• “The relationship between counsellor and client is the most influential factor in whether counselling ‘works’”. critically discuss this statement from the perspective of at least three approaches to counselling.
    Relationships play an important role in everyday life. You or I may define a relationship with a person in many different ways depending on the context with whom the relationship is with, whether this be peers, colleagues or loved ones. So is it possible to have a relationship with someone who you d
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  • ‘Describe how the child’s place in society and other issues related to counselling children and young people have affected your work with a particular client’
     Deborah McCullough Essay One ‘Describe how the child’s place in society and other issues related to counselling children and young people have affected your work with a particular client’ Words: 3231 Within this essay my intention is to describe how a child’s place...
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  • Is counselling an art or science
    Counselling provides a forum where individuals or couples come together with a Counsellor to seek solutions to a specific problem, to learn new coping skills, to become better organised, to seek an answer about a life dilemma, to function more maturely or to clarify what is ailing them. Counselling
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  • What is your understanding of the basic elements or principles inherent to psychodynamic counselling as expressed by lawrence spurling in “an introduction to psychodynamic counselling?”
    Laurence Spurling illustrates in great detail principles and elements that encompass psychodynamic counselling. The relationship between therapist and client is paramount to the counselling process and is a defining feature in psychodynamic theory. The therapeutic dialogue between client and counsel
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  • Introduction to counselling concepts
    Introduction to Counselling Concepts DRAFT Learner Statement 1: 31/1/06 - I am delighted to begin my path towards future mastery of counselling skills. I have already developed a strong background in mediation and psychology with numerous accreditations to my name. In undertaking my studie
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  • Joining in counselling
    Introduction Counselling, in the profession, refers to the creation of relationships that are helpful and positive between a counselor and a client. Counselling is intended to aid in adjustment and growth. Usually a client come to counsellors when they do not how to change so that they can lead
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  • Transculture and person- centred counselling
     Compare and contrast two counselling theories covered on this module. Discuss the strengths and limitations of the two models. In this essay I am going to explore two multicultural theories which are person centered therapy and Gestalt therapy. I will start by discussing the two perspectives
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  • Therapeutic styles of counselling
    Case Study: George George is a 40 year old senior executive in a large company, a position he has only recently taken up. He was referred to counseling by his general practitioner to explore his mood swings. He has been married for nearly 5 years to a ‘warm and wonderful person’. There were n
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  • Counselling
    Task 1: Describe the purpose and nature of counselling The function of personal counselling is to help people to resolve problem areas in their life. Counselling provides an opportunity for the person to explore the difficult feelings, thoughts and behaviours that have blocked the way to satisfyi
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  • Portfolio on counselling observation
    A. PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION A portfolio has diverse meaning and purpose to different people and situations. For instance in the teaching field, a portfolio would be, according to Collins (1991), “they will document how education programmes have enhanced the learning and teach
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  • Counselling report on depression
    Specialist Diploma In Counselling Psychology Case Study Mei Ling Conceptualise the individual and presenting problem Mei Ling is a thirty-three years old who works as a nurse in a busy surgical ward. She is married to Steven for fourteen years. She has two sons whom aged e
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  • Ethics in counselling
    I intend to show an understanding of the ethical framework for good practice in counselling, relating it to practice and also my own beliefs and opinions, how this influences the counselling relationship, I will also show the need for protection of self and client. The importance of having a good
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  • An introduction to the counselling theories humanistic, cbt and psychodynamic
    The humanistic movement was established as a way to expand and improve upon the two other schools of thought; behaviourism and psychoanalysis, which had, up until the first half of the 20th century dominated psychology. An American theorist called Abraham Maslow began to research creativity in human
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  • Discuss how the skills and practises used by a professional counsellor differ from those used in other helping relationships. in addition we would like you to evaluate your own qualities and skills and identify what
    Discuss how the skills and practises used by a professional counsellor differ from those used in other helping relationships. In addition we would like you to evaluate your own qualities and skills and identify what you think it is necessary to do to progress in the profession.” Part 1 Coun
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  • Outline and discuss the major roles and functions of the guidane counsellor
    Within our Jamaican schools the guidance counseling programmes are designed to implement core principles as stated by the Jamaican school curriculum. Guidance counsellors are the ones who play the role of effectively analyzing and implementing these programmes which ensure that all students are wel
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  • Reflective essay on counselling session
    Analyse A personal counselling session Counselling Skills 1 Counselling sessions can help us work through a range of personal issues from everyday hardships to potentially life threatening situations.
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  • Counselling session reflective essay
    Counselling a stranger can be difficult, counselling a friend is fraught with difficulties. I found this practice session particularly challenging as I asked a very old friend to play the part of the client. I understand as a result of this session why being a therapist for family and close friends
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  • Counselling theories review
    Counselling Theories Review 1.0 Person-Centred Therapy 1.1 Introduction Person- Centred Therapy was founded by Carl Rogers and originally developed in the 1940’s as a reaction against psychoanalytical therapy. Person centred therapy is a branch of humanistic psychology that stresses a phen
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  • Lifespan in counselling
    Master in Counselling Jimmy is 17 years of age and in his final year of secondary school. He is happy and has good grades in all his subjects. He is unsure about heaving home to study at university. Based on Marcia’s theory, Jimmy is likely to be in the Identity moratorium period. It is a marg
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  • Bacp framework for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy.
    Demonstrate knowledge of the BACP framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. The Ethical Framework is designed to regulate the work of the counselling practitioner in order to safeguard the needs of the client and to ensure that they are being treated with respect and dignity.
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