• Scarlet Letter Summary
    ANALYSIS OF PLOT STRUCTURE The Scarlet Letter is a unified, masterfully written novel. It is structured around three crucial scaffold scenes and three major characters that are all related. The story is about Hester Prynne, who is given a scarlet letter to wear as a symbol of her adultery. Her l
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  • Song Summary of Rich Girl
    Song ‘Rich girl' featuring Eve and produced by Dr. Dre. Album: L.A.M.B Gwen is fantasizing about being wealthy and how it would make her feel if she was the richest person in the world. She would never run out of money. Men could not test her to see if she was a gold digger and influence her wi
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  • Scarlet Letter Summary
    The Scarlet Letter opens with a long preamble about how the book came to be written. The nameless narrator was the surveyor of the customhouse in Salem, Massachusetts. In the customhouse's attic, he discovered a number of documents, among them a manuscript that was bundled with a scarlet, gold-embro
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  • Scarlet Letter Summary
    In June 1642, in the Puritan town of Boston, a crowd gathers to witness an official punishment. A young woman, Hester Prynne, has been found guilty of adultery and must wear a scarlet A on her dress as a sign of shame. Furthermore, she must stand on the scaffold for three hours, exposed to public
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  • Summary of the Scarlet Letter
    Chapter 1 Summary Many Puritans assembled outside of the prison awaiting the exit of someone. The prison is described in high detail to focus on its gloominess and depressing look. The prison walls are weathered and the iron is rusting. A beautiful rosebush is in full bloom which accents the beau
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  • Summary of Scarlet Letter
    Summary of The Scarlet Letter Condemned to wear a bright red "A" over her chest wherever she went, Hester Prynne had been convicted of adultery by Boston's Puritan leaders. She had a child during her husband's long absence. She exited from the prison house under the gaze of her neighbors; Hester su
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  • Scarlet Letter: Plot Summary
    Hester Prynne is the main character of this novel. She is a young married woman whose husband was presumed lost at sea on the journey to the New World many years before the heart of the story begins. She a secret forbidden relationship with Arthur Dimmesdale, the highly regarded town minister, and b
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  • A Summary of the Symbolism in the Scarlet Letter
    Chapter 1 1.The definition of symbolism The slightest survey of different epochs of civilization discloses great differences in their attitude towards symbolism. For example, duri g the medieval period in Europe symbolism seemed to dominate men's imaginations. Architecture was symbolical, cere
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  • Scarlet Letter
    The Scarlet Letter Chapter One Character List: Mistress Hibbins: a witch, who was bitter-tempered Group of women: harshly discuss and criticize Hester Prynne and her sin Hester Prynne: wears a fantastically flourished gold and red letter “A” (the ScarletLetter); tall with dark hair, very
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  • Othello: Summary
    Othello: Summary *Othello is a tense, closely-knit play, with an ever-increasing emotional scene. The character Iago, Othello's ancient, is the cause of all the tragedy which comes to pass as the play progresses. He is a manipulator, opposing Othello not directly, but through other characters wh
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  • Twelfth Night: Summary
    Twelfth Night: Summary Act One scene one This scene introduces us to the Duke, who is in love with a girl called Olivia. His servant goes to ask her wether or not she would like to go out with the Duke. The message back from her servant is that Olivia will not be seen in public for seven years
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  • Summary of Orwells' Animal Farm
    Summary of Orwells' Animal Farm In the beginning of Orewell's novel the animals rebel against the "Manor Farm" they take it over, and drive the humans off of the farm. In doing this the animals gained absolute power. They made their own laws, they elected a "president" and they ran the farm on
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  • The Scarlet Letter 2
    If one is to read Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter, they will forever remember the remarkable tale of a woman who succeeds against all odds. It extraordinarily describes the life and times of early Puritan colonists in America and the sin of adultery. The question of morality a
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  • The Scarlet Letter - Notes
    <b>Author's Background:</b> <br>Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts on July 4th, 1804. Hawthorne lived poor due to his father's death when he was four, but he was helped by relatives and enrolled in college where he displayed an interest in writing. In college, he met a friend who w
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  • The Scarlet Letter: the Use of Hester
    In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne makes Hester Prynne the central figure in the story much like Susanna Rowson does with Charlotte in Charlotte Temple. The plots of the books are centered on these women; the storylines occasionally move elsewhere to inform the reader of the happenings of ot
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  • Summary on Little Women
    Summary of Part One Little Women tells the story of the four March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy as they grow from childhood to adulthood. The story is set during the Civil War times. The March girls are struggling because their father is away at war and funds are limited. Jo and Meg have to work
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  • Scarlet Letter Chapter 5
    Chapter Five: Hester at Her Needle Summary Hester is released from prison and finds a cottage in the woods, near the outskirts of the city, to set up her new life. Hawthorne comments on the fact that she does not avail herself of the opportunity to escape to a new life without shame in some other
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  • The Song of Solomon
    Book Title Song of Solomon Author Toni Morrison Summary The first black boy ever born in Mercy Hospital in a town in Michigan comes into the world the day after an insurance agent named Robert Smith kills himself by trying to "fly" from the roof of the hospital across Lake Superior. The b
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  • "Scarlet Letter" Book Report
    Characters: - Hester Prynne was a beautiful, young woman living in Amsterdam with her husband, Roger Chillingworth. He sent her you America alone while he finished his business. In America she met Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale who she had a love affair with. Pearl was the name of their child. When the
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  • Short Summary of the Great Gatsby
    Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald About F. Scott Fitzgerald Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, the only son of an aristocratic father and a provincial, working-class mother. He was therefore the product of two divergent traditions: while his father's family included th
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