• The History and Application of Personality Testing in the Workplace
     We’ve all had some experience with personality testing in one way or another. Since the beginning of the twentieth century personality testing and psychological assessments have been a staple in the recruitment and selection processes in all manner of position. Be it...
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  • Personality Testing
    Personality Testing: Should Personality Tests be Administered for Personnel Decisions – Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? Table of Contents CHAPTER I – Overview Introduction…………………………………………………………………………….….1-2 Study
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  • Drug Testing in the Workplace
    Drug Testing in the Workplace “Since Boston police started annual drug testing in 1999, 75 officers have failed the tests, and 26 of them flunked a second test and were fired. Of the 75 officers, 61 tested positive for cocaine, 14 for marijuana, two for ecstasy, and one for heroin, according t
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  • Psychological Testing to Assess Motivation in the Workplace
    Psychological Testing to Assess Motivation in the Workplace Every employer seeks to find new employees that are a perfect match for the available position in their company. Many employers are now leaning towards organizational psychologists to assist them in finding the “perfect” employee.
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  • Psychological Testing in the Workplace
    Introduction A person’s cognitive ability alone is rarely a good indicator of his or her job performance. Other factors, such as personality and mental stability, are significant as well. Corporations are beginning to notice major benefits in screening out undesirable applicants and employees.
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  • Psychological Testing in the Workplace
    Psychological Testing in the Workplace Introduction Psychological tests are popular among private and public companies, government agencies and in the military as well. Psychological testing is used for several purposes, they can be used in the pre-employment process, and they can be used as an a
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  • Psychological Testing in the Workplace
    Psychological Testing in the Workplace Amanda Runner PSY/435 August, 13 2012 Frank Del Grosso Psychological Testing in the Workplace In the field of Industrial/Organization psychology, psychologist use theories to help develop organizations to be more productive along with many other aspect
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  • Psychology Meets the Workplace in the Form of Testing
    Psychology Meets the Workplace in the Form of Testing Eric E. Brown PSY/435 29 September 2012 Tammy Franklin Psychology Meets the Workplace in the Form of Testing Testing of a psychological nature has become an assent to companies in terms of choosing and keeping employees. The purpose of th
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  • Psychological and Personality Assessments
    Psychological Personality Assessments Used in the Workplace PSY250 Abstract Psychological and Personality Assessments are used by many small employers, Fortune 100 or even Fortune 500 companies. These companies have instilled these tests in their company policies with all new hires or promotio
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  • Personality of Psychology
    RUNNING HEAD: Measures of Personality Research Measures of Personality Research If psychologists had a test that measured personality accurately and reliably, it would be on the most valuable tools. Clinical psychologists could quickly analyze their clients’ strengths and weaknesses, pinpoi
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  • Online Testing for Recruitments
    {draw:rect} Online Testing For Recruitment Institute of Management Technology {draw:g} {draw:frame} INDEX THE RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS Job Analysis defines the duties, and human requirements of the company’s job. The next step is to recruit and select employees. Decide
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  • Organisational Behaviour - Personality
    If one has watched Steve Irwin on television, they would agree that it feels like he’s about to leap out right into one’s living room. Better known as the Crocodile Hunter, the Australian was notorious for his frenetic energy, the thrill of danger and affection for creatures that most would say
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  • Intelligence Testing and the Job Selection Process
    1. Discuss the Benefits and Limitations of intelligence testing. Include a discussion on the validity and reliability of intelligence test. There are many benefits and limitations for using intelligence testing in the job selection process. Benefits may include the employ is informed about who is
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  • What Is Personality?
    What is personality? Everyday people meet new people and sometimes they try to figure them out in order to see what kind of personality they have. People do this subconsciously or unconsciously. Personality isn’t easily defined because it’s a broad topic that is still being researched. A brief
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  • Personality Assessment
    Personality Assessment Instrument Paper This author will compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the Myers-Briggs, the Rorschach assessment tests, and self help books. These assessment instruments will be examined for their validity, comprehensiveness, applicability and cultural uti
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  • Workplace Bullying
    ABSTRACT In this study harmful bullying behavior and harassment has been studied from the perspective of victims of this destructive act. In previous studies research has been done to find out factors that may determine why certain people are bullied more than others. For example gender, culture of
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  • Personality Test
    The Value of HRM to Business Organisations Section 1 This essay will evaluate the literature available on the value of the selection method of personality tests to business organisations. These tests measure individual’s responses to what are usually fixed choice questions to uncover charact
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  • Personality Test
    Psychological personality tests and similar surveys nowadays prevail in both employment process and training of existed employees of organizations. Even though they have existed since the 1950s, the use of self-assessment tests has more recently become widespread Reviews estimate that approximatel
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  • Personality
    PERSONALITY AND EMOTIONS | LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this chapter, students should be able to: 1. Explain the factors that determine an individual’s personality. | 2. Describe the MBTI personality framework. | 3. Identify the key traits in the Big Five personality mod
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  • The Role of Leaders in Influencing Unethical Behavior in the Workplace
    The Role of Leaders in Influencing Unethical Behavior in the Workplace Linda Klebe Treviño Michael E. Brown A fter years of focusing on explaining and predicting positive employee attitudes (e.g., job satisfaction, employee commitment) and behaviors (e.g., employee citizenship, work performa
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