• The Bluest Eye
    Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye: A look at Sexism and Racism Toni Morrison, the author of The Bluest Eye, centers her novel around two things: beauty and wealth in their relation to race and a brutal rape of a young girl by her father. Morrison explores and exposes these themes in relation
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  • Black Naturalism and Toni Morrison: the Journey Away from Self-Love in the Bluest Eye
    Although my students were unaware of it, in a sense what they were questioning from the standpoint of literary criticism is not only the theory of postmodernism with its emphasis on race, class and gender, but the theory of naturalism as well: the idea that one's social and physical environments can
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  • The Bluest Eye
    Shinsky 1 Chloe Shinsky Mrs. Graham English Honors 19 March 2012 The Bluest Eye: Can Beauty be Defined? Sexism and racism have a profound effect on the black female characters of Lorain, Ohio in Toni Morrison’s, The Bluest Eye, a tragic American novel. These negative attitudes give rise t
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  • The Bluest Eye
    Toni Morrison is among the pioneer of those contemporary black writers who have redefined African-American writing in more ways than one. Black women in America being black, female and poor have been victimized by racism, sexism, and classism, not only from the white world, but also from their own m
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