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Shc 33 1 3

SHC 33 Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion. 1.1 Explain what is meant by : Diversity Diversity is individual differences between two or more people; we are all different from each other. This is where “The Unique child” highlighted in the EYFS comes in. Our differences include family background, age, gender, ethnic origin, physical abilities, qualities, appearance, nationality, sexual orientation, educational background and marital status. (The unique child” Penny...

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SHC 33

SHC 33 - Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Task 1a – Explain what is meant by Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Diversity Diversity is about recognising that everyone is different in a variety of visible and non-visible ways. It is about creating a culture and practices that recognise, respect and value difference. It is about harnessing this potential to create a productive environment in which the equally diverse needs of the customer/client...

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SHC 33

UNIT 3 1.1 Diversity means people are unique; they are different to one another. They have different points of view, see things differently from each other because of the way they have been brought up, depend even on the way they are looking. Their age, culture, social status, sex orientation, abilities, race, politics, and class divide into many categories. Age group divides child, teenager, adult, elderly, babies, they are all different. Every country they have own ideas one things right to one...

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Shc 31-3

SHC 31 1. Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting 1. Identify the different reasons people communicate People communicate for different reasons, to portray their feelings, emotions, pain, opinions, etc. The communication could be professional (formal), or personal (informal). It is important within a social work environment that information is recorded, as it may be called upon for legal reasons. All communications are confidential, and on a “need to know”, basis...

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Unit Shc 33

Unit SHC 33 1.Equality is about treating people fairly regardless of their differences, by ensuring that they have access to the same life opportunities as everyone else, ie that they have equal opportunities. Diversity means variety, for example age, sex, sexual orientation, physical characteristics such as height, weight and skin colour, ability, personal experiences and personal attributes, such as beliefs, values and preferences. Inclusion is about accepting everyone regardless of difference...

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shc 32 work booklet questions

Level 3 Diploma for the children and young people’s workforce SHC 33 Introduction to equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings ASSESSMENT BOOK Name of Student CACHE PIN CACHE Level 2/3 Certificate/Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce Learner Achievement Log Record of Assessment Cycle Purpose: an on-going record of planning and feedback between Assessor and learner ...

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Shc 33 Promote Eqaulity and Diversity

SHC 33 Level 3 CYPW The Importance of Equality and Inclusion (SHC33) 1.1 As human beings, we are all different. The human race is made up of people with a whole range of different characteristics and backgrounds. This rich and diverse melting pot contributes to making a well-rounded and strong community. However this is sometimes viewed in a negative light, so it is highly important that we encourage children to view it in a positive way. In order to promote diversity, inclusion and equality...

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unit 1 SHC 34

Unit 1 SHC 34 Task 1 Duty of care means as a practioner you need to be reasonable to everyone around you and make sure you do NOT neglect an individual and you need to meet everyone’s individual needs. As an early years practioner your duty of care is important because the children are dependent on you to take care of them while their parents/carers are working/studying throughout the day. As an early years practioner your care is important to these children because the children are relying...

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Unit 3 SHC23 Workbook L2

has been covered in SHC 23 – 1.1 Question 1 SHC 23 – 1.2 Question 2 SHC 23 – 1.3 Question 3 SHC 23 – 2.1 Question 4 SHC 23 – 2.2 To be covered in observation SHC 23 – 2.3 Question 5 SHC 23 – 3.1 Question 6 SHC 23 – 3.2 To be covered in observation Question 1: Explain what is meant by the following terms: 1. Diversity: 2. Equality: 3. Inclusion: 4. Discrimination: SHC 23 – 1.1 Question...

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SHC 33 Equality and inclusion in health

Unit SHC 33 - Promote Equality and Inclusion in health, social care or children and young people's settings. An explanation of what is meant by diversity. In an early years setting as a practitioner you have to make sure children understand each other’s cultures and communities as some children get familiarised with one way of life and respect less other attitudes. The children can do this in a safe, positive and nurturing environment. Diversity is about the understanding each other and moving...

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Unit 1 SHC 31

Unit 1 Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings 1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate: To share thoughts; To share information; To express feelings; To share ideas; To build relationships; To create effective communication; To gain reassurance and acknowledgment; People communicate in order to establish and maintain relationships with others, to give and receive information and instructions, to understand and be understood...

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Task B Leaflet SHC 33

Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003, f) Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003. Human Rights Act 1998 Contains 16 basic rights which affect all aspects of human rights: 1) the right to life, 2) freedom from torture and degrading treatment, 3) freedom from slavery and forced labour, 4) the right to liberty, 5) the right to a fair trial, 6) the right not to be punished for something that wasn't a crime when you did it, 7) the right to respect for private...

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Shc 33

Task SHC 33 Diversity – the differences in values, attitudes, cultures, nations, languages, beliefs, skills and life experiences of the individual in any group of people. Equality – does not mean that everyone has to be treated the same. People have different needs, ambitions and situations. Every child should have equality of opportunity. This means opening up access for every child and family in participation in all services for children and young people. Equality is about treating people fairly...

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SHC 33

SHC 33: Promote Equality and Inclusion 1.1 Diversity is the differences between individuals and groups when looking at gender, cultural and religious beliefs, disabilities, sexual preferences and appearance. Diversity brings strength to society, but unfortunately it is often seen as a problem. Equality is ensuring individuals or groups of individuals are treated fairly and no less favourably, specific to their needs, which include things such as race, gender, age, disabilities etc. Promoting...

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Unit 1 SHC 21

Unit 1. Introduction to Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings. 1.1. Identify the different reasons people communicate. People communicate in order to send and receive information; for example, wishes, stand points, feelings, wants, needs, knowledge and to express emotion. It is essential in providing accurate support, as needs can be more readily met when something is clearly understood and clearly conveyed. This is paramount when meeting the needs of...

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SHC 32

 Contents Page 3.. 1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate?. Page 4 .. 1.2 How communication effects relationships in a work Setting Page5.. References and Bibliography SHC 31 1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate?. Introduction People communicate for different reasons, to show their feelings, emotions, pain, opinions, etc. The communication could be professional (formal), or personal...

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Tutorial 3 1

Centre for Foundation Studies Foundation In Science Year 1 Trimester 1 Unit Code Unit Title Session : : : FHSC1114 Physical Chemistry 2015/05 : Ms. Amelia Chiang, Ms. Azlina Banu, Ms. Farhanah, Ms.Gurpreet, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Lau Mei Chien, Ms. Lily Lee, Ms. Nabilah, Mr. Ng Sweet Kin, Ms. Phang Ying Ning, Ms. Precilla, Ms. Rachel Tham, Ms. Rajalakshmi, Mr. Sivabalan, Ms. Tan Lee Siew Tutorial 3: Chapter 3 Stoichiometry and Solution Concentration 1. Balance the following equations: (a) (b) 2. V2O5(s)...

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Exegesis on Ephesians 6:1-3

EXEGESIS PAPER ON EPHESIANS 6:1-3 ‘Children Obeying & Honouring their parents is a right thing to do and bring blessings’ Background: Paul the author of this letter, realizing that the Ephesians were starting to forsake their first love, wrote this epistle to encourage them to love both God and their fellow saints. The letter begins with love (1:4,6) and ends with love (6:23-24).1 Chapter 1-3 are principally the doctrinal elaboration of the theme, love, unity, and chapter 4-6 teach what should...

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chapter 3 1

Score: 139.70 1. out of 140 points (99.79%) award: 10 out of 10.00 points Exercise 3-1 Classifying adjusting entries LO C3 In the blank space beside each adjusting entry, enter the letter of the explanation A through F that most closely describes the entry. A. B. C. D. E. F. To record this period’s depreciation expense. To record accrued salaries expense. To record this period’s use of a prepaid expense. To record accrued interest revenue. To record accrued interest expense. To record the earning...

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Application Case 3-1, Question #1 & #3

1. As an HR executive for the company, I would place little emphasis on the ratio of female to male employees for purposes of anti-harassment policy. An anti-harassment policy and program should be designed to protect male and female employees alike. If I were developing an affirmative action policy and plan the ratio would be relevant. In the development of an anti-harassment program I would first establish the company’s policy on anti-harassment. The policy can be summarized in a manner such...

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Nvq 3 Module 1

Learner name Learner Journey Module 1 melanie daley Vocational Learning Advisor name delise leahy Module 1 - Induction - your learning programme Tick all that apply 1. Who is funding your learning programme? babcock 2. What is your Learning Agreement / Individual Training Plan / Personal Training Plan? ✔ ✔ ✔ a. A detailed outline of your agreed learning programme b. A review of your targets and progress c. A summary of your achievements 3. Confirm which qualification and level...

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Lab 3 Biodiversity 1

Lab 3 – Biodiversity Demonstration 1: Interdependence of Species Table 1: Interdependence of Species Results Round Species Missing (Bead Color and Name) 1 Blue (Humans) 2 White (Lichen) 3 Yellow (Bees) 4 Red (Flowers) POST LAB QUESTIONS 1. Explain how the ecosystem was affected by the missing species for each round of the demonstration. a. Round 1 = Humans are the biggest cause in the decline of our neighbored species and the ecosystem would be better affected if Human interference was nonexistent...

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cyp core 3:1

Home > > Communications Support Children and Young People to Have Positive Relationship By 21062001d | June 2012 Zoom In Zoom Out Page 1 of 9 CYPOP 14: SUPPORT CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE TO HAVE POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP 1. identify the different relationships children and young people may have ➢ Parents, siblings and extended family ➢ Friends, enemies ➢ Doctors, dentist, LAC nurse ➢ Social workers ...

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Experiment Assignment 3 1

chart and discussion will focus on comparing the following three types of programs you will watch: 1) children’s cartoons (such as from the cartoon channel, Nick Jr); 2) children’s Teaching program can be found on cable stations like SPROUT such as Barney, Arthur, Clifford the big red dog, Berenstain Bears, or Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood; or Nick Jr programs (Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues); and 3) an adult program. Look for a program you think might have lots of aggression (NO Reality show, sports...

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Week 3, Entry 1

Business Administration Syllabus BUSC 1 B Online, CRN: 21078 fall, 2013 Principles of Economics-Macroeconomics 3 Units / 16 Weeks Instructor: Dr. Rasool Masoomian Office Location: Building 18A, Room 1 Office Phone and Voice Mail: (909) 274- 4922 E-mail: rmasoomian@mtsac.edu Office Hours: MTWTh. 7:30-8:00 AM, Mondays 5:00-7:00 PM, and by appointment...

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HamptonshireEpxress Problems 1-3

Problem #1  A. How many newspapers should Sheen stock? Use the simulation in the spreadsheet  “Hamptonshire Express: Problem #1” to identify the optimal stocking quantity. What is the  profit at this stocking quantity?  Optimal Stocking Quantity: 584  Expected profit at Optimal Stocking Quantity: $331.43  B. Verify that the value derived in part (a) is consistent with the optimal stocking quantity in the  Newsvendor model   = mean = 500   = Standard Deviation = 100   = Overage Cost = $0...

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Assignment 3 Template 1

 Assignment 3: Presenting the Budget Curry Flora Strayer University PAD 505: Public Budgeting and Finance Professor Joseph Keller February 28, 2015 Presenting the Budget Question 1 Answer Question 1 based on the review of the New York City Financial Plan: Are total revenues growing faster or more slowly than expenditures? Show the annual growth rates for revenues and expenditures in a table (do not attach a spreadsheet – copy your table here). Question 2 Answer Question 2 based...

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Applied Problem 3 - 1

Applied Problem 3 - 1 Chapter 5: Applied Problem 1 Bridget has limited income and consumes only wine and cheese; her current consumption choice is four bottles of wine and 10 pounds of cheese. The price of wine is $10 per bottle, and the price of cheese is $4 per pound. The last bottle of wine added 50 units to Bridget’s utility, while the last pound added 40 units. a) Is Bridget making the utility-maximizing choice? Why or why not? In simplest terms wine is 50 units/$10 = 5 and cheese is 40...

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it320 assignment 1-3

 Chapter 1 review 1. Which of the following is true about 1 bit? (C. Represents one binary digit) 2. Which of the following terms mean approximately 106 bytes? (B. Megabytes) 3. Which answer lists the correct number of bits associated with each term? (C. 64 bits per quadruple word) 4. Which of the following answers are true about random-access memory (RAM) as it is normally used inside a personal computer? (A. Used for short term memory & C. used to process data) 5. This chapter describes...

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Nestle Case 1-3

Babies.” In his decision, the judge stated that the cause behind the injuries and deaths was not Nestlé’s products; rather, it was the unhygienic way they were prepared by end-users. Although Nestlé won its case, the firm’s victory was diluted by (1) having to pay one third of the court costs and (2) being told by the judge to change its marketing methods to prevent further misuse of its products. The defendants were ordered to pay $120 each in damages to Nestlé and two thirds of court costs. ...

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American Well 1 3

Promising New Market Opportunities Going by the market size, the two best possible opportunities are: 1) Hospitals: The total sales of this avenue amounted to $718.4 billion and hence hospitals represent the largest possible market opportunity for American Well. The advantages of tying up with hospitals is that it will be able to access a large number of patients in the waiting area through its Online kiosks, thereby decreasing the waiting time of a patient before he gets his first consultation...

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MAT 222 Week 3 Discussion Questions 1

This paperwork MAT 222 Week 3 Discussion Questions 1 comprises solutions on the following tasks: Find the rational exponent problems assigned to you in the table below. Simplify each expression using the rules of exponents and examine the steps you are taking. Incorporate the following five math vocabulary words into your discussion. Use bold font to emphasize the words in your writing (Do not write definitions for the words; use them appropriately in sentences describing the thought behind your...

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Week 3 Quiz 1

Wk 3 practice quiz #1  Accumulated depreciation will be the sum of two years of depreciation expense. Annual depreciation for this asset is ($400,000 - $10,000)/5 = $78,000. The sum of two years depreciation is $156,000 ($78,000 + $78,000). |   |   | Micah Bartlett Company purchased equipment on January 1, 2010, at a total invoice cost of $400,000. The equipment has an estimated salvage value of $10,000 and an estimated useful life of 5 years. The amount of accumulated depreciation at December...

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unit 3 distinction 1

service has to offer, who their target market are, what the customers desire, look into competitor prices and offers and then how they would promote their own service. One of Tesco’s concepts is to have “A growing business, full of opportunities” [1]. Marketing may contribute to this principle by researching new, different and effective ways of reaching specific target market. For example if marketing were looking to promote Tesco’s range of fresh fruit, particularly to children below the age of...

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Assessment tasks 1 3

Assessment task 1 – Project Plan “Houzit” Marketing management plan Marketing objectives The market for home-wares in Brisbane is estimated last year at $175 million per annum with an anticipated growth rate of the percent in the coming year. Here I outline the following marketing objectives: 12% market share (up from 11%) Increase in sales by 8.5% over last year’s result No expansion stores are planned during this phase of consolidation and on average the stores achieved $24,680 per week for the...

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Unit 3 - Assignment 1

TASK DESCRIPTION 1. Using the resources available to you, find a suitable job that you can apply for once you have completed your HND/HNC and produce the following: a. A copy of the job specification; b. A copy of the personal criteria; c. A relevant CV; (2.1) d. A covering letter (2.1) 2. Justify why the job is suitable for you and what interested you in this job. (1.1) 3. Identify any skills and/or competencies which you will need to develop in order to progress...

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Children and Young People Shc 31

Lisa Okonkwo CACHE CYPWD Level 3 candidate pin:30196060 SHC 31: Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings 1. Identify the different reasons people communicate. People communicate for a number of different reasons including: • To get to know each other • To share information • To provide someone else with information 2. Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. We communicate in a two different...

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Shc 33-1.2

SHC 33 1-1.2 Describe the potential effects of discrimination Discrimination mean mistreatment with group of people or individual. People harm (discriminate) other people because of their ethnicity,disability,feel that someone is weaker, showing off infront of friends, because of their views, nationality,gender, atc .. Effects of discrimination can be different, it depends on each person individually. Person who is discriminated may harm himself physically or mental. For example, a girl who...

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Unit 3 Exercise 1

Baldeo Persaud NT 1310 Physical Networking Unit 3 Exercise 1 Definitions: Application: (1) A program running on a computer. (2) A system, the transmission method of which is supported by telecommunications cabling, such as 100Base-TX Ethernet, or digital voice. (Oliviero & Woodward, 2011) Unshielded Twisted-Pair: (1) A pair of copper wires twisted together with no electromagnetic shielding around them. (2) A cable containing multiple pairs of UTP wire. Each wire pair is twisted many times per foot...

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chapter 1-3 answer

CHAPTER 1 1. Internal expansion involves a normal increase in business resulting from increased demand for products and services, achieved without acquisition of preexisting firms. Some companies expand internally by undertaking new product research to expand their total market, or by attempting to obtain a greater share of a given market through advertising and other promotional activities. Marketing can also be expanded into new geographical areas. External expansion is the bringing together...

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level 3 assignment 1

Appendix 1 Everyone knew that Baby P was in danger. In eight months of abuse, he was seen no fewer than 60 times by health or social workers. But his mother was able to conceal the scale of the danger he was in by manipulating social workers, police and health professionals - on one occasion smearing him with chocolate to cover his bruises. She deceived the authorities with the appearance of cooperation, taking the child to doctors when he was ill and apparently seeking help. On three occasions...

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Unit 1 Nvq 3

NVQ 3 : Unit 6 – Working Together for the Benefit of Children and Young People 1. Explain the importance of multi-agency working and integrated working | When working with children it involves close working with different agencies. When children are growing up they require the use of different services, it is important for these services to work together so that they can help promote the child’s development and other life skills. Multi-agency working is an effective way of supporting children...

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Task 1 And 3 Combined

Assignment 1 – Construction in Civil Engineering Alex Dale Task 1 + 3 – Describe and compare fundamental techniques, processes, plant and materials used in groundworks, foundations and substructures. Millau Viaduct Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge in the world, located in Southern France. The bridge reaches the height of 343 meters and weighs in a 36,000 tonnes. The bridge was designed by the French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and British architect Norman Foster. The bridge opened...

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Written Assignment 3 1

annunciation from the Prince of Wales (who here provides an audio introduction to his once and future home). Only the most frenzied republican could remain undazzled by the opulent interiors, the Old Master paintings and Her Majesty’s secret dinner service. 3. HMS Belfast Probably the only warship in the UK to share a birthday with Rudolf Nureyev (17 March 1938), the Belfast is a popular floating museum that gives you a cadet’s-eye view of a WWII Cruiser. The ship is pincered by competing attractions such...

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GKE 1 task 3

 GKE1 Task 3 GKE1 Task 3 A. The rise of imperialism by Portugal was due to the pursuit of exploration and trade. Imperialism is the acquisition of territory by either political or military force, while colonialism is sending citizens to inhabit and populate a new territory. Portugal landed in Brazil on April 23, 1500 and began setting up trading stations called “feitorias”.(Skidmore, 1999) Portugal did not have the population to colonize the new land and these stations...

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Shc 031

UNIT SHC 31 Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Please refer to unit assessment criteria when answering these questions. Identify the different reasons why people communicate (1.1) People communicate, basically, to express themselves, feelings, opinions, wishes, needs. In care environment a particularly good communication within the staff is essential to give a good standard of service and at the same time the communication between the...

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Chapters 1- 3 Questions and Solutions

Chapter 1 End of Chapter Questions True/False 1. True 2. True 3. False 4. False 5. False 6. False 7. True 8. True 9. True 10. False Multiple Choice 1. C. qbw 2. B. Chart of Accounts 3. A. Are keyboard command shortcuts 4. A. Give commands to QuickBooks 5. B. An adding machine tape 6. A. Allows you to give commands to QuickBooks according to the type of transaction being entered 7. B. A picture 8. B. Help 9. D. A backup file 10. The title bar Fill-In 1. Whether you...

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szt 1 task 3

 SZT 1 - Task 3 Name here WGU SZT 1 January 19, 2014 SZT 1 - Task 3 Rubeola Rubeola, or measles, is a communicable disease that is highly contagious and easily spread from person to person through close physical contact or direct contact with infected bodily secretions. “Measles is caused by a virus in the paramyxovirus family” ("Measles," 2013). Paramyxoviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses that infect respiratory cells. If an infected individual coughs or sneezes...

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Level 3 Diploma Shc 31 Communication

and young people’s settings Unit reference: J/601/1434 Unit Level: 3 Unit Credit Value: 3 Unit aim: This unit is aimed at those who work in health or social care settings or with children or young people in a wide range of settings. The unit explores the central importance of communication in such settings, and ways to meet individual needs and preferences in communication. It also considers issues of confidentiality. 1. Purpose • The learner will understand why effective communication...

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lizzy nvq 3

 1 Unit SHC 34: Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role SHC 34 1.1 Having a “duty of care” means it is my responsibility to provide care and support to individuals within the policies and procedures and agreed ways of working as set out by my employer and within the law. It is about avoiding injury and abuse...

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Notes Classes 1-3

the governance of companies and that of politicians in government of society The Presidents who were engineers Herbert Hoover Jimmy Carter Both had troubled presidencies Ten biggest engineering mistakes 1. Tacoma Narrows Bridge 2. Big Dig tunnel (Boston) 3. Ford pinto 4. Bridgestone / firestone tires 5. Space shuttle challenger 6. London millennium footbridge 7. Aloha airlines flight 243 8. Hyatt regency walkway (Kansas City) 9...

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Scenarios 1 Thru 3

 Bernice R McCray CIS/211 Microsoft Word Exercise’s Part II Scenarios 1-3 Professor Jibing Xiao July 17, 2015 Scenario I A student planning to attend a local university in the fall has been told to purchase word processing software for an English class. He is currently looking to buy word but wants to know the major functions for the software. I would first start by explaining to the student what word processing is. Word processing software or a word processor...

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Reading Guide Chapter 1 Sections 1 3

The Americans Unit 1: American Beginnings to 1783 Chapter 1: Three Worlds Meet: Beginnings to 1506 Section 1: Peopling the Americas Main Idea: In ancient times, migrating peoples settled the Americas, where their descendants developed complex societies. Why It Matters: Patterns of immigration have always shaped and continue to shape American history. Personal Connections: America has been described as a nation of immigrants. Do you know when your family migrated to the United States? Where did...

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SHC 32

Unit 4222-302 Engage in personal development in health, social care or children's and young people's settings (SHC 32) Outcome 1 Understand what is required for competence in own work role 1) Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role To assist service users with everyday tasks such as washing, toileting, dressing, eating, drinking. To assist with mobility and disability. To help in the promotion of mental and physical activity through talking...

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Lab 3 Week 3 Study Sheet 1

see/hear the information with your own eyes/ears Exercise 3.2.2 Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data Link Physical Exercise 3.2.3 1. The data link layer checks the data-link trailer to see if the data is in error. 2. If the data is in error, it may be discarded, and the data link layer may ask for the data to be retransmitted. 3. If the data is not in error, the data link layer reads and interprets the control information in the data-link header. 4. The data link layer strips...

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Hw Solution Chapter 1-2-3

Lebanese International University School of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering Fall 2012 IENG300 – Engineering Project Management Assignment # 1 Solution Exercise 2.1 (10 Points): Projects may be classified as follows:    Compliance: d., g., i. Operational: a., c., j. Strategic: b., e., f., h. It was easy to classify the Compliance projects but not so easy to distinguish between Operational and Strategic projects. Given the limited information, we have to make judgment calls...

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Nt2520 Unit 3 Assignment 1

Unit 3 Assignment 1: Homework Learning Objectives and Outcomes Use the database modeling template in MS Visio. Create entities and add attributes of a database. Define relationship between entities of a database. Create many-to-many relationships with a linking table. Assignment Requirements Answer the following True or False questions on the student answer sheet. Required Resources Textbook Submission Requirements Submit your written answers to your instructor at the beginning...

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Unit 3 Assignment 1 Video Summary 1

 Unit 3 Assignment 1: Video Summary 1 Larry Pfaff NT1110 ITT Technical Institute Ms. Pritchard Ports and Connectors Serial - physical interface to communicate Parallel - physical interface for parallel communication Game ports - obsolete NIC Network Interface Card Converts parallel communication to serial Uses RJ45 Modem Slowest connection = converts analog to digital and digital to analog Uses RJ11 Video 2 types of output D-type 15 pin (3 rows) – analog DVI Digital Visual Interface S-video...

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Chapters 1-3 Homework Problems

Workshop 1 – Chapters 1-3 Exercise 2-2 (15 minutes) | | Product Cost | Period Cost | 1. | The cost of the memory chips used in a radar set | X | | 2. | Factory heating costs | X | | 3. | Factory equipment maintenance costs | X | | 4. | Training costs for new administrative employees | | X | 5. | The cost of the solder that is used in assembling the radar sets | X | | 6. | The travel costs of the company’s salespersons | | X | 7. | Wages and salaries...

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UNIT 1 3

UNIT 1: Child and Young Person Development UNIT CODE: H/601/3305 Learning outcome: Understand the potential effects of transitions on children and young people’s development. 3.1 Identify the transitions experienced by most children and young people. A transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Everyone will experience many transitions throughout their lives. For children and young people it is extremely important that these transitions to go...

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