• Strategic Planning in a Turbulent Environment: Evidence from the Oil Majors
    Strategic Management Journal Strat. Mgmt. J., 24: 491–517 (2003) Published online in Wiley InterScience (www.interscience.wiley.com). DOI: 10.1002/smj.314 STRATEGIC PLANNING IN A TURBULENT ENVIRONMENT: EVIDENCE FROM THE OIL MAJORS ROBERT M. GRANT* McDonough School of Business, Georgetown Uni
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  • Strategic Planning in a Turbulent Environment: Evidence from the Oil Majors
    Critical Article Review Executive Summary In Strategic Planning in a Turbulent Environment: Evidence from the Oil Majors, Robert Grant looks at the characteristics of strategic planning systems of large, multinational firms in an attempt to provide insight into whether and how companies plan. Usi
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  • Strategic decisions making in turbulent environment
    Strategic Management in a Global Context Essay Topic : Evaluate the proposition that the weaknesses of formal strategic planning confirm that alternative forms of strategic decision-making are more appropriate for organizations that operate in highly uncertain and dynamic...
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  • A Case Study on the Competitive Strategy at Entry and the Impact of Changes in the Economic Environment 1
    cimda Centre for ASEAN Studies Centre for International Management and Development Antwerp Vinythai: A Case Study on the Competitive Strategy at Entry and the Impact of Changes in the Economic Environment 1 An Bossier 2 Ludo Cuyvers 3 Orose Leelakulthanit 4 Danny Van Den Bulcke 5 ASEAN Business
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  • The External Environment and Its Effect on Strategic Marketing Planning: a Case Study for Mcdonald’s
    J. International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, Vol. 3, Nos. 3/4, 2008 289 111 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 40 1 2 3 4 5 6 711 8 The external environment and its effect on strategic marketing planning: a case study for McDonald’
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  • Case Study on “Strategic Leadership and Business Transformation”
    Case study on “Strategic Leadership and Business Transformation” Business transformation is a key management personnel of the management initiatives, brainstorming, trying, process and technology initiatives in an organization with business strategy and vision to support the more attention an
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  • Case Study, History, and Strategic Analysis of Motorola, Inc.
    Case Study, History, and Strategic Analysis of Motorola, Inc. 1. Describe the salient opportunities and threats that exist in Motorola’s external environment. 2. Describe the company’s most prominent strengths and weaknesses. 3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages associated with eac
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  • Singapore Airlines Case Study on Change
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY             Singapore Airlines (SIA) is one of the world’s leading players of the international airline industry. The Singapore Girl carrier, it is a prominent brand in providing high quality service standards to its customer. The current pressures of the contemporary
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  • 1. Based on the Case Study and Your Own Research on Competitors, Summarize the Strategic Approaches Which Have Helped Tesco.Com Achieve Success Online.
    1. BASED ON THE CASE STUDY AND YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON COMPETITORS, SUMMARIZE THE STRATEGIC APPROACHES WHICH HAVE HELPED TESCO.COM ACHIEVE SUCCESS ONLINE. Strategic decisions are ones that are aimed at differentiating an organization from its competitors in a way that is sustainable in the fut
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  • Dubai: a Case Study in Strategic Destination Branding
    References Balakrishnan, M.S. (2008). Dubai – a star in the east: A case study in strategic destination branding. Journal of Place Management and Development. 1(1). 62-91. Retrieved from Emerald. DOI: 10.1108/17538330810865345 (Lee & Jain, 2009) Lee, H. & Jain, D. (2009). Dubai’s bra
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  • Over View of Telecom Industry a Case Study on Grameenphone
    Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Background of the Study In the cellular telecommunication industry of Bangladesh, Grameenphone Ltd. is a force to be reckoned with. In a little over 7 years, Grameenphone Ltd. has established itself as the dominant player of in the telecommunications sector, even
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  • Competitive Strategic Management a Case Study of Virgin Atlantics
    Table of contents Introduction: 3 Competitive strategy of Virgin Atlantics: 3 Advantages: 6 Limitations: 8 Recommendations: 10 Constant analysis: 10 Hybrid strategy: 10 Competitive prices: 11 Value added services: 11 Conclusion: 12 Introduction: Today, competition in international
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  • Gmr Case Study: Managing Hr in a Global Environment
    ------------------------------------------------- GMR INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY MODULE: Managing HR in a Global Business Environment STUDENT ID: S-00403589 TUTOR: PAUL COLDWELL [Escriba el extracto del documento aquí. El extracto es normalmente un breve resumen del contenido del docum
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  • M&a in Telecom Sector with Special Reference to Voda Case
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT A project cannot be completed alone. It requires the effort of many individuals. I take this opportunity to thank all those people who helped me to complete this project. I express my sincere and deep gratitude to Father Dominic Savio, Vice Principal (St. Xavier’s College, Ko
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  • Warid Telecom Group Strategic Plan
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  • Telecom Business Environment in India
    Business Environment: Telecom Sector An Analysis. Submitted To: Prof. Jagdish Shettigar Submitted By: Shalini (11DM139) Somendra Sahai (11DM154) Subhro Sen (11DM160) Yuvraj Sarda (11DM178) 1 Table Of Contents Introduction: Evolution Of Communication Technology. Privatization of Tele
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  • Possibilities Singapore Plan in Aruba
    ARUBA, CARIBBEAN HUB Master Planning the Singapore Way Remo Kock MBA Masterclass International Marketing and Business Caribbean University, Aruba Palm Beach, January 2005 1.0. Preface Summary The paper examines the possibilities for the Island of Aruba to make use of a economic Ma
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  • Introduction to Singapore
    1 Introduction G.K. Chesterton, a british novelist, poet and critic once said: "They say travel broadens the mind; but you must have the mind." (Source (1)) Mr Chesterton made a good statement considering the business world's increasing globalization where an understanding of international proto
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  • Strategic Change
    Introduction There is indications that in the coming years the business environment will change more frequently, with higher speed and with greater intensity than before. To remain competitive in the long run the enterprises needs to meet these environmental changes. However, the changes in the env
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  • Global Success and the Role of Strategic Steering and Management Accounting Systems
    Global Success and the Role of Strategic Steering and Management Accounting Systems 1. INTRODUCTION Research approach The objective of the present study is to evaluate corporate global success and some of its determinants as a single case study of Nokia Group. The rationale for the research a
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