• Problems Faced by Female Teachers
    gender discrimination Discrimination is the prejudicial or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on his or her membership - or perceived membership - in a certain group or category. It involves the group's initial reaction or interaction, influencing the individual's actual behav
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  • Female Infanticide in India
    Cole Eddings Mr. Perlman World Studies 11 April 2012 Female Infanticide in India According to a 2011 census, Indian men outnumber women by nearly 40 million. The startling gender gap, activists say, is the result of infanticide. Nearly 50,000 female fetuses are aborted every
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  • Female Executives Christina Gold Western Union
    Colorado Technical University Female Executives Written Assignment Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Managing Organizational Change HRMT440 Abstract “Keep learning and asking questions – hold onto that powerful curiosity that has brought you this far… R
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  • Cultural Analysis of Printed Advertisements (Female Smokers)
    Cultural Analysis of the Subculture “Successful Young Black Women” Through Printed Advertisements Multicultural Marketing Elizabeth Anne Nelson February 23, 2012 All three printed advertisements obtained from: http://www.tobacco.org/ads/index.php?tdo_code=pollay_ads&brand=Virginia
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  • The Influence of “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Slogan as Perceived by Ceu - Makati Tourism Students and Local and Foreign Tourists
    CHAPTER 1 The Problem and Its Setting Introduction Tourism industry is one of the pillars of Philippines’ economy. It is a major driving force towards economic growth. Both the government and the private sector continue to develop the tourism industry to attract large numbers of visitor
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  • Female Infanticide in India
    http://www.wrtl.org/pdf/Female_Infanticide.pdf http://www.slideworld.com/slideshow.aspx/declining-sex-ratio-its-reason-ppt-2766079 http://www.essays24.com/Social-Issues/Infanticide-Females-India/34792.html China Focus - Pending FEMALE INFANTICIDE WHICH IS RAMPANT IN SOME PARTS OF INDIA AND CHI
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  • Stylistic Analysis of the Advertising Slogan
    Stylistic Analysis Of The Advertising Slogan ---------Perfume Introduction Along with the rapid development of society and economy, advertisements have penetrated into every stratum of the society, becoming the indispensable part of our daily li
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  • The Gaze and Female Empowerment
    The role of gender within advertising has always been a questionable aspect of how we as viewers connect to these visual images, as well as how they connect to our society. Representations of male and female within these adverts are traditionally coded for our society to read and...
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  • slogan and poster
    Slogan and Poster Making Contest Qualifications Must be a bona fide student of Aemilianum College. A true member of the representing team. Male or female. General Rules and Guidelines Each team must have a maximum of 4 contestants, only 2 entries for both Slogan and Poster making...
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  • Female infanticide
    Diffrnce in female infanticide and foeticide Oct 2012 article http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/india-loses-3-million-girls-in-infanticide/article3981575.ece Latest : june 2013 http://digitaljournal.com/article/353738 Rural/urban :...
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