• Colonial Influences of the Spaniards in the Philippines
    Polytechnic University of the Philippines Santa Rosa Campus A Term Paper Entitled COLONIAL INFLUENCES OF THE SPANIARDS IN THE PHILIPPINES Presented by: Maybelyn U. Catindig, BSEM 3-1 Presented to: Prof. N. Silva I. Introduction Spain is known for its history of expl
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  • Book Review "In Excelsis: the Mission of Jose P. Rizal, Humanist and Philippines National Hero "
    INTRODUCTION A nation forms and transforms its national identity though its symbols that embody its historical and cultural heritage. Nowhere is this more patent in the way the Philippines and the Filipino people have kept alive the memories of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero
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  • Spaniards Colonization
    I. Brief Discussion of Spaniards Colonization In the 16th century, Ferdinand Magellan, captain of the first expedition to circumnavigate the world, came to the Philippines. Magellan landed in an island recently called Limasawa and he introduced Christianity to the native people in the island. Many
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  • Philippines Economic History
    The Economic History of the Philippines 1000 B.C. – Post World War II ECON 365 Marcus G. Lundy III December 6, 2012 Section (I) Evolution over time of the borders of the modern country over time The Philippine archipelago is comprised of 7,107 islands (about 500 mi (805 km) off the sou
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  • "Doing Philosophy in the Philippines: Fifty Years Ago and Fifty Years from Now" - a Review Journal
    Michael Kevin Edgar B. Mangao 1POL3 A Review Journal on Karunungan for Logic Alfredo P. Co Doing Philosophy in the Philippines: Fifty Years Ago and Fifty Years from Now A Review Journal The Article centers on the flourish of Philosophy in the Philippines, how it became popular, and how it
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  • Philippines
    1 Pre-Spanish Era 2 The natives of La Trinidad were generally Ibaloys who trace their ancestry to the Kalanguya Tribe (forest people) of Tinek, Ifugao who, due to the need to survive in a less hostile environment in different waves and paths of migration, followed mountain ranges or the course
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  • History of the Philippines
    History of the Philippines From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia |History of the Philippines | |[pic] | | | |This article is part of a se
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  • The Philippines and it's people
    The Philippines is an archipelago lying southeast of the coast of the mainland Asia. It is located above the equator and thus belongs to the northern hemisphere. It has approximately 300,000 square kilometers or 116,000 square miles, making it the 72nd largest country by area. The...
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