• Normaitve Ethics
    Normative Ethics Concepts: Normative ethics involves arriving at moral standards that regulate right and wrong conduct. In a sense, it is a search for an ideal test of proper behavior. One simple example is, we should do to others what we would want others to do to us. Since I do not want my neigh
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  • Secualr Ethics
    Kantianism and Utilitarianism are two theories that attempt to answer the moral nature of human beings. Immanuel Kant's moral system is based on a belief that reason is the final authority for morality. John Stuart Mill's moral system is based on the theory known as utilitarianism, which is based up
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  • The Philosophical Approaches of Kant's Deontology and Mill's Utilitarianism in Reviewing the Movie Extreme Measures
    In the 1997 film Extreme Measures a young British doctor, Guy Luthan, who is serving a residency in a New York hospital, is faced with some difficult moral and professional dilemmas. This film used Dr. Luthan's dilemmas, which dealt with these sensitive issues of doing what is right regardless of th
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  • Business Ethics Dilema
    Campbell Soup Dilemma Introduction The Campbell Soup Company wanted to advertise the solid ingredients in its soup. However, the solid ingredients sank to the bottom of the bowl and could not be photographed. In order to remedy this predicament, the advertising group placed marbles in the bowl
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  • What Is Your Interpretation of the Term "Ethics Counseling"?
    Ethics counseling is an amorphous activity. It is difficult to clearly define ethics counseling because it takes on so many different forms. Ethics counselors are all around us; they are not necessarily those who have a master degree in ethics or a ‘label' that defines them as being an ethics couns
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  • Martha Stewart Ethics
    Martha Stewart: Lemons into Lemonade Before one can make an informed decision as to whether Martha Stewart's handled the incident responsibly or whether or not her actions were moral or immoral, one must first understand the basics of ethics and understand whose rights are involved and how they we
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  • Reconsider the Construction of Original Position in a Theory of Justice
    A Theory of Justice by John Rawls has been the most classical work in the field of contemporary political and moral philosophy. In this book, Rawls tries to build a system of normative ethics in which justice is placed as the first virtue of social institutions and the problem of justice can be set
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  • Utilitarianism
    Utilitarianism could be summed up by the phrase "the greatest happiness for the greatest number." The idea was first coined by Francis Hutcheson (1694- 1746) who wrote a book called "An inquiry into the original of our ideas of beauty and virtue" Although strictly speaking he is not a Utilitarian; h
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  • The Ethics Involved in the Abortion Issue
    The Abortion issue is a very complex and widely debated issue. Not only is the question of whether abortion is murder or not but there is a whole rang of sub issues within the debate with no general consensus on it. As for the claim above it is regarded as the classic conservative view and is also c
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  • Ethics of Prostitution
    Probably no one in the English-speaking world is unaware that our Governor has spoken out on subjects where lesser mortals, especially politicians, have held their tongue. His opinions on the assassination of JFK appear to be well-founded (November '99), however, and his views about the religio
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  • An Outlook on Ethics
    Running head: ETHICS IN AN ACADEMIC ENVIRONMENT The Outlook on Ethics in an Academic Environment Chakara Forney, Stephanie Goodloe, Reddick Hart University of Phoenix – Little Rock Abstract For academic institutions and environments to flourish, there has to be a code of conduct to
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  • Child Labour and Ethics
    Utilitarianism We have all heard that child labour is a bad thing, however, lets try and think – is it, really? By introducing child labour companies save millions of dollars which are passed to the consumer as a cheaper price on products they buy from our firm, if there are more profits ther
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  • Ethics at Work
    Ethics at work Today's society is governed through the implications of rules, legal restrictions that tell you if something is considered, in the eyes of society, to be right or wrong. All of these rules were created to uphold and maintain a ridged idea of ethical and moral values. For example th
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  • Ethics in Information Technology
    Are the ethical decisions that a technology user must make fundamentally different than those facing the ordinary person? No, because it is difficult to resolve competing interests no matter what the nature of action or behavior is contemplated. Is the existence of competing interests' reason enou
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  • Ethics Awareness
    OBLIGATION You tend to base your ethical perspective on an individual's duty or obligation to do what is morally right - principles that represent what rational persons ought morally to do. You believe that ethical conduct appeals to "conscience." In judging whether a person's actions are ethical
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  • Ethics and Morality
    Abstract The paper delves into the topic of ethics and morality. It would try to understand the concept of ethics and morality and the difference between the two concepts. In the paper I would analyse what motivates human behaviour and choices and why those choices can never always be moral and e
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  • Grounds of Law and Legal Theory: a Response
    Grounds of Law and Legal Theory: A Response JOHN FINNIS An edited version of this response to five amicable critics at a 2007 conference on Professor Finnis's work in legal philosophy is forthcoming in Legal Theory 13 (2008) 315-344 University of Oxford Faculty of Law Legal Studies Research Pape
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  • Corporate Ethics
    Sometimes political leaders are elected because of the wrong assumption that they possess certain core values ranging from helping the poor, relieving citizen hardship, improving the quality of life of the middle class and saving the environment,. What is unfortunate is to see that values such as r
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  • Business Ethics
    Business Ethics Assignment 1 Introduction This essay is to generally discuss how ethical theories provide guides in valuing human being’s behaviours to be ethically good or bad. We also have a look in different ethical theories to see why they are incompatible. The ethical th
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  • Center for Ethics and Business
    'Center for Ethics and Business 1. Philosophical ethics Ethics is the branch of philosophy that explores the nature of moral virtue and evaluates human actions. Philosophical ethics differs from legal, religious, cultural and personal approaches to ethic
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