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  • Organizational Behavior

    services. Explain S-O-B-C model? An SOBC model was developed to identify the major variables in organizational...

    Personality psychology , Sociology , Anthropology 1662 Words | 6 Pages

  • Organizational Behavior

    OB MODEL Models of Organizational Behavior Models or Theory i.e. the way of thinking of a manager...

    Leadership , Contingency theory , System 2516 Words | 8 Pages

  • Organisational Behviour

    improving an organisation’s effectiveness. OB is a field of study Means a distinct area of expertise with a common body of knowledge What...

    Work motivation , Two-factor theory , Theory X and Theory Y 10179 Words | 52 Pages

  • Mba Ib Amity

    Trade Theory Benefits of Trade Comparative Advantage Heckscher-Ohlin Theory The Product Life Cycle Theory Competitive Advantage Porter’s Diamond...

    Macroeconomics , Depreciation , Dividend 32666 Words | 169 Pages

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