• Teaching Civil Liberties
    Looking Back to Move Forward: Approaches to Teaching Civil Liberties in 21st Century Classrooms using 20th Century Case Studies Antonio Thompson thompsonas@apsu.eduthompsonas@apsu.edu Austin Peay State University Clarksville, Tennessee Abstract The
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  • Action Research Outline- Teaching for Deep Understanding
    2. Action Research - Summary The focus area for the action research is teaching and assessing for deep understanding. Being able to assess for deep understanding, means being able to teach for deep understanding. The aim of this research is to explore teaching strategies that will assist students
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  • Role of Computers in Teaching
    The role of computer in teaching and learning is pivotal. You can't now deny the fact that what we people are teaching and learning is all now through computers. Computer is fast and efficient and fetches information in the milliseconds or even more than that. Now you are learning online. There are
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  • Meaningful Teaching
    Meaningful Teaching in Special Education People have to choose which direction they want to take their life in, whether it is to become a professional athlete or a professional educator. Regardless of what choice is made, a commitment has to be made to strive to do the best of their ability
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  • The Theory of Epistemological Transmutation of English Language as the Global Reversal of Flow of Knowledge
    WRITTEN BY DR MANSOUR HASHEMI EMAIL: mansour_hashemi@hotmail.com The Theory of Epistemological Transmutation of English Language as the Global Reversal of Flow of Knowledge Introduction Historical Initiation Postmetaphysics means the initial distancing of knowledge from metaphysics, which
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  • Interactive Methods of Teaching English Through Literature
    The Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv Faculty of Philology Department of English and American studies TOPIC: INTERACTIVE METHODS OF TEACHING ENGLISH MASTER’S THESIS GRADUATED STUDENT: Костадинка Иванова Господинова Faculty number 0603598075 Plo
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  • My Philosophy on Teaching Literature
    My Philosophy in Teaching Literature I believe all children can learn to read in a classroom that is integrated with differentiated instruction and has a safe and engaging learning environment which is rich with a variety of literature to light that spark in the children to want to learn. I will m
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  • Marzano's Teaching Philosophy
    Educational research contributes many factors to effective teaching and the effective teacher. Beliefs and values that guide the research change by the decade, however, most of the research agrees that the highest impact on achievement is the teacher. The writer feels that the three factors Marzano
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  • Planning for an Effective Teaching Force
    Planning for an Effective Teaching Force K. M. Enamul Hoque[1] Abstract Teachers role is very important to the process of Human Capital development through raise of educational levels, facilitate learning process, leaving together in a peaceful manner and reduction of inequality exists in t
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  • Official Language
    Official Language 8 References CTA Action, (1995 May) Hayakawa, S. (1990, February 21). Common Language, Common Sense," The New York Times, A25. Holy Bible Tanakh (Several centuries B.C.) The Book of Genesis. Ricento, T., and Burnaby, B. (1998) Language and Politics in the United States and
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  • 5 Key Areas of Multigrade Teaching
    "These include classroom management, instructional strategies, curriculum, instructional materials and community involvement. These five key areas were also used as a conceptual framework through which the observations, " There are five key areas which are generally the focus of training packages
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  • Reflective Essay on Teaching
    This assignment will critically reflect and analyse a microteaching session I presented to my peers in a clinical placement regarding Nursing management of chest drains. I will define reflection; teaching, learning and the rationale for choosing this topic will be clearly outlined in this paper. The
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  • The Official Language Movement
    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper identifying the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and/or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States. Your paper should cover Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and two groups of your choice from C
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  • English as a National Foreign Language
    English as a National Foreign Language India has two national languages for central administrative purposes: Hindi and English. Hindi is the national, official, and main link language of India. English is an associate official language. The Indian Constitution also officially approves twenty-two re
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  • English Teaching
    A. Teaching English language a. Enhancing teacher’s performance in educational institutions. Title of Article : An Article on energizing capabilities of a teacher with a note on teaching English language. Authored by Lalit Gehlot PhD Scholar, Assistant Professor
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  • Crtitical Thinking and Language Essay
    Critical Thinking and Language By Lawana Marcas PHL 251 Facilitator DR. Belinda Moses Individual Assignment Week 2 Due Aug 25, 2008 Submitted Aug 25, 2008 Critical Thinking and Language Part 2. What role does language and language diversity play in the critical thinking
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  • Improving the Performance of Sss1 Students in Finding the Area of a Trapezium Through the Use of Relevant Teaching and Learning Materials (Tlms) in the Sunyani Secondary School
    Chapter one Introduction Background to the study Accomplished teachers use multiple paths to knowledge to help students learn and facilitate understanding. Such teachers know that students learn in different ways and use different modalities to take in information and demonstrate knowledge. I
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  • Language & Human Communication
    Of all human skills, language is one of the most valuable because it allows us to communicate with one another. Human communication is important to society, enabling business and interpersonal relationships, as well as teaching and learning. Language is also important because it allows people to cre
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  • Official Language Movement
    Week7 ETH125 CheckPoint, Official Language Movement T. Hill Many immigrants fear bilingual education because it is associated with disadvantage, alienation, and cultural deprivation. Many of them do not want to pass their native language on to their children because they consider English to b
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  • Official Language Movement
     The Official Language Movement ECS.org Bilingual / ESL This site introduced some interesting facts about bilingual programs in the schools. They define the bilingual programs as a method to teach language-minorities in public schools. The concept is that teaching English Language Learners
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