SAY NO TO JUNK FOOD Ladies and Gentlemen, When we were small, we all loved chips and soda. These kinds of food are examples of typical junk food.  Today’s motion is ‘Junk food should be prohibited from the school’s tuck shop’.  (Possible? Challenge the definition of prop?) (Our...
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  • Junk food switcharoo
    One Simple Trick to Stay Away From Junk Food Staying away from junk food can be a challenge for anyone trying to eat more healthy. Try this easy trick to break the “junk food junkie” label. Junk food. Who doesn’t love it? Potato chips, candy, soda, fried foods, french fries … Twink
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  • Junk food
    6 Negative effects Of Eating Fast food 1. Junk food has an extremely high power density. About 65 percent greater than a standard diet as well as twice up to recommended wholesome diets making us eat a lot more than we or else would. Energy density describes the quantity of calories a product of me
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  • Ethics- junk food advertising for children
    What are the facts? Child obesity is a growing problem in Australia, with an estimated 2/3 of children considered overweight, 1/3 of which are considered obese. Coincidently, Australia not only has the most overweight children, it also has the highest proportion of junk food advertising on comme
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  • Junk food ban in schools
    At the moment there is a restriction on junk food in schools for example vending machines in your school have changed from chocolate bars and crisps to nutri-grain bars and drinks. Junk food is not served as frequently and you may feel disappointed about this. I think the ban is a good thing since
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  • Junk food
    Scientists say that junk food is harmful to people's health. Some say the way to ask people to eat less fast food is to educate them, while others say education does not work. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion. The past 50 years have seen a dramatic increase in the availability of the
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  • Junk food manufacture
    Junk food companies are advertising there products to children is it good or is it bad for them? Some people think that it’s ok to advertise junk food to the children saying “how will junk food products will sell their products without advertising the food?” . and some other say “ it’s u
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  • Banning junk food in school
    Banning Junk Food in Schools Banning junk food what’s the point? It would be healthier in school than in McDonalds or the mall. They should not ban junk foods in school. My first reason is that if kept in schools it could make the school a lot more money than the healthy concession that we
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  • Overcome the junk food addiction
    Beating our Junk Food Generation with Tips from a Local Expert An insight into how we can provide healthy food choices for our kids but while keeping it fun! By Claire Whittleston March 8, 2011 “I don’t want Brussels sprouts, Mommy! Can I have a cookie with ice cream on top?”Sound famil
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  • Junk food
    Junk food is any food that is perceived to be unhealthy and of low nutritional value (Smith 2005) is a serious prevailing issue nowadays. In Australia, the statistic shows that the nutritional value of food eaten by the children mark a gradual decrease over the past 30 years. The availability of jun
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  • Junk food
    Fighting Junk Food Marketing to Kids: a toolkit for advocates Fighting Junk Food Marketing to Kids: a toolkit for advocates Berkeley Media Studies Group Contents 1 Introduction Why we developed this toolkit, how you can use it 2 Food and Beverage Marketing: Targeting our kids Unhealthy
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  • Taxing junk food
    Why Should the Government Tax “Junk Food”? The duty of ensuring a healthy life for the citizens is the government’s in the first place, then the citizens’ their selves. The reason is that the citizens provide their necessary supplements from the markets, almost markets that are legalized b
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  • Reseach on determinents of junk food habbit of youngsters
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  • Junk food
    I believe it should not be banned. For one thing they will try to smuggle it in and that's not a good thing either. Second of all, it's not going to solve child obeisity because they will just turn around and eat it at home. We should try and teach them better eating habits. Which brings me to my ne
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  • Junk food
    October 6, 2012 Chapter 3: Goshgarian Dialogue In my research assignment, I have been chosen with the group that will determine the benefits of consuming junk food. My original thoughts were, well there are no benefits of that! In asking around to a few different people and family members, I
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  • Junk food and obesity in children
    Don't forget to look for the editorial!!!! Or else the paper is meaningless... Junk Food X Obesity in Children There is an alarming rise in childhood obesity throughout the United States, making it an epidemic in this country. Over the past thirty years obesity has continued to increase and bec
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  • Should the sale of junk food be banned in schools?
    Should the Sale of Junk Food be Banned in Schools? The argument as to whether or not schools should be able to sell junk food is a highly controversial topic. Sugar-filled snacks, sugary drinks, and snacks high in saturated fat are a favorite among children. In most cases, when faced with the dec
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  • Junk food
    Eliminating Junk Foods Junk food is something that we Americans are very used to. It’s easy accessible, specifically on our campuses where there are vending machines available to us. Inside these vending machines are food items that are at a price as low as 50 cents. Not only is it extremely c
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  • Junk food
    Obesity is associated with every type of junk food. The main reason is the absence of fiber, high amount of high-fat calories and low quality cholesterol. Which may cause obesity as well as increase risks of heart diseases. Many studies suggest that frequent consumption of soft drinks and other junk
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  • Junk food
    Should Junk Food Be Banned From Schools ? Junk Food is an informal term for food that is of little nutritional value and often high in fat, sugar, and/or calories. That means junk food is not healthy , so we must Stop the addiction to it . Children and teens are addicted to junk food because
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