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Sharing Responsibilities During Disaster

SHARING RESPONSIBILITY – ROLE OF LOCAL AND STATE BODIES The following ministry is assigned the responsibility of providing emergency support (i) Ministry of home affairs (ii) Ministry of health and family welfare. The officials from the health, irrigation water, sanitation, police and fire services department and representatives of national and international NGO’s forms that District Disaster Management committee. . The officers from the social welfare, health, water and sanitation, police...

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DISASTER MANAGEMENT CYCLE The disaster cycle or the disaster life cycle consists of the steps that emergency managers take in planning for and responding to disasters. Each step in the disaster cycle correlates to part of the ongoing cycle that is emergency management. This disaster cycle is used throughout the emergency management community, from the local to the national and international levels.   Preparedness The first step of the disaster cycle is usually considered to be preparedness although...

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Projects and Seminars / ppt on alternative communication system during disaster Post Reply Thread Rating: 0 Votes - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5 Threaded Mode | Linear Mode ppt on alternative communication system during disaster 22-10-2012, 03:55 PM Post: #1 Guest Thinking To Register ppt on alternative communication system during disaster ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS DURING DISASTERS PSTN or the public switched telephone network is the prime...

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Alternative Communication Systems... during disasters

4. Alternative Communication Systems... during disasters In Monsoon-2004, severe flood situations in the States of Assam and Bihar caused major devastation. Many district head quarters got totally cut-off from the State head quarter and neighboring districts due to submerged telephone exchanges or damaged cables and disrupted roads and railways communication. In the worst affected districts the need for relief and rescue operation could not be communicated to the State head quarters. Realizing...

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Alternative Communication Skill During Disaster

DISASTER COMMUNICATIONS ESF # 2 Communications Annex - as defined in the National Response Framework ESF Coordinator - U.S. Department of Homeland Security - National Communications System Note: This section of the plan contains no specific tactical information and simply outlines the procedures that could potentially be followed during a disaster or critical incident. All actions outlined in this plan may not necessarily be followed in every situation. VANCE COUNTY EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN ...

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Emergency Supply Management During Disasters

management during disasters. The upward trend in natural disasters has led to increased attention in supply chain management. It is evident that the number of those affected can be reduced by having capable and effective response operations. Supply chain management consists of approximately 80% of relief efforts and therefore, much attention must be given to it. This paper relies on seven sources and is in APA format. Emergency Supply Management during Disasters   Introduction ...

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Vulnerability Assesment During Disaster

internal and external systems and structures/institutions: (Annexure-I) COPING MECHANISMS: a) Non erosive coping mechanism: * Taking shelter in safe place (church/community hall) * Staying with the relatives who are not affected with the disaster * Migration to other locality * Others (specify………………………………………………………………………………………………………………) b) Erosive coping mechanism: (prioritize) * Selling their valuables (Gold, jewelry) * Selling cattle/land * Migration for job *...

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Disaster Management

Disasters have been an integral part of human history right from the dawn of civilization. In the early days, individuals and communities would lead the response to disasters. However, with the emergence of globalization, urbanization, large-scale migrations of human population, the nature of disasters has increased both in magnitude and complexity. The frequency of disaster may have remained unchanged, increasing population densities and urbanization has resulted in greater impact on human lives...

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Essay on The Natural Disaster (Flood In Pakistan) There are many questions emerging from the recent floods in Pakistan, ranging from attempts to understand the atmospheric phenomena behind the downpours to the search for where ultimate responsibility lies for the ensuing human calamity. This short essay investigates some of those questions. A pinch of geography is necessary to explain why Pakistan received such an extraordinary amount of rain during this rainy season. The Indian monsoon...

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Management of Disaster Tourism

MANAGEMENTS OF DISASTER TOURISM. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, more and more people have traveled around the world or even their own country. To make a person’s travel fantastic and stunning, tourism plays great roles. However, tourism is vulnerable and susceptible to unpredictable disaster and crisis. Many tourists have experienced such catastrophic things and even died during their trip. In order to prevent those from having effects on tourism as possible as we can, we need effective and efficient...

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disaster assignment

Topic: Critical appraisal of Disaster management Act, 2005 Submitted by: Rible Thomas Kizhakkidam MswII ROLL no 573 The Indian subcontinent is among world’s most disaster prone area. It is exposed to natural catastrophes because of its vast territory, large population and unique geo-climatic conditions. In India, while 40 million hectares of landmass is prone to floods, 68 per cent of the total areas is vulnerable to periodical droughts. The Disaster Management Act passed in 2005 provides for...

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Disaster Response

Paper Disaster Response A disaster brings violence, terror, and trauma, to all who experience its wrath and devastation. Destruction and suffering is the entertainment that disasters provide to its audience, through a campaign of psychological and physical damage. According to the fields of disaster psychiatry and disaster psychology, a disaster is a major ecological and psychosocial destruction that far exceeds the coping ability of a disaster area ( PTSD & Natural Disaster). There are two...

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Disaster Preparedness

 Disaster in Franklin County SZT Task 1 Western Governor’s University Tornados and their aftermath are a frequent occurrence in the part of the United States in which I live, the Midwest region of the United States. Having participated in training drills, exercises, and real-life events in my own county, this simulation brought to mind many of the requirements for effective disaster management I have learned through Incident Command Systems training (ICS). Federal...

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ARMED FORCES DURING DISASTER ON A LARGE SCALE: DISASTER: It is a Catastrophe, mishap, calamity or grave occurrence in any area. It arises from natural or man-made causes, or by accident or negligence. It results in substantial loss of life or human suffering or damage to and destruction of property or damage to or degradation of environment. Disaster is of such a nature or magnitude as to be beyond the coping capacity of the community of the affected area. TYPES OF DISASTER: Two types...

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Disaster in the Philippines

a wide range of natural disaster. The Philippines archipelago, located near the western edge of the Pacific Ocean, is in the direct path of seasonal typhoons and monsoon rains which bring floods, storms, storm surges, and their attendant landslides and other forms of devastation. The Philippines also sits on the "ring of fire" where the continental plates collide and thus experience periodic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Philippine exposure to natural disasters may be characterized as frequent...

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Disaster Relief

Preparing for Disaster Materialization of Disaster Disasters can strike at anytime, and for the most part, happen without warning. That is why is has become vital for health care organizations to prepare in advance for disasters. The most common type of disasters are natural (tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). Since natural disasters have always been around, health care professionals have been aware of their capabilities and possible damage they can wreck upon society. For example...

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Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness Plan A disaster is generally defined as an event in which illness or injuries surpass resource capabilities of a community or medical facility (Ignatavicius & Workman, 2010). Disaster preparedness is a process of ensuring that an organization has complied with the preventive measures and is in a state of readiness to contain the effects of a predicted disastrous event to minimize loss of life, injury, and damage to property. Disaster preparedness can also provide rescue,...

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“Disaster, Disaster” Oh Disaster, Disaster how cruel you are Oh Disaster, Disaster how rude you are You shake the ground beneath my feet You attack me, and you wake me up from my sleep I have so little time to get away from you I never though you would become my foe Oh Disaster, Disaster what have I done Oh Disaster, Disaster why did you have to come? Because of you I have nothing left Except for bricks and rocks and the smell of dust You made me cry, you make me scream You make me panic and...

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Information Sharing and Humanitarian

UNIVERSITY INFORMATION SHARING AND HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS BY September 27, 2012 Introduction In today’s information sharing data has been a critical piece of the puzzle for the success of businesses, governments and non-government organizations. The purpose behind information sharing is to provide information to others, proactively or upon request which can aid in effective decision making. The article chosen discusses information sharing problems within Humanitarian organizations....

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Disaster Preparedness

National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan: Disaster Preparedness According to the Word Disaster Report of 2012, The Philippines ranks third of the most disaster-prone countries. Because it is situated on a geologically unstable region and is surrounded by many subduction zones that may cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, typhoon and tsunamis, it is impossible to stop natural disasters from hitting our country; all we can do is to manage risks. The National Disaster Risk ...

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Natural Disaster Management

Overview The United States experiences a variety of natural disasters throughout the year. Because of hurricanes on the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico coasts, earthquakes near the San Andreas and other fault lines, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes in the plains, and floods throughout the Midwest, the United States suffers approximately $1 billion in losses each week. From 1990-93, losses surpassed those during the previous decade, mainly due to Hurricane Andrew, the Midwest and Northwest floods...

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The Student Teacher's Responsibilities: As a new member of a professional community, student teachers assume a variety of professional obligations and responsibilities. These are well-detailed in the Student Teaching Handbook updated and distributed annually by Villanova University's Department of Education and Human Services. As student teachers look forward to and prepare for their student teaching semester, they should fulfill the following responsibilities. At their first opportunity...

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Disaster Planning and Emergency Response

Disaster Planning and Emergency Response Disasters, both man-made and natural, occur on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of community officials to prepare ahead of time for these disasters, to ensure residents receive needed care immediately following the disaster and in the following weeks while the community recovers. Because of this communities have created emergency response plans and have trained personnel already in place when such events occur. The following is a discussion of the...

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Disaster during Vacation: Personal Experience

was going to be the death of me having to share the back seat with my painfully annoying six year old sister for the six hour car ride. However having to listen to nonstop Raffi through the voice of a chipmunk couldn't prepare me for the natural disaster I would soon face. We arrived at usual, quaint New England, home in North Truro, Cape Cod and we're prepared for a pleasant two weeks of sun bathing and swimming at the beach. All went as planned for the first two days, the temperature was beautiful...

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resources making vulnerable to this hazard. Forms of Biological Hazards: 1. Independent Biological Hazard • Contributes to, develop into & exacerbate vulnerability leading to disaster (e.g. HIV-AIDs) 2. Dependent BH e.g. war » famine » malnutrition » diseases » less resistance to diseases » deaths 3. Trigger of disaster e.g. pest infestation-famine (Irish famine 1845-1848) Important factors of vulnerability on biological hazards: 1. Micro-environment; (risk at refugee camps e.g. poor water...

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning Disaster recovery planning can best be defined as an organization’s procedures for continuing operations in the event of the destruction of program and data files, as well as processing capability. In the case of any disaster or incident that causes a stop in the continuing work, businesses must be prepared with a business continuity plan, or a way to resume the activities required to keep your organization running during a period of displacement or interruption...

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Role of Students in Disaster Management

students from school level to rouse the helping nature in them at times of need. A disaster is the misfortune of natural or human made perils that negatively affects society. It needs unity in people to come out of that disaster.  Thus disaster management plays a major role and youth plays a vital role in getting out the victims as fast as possible. The students can play a major role in disaster management. A disaster can be defined as any tragic event with great loss from events such as earthquakes...

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Environmental Disasters

Environmental Disasters For the purpose of this article an environmental disaster is defined as a specific event caused by human activity that results in a seriously negative effect on the environment. Sometimes a natural disaster can become an environmental disaster, but that is a topic to be discussed elsewhere. In most cases environmental disasters are caused by human error, accident, lack of foresight, corner cutting during industrial processes, greed, or by simple incompetence. In other...

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Why Power Sharing Is Desirable

Need for disaster management It was October 5, 1968. The Kosi river in Bihar played havoc as 9 lakh cusec of water was discharged in one day alone. Forty years later, the survivors of flood fury in north-eastern Bihar are returning to their homes without fully knowing how a repeat of such discharge in a day can ruin them altogether. The sudden diversion of the Kosi's course last fortnight already inundated huge tracks of Supaul, Madhepura, Araria, Purnea and Saharsa districts, traditionally non-flooded...

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How to Prepare for Natural Disasters

for Any Disaster 6/10/2013 Topics in Contemporary Social Issues We must have tools and plans in place to make it on our own in case of a disaster happening. Just like having a functioning smoke detector in your house, having emergency supply kits will put tools that one may need at your feet. It is important to be prepared to use what you have on hand to make it on your own for at least three days, maybe even longer. There are six basic items that one should ensure if any disaster were to...

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Disaster Management Plan

losses due to the hurricane.  With this being said, a formal disaster plan is recommended to protect the city as well as the people in it.  Disaster management requires proper issue and concerns to be effective.  Accurate Geography information from various sources as well as systems should be integrated together to get maximum protection for homeland and to ensure security.  After doing research I have found many cities who suffer from disasters have become successful in surviving them using 3D city models...

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Disaster Management

natural disasters inflict on vulnerable communities around the world. Over the recent decades there has been an alarming increase in the occurrence of natural disasters and the magnitude of their social, economic and environmental impacts. This extensive damage to lives, property and livelihood of the affected communities has turned back the development clock of the areas by decades. India with its vast population & unique geo-physical characteristics is one of the world’s most ‘disaster-prone’...

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Challenger Disaster

The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster – Organisational Causes Introduction The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster has been well investigated and analysed as a typical management case by numerous researchers. Although the disaster is the direct result of a technical issue, the hardware failure of a solid rocket booster (SRB) O-ring caused by abnormally low temperatures, there is an unambiguous relationship between the disaster and numerous organizational factors such as communication (Gouran et...

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Disaster Management in India

natural disasters on account of its unique geo-climatic conditions. Floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides have been a recurrent phenomenon. About 60% of the landmass is prone to earthquakes of various intensities; over 40 million hectares is prone to floods; about 8% of the total area is prone to cyclones and 68% of the area is susceptible to drought. In the decade 1990-2000, an average of about 4344 people lost their lives and about 30 million people were affected by disasters every...

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan The majority of the administrative elements and many of the academic programs are heavily dependent and integrated with data processing to the extent that continued operation without data processing would require extensive alteration in methods of doing business. In the event that data processing services are interrupted for any extensive period of time, it is necessary that the University have a plan for continuing operations and reestablishing automated data processing. ...

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Pvt Hogue, Ryan 15, AUG 2012 RESPONSIBILITY There is no philosophically well-settled way of dividing or analyzing the various components of responsibility, and some components are often ignored by philosophers. To take a more comprehensive approach, this article divides the responsibility of individuals into four areas of enquiry. Recent analytic moral philosophy has tended to ask two deceptively simple questions about responsibility like; “What is it to be responsible?” and “What is a person...

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Assignment 4: Disaster Recovery Team

 Assignment 4: Disaster Recovery Team Strayer University – Professor Hansen – CIS359 The following will detail the creation of a Disaster Recovery Team (DRT), with a staff of 11 employees including myself. It will cover the DRT roles, responsibilities, and sub team that may be implemented. It will also include DRT procedures and policies that will be implemented specific to the DRT personnel as well as special equipment that may be required. DIASASTER...

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Man Made Disasters

MAN-MADE DISASTERS Presented • Apoorv By • Lavany a Avir al • Nikh • INDEX   Introduction  Types of Man-Made Disaster Terrorism  Nuclear  Biological Threats  Cyber Attack INTRODUCTION   Man-Made hazards OR Anthropogenic hazards can result in the form of a Man-Made disaster. In this case, anthropogenic means threats having an element of human intent, negligence, or error; or involving a failure of a human-made system. This is as opposed to natural hazards that cause natural disasters. Either...

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Disaster Planning:Public Health Role

SZT Task 4 Disaster in Franklin County After working through the project “Disaster in Franklin County,” I will admit that I have a new appreciation for the role of the public health nurse in the event of an emergency. The simulation helped me to understand the important role that the public health team. The plays in assisting the community during a disaster. Role of the Major Public Health Personnel Each of the major public health personnel, including the public health nurse, play a key...

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Emergency Response: Disaster in Franklin County

Emergency Response: Disaster in Franklin County Katherine Helm Western Governor’s University May 2013 Role of the Major Public Health Personnel In the event of a disaster, the community relies upon the public health personnel to evaluate the needs of the community, assess the available resources, provide reliable information, and coordinate health activities. It is essential that local health workers are trained professionals who are reassuring and organized to address health, social, cultural...

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Spouses Sharing Equal Housework

what, and they find themselves fighting about it. The man is apparently demanding that she do most of the work, and she is demanding that the man do it (Harley, Dr. "�How to Divide Domestic Responsibilities"�. Marriage Builders 17 Mar. 1997: 1.). Traditionally, wives assumed household and child care responsibilities, while the husband took care of providing income for the family; however, full time working women are still largely responsible for home and family care. In my opinion, we need to abandon...

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satisfactorily perform or complete a task that one must fulfill, and which has a consequent penalty for failure. Responsibility is a characteristic that can make any individual successful in life. No matter what you do, whether at work, school or home, having responsibility and acting responsibly are key traits. Many jobs and other positions look for an individual who has responsibility. If an individual lacks this trait, it is easy for them to be fired or let go, possibly from something they may...

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 Personal Responsibility Even though some people never develop strong personal responsibility skills, it is a trait, which is taught by parents and by peers growing up. These skills can determine the outcome of the future and the degree of success. In order to be a successful student, personal responsibility is essential. It is accepting accountability for one's actions and is vital when pursuing an education. Personal responsibility and college success are dependent upon one another. Personal...

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File Sharing

FILE SHARING Ethical Debate with Today's Technology (INTRO) You may have illegal content on your computer right now! File sharing has become a very large issue today in society even though it has existed for decades. It has been the recent advances in our technology that has made it main stream and in the eyes of the general public. File sharing today tests the limits of technology along with our ethics making it a fuzzy grey area. When discussing file sharing's effect on society, first...

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nike corp coperation social responsibility

Nike Corp Company Social Responsibility Activities Corporation Nike is a global supply chain with a complex network that directly connects the globe consumers, buyers, supplies, workers and communities. I believe that everyone of it has a powerful opportunity to create positive economic. In the center chain, there is more female worker who just steps in to the working environment, having poor education, living against backdrop of poverty. Nike had set targets to them which are relating to excessive...

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Spouses Sharing Household Responsibility

Title Page Spouses Sharing Household Responsibilities Jaime Moore Comparison 101 Mrovarc 4/6/11 Homework 12 Sharing the household responsibilities between husband and wife has become the norm in most families today. The following essay outlines the reasons and logic behind the importance of sharing household tasks. With today’s economic structure both spouses generally work. Two incomes are often required in order for the couple to make ends meet. Many personal and Financial...

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natural disasters

Assignment on ⊸ “Natural Disasters, & its causes & effects”⊸ Diploma in Networking By: Alam Abbas ID: 000027586 Tutors’ name: Fathimath Mohamed Contents Introduction Define Natural Disasters Natural disasters causes & its effects Conclusion Reference Thank you Introduction Natural Disasters is meant by natural event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life. Natural disasters happen all over the world...

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Disaster management

Disaster management can be defined as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters. The need to address disaster management Disasters are defined as a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society. They involve widespread human, material, economic or environmental impacts, which exceed the ability of...

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Role of Communities in Disasters

Community-based Disaster Risk Management 1 KNOWLEDGE NOTE 2-1 CLUSTER 2: Nonstructural Measures Community-based Disaster Risk Management 2 KNOWLEDGE NOTE 2-1 Prepared by Rajib Shaw, Kyoto University, and Mikio Ishiwatari and Margaret Arnold, World Bank Community-based Disaster Risk Management 3 KNOWLEDGE NOTE 2-1 CLUSTER 2: Nonstructural Measures Community-based Disaster Risk Managment Local communities play a key role in preparing for disastrous events such as the Great East Japan...

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Responsibility These days it seems like cheating is everywhere from the baseball diamond to the classroom. With stories of professional dishonesty and performance-enhancing drugs permeating the adult world, it's no wonder that studies show academic cheating among children and teens on the rise. But while cheating on a test or plagiarizing an essay may seem a quick way to get a leg up, students are actually holding themselves back from the type of meaningful learning that will serve them best in...

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Tropical Cyclone and Disaster

hampered in the first 24 hours? No communication , the generator flooded, and 3/4 of the police came to work. What were the Mayor's responsibilities prior to the hurricane? Stock the shelters with food and water, mobilize cities and school buses for evacuation. Where were state and local officials during the aftermath of Katrina? 80 miles away at the state captial during the aftermath of Katrina. Why was this a problem? Because they did not know about the extent of the damage and were unable to help...

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Disaster Planning

the legal frame work to mitigate Flood Disaster in Malaysia. Flood can be defined as a body of water, rising, swelling and overflowing land not usually thus covered. Also, overflowing of the bank of a stream, lake or drainage system of water into adjacent land as a result of storm, ice melt, tidal action and channel obstruction. Following the disastrous flood of 1971, which affected many areas in Malaysia, the Government has established the Natural Disaster Relief Committee in 1972 with the task...

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Acc Cement Social Responsibility

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Today we define “Corporate Social Responsibility” as the way a company balances its economic, social and environmental objectives while addressing stakeholder expectations and enhancing shareholder value. But ACC has undertaken social volunteering practices almost from its inception, – long before the term corporate social responsibility was coined. The company’s earliest initiatives in community development date back to the 1940's in a village on the outskirts...

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Natural Disaster Preparedness

Terrorism and Natural Disasters Preparedness Grand Canyon University: HCA 545 June 11th, 2014 Businesses today across the gamut have a board or strategic management team in place to handle the business like making decisions and setting the direction. This important so that the company knows where it’s going and they can be successful. Management should consider adding business contingency plan to their strategic planning. This will incorporate what to do and how...

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The Centralia Disaster

The Government’s Role in the Centralia Disaster Jason Smith Strayer University PAD500 Modern Public Administration 2012 The Government’s Role in the Centralia Disaster This paper will explore logistical alternatives to those chosen by Mine Inspector Driscoll O. Scanlan as described in “The Blast in Centralia No.5: A Mine Disaster No one Stopped” by John Bartlow Martin (Denhardt, R. B., & Denhardt, J. V. 2010 p31-44). We will seek to...

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Disaster Paper

When you deliberate on a disaster, it becomes clear that any such event has three phases to it. Initially, there are antecedents that lead to the disaster. When enough antecedents have accumulated, the disaster occurs at that specific tipping time. Finally after the disaster has happened the final phase of resolutions occurs. The resolutions are steps that the society attempt to implement to revert the effects that the event has produced. Consider the Deepwater Horizon disaster that happened on July...

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natural disaster

much horror, misery, helplessness and doom as the term “Natural Disaster”. A natural disaster is any event of force of nature that is caused by environmental factors that has catastrophic consequences. Every year they not only decimate thousands of people and their properties but end entire blood lines. These calamities wreak havoc in the part of the world it chooses to act upon. Over the centuries various types of natural disasters or “Acts of god” have stolen human lives. Several criterions such...

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Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery

Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery For any organization, crisis can lead to a downfall or an upheaval. A crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of an organization, usually brought on by a process failure, adverse or negative attention. But the need of the hour during any Crisis is implementing an already rehearsed crisis plan and executing it to near perfection. But even seasoned and well rehearsed crisis plans do fail in certain circumstances due to several factors...

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Table of Contents Introduction 2 Key terms 2 What is the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity planning? 2 The Need for Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning and Management 3 The Phases of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, Implementation, and Management 3 Types of Plans 3 Typical Contents of a BC/DR Plan 4 Benefits and Risks 4 Benefits 4 Risks 5 Conclusion 6 Introduction Every business and organization can experience a serious incident...

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Disaster Recovery

  1. In what ways are the Marshall Field’s flood disaster recovery effort a project? Why are large- scale disaster response and recovery efforts projects? A. Because of following reasons the Marshall Field’s flood disaster recovery effort is a project :  This project Involve a single, definable purpose or end-item(product or result). The purpose is specified in terms of cost,schedule, and performance requirements.  This project is a one-of-a-kind activity, never to be exactlyrepeated...

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