• Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - Research Paper
    Abstract Sudden Infant Death Syndrome remains the leading cause of post-neonatal mortality (under the age of one) in developed countries. The causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome have been puzzling and research is being conducted to solve this catastrophic problem. Having a child under the ag
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  • Market Research Proposal for Friskies Go-Cat
    CONTENT Covering Letter 2 Executive Summary 3 1 Introduction 4 2 Background 4 3 Research Purpose ¨C Management Decision Problem 4 4 Marketing Problem and Research Objectives 5 5 Management Decision Criteria 8 6 Research Design Ration
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  • Sample Term Paper
    Sample Term Paper on: Management Information Systems [Writer's Name] [Supervisor's Name] [Course title] [Date] Management Information Systems The Concerns of E-Commerce In Internet time the attention span of customer is just 8 seconds. After that a shopper typically moves on. Wh
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  • Methods of Research
    METHODS OF RESEARCH MODULE I 1. What is research? Research is a scientific approach to knowledge generation when the processes that are used adhere to principles of logic. It is a systematic way of asking questions, a systematic method of inquiry to obtain knowledge or information that pert
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  • Research Methods for Managerial Decisions and Survey Instrument
    Research Methods for Managerial Decisions and Survey Instrument By Mollee Kikumoto Kelly LaFrance Jennie McClure Alvin Trotman Instructor: Jason M. Etchegaray, Ph.D. Abstract After running the "Research Methods for Managerial Decisions" simulation Team B will further explor
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  • The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice Ch 3
    Ch 3 Conceptualization and Measurement In chapter 3 of The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice there are four areas of focus. They are concepts, measurement operations, evaluation of measures, and levels of measurement. We are going to address conceptualization by using subst
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  • Fedex Research Planning for Decision Making
    CORE SECTION Research Planning for Decision Making Question One June 2005 a. Brief A marketing research brief to examine the attitudes of customers, non-customers and employees to FedEx Express with regard to environmental issues 1) Background FedEx Express is the world's largest e
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  • Business Research Final
    Question1. This paper will explain the methods of primary data collection available in business research, the various surveys methods, observation, and experimentation methods, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Primary Data is original research that has already been done and rep
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  • Chinese Market Research
    Introduction Although it is a goldmine of opportunities, the Chinese market is sometimes difficult to crack. Even the most reliable market research methodologies do not always work. One major reason for the inconsistencies in research is that the Asian concept of truth is different from that of
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  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Approaches
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract Sports fandom consists of cognitive and affective, as well as behavioural components. Existing sports fan research utilises either strong qualitative, or more often, strong quantitative methodologies. The s
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  • What Is Research
    Abstract In answer to the question ‘what is research?' various definitions may be given with reasonable confidence, these referencing many different themes and schemes as well as common assumptions. Given the large amount of material accessible to the notionally non-confluent realms of academia
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  • Research and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offending from a Policy Point of View
    Research and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offending From a Policy Point of View By Yvonne K. Ray A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of HS8101 Social Change and Public Policy September 2005 191 Sidney Street Twin F
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  • Research Terms
    Alternate (or parallel) forms reliability – A procedure for testing the reliability of responses to survey questions in which subjects' answers are compared after the subjects have been asked slightly different versions of the questions or when randomly selected halves of the sample have been admin
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  • Diabetes Research
    African-American children in elementary schools by instituting healthy eating habits and the risks involved in obesity, was instrumental in providing assistance in both financial and legal areas of my research. The funding paid for the doctors involved with the physical examinations, administrat
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  • Alzheimer's Research Paper
    Abstract The current research revealed a correlation between the presence of the Apo E4 gene and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease (2004), found that Apo E4 produced by neurons in parts of the brain vulnerable to Alzheimer’s are susceptible to
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  • Eurodisney Research Design
    EuroDisney Business Research Design Assessment The research design to help Disney enter into the European market was poorly designed and virtually ignored as being significant by management. As a whole, a move by any company to any foreign market should not be made without an extensive, in-depth
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  • A Marketing Research Study to Determine the
    A Marketing research study to determine the Demographical Effect on the Acceptance of MP3 Technology Marketing Research 0509-384-02 Prepared for: Dr. Berhe Habte-Giorgis Prepared by: Jennifer Gray Fred Hodge Jackie Clark Phyllis Walters April 21, 2005 Letter/Memo of Transmittal
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  • Research Outline
    2. Some guests recently complained that our hotel did not have wireless internet. The sales department also reported that some customers did go to us because of wireless internet access. Thus, it is possible that offering wireless internet access might increase our sales. However, the concern is how
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  • Qualitative Research Report
    Qualitative Research Report Article Connelly, L.M., Miner-Williams, D., & Yoder, L.H., 2003. A qualitative study of charge nurse competencies. Medsurg Nursing, 12(5), 298-306. Problem The study was conducted to determine the competencies necessary to be a successful charge nurse (Connelly, Mine
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  • Marketing Research Planning for Decision Making - an Example Agency Brief a the Agency's Proposal
    Research Planning for Decision Making February 2006 Research brief to examine customer attitudes towards the activities and performance of Halifax/Bank of Scotland Personal Banking sales colleagues Introduction to the brief You are invited to put forward a proposal to undertake a marketi
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