and why you should care. MD, FACP, FACPE, Dean H. Gesme, MD Elaine L. Towle, CPE Marian Wiseman, MA Journal of Oncology Practice http://jop.ascopubs.org/content/6/2/104.full Article Review by, Kristina Starke ...

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Importance of Communication in Employee Onboarding

The Importance of Communication in Employee Onboarding Kim Boltenhouse WRIT 320-Q2WW-W14 Cynthia Johanek 03/09/2014 Abstract The communication process of orientation with new employees has long been a difficult phase in the employment process. The field of human resources has recently deemed Onboarding as an effective way to address this phase of employment. The methods for communication with onboarding are not only for the employee but also for all individuals involved...

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New Hire Orientation: A Case Study

New Hire Orientation: A Case Study Lisa Layne Essentials of College Writing COMM/215 Oleah Morris January 28, 2013 New Hire Orientation: A Case Study Companies big and small develop programs that deal with recruitment and training of new hires. “A vital component of a firm’s human resource management is in its new hire orientation program” (Dunn & Jasinski, 2009, p. 115). The process must be organized and comprehensive. Providing a structured, and well thought out orientation, will...

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A New Employee Reward and Recognition Program

Running head: A New Reward and Recognition Program for Head Start A NEW EMPLOYEE REWARD AND RECOGNITION PROGRAM FOR HEAD START Chapter III: resolution Summary of Problem In efforts to increase motivation, increase employee job satisfaction, increase communications, and raise the employee retention rate, a rewards and recognition program could be implemented. Being a non-profit organization with no budgetary spending allotted for a rewards and recognition program, makes this project challenging...

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Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs This being the day of the great downsize many managers are hurrying to make the cut's and in doing so closely examining their Employee-Assistance Programs for effectiveness. What are they? How do they help? How do they work? Are they worth the hassle? What are they? By definition employee-assistance programs (EAP's) give a business the means for identifying employees whose job performance is negatively affected by personal problems. EAP's should arrange for...

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Carter S Case Honesty

Jennifer Carter, president of the Carter Cleaning Center, and her father are determined to figure out how to screen job applicants, in order to reduce employee turnover and theft. Not only is the company wasting management time, but also money. According to Jack Carter, “You would not believe the creativity employees use to get around the management controls we set up to cut down on employee theft.” As a result, they are determined to reduce this issues through employee testing and implementing new screening...

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COM295r3 New Hire Communication Worksheet 2

University of Phoenix Material New Hire Communication Worksheet Select a company you are familiar with. Imagine that you work for the HR department of the company. You are tasked to develop a message to orient new hires to the company culture, process, procedures, and general information. Compose a message for new hires using the three-step process outlined in Ch. 5 of Business Communication. Step 1: Prewriting Review the AIM planning process in Ch. 5 of Business Communication including the...

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Orientation and Employee Training

Ch. 8 Orientation and Employee Training Chapter Learning Objectives: define orientation, describe and orientation kit, define training and, describe needs assessment, outline three categories of training objectives, job rotation, apprenticeship training, define virtual classroom, outline the sefven principle of learning and list the four area of training evaluation. Chapter Outline: Orientation, Training Employee, Methods of Training, Evaluating Training, Principle of Learning. New employees...

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Employee Relations

Assignment 4: Employee Relations Ketina Thomas Dr. Harold Griffin HAS 530, Health Services Human Resource Management Strayer University March 10, 2013 Training interventions are best when moved closer to the job in order to achieve real-time learning, the linkage between training and job performance is vital. (Flynn, Mathis, & Jackson, pg. 159) For example, integration of job performance and training should begin at the start of employment. The primary reason organizations...

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Orientation Plan for New Employees

An orientation plan is essential to a new hire's success Good news! You found a talented candidate who will be a terrific fit for your firm. The offer has been accepted and all is set. The new hire will show up in two weeks. It hits you then-oh no, you don't have a desk for the person; you will be out of the office and your in-house "subject matter expert" is swamped. Suddenly the good news begins to wane and you feel like an awful lot of work is yet ahead to prepare this new candidate for...

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Trouble Shooting Information Systems at the Royal Hotel

Trouble shooting information systems at the Royal hotel ITC 6020 - Information Systems Design and Analysis Table of Contents Case overview.........................................3 Discussion Question Answers...........................................3-7 Alternatives analysis.....................................7 Conclusion........................................8 Case overview Blake Cantera is a MBA student who took his first...

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Freshmen Orientation Program

the Problems, Methods, and Findings This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the West Visayas State University Freshmen Orientation Program as perceived by the freshmen students enrolled in all the baccalaureate programs at West Visayas State University- Main Campus for the first semester of school year 2011-2012. Specifically, this study aimed to answer the following questions: 1. What is the level of effectiveness of Freshmen Orientation Program as perceived by incoming first year...

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Case #1 – Microsoft’s MACH Program Designed to Help Millennial Grads Make a Difference – Fast

development program designed to recruit and hire top-performing graduates across a broad range of roles, and aims to cultivate talent utilizing training, mentoring, and community support. Microsoft believes that work is a place for exploration, creativity, innovation and professional growth. It’s about being inspired and motivated to achieve extraordinary things that leave a lasting impact. At Microsoft, graduates learn from the finest in the business. As a full time graduate employee, they experience...

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Program Management for Mental Issues

The cause and the extent of the identified health issue The identified issue I have chosen to create a program for is that of mental issues that include: depression, stress and anxiety. The extent of these common causes is so large that everybody is affected by one or the other at any time in their life. A lot of people who may work casual, part time or full time can also be doing other jobs on the side or studying and do not have the time to make an appointment with a counselling company or just...

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cc company

The Carter Cleaning Company Submitted by: Group 13 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. What to convey in the orientation The purpose of an orientation is to align the employees to the mission and values of the company. These programs are usually scheduled for the new recruits of the company but in the given scenario, an orientation program is required for all the individuals in the organization. The orientation program should be designed...

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The Importance of the New Supervisor Training Manual

The Importance of the New Supervisor Training Manual MGT/210 July 31, 2011 Newly promoted Supervisors many times find that the position they have been promoted to is not exactly what they expected. The new supervisor realizes more times than not that the position they have taken on is too stressful and overwhelming. This is because the new supervisor has no prior communication skills or adequate training, which causes some to fail miserably at the supervisor position. The difficulties do...

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Principal Induction Program

Induction programs are a key to the success of any profession in the work force, from the unskilled assembly job, to the manager of a business. Such a program outlines the expectations placed on that person, and to help achieve the highest rate of success in their career. Nowhere is this more evident in school systems today. In such a fast paced, high-pressure atmosphere that is under the scrutiny of the public eye, a district employee needs every resource that is available to them to excel. Designing...

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Total Rewards Programs

Review the rubric listed after the questions posed for this assignment for specific grading requirements.  Make sure to communicate effectively and demonstrate proper writing skills when completing this assignment.  Do not forget to proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.    Write a 3-4 page report that answers the following questions:   1.      Describe each of the top five (5) advantages of a total rewards approach.   2.      Describe five (5) common ways a total rewards...

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Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods

Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods When one thinks of the word “training,” what comes to mind? [Writing suggestion: Unless in a quote or a title, avoid rhetorical questions in academic writing. A good idea is to provide answers, not questions] Teaching, conditioning, practicing, and building are a few words to explain it. It goes much deeper than that though, and it is necessary during the life of employment...

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Employee Assistance Programs

Implementing Employee Assistance Programs Introduction When the average employee hears the words "employee assistance programs", he may immediately think of medical benefits. Another employee may think of Workers Compensation. Yet another may think of further training for possible advancement. Although all of their conceptions are true, they are not all inclusive. There are several parts to the vehicle called Employee Assistance Programs, or EAPs. Employee Assistance Programs are defined...

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The Orientation Problem

Question 1: Describe the nature and causes of the orientation problem in this case: a) The number of hours, which new letter carriers has taken to case and deliver routes maybe were long because they did no help and support of any kind has been offered. b) The new letter carriers has been shifted from route to route because of lack of written materials about route's particular order and the time which to took. c) Little knowing about various areas covered by various routes because of only helped...

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Solution To Carter Cleaning Company

Carter Cleaning Company: Introduction Q.1. Jennifer asks that you make a list of five specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with. Answer: In my opinion, the carter Cleaning Company will have to face the following specific HR related problems. a) High Turnovers: One of the HR issues that the case deals with is high employees’ turnover rate. As mentioned in the case, the nature of job does not require higher skills and therefore most of the employees are unskilled. These...

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Assessment 2 Program Plan

Assessment Task 2 Program Plan Emma White Mental Health Causes and Prevalence Mental illness is the third greatest issue in Australia, with the leading mental health issue being depression. Mental health is more prevalent than people may think, mainly due to the fact that most people are not as aware as they could be, and may not even realise a co-worker has a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety. Approximately 1 in 5 Australian adults experience a mental health issue in any given...

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Case Study

CASE STUDY SOLUTION The Carter Cleaning Company Ahmed Ali ID: 11901 Chapter 4: Job Analysis Continuing Case: The carter cleaning company: The job description 1. What should be the format and final form of the store manager’s job description? Answer: The format noted in figure 4-6 could be a reasonable format to use. Students may recommend that Jen should include a “standards of performance” section in the job description. This lists the standards the employee is expected to achieve under each...

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Employee Handbook

Firm Employee Handbook Company Overview GJLNR Consulting Firm is a world renowned consulting firm that offers professional advice and organization to large to midsize business organization in the healthcare industry. GJLNR has more than 25 years of experience in unionizing; employee relations, healthcare, and investment benefit options. GJLNR Consulting Firm prides itself in offering personalize, world-class consultation to each client. Our dynamic staff is the driving force for this recognized...

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Psychology and New Technology Program

Corporation has made a decision to purchase a new technology program for their employees. Because this technology program is new, employees ranging from age 17- 70 needs to be train. Training must be complete with six months. Before training is implement, four fundamental principles of adult education, including psychological, sociocultural, biological, and cognitive must be analyze. Because of the age range it would feasible to divide the employee into two groups. First group is Young learners...

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Should Companies Embrace Social Business?

SHOULD COMPANIES EMBRACE SOCIAL BUSINESS? Case Study 1 BUS5460 Management Information Systems Dr. Mark Revels By: Mark A. Torres Should companies embrace social business? Identifying the major that pose a deterrent as to why companies do not embrace social media is comprehensive. In our case study, three distinct issues are raised. Those include low adoption rates by employees, cumbersome features that employees never use, and difficulty...

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Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter What Should Your Cover Letter Do For You? It should answer the question - Why should I hire you? It should grab the employers’ attention and point out why you, above all other applicants, should be contacted for a personal interview. The resume should never travel alone. Each time you submit your resume to an employer, you should enclose a cover letter that explains why you are submitting the resume. A cover letter is critical to creating interest in your candidacy...

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The Training & Development Program at Hsbc Bank

assessed. Then in the second step appropriate program is designed to fulfill the training requirements and in the third step that training is conducted. In the fourth and last step the employees are again evaluated to check the effectiveness of the program. The training program is usually divided into three parts. In the first past employee is given orientation of the bank and the job. This is called induction training. In the second part, employee is given job specific training and in the third...

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How Does Phonics Develop Early Reading and How Should Phonics Be Taught?

How does phonics develop early reading and how should phonics be taught? The most important skill any child can leave primary school with is the ability to read independently and effectively for meaning.’ (DFE National Literacy Strategy) Reading has become an integral part of our lives; within the world we live in today we rely heavily on information and environmental text. It is important that from an early age Children are immersed in books everyday. With parents reading short stories to there...

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Employee Orientation Programs in DNA

Employee Orientation Programs Annette Andrade Capella University - Bus4047 I. Purpose Statement DNA believes that it is important for all new employees to have an understanding of the organization in which they work, the policies and procedures applicable to them and the benefits that they earn. DNA not only want to have an impact in the new hire but also the organization as a whole. II. Elements of the Employee Orientation Program a. Welcome Speech – this is a...

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How Gossip Leads to a Dysfuctional Work Environment

How Gossip Leads to a Dysfunctional Workplace Ronnetta Marchand-Collins University of Redlands How Gossip Leads to a Dysfunctional Workplace When starting a new job, new hires expect to be greeted with happy faces and cheerfully welcomed to the company. While working in a small company, the Trainer or Office Manager usually takes the new employee around the office and introduces that person to everyone and explains what their primary duties consists of, where to find supplies, and who to...

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Human Resource Management on Employee Development

What is employee development? Employee development is a kind of connection, continuous effort on the part of an employee and the organization for which employee works to upgrade the employee's knowledge, skills, and abilities. Successful employee development need to find a balance between an individual's career needs, goals and the organization's need in order to get work done and achieve company goals. Employee development programs make positive contributions to organizational performance. A company...

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design and implement a Pay-for-Performance Incentive Reward Program for all employees, including senior management

NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Learner: THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED IN Please Follow These Procedures: If requested by your mentor, use an assignment cover sheet as the first page of the word processor file. The assignment header should include the Learner’s last name, first initial, course code, dash, and assignment number (DoeJXXX0000-1) justified to the left and the page number justified to the right. Keep a Photocopy or Electronic Copy of Your...

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New Technology Introduction and Implementation

New Technology Introduction and Implementation Kellie Smith New Technology Introduction and Implementation As the demands of today’s society are increasing with production stress, Organizations are looking for more ideas to cut costs and remain competitive in today’s market. With the high cost of maintaining a competitive business in today’s economy, organizations dig deeper into ways in which the departments’ productivity, the company’s internal workings, and external factors affect production...

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TRAINING AND DEVELOPING EMPLOYEES 277 APPLICATION CASE REINVENTING THE WHEEL AT APEX DOOR COMPANY Jim Delaney, president of Apex Door, has a problem. No matter how often he tells his employees how to do their jobs, they invariably decide to do it their way, as he puts it, and arguments ensue between Jim, the employee, and the employee s supervisor. One example is the door-design department, where the designers are expected to work with the architects to design doors that meet the specifications...

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This Is How You Should Look: Sexism in Advertising

December 1, 2014 This Is How You Should Look The representation of women in the media has always been exploitative. Since the introduction of the internet a rapid expansion of available information has given more power to social media. Within the past couple of years the media has managed to degrade women so sufficiently that they are looked at as objects. Women in the twentieth century have been forced to morph themselves into plastic dolls to fit the standards of what a women should look and act...

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97985540 Case Study Carter

 Chapter 3: Strategic HRM and the HR Scorecard Continuing Case: The carter cleaning company: the high performance work system 1. Would you recommend that the company expand its quality program? If so, specifically what form should it take? Ans: Most students will agree that there are opportunities to expand the quality program. The employee meeting approach is a good start in terms of utilizing high involvement organizational practices. There are opportunities to maximize the overall quality...

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