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Sonography There are many career options in the United States today, and you can literally be anything you desire as long as you have the motivation and drive to complete your educational requirements. With so many professions to choose from it can be extremely difficult to decide which career path is the right one for you. Right now the health care industry is booming and there are many careers to choose from within this field. As for me I would like to be in a rewarding career that has the opportunity...

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Sonography Career

Sonography The first time I started college I had a different career path. It was not after my pregnancies that I decided to make the change to sonography. I think sonography is a career that really fits my expectations, and to make sure I am in the right path I will research this career in depth. Tests and evaluations in sonography are in writing and practical. They are prepared to measure the student’s understanding of the material, and the knowledge in manipulating the transducer (Craig 53)...

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Medical Sonography

Ultrasonography, commonly called sonography, is a diagnostic medical procedure that uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to produce dynamic visual images of organs, tissues, or blood flow inside the body. This type of procedure is often referred to as a sonogram or ultrasound scan. Sonography can be used to examine many parts of the body, such as the abdomen, breasts, female reproductive system, prostate, heart, and blood vessels. Sonography is increasingly being used in the detection and...

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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

English 102-2WA 20 March 2012 Diagnostic Imaging: A Sound Career in Sonography One of the main reasons for choosing a healthcare career in todays society, aside from the basic need for a self sustaining income, is the opportunity to make differences in peoples lives. With the demand for healthcare professionals and alternative medicines on the rise, so is the need for adequately educated trained personnel. Diagnostic Medical Sonography is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to radiologic...

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Let’s start with how to perform the ultrasound scan. Sonographers use transducers, and other equipment, to study the shape and form of organs, muscles and soft tissue in the body. The scans are usually performed on a specific area of the body to be studied. A topical solution is applied to a small area on the patient’s body first before the scan is conducted. Then the sonographer uses the transducer to perform the scan on the area where that solution was applied. The transducer is a hand...

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Associate of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

BATON ROUGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE IN DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHY CURRICULUM PLAN |Course Number |Course Title |Cr Hrs |Pre-requisite Courses | |Prerequisite Courses | | | | |MATH 101 or 110 |College Algebra ...

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Speech : Sonography

definition of sonography which is basically making an image through soundwaves. Soundwaves are collections of echoes that form an image that can be videotaped, photographed, or transmitted for interpretation. Diagnostic medical sonography also known as "ultrasound" was first attempted after WW2 using sonar equipment. But the electronics back then were too slow for the very short distances and high resolutions required for medical imaging. With the development of microchips, sonography has made huge...

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Sonography - Essay

Mr. Leal English 307 28 April 2010 Why I chose the major I chose at Del Mar College Sonography has come a long way, since it was first introduced in the late 1950s. I chose this career path after I became pregnant and had ultrasounds conducted on me. I wish to further my career and be able to do 3d and 4d ultrasounds as well. I became very interested on how I can help mothers. It has become a great tool in confirming the pregnancy, evaluate the babies’ growth, and identifying fetal abnormalities...

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A Closer Look at Diagnostic Medical Sonography

A Closer look at Diagnostic Medical Sonography [Type the author name] The profession that I am most interested in is a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I have known that I had a very deep interest in this field for about six years now from my own personal experiences and also my desire to help others in some way with the career that I ultimately decided on. I will go on to explain what a Sonographer is and the details of all aspects of this profession...

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Sonography Name: Professor: Course: Date: Abstract The demand for advanced imaging of internal body issues has been on the rise with the increase of cancer cases in the past decade. This has called for techniques such as mammography, sonography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, MRI, CT scans, industrial radiography, mammography, Interventional radiography and Cardiac Catheterization. Each of these techniques has their own advantages as well as limitations. Because of this, they are often...

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DMS Paper

routinely IV. Sonography Salary A. 2013 Salary Average 1. More money in the West and Northeast 2. $78520.00 annually B. Job Outlook 1. 2010-2020 2. Raise by 44% V. Types of Sonography A. Abdomen B. Breast C. Cardiac D. Musculoskelatal E. Neurosonography F. Obstetrics/Gynecology G. Vascular technology VI. Ultrasound A. High frequency and sound waves B. Travel in a straight line C. Radiation free D. Trandsucer VII. Ways to excel in Sonography A. Focus ...

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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer vs. Physical Therapist

1125 December 1st, 2010 Job Description The Diagnostic Sonography more commonly known as Ultrasound is a medical procedure in which you use high frequency sound waves to produce visual images of organs tissues or blood flow inside the body. Ultrasound is regularly known as the procedure used to examine women who are expecting. Although, Sonography is used in many different ways other than for expectant mothers. Sonography is also used to detect such things as heart disease, heart attacks...

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use of high-pitched sound waves. These ultrasonic frequencies are affected by the density of the tissues they're travelling through, and computer processors inside the ultrasound unit interpret the echoes to create a visual image of the tissues. Sonography is one of the highest-paid professions open to those without a bachelor's degree. In its May 2011 Occupational Employment Statistics, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a median income of $31.25 per hour, or $65,210 per year, for diagnostic...

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Ultrasound Research Paper

diagnostic sonographer should be detail oriented, possess good interpersonal skills, and communicate well with patients and other health professionals (The U.S. Department of Labor 381). As far as education is concerned, there are many different sonography programs offered in both colleges and universities. There are both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs, ranging from one to four years. My second source was Diane Feneck’s presentation on transferring to a four-year college. In her presentation...

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Diagnostic Sonographer

become fire fighters, others will be lawyers, and some might choose the medical path way. Becoming a sonographer is not an easy task, it requires having a collage education, and it requires many different skills, are also many different types of sonography, but the pay you get becoming a sonographer is well worth the hard work. “What in the world even is a sonographer?” Well a sonographer is a diagnostic medical professional who operate ultrasonic imaging devices to produce diagnostic images, scans...

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 Medical Sonography: An Inside Look at a Rewarding Career Natalia Sala Southwestern Community College Author’s Note: This paper was prepared for English 114, taught by instructor Kenet Adamson Abstract The economic situation in the United States has led to many American workers considering the benefits of pursuing a two year, career-oriented education instead of the traditional four year bachelor’s degree. There are many associate’s degree programs...

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Sonographer Sonography is the use of sound waves to generate an image for the diagnosis of medical conditions. Sonography is rapidly growing due to the harmful effects of x-rays and such. The most common use of sonography is associated with pregnancy, but can be used for many other things throughout the body. There are many different types of diagnostic medical sonographers, including but not limited to, obsteric sonography, abdominal sonography, neurosonography, or breast sonography. Obsteric...

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Female Foeticide

technology. Just like designer saris, women now demand designer babies,” observed Deshpande who is also a member of the National Inspection and Monitoring Committee for PCPNDT (Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques) Act.  Majority of the sonography reports are now emailed. “If the woman is carrying a girl child, the doctor mails an image of a Barbie doll. If it is a boy, there will be a picture of a male doll,” says Deshpande who has made note of several other codes doctors use to reveal the...

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X-Ray History

diagnostic depend or rely in this technology to prevent the spread of deadly diseases. On this research paper I will cover three different areas of X-ray used in medicine in the prevention and detection of diseases. DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHY Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) is a rapidly emerging, relatively new medical diagnostic technique. High frequency ultrasound waves are transmitted like sonar through the human body, and the reflections are converted into images that map out the body...

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Kahulugan Ng Kagalingan

radiograph with improved definition it requires increased exposure to attain sufficient density or the film. Single emulsion film: * Only one emulsion layer * Used with single intensifying screen * Used in duplication, subtraction, CT, MRT, sonography, NucMed, Mammogrphy and lesser printing * Contain anticurl antihalation layer which differentiate it from double emulsion film * Use to improve “definitiion” NOTE: anticurl/ antihalation layer is a coated backing an single emulsion film...

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Quality Assurance in Radiologic Technology

sciences Operations: The SDMS was founded in 1970 to promote, advance, and educate its members and the medical community in the science of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The SDMS provides and oversees educational programs, collects and disseminates information pertinent to the membership, publishes the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and a newsletter, reviews and establishes policies regarding the professional status, legislative activity, and welfare of its members. ...

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Technology of the Future

and countless more to come in the near future, but one of today’s technological devices that are used nearly every day is Medical sonography (ultrasonography/ultrasound) an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used to visualize muscles and internal organs, their size, structures and possible pathologies or lesions. (TheFreeDictionary.com, n.d.) Medical sonography was first applies to the humans body for medical purposes by Dr. George Ludwing at the Naval Medical Research Institute, Bethesda...

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Female Foeticide in Nagpur

centres were closed in city while 15 were given show cause notices. Manoj Sharma DSP rural informed that the police department would be organizing a training workshop for police officials from five districts of region in conducting raids at the sonography centres and dealing with the persons involved in the crime. Amit Saini CEO of Zilla Parishad said that looking at the complaints of misbehaviour by the inspecting team members in the second inspection round rural teams will be sent to city and city...

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Is 3d Ultrasound Really Worth It?

ultrasound sessions as gifts to the mother and father, but is it necessary? Are the risks to the fetus really worth the moment of gratification that these ultrasound sessions can bring to the expectant parents? I have a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and as a mother who is employed in the field of Ultrasound, I strongly feel that these sessions are unnecessary and not beneficial. Olaf von Ramm and Stephen Smith at Duke University first developed 3D ultrasound in 1987. According to the 1982...

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Imaging Techniques: Ultrasound

determine the nature of a problem on affected areas. These areas could be on the liver, heart, tendon, muscle, joints, blood vessels, kidney, abdomen or wherever else in the body. The difference is that Ultrasound imaging, also known as diagnostic sonography and ultrasonography, is a medical procedure using high frequency sound waves to create an image of parts of the body. The image created is called a Sonogram. Ultrasounds are used generally for diagnosis but there is also a type that can be used...

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The Gift of Reading: the Louis Braille Story

developed a system of raised dots that could be used by his soldiers to read and compose messages in the dark. It was called night writing or Sonography; literally interpreted as "sound writing" because the raised dots represented words correlating to sound instead of two spellings (Roblin, 1952). Captain Barbier gifted the Institution for Blind Youth with his Sonography method, hoping it might benefit the blind. The reception of this system was met with little enthusiasm, although it was available to...

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Medical Tourism in India

risk markers, carotid colour doppler, spiral CT scan and high strength MRI. Each test is carried out by professional M.D. physicians, and is comprehensive yet pain-free. There is also a gamut of services ranging from General Radiography, Ultra Sonography, Mammography to high end services like Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Digital Subtraction Angiography along with intervention procedures, Nuclear Imaging. The diagnostic facilities offered in India are comprehensive to include Laboratory services,...

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Mechanism of Labor and Delivery

measures to promote relaxation is key during labor and breath. * FETAL PRESENTATION - is the relationship of the fetus to the rvix. It can be assessed through vaginal examination (IE), abdominal inspection and palpation Leopold’s maneuver), sonography, or auscultation of the FHT. By knowing the fetal presention, you can anticipate which part of the fetus will first pass through the cervix during delivery. a. Fetal Attitude (degree of flexion) is the relationship of the fetal body parts to...

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Radiology Tech

their courage, determination and dedication to their noble profession. Now, I am particularly interested in radiologic technology, because nowadays it is having wide application and enjoying good demand in medical circles, in particular, sonography, MR tomography or other diagnostic imaging techniques. The role of radiologic technologists in diagnosing various diseases is significant, because within the last decades, modern radiologic technology has been significantly developing. Now it allows...

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Ultrasound Technician Career

years. This trend is likely to follow for the next decade as well. The prospects are only expected to increase as most patients prefer to avoid radiation and other invasive procedures for diagnosis. Various schools that offer degree courses for sonography technicians have tied up with local hospitals and medical centres to provide ultrasound technician job opportunities to its students. The ultrasound technician salary stands at $64,380 per year....

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Uses and Abuses of Modern Science

help of it, space travel has been a reality. It has made true the dream of mans’ conquering the moon. Science has done great wonders in the field of medicine and treatment of patients. The invention of penicillin, various vaccines, x-ray, ultra-sonography and other latest methods for diagnosing has done incalculable benefit to man. Science has also made great break through in the field of agriculture. It has replaced our traditional agricultural works by giving us tractors, power pumps, fertilizers...

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Ultrasound an Ultrasound

CQUniversity Australia [Internet]. Australia: CQUniversity; [Date unknown] [cited 2013 March 27]. Available from: http://www.cqu.edu.au/study/what-can-i-study/health-and-medical-sciences/undergraduate-programs/bachelor-of-medical-sonography-and-graduate-diploma-of-medical-sonography 7) Bates, Jane. The British Medical Ultrasound Society [Internet]. [Place unknown] BMUS; [updated September 3; cited 2013 March 27]. Available from: http://www.bmus.org/policies-guides/pg-protocol01.asp 8) Gilani, Syed. WebMedCentral...

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Request for Consult

quadrant. No other mass, hepatosplenomegaly, or hernias noted. Pelvic and rectal, unremarkable. DIAGNOSTIC DATA: White blood cell count 10.1 with 79% segs. PTT is normal. SMA shows elevated bilirubin at 1.54 with alkaline phosphatase at 442. Sonography reveals multiple gallstones with a stone in the common bile duct. These were reviewed by Dr. Singh, radiologist. Chest x-ray was unremarkable. IMPRESSION: Cholelithiasis, choledocholithiasis, and early obstructed jaundice. RECOMMENDATION:...

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Ultra Sound Warning: Procedure May Harm Unborn Babies Brain

learn more in the future when they conduct more studies on the monkeys. This research is very meaningful to me, not only because I am a woman and may have to have ultrasounds in the future, but to my career as well. I am studying sonography at this time. Depending on what researchers will discover, this may determine my job security. If discoveries are ever made that severe brain dysfunction is caused by ultrasounds, perhaps ultrasounds will become less common. This could definitely...

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Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum

fetal Infection ( TORCH). Regular sonografic checks DO NOT show any changes in the finding, but the associated VENTRICULOMEGALY may develop later in pregnancy. OB Management: KARYOTYPING. Detailed sonographic screening of the fetus and vaginal sonography may help further in Cephalic presentation. Sonographic exclusion of other anomalies and fetal ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY. MRI may be indicated in uncertain cases. U.S.A.: Absent Cavum Septum Pellucidi Evaluated 3th Ven Interhemisphery CYST/LIPOMA In...

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Biblical Argument Against Abortions

that intrauterine manipulations are painful to the fetus.” Obviously, other medical criteria could be used. For example, the developing fetus has a unique set of fingerprints as well as genetic patterns that make it unique the development of sonography has provided us with a “window to the womb” showing us that a person is growing and developing in the mother’s womb. We can discern eyes, ears, fingers, a nose and a mouth our visual senses tell us this is a baby growing and maturing the point...

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Female Foeticide

But over the years, especially since 1978, amniocentesis has become a widely used test by doctors to determine the sex of the foetus between 14-18 weeks of pregnancy. The ultrasound technique has also gained huge popularity. The trans-vaginal sonography has enabled to determine the sex of a foetus within 13-14 weeks of pregnancy and through abdominal ultrasound, sex determination is possible within 14-16 weeks. Whatever be the method employed, the reality is that these methods have made sex determination...

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Breast Cancer in Men

mammography usually is recommended as the first radiographic assessment. Ultrasonography is useful in differentiating between noncancerous cysts and solid malignant tumors, especially if coexisting gynecomastia masks a cancerous lesion on mammography. Sonography also is useful to guide breast biopsy (Anne Mattarella, BS, ELS 2010). Breast cancer in men is rare, with an incidence of 1% of all breast cancer cases (centers for Disease Control and Prevention). One case of male breast cancer occurs for every...

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Radiology Technologist

procedures, physiology and anatomy, and hands on clinical training.(“Radiologic Technologist and Technician Career and Job Information”). Coursework in a radiology tech degree program may include: magnetic resonance imaging, diagnostic medical sonography, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, computerized tomography, cardiovascular interventional procedures, computerized tomography.(“Radiology Technician”). The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists ,ARRT, is a licensure program that usually takes...

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Intro to Anatomy

blue was his booty. A man is behaving abnormally, and his physician suspects that he has a brain tumor. Which of the following medical imaging techniques would best localize the tumor in the man’s brain (and why)? Conventional X ray, DSA, PET, sonography, MRI. An MRI would best localize the tumor in the man’s brain because dense structures do not show up at all in MRI, it peers easily into the skull and vertebral column, enabling the delicate nerve fibers of the spinal cord to be seen. Calcium...

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Nuclear Medicine Tech

there may be heavy competition for open positions due to an increase in trained individuals. More opportunities might exist for nuclear medicine technicians skilled in several diagnostic technologies, such as nuclear cardiology or diagnostic medical sonography. Nuclear medicine technologist job duties require the use of complex, high-tech medical equipment to aid diagnosis of injuries and diseases. Gamma cameras are typically used to obtain functional images; computer processing of acquired image...

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Prenatal Screening

one measure detected 48%-91%. A study using AFP and HCG detected 90% of cases in women over 35 and 43% in women under 30, it also found that detection rates were better when the test was performed before week 17 (Gouldie et al 1995). Prenatal sonography looks at the foetus using ultrasound, by measuring the iliac angle in the pelvis the risk of Down syndrome can be measured. A study performed shows that the mean iliac angle is 60o for normal foetuses and 75o in foetuses with Down syndrome, by measuring...

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Health Law Regulation

Retrieved March 8, 2014, from US Department of Health and Human Services: http://www.fda.gov/aboutfda/transparency/basics/ucm194879.htm Wilson, M. &. (2009, March/April). What does government regulation really mean? Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, 88-92. doi:10.1177/8756479308330116 ...

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Pcpndt Act, 1994

district and the trial courts, where the bulk of the cases are ordinarily filed, fought and decided, is not available under this Act. Moreover most of the cases booked under the Act are still pending for trial and are also concerned with ultra sonography centres not having licenses and registrations. Very few of them deal with the problem of sex selection. Very few provisions of the Act have come for judicial interpretation as the unfolding of the Act is yet to take place in the manner it was expected...

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Informative Speech

unknown reason, begins to make white blood cells that do not mature correctly, but continue to reproduce themselves. • Leukemia is diagnosed by bone marrow aspiration or biopsy, complete blood count, blood tests, CAT scan, MRI, specific x-rays, sonography, lymph node biopsy, spinal tap/lumbar puncture. • The majority of childhood leukemias are genetic diseases. This means that gene mutations and chromosome abnormalities in cells occur by chance and are not inherited from a parent. Transition:...

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Career Spectrum Scavenger Hunt

sectors, and type of work duties. Career Description Differences Cardiovascular Technologist Assist physician in diagnosing and treating cardiac and peripheral vascular ailment. They may specialize in three areas invasive cardiology cardiac sonography and vascular technology Education 2 years in community college. But are usually trained on the job. Working environment is mostly catheterization lab and working 40hrs a week including weekend. Financial compensation varied from 27.000 annually...

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Computed Tomography

capabilities, and advancements of computed tomography, also known as CAT scan. This imaging modality requires the technologist to look at anatomy of a CT image in a totally different way than they are used to with general radiographs. Like MRI and Sonography, CT technologies create a cross-sectional imaging plane that visualizes a slice through the body and has the advantage of eliminating structures that superimpose other anatomic parts. During a CT procedure, the patient's body part of interest is...

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Radiologic Technologist

the hospital setting and doctor office.Once the successful radiologist has obtained the degree, he can continue training in more specialized radiologic departments. The basic field is diagnostic radiography. Specialized fields include: a) Sonography- uses high frequency sound in obstetrics, abdominal, cardiac and vascular. B) Fluoroscopy-live motion radiography (usually used to view digestive system, monitor administration of contrast to high lite vessels and...

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Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

November 17). Retrieved from http://www.businessgrouphealth.org/preventive/topics/aaa.cfm Euerle, B. (Photographer). (2014). Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm [Print Photo]. Retrieved from https://umem.org/page/euc Hagen, S. (2012). Textbook of diagnostic sonography. (7 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 171-177). Elsevier Mosby. Interventional radiologists treat abdominal aneurysms nonsurgically. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.sirweb.org/patients/abdominal-aortic-aneurysms/ Lombara, J. (2013, July 1). Aortic aneurysms...

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problem. The key is early detection and prompt treatment of any of the complications. Many tests, devises, and methods are used to detect, diagnose, and evaluate individuals for complications of diverticulitis and for the disease itself. An x-ray or sonographies are normally conducted for the insertion of the catheter into an abscess for draining to help guide the catheter through the skin (Diverticulitis, 2012). It is much more therapeutic to detect diveeticulosis before it becomes inflamed into diverticulitis...

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Female Feticide

Female feticide- ← aborting a female fetus after sex determination test ← ultra-sonography, helps determine abnormalities in the fetus. ← misused to find out sex of the fetus and abort it if it is a girl. India from centuries has never welcomed the birth of daughter. Indian culture either treats woman as a goddess or an object, pretentiously as goddess but actually as an object. Daughters were never welcome as is evident from the blessings given by Rishis – “Ashta Putra Saubhagyavati...

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A Brief History of Braille

enemy gunners. While Braille recognized the system’s potential, he believed that it could be improved. In particular he thought that the dot formations should represent alphanumeric characters instead of sounds (Barbier’s system was also called sonography because the symbols represented the sounds of speech rather than letters). He also thought that the number of dots making up each character should be reduced so that they could be read with a fingertip rather than having to be traced. Braille...

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gastroschisis are small for their gestational age. (Ali Nawaz, Nigel Thomas, Sumaira McDonald, Durre Sabih July 29,2012). Gastroschisis is suspected after a routine blood with high alpha protein. The diagnosis can often be made by using antenatal sonography before twenty weeks of gestation. With transvaginal sonograms, the diagnosis has been made as early as twelve weeks of pregnancy. (Ali Nawaz, Nigel Thomas, Sumaira McDonald, Durre Sabih July 29,2012). It is diagnosed on a fetal evaluation ultrasound...

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Sonograms are computer images of things inside your body created by high-energy sound waves. Sonograms use sound waves instead of radiation which makes it a little safer. One of the most popular areas in sonography is ultrasounds. These machines are used as image and diagnostic tools. They are more commonly used in obstetrics and gynecology during a woman's pregnancy. Many women opt for ultrasounds mainly because it allows them to know the sex of their baby and the health of their baby. The majority...

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Monsters We Have Created

of the actual delivery of the baby. There are invasive and non-invasive methods of prenatal testing. Invasive methods include intruding into the mother’s body, or even probing inside the embryo. Some non-invasive methods include various forms of sonography which is the use of acoustic discharge measurements, as well as the serological examination which includes sampling the blood of the mother. Non-invasive prenatal testing are said to have a very low chances of side-effects. In retrospect of non-invasive...

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Female Foeticide

itself 3500 female foeticide per year on average seen and where killing is no sin.  DEFINITION: Female foeticide: It is defined as aborting a female foetus after sex determination test or pre natal diagnostic test which includes:- • Ultra-sonography • Foetoscopy • Placental tissue sampling • Amniocentesis  Female Infanticide:-Infanticide is the practice of intentionally killing of infant. Therefore female infanticide is the inhuman killing of the baby girl after she is born...

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Role of Ultrasound in the Early Detection of an Ectopic Pregnancy.

Drife J, Magowan B, editors. Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology. London, United Kingdom: Saunders; 2004. pp. 169–171. Haider .Z, Condous. G, Khalid. A., Kirk., Bourne. T,.Van Calster. B (2006) Impact of the availability of sonography in The Acute Gynaecology Unit Lewis G., Drife J, Why Mothers Die 2000–2002 – The Sixth Report of Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists; 2004...

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Article Work

society organizations. In the city of Surat one million people took an oath to fight against sex discrimination and female feticide. Religious leaders also joined hands for a sustained impact. Stringent action was taken under PC and PNDT Act; 148 sonography machines were sealed, and 78 cases filled in the courts. Out of 78 cases, 13 cases have been filed in the Gujarat High Court and 1 case in Supreme Court. Two sting operations were also carried out by a special task force constituted for this purpose...

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Female Foeticide

Jaipur itself 3500 female foeticide per year on average seen and where killing is no sin. DEFINITION: Female foeticide: It is defined as aborting a female foetus after sex determination test or pre natal diagnostic test which includes:- • Ultra-sonography • Foetoscopy • Placental tissue sampling • Amniocentesis Female Infanticide:-Infanticide is the practice of intentionally killing of infant. Therefore female infanticide is the inhuman killing of the baby girl after she is born. In the absence...

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Patton Fuller

* Color Networked Laser Printer HP 4200ph (Apollo Group, 2008) The Radiology department uses a 1000 BaseF using single mode fiber, as mentioned above. Modality Viewing Stations include MRI, CT, X Ray, Mammograms, PET and Nuclear Medicine and Sonography. Each modality has its own viewing station: Apple Mac Pro, 2 -3 GHz quad processors, 16 GB RAM, 4-750 MB HD in RAID, Nvidia FX 4500 image card, FO Network card, 2 Apple 30" “Cinema” flat panel displays, OsiriX imaging SW, OS Virtualization with...

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