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Siestas By Leopoldo Serrano

Leopoldo Alas Leopoldo García-Alas y Ureña (25 April 1852 – 13 June 1901), also known as Clarín, was a Asturian realist novelist born in Zamora. He died in Oviedo. Alas spent his childhood living in León and Guadalajara, until he moved to Oviedo in 1865. There he studied Bachillerato (high school) and began his law studies. He lived in Madrid from 1871 to 1878, where he began his career as a journalist (adopting the pen-name "Clarín" in 1875) and he graduated with the thesis El Derecho...

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Siestas, by Leoplodo R. Serrano

Barbel Characteristics: Barbel are slim and streamlined - a sure sign of a powerful river fish. Their colours are typical of the carp family they belong to, with green or brown backs, golden bronze flanks and pale bellies, though in clear water they can be much darker brown - black. The Barbel has four barbs around the mouth, two small ones around the nose and two large ones around the mouth. Barbel : Ingredients: * 1/2 pint of port wine * 1 saltspoonful of salt * 2 tablespoonfuls...

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Tuesday Siesta

Dametrius Bedgood Prof Bustos Eng 116 24 October 2008 “Tuesday Siesta: Morality” Being a good mother is the ability to conduct the child from the place of uncertainty, insecurity and not knowing, to the inside of the enclosure where all is safe and understandable. Good mothers protect and provide for their family all costs. Though sometimes, that’s untrue. Sometimes a child might feel the need to help his impoverished mother out by any means necessary. Though their intentions are good, the public...

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Explaining a Concept: Siesta

that this peculiar phenomena is called ''siesta'', but it somehow appears to be something alien and our of ordinary. However, nowadays it is decently hot in Russia and, therefore, at almost governmental level opinions start to emerge saying that Russian employers should think about changing the working time regulations, in order for workers to enter some analogue of ''a siesta''. So, what is the whole ado about? A short historical reference. The word ''siesta'' refers to a brief midday sleep, usually...

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Diego Rivera's "La Siesta"

Museum Report: Diego Rivera's "La Siesta" On Tuesday, November 2, 2004 I attended the San Antonio Museum of Art. The painting that left the most lasting impression was Diego Rivera's "La Siesta." The painting, a "snapshot" of indigenous Mexican life, had the biggest reaction because of my Mexican background. I also chose this painting because Diego Rivera was a Mexican artist. Diego Rivera went through many artistic phases during his life and in his later years, Rivera focused his art works...

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English Notes

such, there’s a need to develop or enhance your skill in locating information from general and primary sources. Find out from what source of information the text you are about to read, has been lifted. Siesta (An Excerpt) Leopoldo R. Serrano Characters: Leopoldo R. Serrano Two other children Leopoldo’s mother Leopoldo’s father Setting: Home Plot: When I was a boy, one of the rules at home that I did not like at all was to be made to lie in the bare floor of our sala after...

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Tuesday Siesta

straighten their clothes and make themselves presentable. It is siesta time in this town. Everything is closed, and people are home eating their lunches and taking naps. The mother and daughter walk in the shade of the buildings and trees, and soon arrive at their destination, the priest's home. The woman scratches on the door until the housekeeper opens it. The mother insists on seeing the priest, even though it is siesta. Finally the mother and her daughter are allowed to enter the house...

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Tuesday Siesta

In the short story "Tuesday Siesta", Gabriel Garcia Marquez subtly illustrates his tone of the story, that tone being respect. Description, characterization and straight- forward dialogue are used to portray his seriousness, emotion and utter dignified opinion for the mother. It is through the writer's tone and character portrayal that the theme of the story is presented. Marquez's attitude towards his topic is clear throughout the story, showing his sincerity for people living in poverty, and...

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1. Distinguishing Different Types of Sources of Information "How Barangay Came to Be” What are considered primary and secondary sources of information? Can you distinguish if a text comes from a primary or from secondary source? Materials that provide direct, firsthand information about subjects and events are called primary sources of information. Some examples of this source of information are speeches, journals, original letters, literary works, and historical documents such as the Constitution...

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Jimmy Serrano Essay 3

 Essay #3 Jimmy Serrano Liberty University Online Describe the teachings of Hebrew wisdom on diligence and laziness The Hebrew teachings starts from Proverbs 12:24 (NKJV) “The hand of the diligent will rule, But the lazy will be put to forced labor.” My dad had a saying “A lazy man always works twice as hard.” It probably started from this Proverb. The Hebrew taught that if you worked hard and diligently you will be blessed compared to being lazy who is forced to labor....

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The Country of Spain

means that lunch is a couple hours away, even though midday is near. In Spain, lunch is a big deal. At times it can last well over an hour. Depending on what region of Spain, and the time of year, lunch comes with a “siesta”, which is Spanish for nap. Because of the daily siesta, many shops and establishments close for a couple of hours. Lunch is a great time to go out to eat at restaurants. All Spanish restaurants are required by law to have a “menu del dia”, a 3 course menu that has a fixed...

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Tire Company

SESSION CAST: Max Bierman, Construction Manager, Fitzburg Tire Co., Cuernavaca Leopoldo Sanchez Garcia, Chief Engineer, Fitzburg Tire Co., Cuernavaca Ing. Sanchez Garcia and Mr Bierman are meeting in a restaurant late Sunday afternoon to discuss and develop solutions for the problems at Fitzburg Tire Co. Bierman: Sanchez: Bierman: Sanchez: Bierman: Sanchez: Sorry to drag you out on a Sunday afternoon, Leopoldo, but we’ve got some problems that we have to get settled, and settled quickly...

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The Glorious Revolution

began to see as the source of Spain's inefficacy. Her continual vacillation between liberal and conservative quarters had, by 1868, outraged moderados, progresistas, and members of the Unión Liberal and enabled a front that crossed party lines. Leopoldo O'Donnell's death in 1867 caused the Unión Liberal to unravel; many of its supporters, who had crossed party lines to create the party initially, joined the growing movement to overthrow Isabella in favor of a more effective regime. The die was...

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Fitzberg Tire Company

between the United States and Mexico. The Mexican workforce do not share the fear of deadlines nor time scedules and accordingly fail to work with the upmost efficiency. The operative hours start from 8am until 6pm. In between they take a 90 minutes siesta break and it takes them an additional two hours extra to be fully charged. More importantly the work, which they do complete, does not meet specifications and consequently has to be redone. Not to mention the language is a big barrier in the communication...

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Transgender Discrimination

do not conform to the gender norms. This physical transformation is in direct contrast to what society has always believed to be moral and ethical. As presented by the author, In Before and After: Class and Body Transformations, Julia Serrano argues that the media focuses exclusively on the physical transition to oneself rather than the discrimination that transsexuals face on a daily basis (392). The prejudice and discrimination transgender individuals face after under going surgery can...

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On Discovering Myself J B Serrano and M G Lapid

UNIVERSITY OF CALOOCAN CITY CAMARIN CAMPUS TULIP ST. CAMARIN CALOOCAN CITY Title. Application of solutions of a right triangle in partial fullfilment the requirements in plane trigonometry. Submitted by: BSIS 1-A Grp # 4 1. Villanueva, Ruth D. 2. Lupiba, Gretchen 3. De Asis, Ramilyn 4. Balais, Mark Gil 5. Tenorio, Emil 6. Calzada, Janille Submitted to: Mr. Varilla Date of Submission: January 29, 2011 7. The angle elevation from a point 25...

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Recommendation Letter

highly competitive graduates as well as the enormous changes in business themes, technologies, practices, and laws are the compelling reasons in re-examining the relevance and adequacy of CB’s curriculum in the 21stcentury. CB OFFICIAL Dean Leopoldo Francisco T. Bragas Dean   Prof. Merla G. Villanueva Chairperson Department of Marketing Management   Prof. Francisco C. Cular Chairperson Department of Management and Entrepreneurship   Prof. Elizabeth T. Santos Chairperson Department...

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artists to convey what is deemed acceptable within society. Ai Weiwei falls victim under the power of the regime and the influence of censorship guidelines within China, limiting the display of his art due to the important messages he raises. Andres Serrano has experienced attempted censorship on his provocative image, Piss Christ, and has been attacked for producing offensive art. Censorship aims to conceal certain artworks which clash with the viewpoints of others; however, it should not be enforced...

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Based on Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” Can Art Ever Push Social Boundaries Too Far?

is a real ambivalence there. It’s one thing to idealize the body and it’s another to deal with it realistically… In my work, I attempt to personalize this tension in institutional religion by revising the way in which body fluids are idealized. “(Serrano 25). Serrano’s intentions are not to disgrace this religion but to show how commercialized the Christian icon has become in contemporary culture. The artist’s purpose is to involve people’s minds in both a visual and intellectual domain. Even though...

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Culture Through Icebergs

and perhaps the most obvious language. In the bottom section of the iceberg I will analyze differences in personal special limits, family interaction and privacy, and finally the overall pace of daily life through out a day focusing on the Spanish “siesta” and the high paced “rush hour” of a day in Chicago. Finally using the outlined structure of the differences culturally between the two cities I will examine what I believe the hardest parts of Chicago’s culture to adapt to from a Malaguetan’s perspective...

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Week 4 - Evaluation the Research Process

determine the causes of death of patients with asthma compared with those of patients with COPD; and to establish a possible relationship between deaths from asthma and cardiovascular diseases (Soto-Campos, Plaza, Soriano, Cabrera-Lopez, Sanchez, Oliva, Serrano, Quincoces, Galo, & Santos, 2013). On the other hand, researchers have uncovered more information in the cause of death among COPD patients. Respiratory failure, cardiovascular diseases, serious exacerbations, and bronchopulmonary malignancies...

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the Philippines (1869–1871). He was the assigned Governor-General after the La Gloriosa revolution. ------------------------------------------------- [edit]Governor General of the Philippines A Carlist army officer, he was sent from Spain by Francisco Serrano after the ouster ofIsabel II as result of the La Gloriosa revolution. He was considered a liberal Spaniard who practiced the liberal and democratic principles for imposing liberal laws.[1] He wanted to have the bronze statue of Isabel II, first unveiled...

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All Natural Insect Repellent with Cacao Leaves

-and- JJS MARKETING SERVICES, with principal address at No. 79 Monserat St. Morning Breeze Subd. Caloocan City, duly represented in this act by its Proprietor, Mr. Julius J. Serrano hereinafter called the SECOND PARTY; WITHNESSETH: WHEREAS, the FIRST PARTY is in need of service vehicle to transport its goods, visitors and personnel in connection with its business operation; WHEREAS, the SECOND PARTY is a single proprietorship...

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filipino heroes in foreign countries

in La Solidaridad or SOL. He was one of the founders and editors of the La Solidaridad; later in 1896, he left Spain for Hong Kong and worked for the revolution of the country. He died in Hong Kong in 1918 as a patriot of the country. Pedro Serrano Laktaw He owned a school in Binondo, Manila and was suspected of being involved in the 1888 demonstration. He was known as D.A. Murgas in his letters in the La Solidaridad, and used the pen name Panday Pira in some of his articles. Laktaw was also...

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Discuss How Art Can Be Used to Promote, Reflect or Challenge

society the artwork must encourage and support the beliefs. For the artwork to challenge the beliefs it must question tradition. Gislebertus and Michelangelo promote and reflected the society and religion in which they belonged whereas Kruger and Serrano reflected yet challenged their society and religion. Gislebertus was a "sculptor of genius" of the Romanesque period. His sculpture of the last Judgement in progress on the West Tympanum of St. Lazare, Autun, France in 1130, reflected and promoted...

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The Portrayal of Women in the Great Gatsby

Maycomb as it causes people in the County to separate from themselves, as well as each other. Serrano 2 The prejudice in Maycomb causes tension and hatred between the people, causing a race and social separation in the County. The racial prejudice taking over Tom Robinson’s case consumes almost everyone in the County, especially the lynching...

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Dr. Jose Rizal: the Fountainhead and Living Source of Filipino Nationalism

Despite the discontenment it had caused, Filipino natives remained to be stagnant and full of ignorance towards a noble principle that of social welfare. “Historical development in the Philippines in the second half of the 19th century,” as stated by Leopoldo Yabes in Rizal, Intellectual and Moral Leader, “demanded an appearance of an intellectual and moral leader, and Rizal was the answer.” True enough, even at an early age, Rizal had already discovered that ignorance was detrimental to a relationship...

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MATERIALS Book Power Point Presentation III. LESSON PROPER TEACHER’S ACTIVITY STUDENT’S ACTIVITY Daily Routine Prayer Greetings Checking of Attendance I. INTRODUCTION MOTIVATION Which path did you use to get to this room? Do you usually take your siesta by this time of the day? Do you want to take a snack? II. INTERACTION I prepared a presentation which will be used to discuss work, power and energy. Here are some guide questions; we are going to answer them right after the lecture. 1. How is...

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lesson plan

demonstrate the message of the poem through various activities. II.SUBJECT MATTER A .Topic: God’s Gift 1. Reference: Anglo-American and Filipino Literature By Josephine B. Serrano Page 224 2. Materials Pocket chart Visual Aids Box III.PROCEDURE Teacher’s Activity ...

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11 12 06 Cultural Distance Assignment2

discordance: Not all cultural dimensions have the same value. Some matter more than others. In Spain it is for example very common to have Siesta. German businessmen/women will have to keep in mind to not expect any phone calls being answered during the midday, because Siesta is valued very highly by the Spanish culture, whereas the German culture knows nothing like Siesta. Besides, in Spain they work longer, until about 8 to 10 pm. In the German culture it’s more common to stop at 5 pm. 6. The assumption...

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Reaction Paper

not appear, but may be implied by syntactic principles; this is called a zero anaphor I know the book you want. (=I know the book that you want.) An example for an interrogative pronoun without an antecedent is "what did Bob have for lunch?" "Siesta is a Spanish word that comes from the Latin sexta hora, meaning the sixth hour (after dawn), so a midday nap, usually after the meal. It is found in many Latin American countries (except Brazil), as well as in the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh...

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Case About Shakey's Pizza

International Family Foods Services, Inc. (IFFSI). IFFSI, who owned the franchise right for the country, began the task of growing the brand and awarded the first franchise right to a company called Golden Pizza, Inc. (GPI) owned and headed by Mr. Leopoldo L. Prieto, Sr. On March 15,1975, GPI opened the very first Shakey’s store in the Philippines in Makati Avenue.   This first ever Shakey’s branch with its great tasting & crisp pizzas, unique chicken and mojos tandem, flowing cold draft beer, cheerful...

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the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

St.Vincent College of Cabuyao Brgy.Mamatid, Cabuyao, Laguna A Film Analysis to 3 Idiots Submitted to: Reyes, Leopoldo S 1st Year Bachelor of Science in Criminology Submitted to: Prof. Ricky S. Dimailig In Partial Fullfilment of the Course Requirements Professional Ethics 2nd Semester S.Y. 2013-2014 I. PRELIMINARIES A. 3 Idiots B. Sreenplay by: Abhijit joshi C. January 9, 2014 D. Audio Visual Room...

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Carlos P. Garcia

sector would help local businessmen are entering industry that was filled with foreign competitors and give them aid and sometimes financial assistance. Products of Filipino businessmen were also preferred over foreign products. Bohlen–Serrano Agreement The Bohlen-Serrano Agreement was the law that shortened the original 99 year lease of US bases here in the Philippines to 25 years, the agreement was renewable for periods only up to 5 years. Austerity Program The Austerity Program was implemented by...

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Do Stores Discriminate People When Hiring?

illegal to discriminate against people based on their age, sex, or ethnicity. This is where companies can get into trouble and sticky situations. Mr. Serrano, a previous manager for Abercrombie and Fitch detailed the companies hiring procedures: “We were supposed to approach someone in the mall who we think will look attractive in our store.” Mr. Serrano also stated that they were instructed to hire these attractive people in the mall if they accepted regardless of how qualified or experienced they...

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Aristotle Theory of Justice Applied to Modern Society.

Also defined a type of justice is a part or a kind of universal justice that applies to the distribution of honors, money or any other good external shared by members of the community, and the treatment that individuals establish in relationships (Serrano, 2005:139-140). Meanwhile, the proposed universal justice equality, justice uncontrolled particular represents the emergence of inequalities that impede the implementation and consolidation of the right order "So is drawn in clean, as there are many...

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Impounded Fathers

the operation began. The goals of the operation, were to increase the enforcement of immigration laws in the workplace and to catch and deport illeagal residents and criminals. Danticat notes that a bill was introduced by Representative José E. Serrano, a Democrat from New York, This bill would allow immigration judges to take into consideration the fates of American-born children while reviewing their parents’ cases. In my opinion, regardless of the motive, the children are the ones being punished...

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Carlos P

them to help improve our economy at that times. Foreign investors were not totally ignored, they could still participle in investing businesses in the country, but there should be 60-40 ratio of ownership within the business. Bohlen-Serrano Agreement • The Bohlen-Serrano Agreement was the law that shortened the original 99-year lease of US Bases, here in the Philippines to 25 years, the agreement was renewable for periods only up to 5 years. After his failed re-election bid, Garcia retired to...

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Going for the Look Article

She looks hip. She looks, in fact, as if she belongs in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. Is this a coincidence? A fluke? No, says Antonio Serrano, a former assistant Abercrombie store manager in Scranton, Pa. It’s policy. “If someone came in with a pretty face, we were told to approach them and ask them if they wanted a job,” Mr. Serrano said. “They thought if we had the best-looking college kids working in our store, everyone will want to shop there.” Abercrombie’s aggressive...

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Censorship and Art - Piss Christ

painting Piss Christ (1987) has caused an overwhelming amount of controversy and the wide response is undeniable. Serrano’s Piss Christ is a color photograph of Jesus being crucified on a cross while being pissed on. In response his photograph, Serrano has received death threats and hate mail and has lost grants on the one hand, and on the other has enjoyed dozens of laudatory articles and a sizeable hike in his prices. Also, the exhibition of the work provoked some violent responses. One man...

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Rhetorical Analysis of Laura Lefkowits: School finance

looking at key cases that shaped policy and then recommending solutions to reduce litigation and expensive solutions. The author begins her main argument with a brief history lesson, informing readers the events that have shaped our system today. Serrano v. Priest determined that using district property tax revenues as the primary source of funding for schools was unconstitutional, noting: “this disparity in available resources per student was deemed inequitable, and therefore, unconstitutional.”...

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Foods of Mexico: Salsa

according to Dumois’s instructions. Getting the Ingredients After I found my recipe, I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients. The ingredients I needed for the recipe were: 3 tomatoes, 1 onion, 3 chile serranos, 1 lemon, a cilantro bunch, and salt. The recipe said to use chile serrano, but I found out that it is very spicy and that jalapeños are a milder alternative (Hedding). When I got to the fruits and vegetables aisle of the grocery store, I began picking out the largest, ripest tomatoes...

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Outsourcing problems

trend of outsourcing is also inflicting wage pressures on American high-wage jobs. It is also claimed that American workers do not have the sufficient skills due to the poor education system. For example, Kristine Serrano was in IT specialist working IBM working on their Oracle software. Serrano was given notice that she was being laid off due to “Global Resourcing” with a sixty day notice and was given instructions to train her replacement before she left or she would not receive severance pay. Four...

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Philippines Vaudeville: A Theatrical Genre of Variety Entertainment

television as the dominant form of Filipino mass entertainment. It peaked in popularity during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines from 1941 to 1945. Many of the leading figures of Philippine film in the 20th century, such as Dolphy, Nora Aunor, Leopoldo Salcedo and Rogelio de la Rosa, began their showbusiness careers in bodabil. Bodabil is an indigenized form of vaudeville, which had been introduced in the Philippines around the turn of the 20th century.[1] It featured a hodgepodge of musical numbers...

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Stay Up Late

time in trivial matters and have no appreciation for the value of time. Adopting the habit of taking a siesta, instead of sleeping at the wrong times. Sleeping after ‘asr or before ‘isha’ is a harmful practice, as we have mentioned above. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) advised his ummah to take naps: “Take a siesta, for the shayaateen (devils) do not take siestas.” (Saheeh al-Jaami’, 4431). These are a few of the practical measures which one can take to combat the problem...

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I Am Sam

passion for learning and personal development * Singing * Dancing REFERENCES: Noel J. Petero Tarlac College of Agriculture Dean Marianne P. Villaruel Tarlac College of Agriculture Social Science Teacher Precilla Serrano Corpuz San Vicente Elementary School Teacher I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. __________________ Applicant’s Signature April 23, 2013 ...

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Filipino Values

Contact #: +63(2)8996680 Engr. Leonardo L. Garcia Civil Engineer C. D. Arguilles & Associates- Architects 4/F Filipino Building, 135 Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, 1200, Philippines Contact #: +63(2)8940248 Arch. Leopoldo M. Ludovice Adviser Technological University of the Philippines- Manila Ayala Boulevard, Ermita, City of Manila, Metro Manila 1000 Contact #: +63(2)3027750 ...

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Marketing Aspect

FEASIBILITY STUDY Marketing Aspect Isaiah Mark Millanes Wendy Encarnado Catherine Del Rosario Leopoldo De Honor Maria Charlyn Balangawan Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Operations Management MARKETING ASPECT I. Product The proposed business will offer fashionable accessories with useful features called wrist- wallet. It is a combination of wrist accessory but at the same time it has also a secret wallet with detachable coin purse. It is...

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Purple Hibiscus by Adichie: Understanding Nigeria

recite many scriptures from the bible and hold on to a rosary known as a string of beads with a cross, used as a form of devotion to the Virgin Mary. In Purple Hibiscus the children were given schedules from their father that “ separated study from siesta, siesta from family time, family time from eating, eating from prayer, prayer from sleep” (pg.24) Now, the food in Niger Is uncommon from what we eat in Michigan and even how it is prepared. “Nigeria custom is to cook and eat at home, making enough...

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Live Lazy, Live Long

can be good for your health. An individual's culture can affect how much relaxation they have. For example in Spain many people have a siesta, which they find relaxing and may contribute to longer life; but they don’t sleep due to laziness. Yet you say "laziness works" based on statistics that you got from a study of Greek adults in 2007. Those who took a siesta lived longer. Therefore, it seems that sleep is therapeutic. However, this statistic does not tell us what people did for the rest of the...

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Content Analysis of the Student Publications of the Catholic High Schools in the Diocese of Bangued, Abra, Philippines

patterns found in the sections of the school publications are: a.) News – Frequent use of the words assembly, celebration, and religious terms such as Mary, Our Lady, Holy Mass, Eucharistic celebration, Reverend Father, SVD, officers, feast days, Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD DD; Summary Lead or Conventional Lead for the news articles and Novelty Lead for banner stories;. b.) Editorial – frequent use of the words students, youth, parents, and gratitude; and the application of Editorial of Criticism and Editorial...

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Business Communication in Spain

during lunch meetings around two in the afternoon. Meetings that are held during dinner are usually held after nine. This is due to the fact that most places have siestas (break period in which restaurants and stores close for a few hours) and they reopen late in the afternoon. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the siesta and be ready for the late night meetings. If you are the one hosting a meeting dinner and would like to bring your spouse, you should expand the invitations to the...

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Stereotypes About the Spanish

the first stereotype about Spain is that the Spanish are very lazy and that they like to sleep the siesta. It is false. In the European Union the Spanish have the longest working hours and they work really very hard. Yes, the Spanish like to sleep the siesta, but only about 20% of them can do this, and those are the retired and those who live in small rural towns. The others probably sleep the siesta on weekends, when they can. The second stereotype about the Spanish is that all of them have dark...

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Ethical Behavior in the Business World

and harmony. It basically means "circle" and managers and employees work in a circle of harmony. It is important to understand International culture. In Mexico it is believed that if employees have a siesta midday production will increase. In our Western culture you would be fired if you had a siesta on the job. If a company does not take the time to study the culture and business practices of a country they can find themselves tied up in corrupt business transactions. Is it ethical to take part...

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The Problem with Fitzburg Tire Company

wants to hire three or four young engineers to supervise the workers. He thought that abolishing the 90-minute siesta break is impossible. Max Bierman’s proposed are tighter fiscal and supervisory control will be placed over the subcontractors. They have to meeting deadlines and for quality of workmanship will be increased. Next, work tempo will be increase by abolishing the siesta break. Then, his assistant John Perkins will work with the project’s chief engineer and construction supervisor...

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Lesson Plan Detailed

Define Noun and identify its two main kinds; 2. Differentiate the Proper Noun and Common Noun; 3. Give some examples of Proper Noun and Common Noun. II. SUBJECT MATTER Topic: Noun with its main two kinds Reference: Josephine B. Serrano, 1994, Communication Arts and Skills P. 75 III. INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS PowerPoint Factsheets IV. LEARNING PROCESS Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity (The teacher will begin in Prayer) (The students’ Pray) Good Afternoon/Good...

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enrolled in that course , he find ways to provide what he is need and to sustain his education. And nowadays there are many successful bisexual that succeed in their preferred profesions like Mr. Joel Cruz with his perfume business and Mr. Fanny Serrano in cosmetics. And we also advice him that he should not listen to what other people say , instead make it as an inspiration for him to succeed in his business. Presented by :  Group I Adelante, jessica Alingas, mae ann Bautista, joshua Abadsantos...

Armed Forces of the Philippines, Cagayan, Cagayan Valley 543  Words | 12  Pages

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Fiction and Learning Outcomes Learning

well as the philosophies of the Filipinos depicted in the literary works. Reference English I (Based on the Basic Education Curriculum) by Josefina Payawal-Gabriel English Communication Arts and Skills Through Filipino Literature by Josephine B. Serrano Week 1 Learning Outcomes Learning Content Learning Strategies Learning Resources Evaluation Values Identifying the parts of a news story Getting the gist of a news Making a report based on Reading Describing people, places...

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Scientific Method and Comparable Exam Scores.

PSY 1105 Introduction to Psychology Name: Sara Serrano Research Methods in Psychology Worksheet Activity 1 - A psychology teacher allowed his third period class to eat snacks while taking an exam. His fourth period class was not allowed to eat snacks while taking the same exam. He compared the test averages from both classes. Prior to this, both classes averaged comparable exam scores. a. What is the hypothesis? Snacks improve a student’s test performance ...

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Citizenship And Suffrage

tablet *”Suffragari” – lend support. vote for someone Terminologies: • • • • • • • Importance of Suffrage Suffrage Elections Initiatives Referendums Plebiscite Recalls Group 2 –HFH12 Caday, Tris Lee, Kristine Rios, Rose Anne Santonia, Sidney Serrano, She ...

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