• Save Tigers
    “There is enough for everybody’s need but not for anybody’s greed” these lines were quoted by the father of our nation who was very apt in voicing his concern about wildlife conservation. Indeed mother nature provides us with enough resources for our need but when that need changes into gree
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  • Save Tigers in India
    Save Tigers 1411 left in India! Steps to save Tigers  10:21 AM |  Posted by Rocky Singh Over the past century the number of tigers in India has fallen from about 40,000 to less than 4,000 (and possibly as few as 1,500). Relentless poaching and clearing of habitat for agriculture have been
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  • Save Tigers
    Recently I happened to watch a commercial which wasn’t meant for commercial purpose but for our tigers which are under constant danger of being diminished from mother earth. Their existence is under great threat. By whom? Of course, by us, the humans, who are killing tigers for what? nails, skin a
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  • The Astounding Dream (Save Tigers)
    THE ASTOUNDING DREAM till today, the image of the tiger and the tortoise comes in front of my eyes. The thoughts bring a gentle smile on my face but fill me with a number of questions. Maybe that dream had an everlasting effect on me because it taught me something which was truly amazing and which
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  • save tigers
    When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can have a big impact. Here you can sort through nearly 200 water-saving tips, download and print tip posters, or share your favorites on social media. Here we shared the Top 10 ways to save water,It’s also our duty to inspire others to...
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  • Endangered Tigers
    Endangered Tigers Today wild tigers exist in Eastern Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bhutan, India and Nepal. In order to live in the wild, tigers need water to drink, animals to hunt, and vegetation in which to hide. As the mountains, jungles, fores
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  • Save Tiger
    The tiger is the largest member of the cat family. | | |[pic] | |[pic] | |In just the last 50 years,
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  • Save Our Mother Earth
    Let’s save our ‘Mother Earth’ It is the only planet in our solar system on which life exists with incredible biodiversity. People all over the world celebrate this grand event to protect flora and fauna and to clean up the earth on which we live. The noble ‘Earth’ has bestowed the
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  • The Extinction of Sumatran Tigers in Asia
    The Extinction of Sumatran Tigers in Asia – by Yoshie Samosir Tigers are the largest cat species with sharp claws and teeth. They are excellent swimmers and climbers. The ones that live in colder regions are paler, larger, thicker fur. Though for those who live in warmer climates are smaller and
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  • Save the Tiger
    Save the Tiger This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2009) Save the Tiger is a 1973 film about moral conflict in contemporary America. It s
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  • Why Are Tigers Disapperaing?
    Why are Tigers Disappearing? The two major reasons tigers are dying out are habitat loss and poaching.  1) Habitat Loss Save Forests, Save tigers Habitat loss and fragmentation is another important reason why tigers disappearing. Without a safe and healthy home for tigers and their prey, neithe
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  • Tigers - Save Them
    As if habitat loss was not enough, tigers and numerous other species of endangered wildlife also have to contend with POACHING. Regardless of the tigers' classification as a "Critically Endangered" species, the demand for its parts has drastically increased at an alarming rate since the end of the 2
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  • Save Our Tigers
    Sri Priya Narayanan “SAVE OUR TIGERS” It’s true that starting from the Indian cricket team captain Dhoni to the famous South Indian actor Surya, popular persons have appeared on the television screens-not for a movie or an advertisement this time but to raise the voice for a very significan
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  • Save the Tigers
    Save the tigers Someday, we may never see tigers again because tigers are on the critically endangered list, which is why the National Zoo was celebrating Global Tiger Day. This is happening because of poaching and habitat changes. Large plantations have replaced a lot of tiger habitat in several
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  • Tigers
    Tigers are a fascinating, and endangered, animal. They develop fast, and go off on their own when they're mature. Tigers live in various climates, and eat various things as well. They are very strong, and have amazing energy. Not only are they magnificent to watch, but there are many interesting
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  • Tigers Endangered!
    The tiger is the largest cat species in the world; the largest tiger sub-species is the Siberian tiger. The approximate weight of the male is 500 pounds and the female is 300 pounds. The average length of the male tiger is 10 feet and the female 8 feet. The average height of a tiger is 3 feet. The a
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  • Siberian Tigers
    The Siberian tiger is one of the rarest species in the world and it holds many characteristics that makes it unique and presentable as the true beauty of nature. These animals are critically endangered, facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. There are currently less than 600 tigers
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  • Tigers
    The tiger (Panthera tigris) is a member of the Felidae family; the largest of the four "big cats" in the genus Panthera.[4] Native to much of eastern and southern Asia, the tiger is an apex predator and an obligate carnivore. Reaching up to 4 metres (13 ft) in total length and weighing up to 300 kil
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  • Save Our Environment
    Save our environment Every day we see pollution all around us. Unknown to us, many species of animals live in fear of extinction due to pollution. Our government, as well as those of other countries, has imposed laws that forbid mankind to hunt endangered animals, such as tigers.
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  • 1411 Tigers Report
    Tigers : The Present The striped cats are facing a steady decline in their population from around 40,000 at the turn of last century, the number stands at 1411 today. If this continues to be the way things turn, then in a decade, tigers would soon be an extinct animal in India. Our children would
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