• Com 530 Internal Memo
    MEMO From: Management of ABC Firm To: All accountants at ABC Firm RE: Standard on Auditing Standards (SAS) 115 The AICPA has put into effect SAS 115, Communicating Internal Control Related Matters Identified in an Audit. The purpose of these standards is to establish new standards regarding id
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  • Sas 115
    What is SAS SAS is an abbreviation for Statement of Auditing Standards, which provides guidelines on generally accepted auditing standards. Accounting Standard Board (ASB) issues them on matters that deal with the preparation and issuing of audit reports for non-users. Statement of Auditing Standa
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  • Internal Memo
    Internal Memo OPS/GM571 – International Operations Management Due Date: January 24, 2011 Professor: Dr. Susan Flitch There was a union strike which has completely shut down the shipment of the control chips. The strike at Future Electronics in Canada has brought about a need to consider
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  • Internal Audit Steps
    Training Material on Internal Auditing Internal Auditing Handbook 1 Session 1 – External Audit........................................................................5 1.1 Definition and Objective.....................................................................5 1.2 Responsibilities
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  • Client Memo
    SAS 115 Changes and Benefits COM/530 April 23, 2012 SAS 115 Changes and Benefits MEMORANDUM TO: Valued Clients FROM: DATE: April 23, 2012 SUBJECT: SAS 115 Changes and Benefits CC: Supervisor Dear Valued Client, In a recent move toward improving company communicat
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  • Iias 115
    SUMMARY In the article entitled Best practices for identifying internal control deficiencies under SAS 115 by John T Himmelspach, CPA CITP “identifying, assessing and reporting internal control deficiencies in an audit of a small business particularly those that pose risk of fraud are the most ch
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  • Sas Institute Term Paper
    Executive Summary: SAS is a recognized company that creates business analyst software for all types of businesses. The acronym SAS stands for “statistical analysis system.” It was created at North Carolina State University as a project to analyze agricultural research. SAS’s founder decided
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  • Instructions Memo
    QUARTERPIPE SNOWBOARDING CORP. INTERNAL MEMO To: Julie Brinson, Boss From: Marla Graham, Product Developer Subject: New Wowie Wax Snowboarding Product Date: November 19, 2011 The purpose of this memo is to explain the new product for snowboards, Wowie wax. Summary I believe t
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  • Memo
    Li Ning Internal Memo Re: Marketing Opportunities To: Chief Financial Officer, Zhang Zhi Yong From: Esther Obisakin, Vice President (Marketing) Last week I met with members of the committee on regional marketing relations and I am very excited to forward you the information they have be
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  • Corporate Memo
    Nike Corporation Internal Memo Subject: Divest or Downsize Operations in Thailand To: Mr. Gary M. Destefano, President of Global Operations From: Tyler Buggy, Vice President of Global Operations 10/04/2012 – This morning, I met with our advisors from Union Footwear and Rangsit Footwear. T
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  • Memo
    INTERNAL MEMO TO: Senior Management Team FROM: RE: Developing a Smart Paper Plan DATE: I’m writing to let you know that we will soon launch an effort to devise and implement a company-wide “Smart Paper Plan.” As you might know, we use several tons of paper a year in the office. Th
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  • Internal Audit Module
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  • Com 530 Press Release and Memo
    Keller, Inc. Imperative actions for company public relations and success Jessica Johnson November 25, 2010 COM/530 - Communications for Accountants Thornton Keller Keller Inc Announces CFO Resignation and SEC investigation   Boise, ID, November 26, 2012, Keller Inc. (NASDAQ KIR), a
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  • Anatomy of SAS
    SAS Global Forum 2011 Systems Architecture and Administration Paper 363-2011 Understanding the Anatomy of a SAS® Deployment: What's in My Server Soup? Mark Schneider, Donna Bennett, and Connie Robison, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC ABSTRACT Did you want to better understand the...
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  • Internal Control Evaluation Memo
    | LJB Company | Memo To: The President! From: Mark Buchanan CC: Date: 11/22/2011 Re: Internal Control Evaluation Going Public: All publicly traded companies in the United States are required to maintain an adequate system of internal controls per the Sarbanes Oxley ACT of 2002 or SOX. Corpo
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  • Internal Accountant Memo
    ACC 556 Internal Accountant’s Report to Management  MEMO TO: Management FROM: XYZ Occupational fraud refers to use of a person’s job for individual benefits through the purposeful mishandling or misappropriation of his or her employer’s capital or assets. Organization success in...
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  • Internal Audit Practice Framework
    THE PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES FRAMEWORK The material on this CD-ROM was converted from the layout intended for the hard copy, bound book. The files have been modified slightly to remove blank pages. You may see breaks in the pagination and it may appear you are missing a page. Blank pages were intenti
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  • Cpa Report Memo
    CPA Report Memo ACC/545 April 16, 2012 Donna Young-Rojas MEMORANDUM To: XXX, Management From: , CPA Subject: CPA Report It is imperative to completely understand the responsibilities of a CPA before any information is sent to outside parties. Understanding of the CPA responsibilities
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  • Sas
    SAS began its company life in 1976 and was called SAS Institute because the name SAS (by itself) was already taken by another incorporated company. SAS (pronounced sass) was an acronym for "Statistical Analysis System." SAS is the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligen
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  • Case Studies: Sas Airline & Ryanair
    How did the deregulation of air transportation in Europe foster entrepreneurial behavior and innovation in the European airline industry over the last twenty years? Case studies: SAS Airline & Ryanair Master Thesis in Entrepreneurship and Dynamic Business Contexts Spring 2007 Supervisor: Håka
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