• Social Problems Among Youth Are Affecting Country's Development
    Social Problems Among Youth Are Affecting Country's Development Time has changed so do the social issues. Problems arising among the youth are at the alarming state. Main problems like smoking, gangsterism and illegal racing are affecting the country’s development.               Smoking i
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  • Suicide Among College Students
    SUICIDE AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS Suicide has become a critical, national problem and the extent of this is mind-boggling. Suicides have been proven to be one of the leading causes of death among college students. According to Webters dictionary "suicide is the act killing oneself on purpose". It deri
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  • Stress Among College Students
    Stress Among College Students Leaving home for the first time and going away for school can be very difficult for some people. In many cases for college freshman this is their first time being away from their home and parents. Many times they get home sick and want to isolate themselves. They hav
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  • Ouantitaive Research: Stress Among College Students
    Through personal experience, we each found that students who were in college are likely to report feeling stress. We tend to find a significant difference between college students with jobs and college students without jobs. Based on prior knowledge, we know that acute stress can be related to sma
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  • Non-Medical Prescription Drug Use Among College Students: a Comparison Between Athletes and Non-Athletes
    I Article Documentation Jason A. Ford, PhD, 2008, Non-medical Prescription Drug Use Among College Students: A Comparison Between Athletes and Non-athletes, Heldref Publications, 211-217. II Article Summary The article is about the drug use among college students, and comparison betwee
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  • Drinking Habits Among College Students
    Drinking Habits Among College Students EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Prepared by: Paul Ziehm Brett Moravec Dennis Benthin Tom Sturino EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction Drinking among college students is an important and controversial issue relating to campuses across the entire U.S. Some stu
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  • A Study of Stress Sources Among College Students in Taiwan
    Journal of Academic and Business Ethics A study of stress sources among college students in Taiwan Cheng Kai-Wen Kaohsiung Hospitality College Abstract This paper was to investigate the sources of stress among college students in Taiwan. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect research d
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  • Sleep Deprivation Among College Students
    Dear Dr. Smith: Enclosed is a copy of “Sleep Deprivation among ASU Students.” This report is a summary of my findings from the work that I completed in which I call upon documented scientific studies, articles, books, and my own findings through survey in order to determine the problem of sleep
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  • Influence of Reference Groups on Spending Patterns Among College Students
    PGDM-RMM (2009-11) Institute for Technology and Management Global Leadership Center Kharghar, Navi Mumbai MARKET RESEARCH REPORT Influence of reference groups on spending patterns among college students : SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTEDBY PROF. (Mrs.) SHELJA JOSE KURUVILLA Group No. 7 Manoj Th
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  • The Moderating Impact of Social Support Among Social Work Students
    Abstract. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between academic stress and perceived resilience among social work students, and to identify social support as a protective factor of resilience on this relationship. A conceptual model of moderation was used to test
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  • Managing the Evolution of a Revolution: Marketing Implications of Internet Media Usage Among College Students
    College Teaching Methods & Styles Journal – Third Quarter 2007 Volume 3, Number 3 Managing The Evolution Of A Revolution: Marketing Implications Of Internet Media Usage Among College Students Connie Browning Budden, Southeastern Louisiana University Janet Foster Anthony, Southeastern Louisi
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  • The American College and University
    The American College and University The colonial colleges were among the first colleges created and were established under religious auspices. It was believed that an educated ministry was needed to establish Christianity in the New World. Harvard College was established in 1636, followed by Ya
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  • Social Problems
    Student ID No. 10133166 Choose one ‘social problem' and consider society's response to that social problem. In this essay I am going to attempt to define the term ‘social problem' and what it might mean in today's western society. The essay will then provide an overview of what mental illnes
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  • Social Problems in Amerca
    1. onservative, liberals, and radicals on the left perceive different social problems different ways. The same is true with social problems that arise involving sexuality. Conservatives today view any type of sex outside of a heterosexual, married couples home as a social problem. They see homo
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  • Social Problems
    On the first day of Social Problems class we were introduced to Charles Dickens’ phrase, “Power in itself is not a bad thing, its how we use that power, whether to help or destroy”. Governments and government related jobs hold utmost power when it comes to managing issues that are referred to
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  • Mobile Phone Usage Patterns Amongst University Students: a Comparative Study Between India and Usa
    Sayan Chakraborty. Mobile phone usage patterns amongst university students: A comparative study between India and USA. A Master’s Paper for the M.S. in I.S degree. April, 2006. 53 pages. Advisor: Diane Kelly Mobile phones are one of the most common information access devices with almost 31% of th
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  • Social Problems, Prison Reform
    Social Problems - Prison Reform Is it time to give up on rehabilitating criminals? Nearly one in every one hundred adults in the United States is in jail or prison today. With such a high number of Americans going to prison and eventually trying to re-enter society with a chance of be
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  • Impact of Academic Facility User Fees on University Students
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction This chapter presents background information on the topic, “Academic Facility User Fees and its Impact on University Students”. It also contains the statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research questions, limitations and delimitations o
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  • The Effects of Anxiety on Language Learning of Esl and Efl University Students
    The Effects of Anxiety On Language Learning of ESL and EFL University Students Review of Literature Introduction: There has always been the existence of the feeling of anxiety-anticipation of danger and the fear of some untoward occurrence in the back f our minds. However, i
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  • Some People Believe That University Students Should Be Required to Attend Classes; Others Believe That Going to Classes Should Be Optional to Students, Which One Do You Agree?
    Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes; others believe that going to classes should be optional to students, which one do you agree? Nowadays people discuss whether or not students should be compelled to attend classes. By the time a person enters uni
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