• Should Animals Be Kept in Zoos?
    Zoos are the places where animals are kept. Some people argue that animals shall not be kept in zoos as they deserve freedom. Zoos cannot provide them with enough space, therefore, they cannot run around so as to grow up freely. On the other hand, some people argue that animals should be kept in zo
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  • Should Animals be kept in Zoos
    They tend to live longer in zoos Animals live longer in zoos than they do in the wild they get the necessary care and food they need to live a very healthy lifestyle. Lets say if an animal was sick in the wild nine times out of ten they would die or be killed by a predator but if an...
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  • should animals be kept in zoos?
    Zoos are sometimes seen as necessary but poor alternative to a natural environment. Is it necessary to keep animals in zoos? Zoo is the place where different kinds of animals are kept, displayed to public, and in which they may also be bred. In today’s fast paced world, people are...
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  • Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoos
    Shandy Mae Yap 3/6 Should animals be kept in Zoos? I believe that animals should be allowed to enjoy their own natural habitat and live with their family freely, not trapped behind bars and cages. So no, I do not agree that animals should be kept in zoos. Most people go to the zoo purely
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  • Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoos - Short Rssay
    Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos Animals love being in their natural habitat; the wild. Far too many wild animals are kept in zoos being poorly treated and tried to shape into domestic pets. Majority of the enclosures are too small for the animals inside them. So many animals lose their natural i
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  • Why Should Animals Be Kept in a Zoo
    Maloney,Zoe Period 1 Ms.Yassin I believe animals should be kept in the zoo because it it helps protect our species from
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  • Should Animals Be Kept in the Zoo?
    Animals play an important role of human life. Wild animal is a kind that normally lives in the wild, for example: elephants, tigers, rhinos and many others. They live in the wild with spacious and natural environment, however many humans kept them in the zoo, as an attraction for the sake of the mon
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  • Should Animals Be Kept in Zoo
    houldTopic: You are a member of your school’s debating club. Write a debating speech on the topic “Animals should never be kept in zoos”. You can either choose for or against the motion. Honorable adjudicators, Ladies and gentlemen, Today’s motion is “Animals should never be kept i
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  • It Is Cruel to Keep Animals in Cages and Zoos
    It Is Cruel To Keep Animals in Cages and Zoos Although many people think that animals get saved from dangers of wildlife if they are kept in zoos, in fact, this actually is making the animals’ life meaningless——they have no freedom, no skills, no rights and even their life expectancy is
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  • Animals are happier in zoos
    Animals are happier in zoos then in the wild. This truth about animals eludes the public, and consequently, has caused society to develop a negative attitude towards wild life in captivity. First, animals lack the freedom of time, space, and personal relations in the wild. Second, they...
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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Animals in the Zoos
    Nowadays, a lot of animals live in zoos. Is it right or wrong to keep them in the zoos? The following essay presents some pros and cons of this problem. First of all, people can see wild, beautiful, exotic animals. They can see how animals live and behave. Secondly, animals have good life condition
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  • A Discussion About Animals
    There are lots of zoos all over the world.A zoo can be described as the collection of various animal species found in nature. People can know about animals by visiting zoos.Whether animals should be kept in zoos or not,different people have different ideas.Some people are in favor of keeping animals
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  • Animals in captivity
    Animals in captivity Sometimes when We watch the animals in a captivity jumping through a flaming hoop or stand on its hind legs, it's easy to forget about all the abuse that the animals have been through. The animals may not like to do these things that we human feel...
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  • We Shouldn't Kept Animals in Zoos
    For many people, the zoo is a source of fond memories and funny childhood anecdote like the swinging monkey, growling tigers and the others animals. Some people and I see zoos as prisons where innocent creatures are unjustly held captive. Firstly, animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because most p
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  • Keeping Animals in Zoos
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos On Sunday afternoons in every major city many families go to the zoo with kids. They always have a lot of fun, see many rare animals, funny monkeys, tall giraffes, huge elephants and cute koalas. But what is going on with animals
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  • How Animals Kept in a Zoo
    How Animals Are Kept and Displayed Providing Natural Environment The zoo director and curators (officials in charge of various divisions) try to make the exhibits attractive and educational for the public. They also try to keep the animals comfortable and healthy. For both reasons, the natural hab
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  • Breeding Animals in Zoos: Is Really for Animals?
    Breeding Animals In Zoos: Is Really Good For Animals? By: Pham Hoang Final Draff 28th September, 2012 Breeding Animals In Zoos: Is Really Good For Animals?   Do you know how many zoos we have exist all over the world? And do you know where and when the first zoo was built? If these questi
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  • Discuss Some of the Arguments for and Against Keeping Animals in Zoos.
    PGTP “Rayko Tsonchev “ 2012/2013 Discuss some of the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos Gabriela Ivanova Cacheva Zооs аrguе thаt thеy sаvе еndаngеrеd spеciеs аnd еducаtе thе public, but аnimаl rights аctivists bеliеvе
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  • Animals Should Not Be Kept as Captives in a Zoo
    Keeping animals in zoos constitutes one of the greatest injustices of all time. Zoos keep animals mainly for public viewing. If truly animals were kept to avoid extinction, then we would have conservatories dedicated for that purpose. Furthermore, if you view animals at the zoo you will see that the
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  • Animals Should Not Be in Zoos
    SHOULD ANIMALS BE IN ZOOS * No sense of freedom. * Not natural. * Generally kept only with own species. * Shorten life spans. INTRODUCTION Zoo is short form of zoological park. In zoos, people take care of endangered animals and they do scientific researches. However I believe
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