• Salient Features of Indian Economy
    “Salient Features of Indian Economy Promotion of Foreign Investment and Business” PART-II Paradigm shift There have been fundamental and irreversible changes in the economy, government policies, outlook of business and industry, and in the mindset of the Indians in general. 1. From a
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  • 8 most important salient features of Indian agriculture
    8 Most Important Salient Features of Indian Agriculture After independence in 1947, there has been progress in all fields of agricultural activities. More land has been brought under irrigation, use of fertilizers and pesticides has increased and high-yielding varieties have been...
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  • features of Indian constitution
    What are the 16 Salient Features of Indian Constitution? The Constitution of India has some outstanding features which distinguish it from other constitutions. The framers of our constitution studied other constitutions, selected their valuable features and put them with necessary...
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  • indian society
    Features of Indian Society Society is group of people interacting with each other due to similarities among them as well as differences among them. Our Indian society is said to have “Unity in diversity”. Our preamble recognizes India as a Union of States only because of the vast...
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  • Salient Features of Romanticism
    3(a) Discuss the salient features of Romanticism. Romanticism is a movement in art and literature in the eighteenth and nineteenth century in revolt against the neo-classicism of the previous centuries. It is the direct outcome of French Revolution. The French Revolution directly inspired by Rousse
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  • Salient Features of Islamic Economics
    Topic: Salient features of Islamic economics compared with capitalism and socialism Lahore College for Women University “Islamic Economics and its Features” System: System can be defined as: “System (from Latin systema, in turn from Greek systēma) is a set of interacting or inte
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  • Salient Features of Bangladesh Population. By Rahul Kumar Sanjowal, Dept. of population Sciences, University of Dhaka
    An Assignment of POP – 105 Concept: Salient Features of Bangladesh Population. Submitted To: Submitted By: Dr. A K M Nurun Nabi Rahul Kumar Sanjowal Professor Roll No. JN – 018 Dept. of Population Sciences Dept. of Population Sciences University of Dhaka...
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  • Mass Communication Effects on Indian Society
    ABSTRACT Our world today is increasingly driven by a mass media due to the explosion of different means of communication, especially electronic communication such as satellite TV and Internet. The media is viewed as a source of power that influences, controls, and promotes new standards in the so
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  • Role of Technology in Preserving and Promoting the Intangibles of Indian Society
    Role of Technology in Preserving and Promoting the Intangibles of Indian Society Pooja Bal Enterprise Transformation Consultant Nihilent, Pune I. INTRODUCTION I step into the land of Lucknow, known once for its cultural vibrancy, its language, hospitality, etiquette, poetry, culinary arts
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  • Some Basic Features of Indian Heritage
    SOME BASIC FEATURES OF INDIAN HERITAGE M.G. Prasad, 1 Osborne Terrace, Maplewood, NJ 07040 Introduction: Every society through the history of time has developed certain characteristic features that describe that society. These features form the core of the society’s thinking. Industrial revolution
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  • Impact of Media on Socio-Cultural Values and Social Institution in Indian Society
    The media, known as the fourth pillar of democracy, has a huge impact on the society. The effects are of course, positive as well as negative. Media is such a powerful tool that it literally governs the direction of our society today. It is the propeller as well as the direction provider of the soci
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  • Effects of Globalisation on Indian Society
    Indian Society is among the oldest in the world and varied and complex in its heritage. But about 200 years of colonial rule changed its socio-cultural process. India was turned into an appendage of the British empire. British colonial policy transformed its economy, society and polity. The British
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  • Analyse What You Percieve to Be the Key Demographic Features of British Society and Their Impact on Business
    | Analyse what you perceive to be the key demographic features of British society and its implications to businesses | | | | | | British society is seen to be very diverse in nature, with it often being referred to as a ‘multicultural society’ as a result of different cultu
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  • Features of Indian Economy
    Economy of India From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Economy of 'The Republic of India' | Mumbai, Financial Capital of India | Rank | 10th (nominal) / 3rd (PPP) | Currency | 1 (INR) () = 100 Paise | Fiscal year | 1 April – 31 March | Trade organizations | WTO,
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  • Indian Management
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  • Indian Economy
    21 From the Desk of the Author 22 Indian Economy : A Few Facts : At a Glance 29 Important Facts Related to Indian Economy National Income of India 90 Concepts of National Income 91 Methods of Measuring National Income 91 CSO Releases National Income-Related Estimates for 2009-10 and 2010-11 92 P
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  • Indian Secularism: a Theological Response
    1. INTRODUCTION For many years religion has been a dominant force in all human societies, embracing all aspects of human life. The world was sought to be understood and explained in terms of religion. It was with the path breaking discovers in the world of physical sciences and as well as the soci
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  • S.Y.B.A.-Economics Paper - Iii - Indian Economy - Eng
    1 1 MODULE 1 INTRODUCTION INDIAN ECONOMY IN THE PRE-BRITISH PERIOD UNIT STRUCTURE 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Objectives Introduction Village communities Towns during pre-British period Handicraft Industries Summary Questions 1.0 OBJECTIVES 1. 2. To understand the structure and organizatio
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  • Pakistani Society
    Pakistan is a Muslim country and Islam is the official religion. Islam is the religion which is professed and practiced by the people of Pakistan. Pakistani culture can be called as "Mixed Culture". The majority of people in Pakistan are Muslims by birth and faith. The society and culture of Pakis
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  • Indian Tax System
    Taxation is the major instrument in the hand of the modern Governments to raise finance to meet expenditure done on various public services. It is a compulsory obligation on the people and the payment of which is the legal duty of the citizens. It may be on their property, income and even it may be
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