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Should Personality Testing Be Used In The Workplace

 We’ve all had some experience with personality testing in one way or another. Since the beginning of the twentieth century personality testing and psychological assessments have been a staple in the recruitment and selection processes in all manner of position. Be it high level executives down to janitors, no candidate is immune to what has become a trusted and normal practice in recruiting. There is currently a long-standing debate among HR professionals and sociologists alike...

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Should Animals Be Used for Testing?

PRAVNI FAKULTET – UNUTRAŠNJI POSLOVI/KRIMINALISTIKA Should animals be used for research? (Seminarski rad) Predmet: Engleski jezik III Mentor: Student: Mr.sc Kristina Varcaković Marijana Gavrić Brčko, 2013. Every year, millions of animals undergo painful...

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Psychological Testing in the Workplace

Psychological Testing in the Workplace Introduction Psychological tests are popular among private and public companies, government agencies and in the military as well. Psychological testing is used for several purposes, they can be used in the pre-employment process, and they can be used as an aid in regarding employment retention as well as in job placement. While the uses of psychological testing are wide spread, there are issues revolving around the validity and reliability of these tests...

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Drug Testing in the Workplace

Date: Drug Testing in the Workplace Drug abuse has been on the increase in the world today, with its effects causing greater challenges at the workplace. Drugs can cause ill health, increase accidents at work and substantially reduce an employee’s output. Therefore, employers have been keen to keep drug misuse off the workplace. With most employers implementing drug testing at their workplace, it can be difficult for drug users to get employment in the future. Drug testing at the workplace has proven...

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The Effectiveness of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Is Drug Testing in the Workplace Truly Effective in Keeping Employees Drug Free? In the field of Human Resources, employees are considered the most valuable resource. The job of a human resources representative is to find the best qualified person for the position. There are many forms of pre-employment testing that corporations use. Some use aptitude tests or other forms of intelligence testing, but more and more companies are now requiring a passing drug analysis as a condition for hire as...

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Workplace Drug Testing

Drug Testing in the Workplace What is A Drug Test? Technical Analysis of a biological specimen, for example urine, hair, blood, breath air, sweat, or oral fluid (saliva) – to determine the presence or absence of specified parent drugs or their metabolites. Protections • In most cases it is legal for employers to test employees for drugs.  No Federal laws prohibit the practice.  • There are several states that restrict or question an employer’s ability to randomly drug test employees • Under certain...

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Personality Testing, Yes or No?

978-0-07-122089-7 Case 3.1: Personality Testing, Yes or No? Mark, a project leader in Austin, Texas, needed a new software engineer for his eight-person team. He used his network, reviewed resumes, and invited 15 candidates for interviews. In addition he had the top three candidates complete the 16-personality factors test. This was a general test that he believed would reveal personality characteristics that were important to know before making a job offer. Personality testing is a relatively inexpensive...

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Personality Testing

Objective personality tests have a lot to offer a psychologist seeking to better understand their client and possibly scope out mental or medical illness. Because of this, and the generally high levels of reliability and validity found in objective tests, many clinicians turn to objective tests for their personality testing needs. However, despite the frequency of use, objective tests still have disadvantages to balance out their advantages. Like any other form of assessment, critics and advocates...

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Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug Testing in the Workplace: A Costly Mistake Abstract The issue of drug testing in the workplace has sparked an ongoing debate among management. There are many who feel that it is essential to prevent risks to the greater public caused by substance abuse while on the job. However, others believe that the costs far outweigh the benefits and that it is an invasion of privacy. Putting all ethical issues aside, evidence presented in this paper supports the latter. The costs of drug testing...

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Genetic Testing in the Workplace

WHAT IS THE ONE THING THAT CONCERNS YOU MOST ABOUT GENETIC TESTING IN THE WORK PLACE? TUI UNIVERSITY Abstract Genetic testing probably would not be a bad thing to some if it was controlled and monitored. By testing employees who voluntarily submit to participate, the results could have an everlasting effect on the medical community and even be beneficial to the person. Unfortunately, like everything else, there is no guarantee that one would not be discriminated against because of the results...

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Personality Testing of New Hires

Personality Testing During the Hiring Process Personality testing is not a new topic. What is new is the ongoing shift in mindset that has diluted the value of personality testing during the hiring process and only finds a value in using personality testing after the candidate has joined the organization. This will be challenged by first providing a brief history on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and reviewing the years of dedicated research that went into the development of the test. Second...

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Drug testing in the workplace

Drug Testing In The Workplace Drug Testing in the workplace can seem impersonal and invasive towards employees but it is a process that is done when an employer has reasonable suspicion that employees are using drugs at work coming from a variety of sources such as tips, accidents or behavioral problems, actual observation of drug use, and symptoms of drug usage. Today businesses feel that they have to be well aware that their workplace is a drug free place and that their employees are stable...

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Drug Testing in the Workplace

Count [ 1692 ] Drug Testing in the Workplace – Violates Privacy and is bad for Business Drug testing employees has gained much support, as well as much resistance, in recent years. Those in favor of testing claim that employee drug testing reduces employee absences, theft, and accidents in the workplace and as such improves worker productivity and safety. In her essay, “A Case against Workplace Drug Testing,” Debra R. Comer makes an argument against workplace drug testing by identifying six individual...

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Workplace Drug Testing

themselves and put other people at risk. Thus, the workplace drug testing has developed because of the growing use and abuse of drug and alcohol in modern society. Workplace drug testing has a lot of advantages. Even though some people argue that the process is both unfair and unnecessary, some classes of prospective should be tested. Workplace drug testing has become more prevalent in American businesses. As a result, cases of workplace substance abuse have dropped significantly. There are...

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Should animals be used for cosmetic and medical testing?

Should animals be used for cosmetic and medical testing? In our daily lives we use many products to help us go through the day. Although, we don’t always think about where these products come from and how they were produced. Most products sold in stores, effective or not, have been tested on animals. From medicine to shampoo and makeup, the lives of many animals have been taken away. It’s not acceptable for animals to be used for cosmetic or medical testing. It’s very cruel, it’s wasteful and...

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Should Standardized Testing Be Used In College Admission?

 “Should Standardized testing be used for college admission?” The purpose of standardized testing in high school for admission to college is to see how much you have retained in school in order to be able to do well in college. The reason is to try to prove that standardized testing isn’t the only thing necessary for college admission. What’s needed to learn first about this topic is: how many people agree with standardized testing, viewpoints on whether the upper class if favored in standardized...

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Animal Testing: Should Animals be used in Research?

Animal Testing: Should Animals be used in Research? Animal testing is the use of living animals for scientific or commercial testing. According to my first source, an article found on animalresearch.thehastingscenter.org, called Animals Used in Research in the U.S., in 2010, there were about 26 million animals being used for research. Mice, rats, fish and birds are the most common animals used; they are about 96% of the 26 million animals used. Other animals used in research that year were Guinea...

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How Language Is Used in the Workplace

Spoken Language Study – Social Attitudes to Spoken Language Investigate speech that is particular to a workplace. ESSAY PLAN * spoken language used in working environment, my job as a QS, spoken word different in different settings eg, HQ or construction site, professional language * use of jargon, three letter acronyms, unique to an office eg, CVR's etc, technical language, used frequently, humorous re new employees, don't have a clue what is being said * buzz words, mention text...

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Personality in the Workplace

be due to the social nature of the workplace (Judge, Heller, & Mount, 2002). This finding may be due to the low level of arousability for extraverted individuals (Hebb's theory). If the workplace is a social environment, then extraverted employees are more likely to be at a low level of arousal while at work, whereas at their home there is less stimulation. Introverts, on the other hand, are more likely at their optimal level of arousal outside of the workplace, where there is less stimulation,...

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The Nomothetic Approach in Personality Testing

The Nomothetic approach is an approach to personality assessment. The term comes from the Greek word "nomos" which means law. In an online dictionary homothetic is defined as "giving or establishing laws". Look for universal laws of behaviour. It is based on traditional, classical science. In psychology the nomothetic approach focuses on people in general, trying to find regularities or laws between people. The approach was proposed by a German philosopher Wilhelm Windelband in the 19th century....

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Influence of Personality on Individual Performances in the Workplace

INFLUENCE OF PERSONALITY ON INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCES IN THE WORKPLACE INTRODUCTION With today’s increasingly competitive global market, organizations are placing paramount emphasis upon their ‘Human Resources’ or ‘Intellectual Capital’ as a source of competitive advantage. Therefore, it is very important for any organization to levy the best out of an individual, and facilitate its own growth. This can be achieved by effective measurement of the individual’s performance in the workplace and identifying...

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Personality and the Workplace

Abstract The workplace is difficult enough without us having to worry about the different personalities we encounter each and everyday. Our jobs are a place where we come in contact with many people, both co-workers and clients, and each of their distinct personalities. If we all had the same personality it would be easy for us to predict what the other person is thinking and feeling, but since we don't we must learn to deal with the many different personalities that we come into contact with each...

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Drug Testing in The Workplace

billion to $100 billion annually. These losses result from increased absenteeism, employee theft and injury rates, as well as reduced productivity and morale.” (Extejt, 1987) After reading “The case for and against drug testing”, Castulon Corporation should establish a drug testing program. If I was a part of Castulon Corporation I would recommend that they create a plan to reduce the chances of losses. It would state: Potential employees are granted 5 days to accept or decline Castulon’s Corporation...

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Pre-Employment Testing Elizabeth Hyatt OMM618 Steven Pierce March 24, 2014 Ensuring the Validity of Pre-Employment Testing Hiring and retaining employees has been a huge issue since the beginning of its expansion by franchising. McOpCo has attempted to reduce its turnover by implementing pre-employment testing in order to hire a better quality employee. Pre-employment testing are used to screen potential employees by testing various factors such as personality, cognitive...

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Why Drug Testing Should Not Be Used for Welfare

Why there should not be drug testing for welfare Should drug tests be required of welfare recipients? No, I don't think so. Welfare recipients are typically extremely poor and are uneducated. Another aspect of welfare recipients is that they are mentally ill. It would seem too ignoble to find ways to deny recipients access to welfare. Welfare recipients are usually on welfare because they lack an education and training to earn a better living. Their education only allows them basic opportunities...

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Personality Trait and Workplace Culture

Personality Traits and Workplace Culture: Online tests measure the fit between person and organization Mark Mallinger, Ph.D. and Ileana Rizescu Application: Determine how compatible you are with your primary work group. | Have you ever stopped in the middle of a work frenzy and asked yourself, "Why do I continue to work for this organization?" When you try to promote your ideas, do most of your peers frequently react with indifference? If so, it may be time to evaluate the relationship between...

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Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

Nowadays animal experiments are widely used to develop new medicines and to test the safety of other products. Some people argue that these experiments should be banned because it is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer, while others are in favour of them because of their benefits to humanity. It is true that medicines and other products are routinely tested on animals before they are cleared for human use. While there...

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Reasons Why Animal Testing Should be Banned The activity of animal testing is of cruelty and sometimes unscientific. Money spent on animal experimentation is wasted in many cases; due to inability in obtaining accurate results, and all this at the cost of the animals' well-being. Here are a few arguments against animal testing that support the thought of banning this activity. Cruel Practices Animals are a soft target for human beings; it is however, not fair to take undue advantage of their...

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Personality and Communication Style in Workplace

Essays! get better grades Personality And Communication Styles In The Workplace • Home Page» • Social Science» • Psychology Personality And Communication Styles In The Workplace Personality and Communication Styles in the Workplace Chanda Holley Industrial/Organizational Psychology PSY302 Martin Cain July 28, 2010 Personality and Communication Styles in the Workplace As a consult it is my job to improve the working relationships within the workplace. In this report I have...

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Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned From when you are a baby to when you are an adult animal testing is used in your everyday products. From the Pampers you put on as a baby and the Johnson and Johnson you are washed with. To when you are older, the Febreeze, Sunsilk, and Gillette you use (Companies That do Test on Animals). Animal testing surrounds you in every act of life. “The guess is around 100 million animals are used worldwide in animal testing” (Animal Rights). Animal testing is rooted...

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Psychological Testing in the Workplace

Psychological Testing in the Workplace Tammy PSY 435 May 21st, 2012 Dr. Edward Lopez Psychological Testing in the Workplace When having a business it can be very hard to organize the people and position placements to make a company run successfully. There is usually the one individual who is known as the Owner or CEO of a company that makes the decision of whom has the knowledge, skill, ability, and other criteria that make the person right for a position for a company to function well...

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Pre-Employment Testing and Screening

The researcher will provide an analysis of why companies should conduct pre-employment testing and screenings. I. Introduction Today, with millions of Americans unemployed and in desperate search for a job, it is the duty of the human resource managers and recruitment specialists to decide which applicants will best fulfill the job positions. These recruitment specialists have a variety of techniques and methods to have the top candidates stand out from the rest of the applicants. One method developed...

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Drug Testing at Work

Testing Anita Johnson OMM 618 Human Resources Management Instructor: Cheryl Moore 7/9/2013 to 8/19/2013 Testing Employers often use tests and other selection procedures to screen applicants for hire. The types of tests and selection procedures that can be used are cognitive test, personality test, credit checks and background checks. Many companies desire reference and background information to make employment decisions. Most companies have policies against giving out information...

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Psychological Testing to Assess Motivation in the Workplace

Psychological Testing to Assess Motivation in the Workplace Every employer seeks to find new employees that are a perfect match for the available position in their company. Many employers are now leaning towards organizational psychologists to assist them in finding the “perfect” employee. Organizational psychologist are able to assist companies in screening possible employees for personality traits that are necessary for the person to be successful at the potential job. Employers have also...

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animal testing should not be banned

For many years, animals have been used in research both in the scientific and medical fields. In order to introduce new drugs into the market, they have to be tested first on animals in order to ascertain whether they are effective or not. Animal experimentation in this context defines the use of non-humans, mostly animals, to test new drugs and consumer goods such as cosmetics, pesticides, herbicides, food additives, among others (Taylor 120). Pharmaceutical companies and research institutions...

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Personality Assessment 1: Personality Testing and Its Consequences

Personality Assessment I: Personality Testing and its Consequences "If something exists, it exists in some quantity, and it it exists in some quantity, it can be measured." - Edward Lee Thorndike Objectives: * Discuss the nature of personality assessment * Discuss whether personality tests provide S or B data * Discuss projective and and objective tests * Discuss the methods of objective test construction * Discuss the purpose and potential problems of personality...

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Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

Should Animal Testing be Banned? Throughout history, animal experimentation has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefits. However, what many people tend to forget are the great numbers of animal subjects that have suffered serious harm during the process of experimentation. Many people are believed to be ignorant or misunderstand the nature of the lives that animals actually live, and are unable to understand the actual laboratory procedures and techniques. Other...

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Animal Testing Should Not Be Aloud

Animal Testing Should Not be Aloud Have you ever looked at a product and wondered how it was made or how it got approved? Before people got involved in animal rights, most of the products being used by humans were tested on animals first. But neither did people thought that our products were killing millions of animals because they were being used on first. Animal testing should not be allowed because it’s unethical to them, it’s bad science, it is very old fashion, animals rights are being violated...

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Animals Used for Testing.

Animals have been used for the testing of medicines, cosmetics, and medical procedures for many years. The use of animals for research is cruel and inhumane. There is much evidence showing how the difference of the genetic makeup between humans and animals can cause a conflict of these test results. Animal testing shouldn’t be allowed because millions of animals suffer and die as a result of testing, animal tests can be dangerous to the human health, and there are much more effective ways to experiment...

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should animals be used for researches?

Composition II Flavia Guberaj 24/01/2014 Should animals be used for different researches or testing products? In different places of the world a lot of researches and product’s tests proceed by using animals. And for decades the debate of “should animals be used for these experiments?” has been inevitable. F. Barbara Orlans, in her book called “In The Name Of Science: Issues In Responsible Animal Experimentation”, says that the biomedical researches and testing the product’s safety are the experiments...

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Animal Testing Should be Banned Name College Experiments on animals has been done all around the world since many years ago throughout the history. There are reasons behind these experiments; such as gaining knowledge about the animals themselves, education, research and developments for the benefit of human being. In the last reason fall substances and procedures tests; such as for cosmetic products, medicines, and surgical techniques; to see if they are harmful to humans or not. Many experiments...

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Psychological and Personality Assessments

Psychological Personality Assessments Used in the Workplace PSY250 Abstract Psychological and Personality Assessments are used by many small employers, Fortune 100 or even Fortune 500 companies. These companies have instilled these tests in their company policies with all new hires or promotional employees. These assessments are used to help all human resources personnel in the decision of hiring or promoting employees. These tests are used as tools to improve personal image, promote or hire...

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Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug Testing in the Workplace Thesis statement: Administering a drug and alcohol policy can be challenging, but it can also be beneficial to the manufacturing company. I. Administering a drug and alcohol policy can be challenging. A. The company must comply with State and Federal laws when administering the drug and alcohol policy. B. The company must make sure the implementation of the test is done in a uniform manner. C. Some employees may bring law suits against the employer...

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Study of Personality

Study of Personality Marnita Dixon PSY6501 University of The Rockies Abstract The psychometric method has been used to assess personality traits long enough to be seen as a respected and traditional form of research testing. All scientific theories require a form of measurement to ensure the validity of the results and all information gathered to assist with the research for the theory. This paper will discuss the psychometric method of researching personality traits in individuals. ...

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Psychometric Testing in Recruting

PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING IN RECRUTING Psychometric testing turns out to be a handy tool for recruiting potential employees. From the manufacturing sector to BPO, from FMCG to Banking, there is hardly any domain that does not require organizations to assess its employees’ personality. Recruit the right people for the right jobs is an elusive art. The high rates of attrition and lack of candidates possessing the appropriate qualities bear testimony to the fact that organizations have not been getting...

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Animal Testing Should be Banned. Essay

animal testing is banned? Studies have shown that at least 100 million rats and mice are being killed in laboratories every year (“Mice and Rats in Laboratories”). Every animal that is hurt is equal to one of three people in the U.S. These mice are used in a wide range of experiments from toxicology to depression (“Mice and Laboratories”). Cancer research, drug research, and psychological experiments are just a few of the ways animals are used (“Mice and Rats in Laboratories”). Animal testing is not...

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Should Animal Testing Be Banned

Should animal testing be banned? For many centuries people have experimented on animals. The two main reasons for doing this is first, to find out more about the animals themselves, and, secondly, to test out substances and procedures to see if they are harmful and decide whether it can be used on human beings or not. In the second category fall cosmetic products as well as medicines and surgical techniques. There is a growing consensus that it is not acceptable to test cosmetic products on animals...

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Ethical Concern for Genetic Testing in the Workplace

Ethical Concerns for Genetic Testing in the Workplace Sean M. Williams TUI University Module 3 – Case Assignment ETH501 – Business Ethics Introduction The technology and advancements in our lives continue to grow and evolve every day. One arena where this is particularly true is genetic research and testing. It is now possible to test and/or screen for numerous diseases and ailments which can afflict the human body simply by testing a single drop of blood. This new technology has...

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Should Animal testing be baned

 Yangyang Feng ELS Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Christina Craver 10/10/2014 Abstract In this research paper, it is proven that animal testing should not be banned. Some people are against using animals to do any research, because animals have rights to live. Also, it is cruel to take advantage of them for research. In fact, animal testing benefits people to a large extent. Through the following pages, it is discussed how lab animals save people’s lives, the reasons lab animals...

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Personality and Communication Styles in the Workplace

Personality and Communication Styles in the Workplace Chanda Holley Industrial/Organizational Psychology PSY302 Martin Cain July 28, 2010 Personality and Communication Styles in the Workplace As a consult it is my job to improve the working relationships within the workplace. In this report I have Juanita Smith, a 33 year old female; Joe Whitman a 26 year old male; Jack Ackman, a 30 year old male; and Justice Dale 48 year old male. Each of these individuals has entirely different personality...

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Workplace Drug Screening

Workplace Drug Screening The drug testing that takes place in the United States can be separated into a couple of general groups, general workplace and federal consent. Federal consent drug testing began when President Ronald Reagan passed via executive order that federal workers cease from using illegal drugs (Wikipedia, 2010). The author will explain the different types of drug testing, the reliability of these tests, drug testing programs and the ethical and legal issues of workplace drug...

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Introduction to Psychological Testing

Introduction to Psychological Testing PSY/475 May 27, 2013 Introduction to Psychological Testing Psychological testing plays an essential role in understanding and deriving meaning from research and studies geared toward unlocking the mysteries of human thought and behavior. Testing also facilitates assessment of tested individuals, and reveals unique and fascinating information with regard to what makes each subject unique and different in a variety of situations. Testing is most prevalent in...

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The Reasons Animal Testing Should Be Continued

rights activists and researchers over the issue of, whether animals should be allowed to be studied in research labs, or not, is constantly debated. The heavily accepted plea of the animal rights activists to remove animals from testing is a completely preposterous goal, and when looked further in to, have extreme flaws and negative adverse effects on scientific progress and the world. Because of this, scientific research on animals should continue until other sustainable means are developed and the negative...

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“Animal Testing Should be banned". Essay

“Animal Testing Should be banned" Imagine having a hole drilled in your head without any anesthesia. Imagine being kept in eternal darkness your whole life because one or both eyes were sewn shut or even removed for no good reason. How about being clamped down to a table with shock-producing electrodes attached to your genitals. Laboratory animals are put through these horrors every day. There are many views on this topic that I would like cover in this paper. Many new experiments and laboratory...

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Should Animals Be Used for Medical Research?

Should Animals Be Used for Medical Research? Advances in medical technology are fueled by animal testing. Throughout history, animals have been utilized to benefit the well-being of humans. Animals are vital to the advancement of medical science, and must, therefore, continue to be used for medical research. It is quite easy to see that animal testing is the most humane option for humans, thus being the greatest solution. In the past, people have suffered from illnesses too advanced for medical...

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Psychological Testing

struggles are a test of abilities. However, for scientific purposes, a set concept for the term "test" must be defined. Furthermore, each individual subject has its own types of specialized test and testing methods. Here, the definition of tests will be explored with the special emphasis on psychological testing methods and who uses them for what reasons. Defining test Merriam-Webster (2013) defines test as "a critical examination, observation, or evaluation." It further includes a series or question...

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Intro to Psychological Testing

most people tests occur throughout one's life. People are administered tests for school, work, and other reasons. Testing can be for various reasons and there are different categories of testing. The major categories of tests are mental ability tests, achievement tests, personality tests, interests and attitudes, and neuropsychological tests. In order to ensure accuracy with testing, it is important to question, compare, and contrast reliability and validity of tests. Reliability deals with the...

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Personality traits of google employees

INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, CHENNAI 14 IPD ASSIGNMENT How Google used personality traits to better performance Promod A Raj – F14039 100000100000LOYOLA Promod A Raj – F14039 Throughout any organization, different roles require different skill sets and aptitudes, which are tied to personality. Not every temperament can be a motivating leader, an engaging front-line...

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Drug Testing and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988

 Drug Testing and The Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 Ann-Marie Kirkhus Concordia University 12/08/2013 Drug Testing and The Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 Introduction Mandatory drug testing has always been a topic of debate. It questions the Fourth Amendment regarding “search and seizure”. The Supreme Court has maintained that employees who are required to submit body fluids and have them tested for illegal substances is considered a “search” (Walsh, 2013). Employers...

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A Substance Abuse Free Workplace

A SUBSTANCE ABUSE FREE WORKPLACE 1. Describe the effect of illegal or prescription drug and alcohol use in the workplace. How does this affect productivity? Today in the United States, 73% of drug users are employed, costing American businesses billions of dollars annually in lost productivity and health care costs. Studies reveal that employees who abuse drugs have a tremendously harmful effect on the workplace—they are more likely to have extended absences from work, show up late...

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