• The Political Impact of 9/11
    "The Political Impact of 9/11: The Post War Notion of Race Change" After September 11, 2001, the world as its citizens knew it would never be the same, especially the United States. The September 11, 2001 attacks (often referred to as 9/11) consisted of a series of coordinated suicide attacks on th
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  • The New Radical Religious Right
    By the end of the decade the whole earth will view the church in a different light. The church will no longer be mocked and despised, but either loved or feared." ?Evangelist Paul Cain As we approach the year 2000, we can expect an unprecedented flurry of activity as Christian missionary and eva
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  • Political Parties
    WHAT IS A POLITICAL PARTY? A political party is a political organization that seeks to attain political power within a government usually by participating in electoral campaigns ,meaning through elections or through revolution.Political parties are found in the vast majority of countries and in mos
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  • Political Islamthe Revival of Islam in the Middle East: Trends, Dynamics and Implications
    Introduction There is currently a large scholarly literature exists on all aspects of political Islam in the Middle East, but it is very rarer to see any explicit theorizing intended at explaining the Islamist revival in the Middle East and remains partially unexplained despite a number of theories
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  • The Most Wanted Violence Groups in Late Imperial China
    Accompany with rapid growth of population and decline of government administration, violence groups became a significant popular culture in late imperial China. Although religious sects, brotherhood associations and banditry were all considered as illegal violence groups, they were very different be
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  • Political Millenrianism
    It can be argued that both religious and political millenarian beliefs have a totalitarian dimension. Explain why and how this is so. The millenarian belief systems studied in this class, religious and political, all share a monistic view of their imagined utopias. They leave no room in future s
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  • Interest Groups in the United States
    Though the United States shares the same “Liberal Democracy” classification as its Western European brothers, there is substantive difference in the role an individual plays, and can play, in the shaping of their political system. The best example of differences between European and American po
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  • Marginalized Groups: Exploring the Intricacies
    Marginalized Groups: Exploring the Intricacies By Shikher Deep Aggarwal[1] The Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law Punjab, Patiala ____________________________________________________________ ___________ ABSTRACT “Rights are protected not by laws, but by social and mora
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  • The Political Impact of 9/11
    “The Political Impact of 9/11: The Post War Notion of Race Change” After September 11, 2001, the world as its citizens knew it would never be the same, especially the United States. The September 11, 2001 attacks (often referred to as 9/11) consisted of a series of coordinated HYPERLINK "http:
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  • Iraq Political Future
    Iraq politics I. Introduction Iraq has launched from a "rogue state" to a major international geopolitical issue in six years as a result of American occupation. Despite political setbacks such as the Sunni parties withdrawing from past elections, a full-blown insurgency, a massively contracti
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  • Effects and Implications of Coalition Governments on the Political Scnerio in India
    Amity School of Communication AMITY UNIVERSITY RAJASTHAN Effects and implications of coalition governments on the political scenario in India Abstract: Parliamentary democracies ruled by multiparty cabinets make foreign policy decisions in a fairly unique institutional context, complicated by
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  • The Political Price of Oil
    Case Program Kennedy School of Government Deregulating Fuel Prices in the Philippines: The Political Price of Oil (A)1 When newly elected President Fidel V. Ramos delivered his State of the Nation Address before members of both Houses of Congress on July 27, 1992, he was perceived as someone w
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  • Political Science
    SUBJECT: “With the help of relevant examples from Zambia, discuss the sustainability of the Politics-Administration Dichotomy ” FROM: PATRICK. M. CHALWE P O BOX 510659, CHIPATA, ZAMBIA 1.0 INTRODUCTION Concepts of ‘politics-administration dichotomy’ have been a part of e
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  • Political Liberalism
    JOHN RAWLS’ THEORY OF JUSTICE *AND* *EMERGING *DEMOCRAC*IES*. INTRODUCTION In a paper titled “does democracy engender justice?” John Roemer(1999) tries to establish a link between justice and democracy. And this question provokes an intellectual debate. This is because the two concepts,
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  • Political Issues Regarding the Hispanic Population
    Political Issues Regarding the Hispanic Population Courtney Warner ETH/125 Cultural Diversity Instructor Michelle Ward Saturday May 8, 2010 Political Issues Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Dominican Americans have separate cultures but both include st
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  • Ethno Religious Crisis in Nigeria: Causes and Remedy.
    ETHNO RELIGIOUS CRISIS IN NIGERIA: CAUSES AND REMEDY. BY MUHAMMAD GAMBO ISGOGO HASSAN ADAMU MAKUKU UMAR HAMIDU ALIYU ABSTRACT Introduction Nigeria is no doubt a populous nation of over 88 million (1991 population census) but as at now Nigeria’s population is estimated to be above 120 m
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  • Democracy and Political Culture in Bangladesh.
    Table of Index Introduction 2 Democracy: Concept 2 Basic Principles or Requisites of Democracy: 3 1. Liberty: 3 2. Equality: 3 3. Fraternity: 3 4. The people as ultimate source of sovereignty: 3 5. Fundamental rights to the people: 4 6. Independence of Judici
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  • Issues in Women's Political Empowerment in the Asia-Pacific Region
    ISSUES IN WOMEN’S POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT IN THE ASIA-PACIFIC REGION by Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics CAPWIP would like to acknowledge the funding support provided by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the Asia-Pacific Gender Equality Network of the Unite
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  • Political Parties in India
    The Indian National Congress (Hindi: भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस) (also known as the Congress, and abbreviated INC) is a major political party in India. It is the largest and oldest democratic political party in the world.[1][2][3] Founded in 18
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  • Iraq Political Military Analysis
    IRAQ POLITICAL MILITARY ANALYSIS [pic] Captain Kenneth Outlaw Advanced Regional Analysis Dr. George Poteat Troy University July 12, 2007 Table of Contents Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………3 Envi
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