• Drugs
    Drugs A drug is a chemical and a non-food substance which affects the way your body or mind works. Drugs pass from your body into your brain, where they can change the messages sent by the nerve cells in the brain to each other and the rest of body thereby affecting the way a person acts, feels
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  • The Banning of Drugs
    When Coca Cola was first manufactured, it contained cocaine. It was mainly used as an energizer until it became addictive and lost its purpose. After the versatile encounters with addiction problems and dilemmas, the negative side effects of drugs became crystal clear. Drugs should not be legalized
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  • The Development of the Treatment of Cancer with a Focus on More Modern Specific Drugs.
    The development of the treatment of cancer with a focus on more modern specific drugs. Cancer affects millions of people. Around one in three develop cancer in their lifetime. Therefore, understanding how cancer can develop and spread in the body is
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  • Legalization of Drugs in the United States
    [TYPE THE COMPANY NAME] The Making of a Drug Free America To legalize or not?   More than a third of Americans twelve and over has tried some form of illegal drugs. That means in your average college classroom with 24 students, 7 of them have used drugs. Drug use is still a
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  • Why Drugs Get Pulled from the Market
    When potentially serious side effects of a prescription medication are well documented and become unreasonably dangerous, the drug may eventually be removed from the marketplace by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Usually, when the FDA believes it is clear that a drug no longer has a place in
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  • Legalize Drugs? Give Athletes an Advantage?
    English 120A McCormack October 28, 2011 Legalize Drugs? Give Athletes an Advantage? The women’s lacrosse team at Iona College has just won the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference Championship and Iona is alive with excitement and pride. However, that pride vanishes when the MAAC championship t
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  • Killing Caused by Drugs
    Kim Branim Psychology 325 Heather Holmes-Lonergan August 31, 2012 The behavior of people cannot always be explained. Recurring mass shooting are becoming more a peculiarly phenomenon. James Holmes was just another brain-altered mass murder with a gun. He made plans to do the shooting ju
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  • Negative Effect on Sucralose
    Negative effect of Sucralose on the body Sucralose is a chlorinated sugar that is chemically changing the structure of the sugar molecules by substituting three chlorine atoms for three hydroxyl group to yield 1,6-dichloro-1,6-dideoxy-BETA-D-fructofuranosyl-4-chloro-4-deoxy-alpha-D-galactopyranosid
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  • Prescription Drugs
    Prescription Drugs Prescription drugs are taking a toll on the people who use them, not only their wallets but their health also. Doctors are becoming more interested in money than the overall health of their patients. What is the normal doctor visit for someone who has leg pain? A
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  • Prescription Drugs
    “Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate, so we can buy things we don’t need.” (Palahnuik, Fight Club) We have been forced our whole lives to believe that what we see on commercials and what we hear from higher figures of the media are of complete truth, when in actua
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  • Why Might Athletes Take Drugs
    Why might athlethes take drugs? Athletes may take drugs to give them factors that will increase the liklihood of winning their event. For example weightlifters need a lot of muscle and need to be strong so use anabolic steriods to build up their muscle mass How do sports events monitor drug use? Th
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  • Drugs on Hypertension
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  • Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs
    Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs Tyesia Wheeler Axia College of University of Phoenix PSY 240 Autumn Harrell December 16, 2012 Almost everyone, at some point in their lives, suffer from sleep deprivation. There are a lot of different reasons that people lose sleep that include not feeli
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  • Side Effects of Arvs
    Like most medicines, antiretroviral drugs can cause side effects. These unwanted effects are often mild, but sometimes they are more serious and can have a major impact on health or quality of life. On rare occasions, side effects can be life threatening. Once started, antiretroviral treatment mus
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  • Interferon Treatment and Related Side Effects
    Interferon Treatment and Related Side Effects PSY 539D Final Research Paper Andrew Saunders Antioch University Winter 2013 Abstract: Immunotherapy utilizing variations of the drug Interferon is commonly used as a principal or adjuvant therapy to treat a variety of cancers and viral infecti
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  • The Damaging Effect of Steroids on Women
    The Damaging Effect of Steroids on Women Steroids are basically performance aids that people take to improve their athletic performance. This can include athletes, sports personnel, and bodybuilders who take steroids. Even though steroids are a banned substance and the side effects for can be det
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  • Legalizing Drugs
    Chamath Dharmasiri Soderstrom A2 English III AP 2/01/13 The Drivel Over Drugs We live in a day and age wherein no one can support an "unethical" cause and not be ridiculed as a reprobate. I'll go ahead and assume that the majority of the public considers the use of recreational drugs to be a s
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  • Effects of Drugs
    Being addicted to drugs, it had various effects on him. However, not everyone with the same addiction has the same effect. The effect varies from one person to another. There were positive as well as negative effects from the drug. For most people, there were more negative than positive effects. As
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  • Best Buy Drugs
    Evaluating Prescription Drugs Used to Treat: Alzheimer’s Disease Comparing Effectiveness, Safety, and Price Our Recommendations The medicines used to slow mental decline in people with Alzheimer’s disease are not particularly effective. When compared to a placebo, only 10% to 20% more p
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  • The Challenges of the Distribution of Medical Drugs from Rivers State Central Medical Store to Rural Health Centres in Rivers State
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Medical drugs are products that are used in treatment of illness, diseases and regulation of human anatomy. They are products of pharmaceutical companies. Their distributors and intermediaries by standard must be pharmacists or pharmaceu
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