• Bunny Chow to Save the Environment
    Who would have ever thought that one day the world famous tasty South African Indian innovation, the Bunny Chow would come to the rescue of the Environment or even Planet Earth. Some people might think even this very thought is preposterous, but let me dismiss that immediately. Read on and you
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  • Electricity Demand Side Management
    ELECTRICITY DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT (DSM) IN INDIA – A STRATEGIC AND POLICY PERSPECTIVE S. PADMANABAN & ASHOK SARKAR Office of Environment, Energy and Enterprise US Agency for International Development, New Delhi, India. Overview The Indian power sector has more than tripled its insta
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  • Electricity Management Project
    The is a project proposal of a electricity manage device design for children to as a result to reduce the usage of electricity, set up a good habit for children to conservation for better future. As the scientists are now generally accept that the fact human activity: rapid increasing demand of ene
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  • How to Save Our Environment
    The environment as we know it, isn't as green and luscious as it should be. There are steel monsters that block out the sun, huffing out dangerous smoke, and leaking out poisonous chemicals into rivers and streams, vehicles pumping out harmful fumes, people disposing of waste in a way that isn't saf
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  • Electricity
    You know Tomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb and Benjamin Franklin with his key and kite experiment, but do you know the greatest hero of all? Electricity. Did Tomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin save millions a day in their life time or keep the world in balance or even make everyday function
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  • Conductor and Insulator of Electricity
    Conductors and Insulators of Electricity A major reason electricity works is because of conductors. First metal, water, tall trees and tall items are good conductors because lightning is attracted to them. These materials have many mobile electrons. Metal is an easy substance for lightning to trave
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  • Save Earths Energy
    Save Earths Energy Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs are Worth the Switch As the years pass on, the more we hear about how our planet is in danger. Some of the topics include the erosion of the ozone layer far above our heads all the way down the glacier plates below our feet( ). The world is s
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  • Can Solar Energy Be a Viable Alternative for Electricity Generation in Nepal?
    Can Solar Energy be a viable alternative for electricity generation in Nepal? “The sun bathes the earth in a steady, enormous flow of radiant energy that far exceeds what the world requires for electricity fuel.” The last decade has been harsh enough for the people of Nepal. The power cut be
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  • Electricity
    Electricity is one of the most important energies in people’s daily life. Without electricity, life will be tough and boring. We could only use candles for illumination and firewood for cooking. There would be not PCs, no TVs, and even no radios. Electricity brings us a great life and it is an aff
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  • Save Historica Monuments
    Instructions 1. * 1 Identify problem areas on the monument including rodent nests, insect nests, bird droppings, weather damage or physical deterioration. If parts of the stone monument deteriorate upon touching, do not attempt to restore it yourself. Leave the restoration to profession
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  • 10 Ways to Conserve Electricity - Essay
    10 ways to conserve electricity -Raphael Bermejo 4-Understanding 1. Unplug appliances when you're not using them. Using a power strip makes it easier to conserve electricity because you just have to unplug one cord instead of many. Also unplug any chargers that aren't in use because they sti
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  • 100 Ways to Save Mother Earth - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respond
    100 Ways To Save Mother Earth - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respond Our Mother Earth is currently suffering from different types of pollution brought about by humans. And with this, a lot of negative effects have emerged. Reports of flash floods brought about by illegal logging can be seen on the new
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  • Save Planet Earth
    SAVE PLANET EARTH Our planet is changing.  We need to help it change for the better and we're asking for your help to do that!  There are a lot of things that affect our planet in a bad way but the good news is that everyone can help to reduce them and do their bit for the environment. * Plea
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  • Save Petrol
    SAVE FUEL Fuel shortages keep occurring in the world from time to time. Most countries have to import fuel to meet their needs. The countries which export fuel are the OPEC nations (those in the Middle East) Venezuela, Russia, etc. Apart from shortages, the price of fuels also fluctuates wildly dep
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  • Will Going Green Help Save Our Planet
    Will Going Green Help Save Our Planet? SOC 207: Dependence of Man on the Environment Dr. Jeff Kingsbury August 23, 2010 Will Going Green Help Save Our Planet? Global warming is one of the most widely debated issues in our world today. There has been a large amount of research conducted
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  • Prepaid Electricity
    PREPAID ELECTRICITY BILLING SYSTEM USING GSM MOBILE. ABSTRACT: The short message system (SMS) of a standard mobile phone can be used for much more than just exchanging cryptic message. This application finds a humble mobile working in a remote site monitoring and controlling external e
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  • Electricity Through Sugar Cane
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Daya group of Companies is one of the most diversified group of companies in Sri Lanka from construction, plantation, eco tourism, apparel, aviation, trading, manufacturing & shipping. One of the leading subsidiaries of the company is the Sevenagala Sugar Industries bought o
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  • Electricity
    Thales- Around 600 BCE, in Greece, a mathematician named Thales discovered that amber rubbed with animal fur attracted light objects. Even though other people may have noticed this before, Thales was the first to record his findings. We don't have his writings, but from other people's reports of
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  • Save Trees
    touching lives, making a difference Save Save Trees Save Environment Save Save Save Earth A TIL -CSR Initiative CSR touching lives, making a difference Celebrating World Environment Day (WED) is about channeling individual actions that collectively become an exponential force for
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  • Generation of Electricity Through Coal in Pakistan
    At present, the people are facing severe loadshedding/blackout problems due to shortage of power supply. Industries are closing down. Millions of Man hours have been lost leading to an increase in poverty and economic loss of billions of rupees to the country. It is happening despite the facts that
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