"Salaries And Benefits Of Philippine National Police Personnel" Essays and Research Papers

Salaries And Benefits Of Philippine National Police Personnel

will mean many things to you: opportunity to make a real difference to the people in your community; variety of work and assignments; satisfaction with your career; and, pride in being part of one of the noble professional organization. The police service is a noble profession which demands from its members specialized knowledge and skills, as well as high standards of ethics and morality. Hence, the members of the PNP must adhere to and internalize the enduring core values of love of God,...

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Police Commission Philippine

Sample format of Spot Report Republic of the Philippines Department of the Interior and Local Government NATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE _______________________________________ ___________________________ MEMORANDUM FOR : FROM : SUBJECT : Spot Report DATE : 1. (Indicate briefly the date/time, and place of occurrence) 2. (Brief facts of the case) 3. (Other Facts) ...

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The Philippine National Police

Philippine National Police ( PNP ) The Philippine National Police or PNP is the national police force of the Republic of the Philippines with a manpower strength of 113,928 as of end-July 2007. It provides law enforcement services through its regional, provincial, municipal, district and local police units all over the islands. Created by virtue of Republic Act 6975, otherwise known as the “Department of the Interior and Local Government Act of 1990", the PNP came into being on January 29, 1991...

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Philippine Military and Police Force Today

Philippine Military and Police Force Today Mendoza, A. Pol sci 11 MHG. October 2013. Corruption, inefficiency and politicization are the common characters of the Philippine military and police in status quo. The emerging issues and concerns regarding the military and police are what make them be labelled as weak, corrupt, and insensitive by Filipinos. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have been demoralised and have done inefficient work on establishing peace and order as...

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Employee Benefits in the Philippines

Employee benefits in the Philippines Posted March 8, 2010 in Employer Tips, Philippines by EasyOutsource Support On my previous post, I discussed the average salaries of traditional jobs in the Philippines.  I also mentioned on that post that those figures don’t include other benefits that companies offer on top of the regular salaries employees receive. So what are the benefits that are required by the Philippine government to be given to working Filipinos?  To give a short run down, the following...

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Philippine National Railway

1. “Philippine National Railway” It’s role in nation’s mass transportation 2 INTRODUCTION Transportation has been used since man knew how to walk. As time passed, it grew to not only having one way to travel but a variety of means, from cars to planes, and from highways to railways. A great example of how transportation has grown and adapted through time, can be seen through the Philippine National Railway. “The PNR carries a significant role in the future...

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Philippine National Police Information Systems

Philippine National Police Information Systems Brief Discussion of the Study The Philippine National Police is the country’s civilian national police and the result of merged group of the Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police that was activated on January 29, 1991. Its main headquarters are based at Camp Crame in Quezon City with a manpower of 140, 000. Its main functions involve: • Law Enforcement • Maintaining peace and order • Prevents and investigates crime • Apprehend...

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BACKGROUND Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of the Philippines, contributing 5.9% to the Philippine GDP in 2011. The country's rich biodiversity is the main tourist attraction of the Philippines. Its beaches, mountains, rainforests, islands and diving spots are among the country's most popular tourist destinations. The country's rich historical and cultural heritage is also one of the attractions of the Philippines. The Philippine tourism industry flourished in the 1970s and early 1980s but...

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Transformation of the Philippine National Police

government is alloting P9 billion for the Philippine National Police's "transformational plan" from 2013 to 2016, President Aquino said during the ceremonial distribution of newly acquired pistols to PNP personnel. The President said the plan will involve upgrading the capabilities and equipment of the national police force, as well as address its lack of manpower. He said the PNP will be hiring 15,000 non-uniformed personnel to allow uniformed police doing administrative work to go to the front...

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Condition of the philippines

CONDITION OF THE PHILIPPINES Government Prior to the Ramos Presidency, there were many coup d’état attempts and uprisings during the Aquino administration. This lead to a destabilized government. Politics were shaken and people started to lose their trust in the government. During the Ramos administration, civil liberty and government stability was restored. Economic The Philippines was recovering from economical difficulties that arose from the lack of foreign investors during the Aquino administration...

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Terrorism Groups in the Philippines

There are four major terrorist groups active in the Philippines today: The Moro National Liberation Front, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Abu Sayyaf and the New People's Army. The first three are Islamic groups that operate primarily in the south of the nation, where most of the country's Muslim minority live. The Communist New People's Army operates in the northern Philippines. Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Emerging in the early 1970s, the MNLF sought an independent Islamic nation...

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Benefits of a National Police Force

*Running head: *BENEFITS OF A NATIONAL POLICE FORCE Benefits of a National Police Force Daniel Estrada 10/18/2009 AIU Online, CRJ 306, Tammi Clearfield {text:bookmark-start} Abstract {text:bookmark-end} Benefits of a National Police Force Other reasons that consolidating all police forces into a nationally unified group would be the issues of jurisdiction that can cause confusion of authority and cause feelings of competitiveness between different law enforcement agencies;...

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Armed Forces of the Philippines: A Brief History of the Philippine Army

Revolutionary Army in the Tejeros Convention in which the First Philippine Republic was born. 2. Phil. Legislature House Bill Nr. 72 (1934) - provided the creation of National Defense. B. LEGAL BASIS IN ORGANIZING THE AFP (PA) 1.) Constitution- the defense of the state is a prime duty of all citizens as required by law to render a personal military service. 2.) Commonwealth Act Nr. 1- otherwise known as the National Defense Act was approved in 21 December 1935. 3.) Executive...

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Taxation in the Philippines

I.                   Introduction to the tax systemThe laws governing taxation in the Philippines are contained within the National Internal Revenue Code.  This code underwent substantial revision with passage of the Tax Reform Act of 1997.  This law took effect on January 1, 1998.Taxation is  administered  through the Bureau of Internal Revenue which comes under the Department of Finance.  The chief executive of the Bureau of Internal Revenue is the          Commissioner who has exclusive and original...

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Mutiny in the Philippines

Alpha Nourah P. Cadiang IV-A1 Reaction Paper Mutiny is a sign of deeper political tension in a country. In the Philippines, three famous military mutiny have occurred since year 2003; the Oakwood Mutiny, the Marines stand-off and the Manila Peninsula siege. The Oakwood mutiny occurred in the Philippines on July 27, 2003. More than 300 junior officers and enlisted men who called themselves "Bagong Katipuneros" led by Navy Ltsg. Antonio Trillanes IV, Army Capt. Gerardo Gambala, Army Capt...

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Police Officer

Technical School Police Officer Done By : Mohammed Fareed Al Hadaad Class : 3 T 4 ID : 2011-2131 Done By : Mohammed Fareed Al Hadaad Class : 3 T 4 ID : 2011-2131 Police Officer: Career Would you like to uphold the law and protect citizens and property as a police officer? With education and training, you may become qualified to go on patrol, respond to reports of crime and even stop crimes in progress. Read on for details on the occupation, outlook and educational requirements of police officers. ...

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The Heroes of the National Revolution of Philippines

“Veneration without Understanding” By Chris Antonette Piedad-Pugay When we open the pages of history books in the Philippines, it is not surprising to see texts about the martyrdom of our most celebrated hero-- Dr. Jose Rizal. In fact, it seems that his name already occupied a permanent and prominent place in every publication that has something to say about the Philippines. Truthfully, there is nothing wrong about immortalizing Rizal and his heroism in books and literatures read by several...

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Police and National Crime Information

and 1930 in which police had close ties with politicians, and there was an emphasis on making politicians happy. The reform era was from 1930-1970 it began the professional crime fighting, and police focused more on arrests. The community problem-solving era started 1970- to current, it started a partnership between police and communities. 3. Describe August Vollmer's contributions to policing. August Vollmer introduced several innovative achievements in the area of police professionalism such...

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National Museum Review (Philippines)

Filipinos, a triumphant trophy of strong and vigorous mark of an extraordinary history, this is the National Museum of the Philippines. When I was in grade school and high school, I’ve been to the National Museum for several times already, because of our Field Trip. Thus, I am so happy and excited when our Professor in Philippine History told us that one of our requirements is to visit National Museum and be able to pass a reflection about the Museum, because it’s about time to reflect and appreciate...

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Criteria for National Hero on the Philippines

*SELECTION AND PROCLAMATION OF NATIONAL HEROES  AND LAWS HONORING FILIPINO HISTORICAL FIGURES Executive Summary No law, executive order or proclamation has been enacted or issued officially proclaiming any Filipino historical figure as a national hero. However, because of their significant roles in the process of nation building and contributions to history, there were laws enacted and proclamations issued honoring these heroes. Even Jose Rizal, considered as the greatest among the Filipino...

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Private Sector And Government Worker Salaries And Conditions Of Employment In The Philippines

Private Sector and Government Worker Salaries and Conditions of Employment in the Philippines Submitted by: Mark Leo L. Francisco Submitted to: Prof. Castillo J. O. Subject Code: WSALADM Section Code: BHR0401 Date Submitted: February 12, 2015 Introduction There has been much debate over whether public sector employees are overpaid or underpaid, relative to their private sector counterparts, and how to make an "apples-to-apples" comparison of the compensation received by each since job...

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Police Agencies There are many different types of policing in the United States, most agencies operates through the government and the state itself these agencies consist of state and local agencies such as local PD, sheriff’s departments, highway patrol, and state troopers. The main purposes of these agencies are too investigate of suspected criminal activity, referral of the results of investigations to the courts, and the temporary detention of "suspected" criminals pending judicial action. Law...

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System of Government in the Philippines During..

SPANISH PERIOD During the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, the government was composed of two branches, the executive and the judicial. There was no legislative branch on that time since the laws of the islands were coming from Spain. The only laws created in the Philippines are those who were ordered by the Governor General. The government on that time was lead by the Governor General. He was considered as the representative of Spain and the King himself. He is the highest officer in...

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3 Branches of Government in the Philippines

BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT OFFICE (Philippines) EXECUTIVE LEGISLATIVE JUDICIARY a. Composition President (1) Vice President (1) Cabinet Members Senators (24) House of Representatives (250) Partylists Supreme Court (1 Chief Justice; 14 Assoc. Justice) Inferior Court b. Qualifications President/ Vice President • Natural-born citizen • Registered voter • Able to read and write • At least 40 years old on the day of election • Resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately...

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CA12 2 Salary And Benefits Planning

action 12-2 Salary and Benefits Planning Sheet (Outcome 2) Contact two employers in your field to learn about the salary ranges and benefits they offer for the type of job you are seeking. Ask the following questions. Does this position have a fixed salary or a salary range? 1. Yes, it has a salary range. 2. Yes, it has a salary range. If the salary is fixed, would you tell me the amount? If the salary is in a range, would you tell me the range? 1. The salary range is 45K – 55K 2. The salary range is...

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Growth and Development of Personnel Management in the Philippines

Growth and development of Personnel Management in the Philippines I.BODY OF THE REPORT Personnel management practices have references to short case studies. Concludes that one must first understand the culture in relation to feelings, honor and relationships and the successful company is one which has formed effective relationships with not only customers but employees, suppliers and dealers and also provides staff with development opportunities. *THE GROWTH OF LABOR UNIONS The passage...

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A National Security Strategy for the Philippines

RP-NSS FOR 2010-2016 A NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY FOR THE PHILIPPINES 2010-2016 17 September 2010 NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY (2010-2016) Republic of the Philippines INTRODUCTION The common experience among nations upon becoming sovereign states is the immediate launching of a collective effort to craft a comprehensive national security plan. The experience of the Philippines upon becoming a sovereign nation on 04 July 1946 did not fit this model. Instead, we chose to continue adopting...

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Philippines History

saw an increase in military hardware and personnel in the Philippines,[42] giving a precursor to reduce military dependence on American personnel to police the country. In 1984, American lease on Philippines military bases were extended only by 5 years, as compared to 25 years' extension in 1959. Agricultural production, especially in rice production (which increased 42% in 8 years),[44] was increased to decrease dependence on food importation. Philippine culture and arts were promoted with the establishment...

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Cost Benefits Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) A technique used to determine if the proposed system is feasible in the company by quantifying its cost and benefits. Defines the process involves, whether explicitly or implicitly, weighing the total expected cost against the total expected benefits. I. Computer Package Cost | | | | |Item |Specification ...

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Public Police vs. Private Police

responsibilities that play a big part in law enforcement. Each area has their advantages and disadvantages as well. The first private police organization was started by Allen Pinkerton in 1855 known as Northwest Police Organization. Private security is basically run as contract services. Organizations and people contract private security for protection of personnel and property. Guard services, private investigators, body guards, and retail detectives are all apart of the private security arena...

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The Philippines

Philippines: No Other Place But Up The Philippines is considered one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia. As of 21st century, the country is a member in several international organizations’ including the APEC, Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and World Trade Organization (WTO). In addition the Philippines also have a lot of trading partners and trade agreements. Though, the Philippines have suffered negative balance of trade for many years. In January of 2013, the...

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Budget and Trend Analysis of the Chesapeake, Va Police Department

Budget and Trend Analysis for Chesapeake VA Police Department PAD 505 13 May 2013 Budget and Trend Analysis for the Chesapeake Virginia Police Department Payroll Forecast | 2% Pay Increase | 4% Pay Increase | 5% Pay Increase | | Salaries and Wages | | | | | 26338733 | 26865507.66 | 27392282.32 | 27655669.65 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |...

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Philippine Tax System Assessment

“TAX SYSTEM OF THE PHILIPPINES: ITS ASSESSMENT” I. INTRODUCTION Taxation: Defined As defined by Cooley, taxation is the process or means by which the sovereign, through its law-making body, raises income to defray the necessary expenses of government. It is expressed in another way as a method of apportioning the cost of government among those who in some measure are privileged to enjoy its benefits and must, therefore, bear its burdens. In order to finance the necessary expenses of the government...

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Salary! isn’t it every ones favorite? Its paid once in month & in 5 days or less fully expensed out. We wait eagerly for whole month to receive the same. We work hard & with full efforts to earn this. When it is credited in bank a/c or received check or cash on pay day, see that smile on your face and specially your family. So it's your right to know why employer is deducting TDS (tax) while making payment. Employee is aggrieved when less salary is received & higher TDS is deducted...

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Fraternities in He Philippines

Fraternies in the Philippines A Research Presented To The Filipino III Teacher Luna National High School Luna, Isabela In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Filipino III By Melvin R. Fontanilla III-Diamond March 2011 Chapter I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study A fraternity is defined as a group of people united in a relationship, having some common interests, activity, and purpose. It is a brotherhood, as the members usually say, of people at a college or university...

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Career of Police Officer

APatrick Downey Mr. Ausmus Coms 101 9 March 2009 Police Officer . Introduction   b. Attention Getter i. To get you attention I would like to inform you about what a police officer gets to carry with him at all times in order to protect himself from the bad guys: his first line of defense is his pepper spray, than asp, than handcuffs, than tazer, than his weapon that has a fifteen round clip with one in the chamber making sixteen rounds, if he runs out of that he has two more clips on his...

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Career Research Paper: Army National Guard

Career Research Paper: Army National Guard The Army National Guard is a whole new way to serve. It's all about commitment to help communities in need. It's solid dedication to the country in war and in peace. They form an elite team that shares similar core values, convictions, and beliefs. To be in the National Guard can mean serving the country part-time, one weekend a month and two weeks a year as most Guard members serve. This is what makes them different from the other branches of the...

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Abu Dhabi Police Pestel Analysis

ABU DHABI POLICE Name Institution Outline 1. Type of business 2. Mission and Goals 3. Customer Value Proposition 4. Customers of Abu Dhabi Police 5. Value adding 6. PESTDL Model  Macro-Environment  Political factors  Economic factors  Social factors  Technological factors  Demographic factors  Legal factors 7. Roles and functions of the HRM Type of Business Abu Dhabi Police is a bureaucratic organization set with the aim of...

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Determining the Impacts of Labor Participation Rate, Unemployment Rate and Gross National Income Per Capita on Total Crime Rate in the Philippines

Ruel Kristofer C. Sabangan 3 – E1 Determining the Impacts of Labor Participation Rate, Unemployment Rate and Gross National Income per capita On Total Crime Rate in the Philippines I. Introduction Crime is inevitable, it occurs every day and it might be even happening right now. It is a nuisance and it greatly affects the society. People has their own reason for doing this kind of atrocity, it is a common understanding that if a person is without a job, he/she wouldn’t gain income, without...

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philippine history

The history of the Philippines can be divided into four distinct phases: the pre-Spanish period (before 1521); the Spanish period (1521-1898); the American period (1898-1946); and the post-independence period (1946-present). Pre-Spanish Period The first people in the Philippines, the Negritos, are believed to have come to the islands 30,000 years ago from Borneo and Sumatra, making their way across then-existing land bridges. According to popular belief, Malays subsequently came from the south...

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Understanding: Philippines and National Hero

Veneration without Understanding (Summary) It is in the national revolution that the people were most united, most involved and most active on the fight for freedom. Almost always the leader of the revolution becomes the principal hero of his people. The unity between the people and the leader enhances the effects of both. In our case, Rizal, our national hero was not the leader of our revolution. In fact, he refused to be associated with it. He said in his manifesto...

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Major Concerns in Philippine Public Administration

MAJOR CONCERNS IN PHILIPPINE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PRAXIS: REORGANIZATION DECENTRALIZATION AND CORRUPTION. Presentor: Alkhaizer H. Ibrahim Discussant: Roddalyn Lee Reorganizing the Bureaucracy Reorganization of the Philippine Public Administration had been sighted as the central to the entire initiative in the search and design for more responsive structures and process since the term of President Manuel Roxas in the 40’s to Arroyo in 2002. Below are the major Reform Agenda and Re-engineering...

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National Achievement Test in Philippines

 FACTORS AFFECTING THE NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST PERFORMANCE OF FOURTH YEAR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN MATATALAIB HIGH SCHOOL Chapter 1 Introduction: Achievement test is a form of evaluation that includes the techniques for determining whether or not students reach the goals specified by the teachers based on the Philippine Secondary Schools Learning Competencies (PSSLC) For several years now the researcher have observed that the students in Fourth Year of Matatalaib High School have been struggling...

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Police writing

Republic of the Philippines National Police Commission PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE SANCHEZ MIRA POLICE STATION Sanchez Mira, Cagayan SMPS June 01, 2014 CERTIFICATION TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: THIS IS TO CERTIFY that based on the Police Blotter of this station, as shown on Page No. 6, under Entry No. C-2014-014, dated June 01, 2014, the following entries of events exist, to wit: Jun. 01, 2014/1500H/C-2014-14 SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY Stated in this portion is the statement...

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Becoming a Police Officer

Criminal Justice Online -- Fall 2012 Project The decision to enter into a career in law enforcement begins with the applicant entering into a certified training facility, referred to as a Police Academy. The police academy provides the applicant two choices for their training, a six month full time session, or a twelve month part time session. During a full time session, the applicant will devote at the minimum a forty hour week in training which includes a battery of physical fitness training...

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Philippine Economics

Philippines I. Crisis The Philippines entered the crisis on a sound footing relative to its major East and Southeast Asian neighbors (except Indonesia), which commonly experienced economic contraction, especially in the industrial and export sectors. As such, this has been suggested as evidence of the country’s newly gained economic resilience. It must be noted, however, that the Philippines has likewise not experienced the spectacular economic performance of its neighbors in recent times, which...

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National Security, Philippines

NATIONAL SECURITY AND CONFLICTS IN MINDANAO OUTLINE 1. National Security Policy 2011-2016 -policy, goals and objectives 2. Role of the AFP - Brief history of the AFP 3. Insurgents Problems in the Bureaucracy National Security, Conflicts in Mindanao ------------------------------------------------- Prepared by: Lawrence Lerias On October 21, 2010, President Aquino signed Memorandum 06, DIRECTING THE FORMULATION OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY POLICY AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY to be spearheaded...

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The Philippines

Demographics The national population of the Philippines is approximately ninety million people. The national language of the Philippines is Filipino, which is also called Tagalog. English is also spoken and understood throughout the country. English is the language for commercial and legal transactions. The Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. The major religion of the Philippines is Roman Catholicism. The Philippines is divided into three different geographical...

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Philippine Government

What are the contributions of the previous government to the present system of government? Looking back to the previous government systems in different periods in Philippine history, we can see that our present government system is somehow shaped and patterned from the previous systems that prevailed in our country. Pre – historically we have seen how they established their government and basically, we can say that it is far more primitive than the present system that we have. However, the...

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ballet philippines

I. Ballet Philippines II. Executive Summary The case is about the ballet performer status in the Philippines and also the turnover and salary of the performers and how to deal with the turnovers in lack of promotions. III. Background of the Case Founded in 1969 by Alice Reyes with the support of Eddie Elejar and the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Ballet Philippines (BP) is widely recognized today as a cornerstone of the Filipino cultural identity. Its audience represents...

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Personnel and Human Resource

and human resource management Personnel Management Traditionally the term personnel management was used to refer to the set of activities concerning the workforce which included staffing, payroll, contractual obligations and other administrative tasks. In this respect, personnel management encompasses the range of activities that are to do with managing the workforce rather than resources. Personnel Management is more administrative in nature and the Personnel Manager’s main job is to ensure that...

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The Philippines Under Spanish Rule

The Philippines Under Spanish Rule (1600s – 1800s) Political Changes As a crown colony, the Philippines was administered by the Council of the Indies. Even so, the Spanish officials in the Philippines were appointed by the King of Spain, who issued Royal orders and decrees dealing with the proper administration of the colony. In 1863, the Philippines, as a colony, was placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Colonies or Overseas Ministry (Ministerio de Ultramar). In order to...

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Philippine Customs Service

History Historical records show that the Philippine Customs Service started many centuries back long before the Philippines was discovered by the eastern and western expeditionaries. The Philippines had already a flourishing trade with countries of Southeast Asia, but since money at that time was not yet the medium of exchange, people then resorted to the barter system of commodities. The rulers of the barangays were known as the “datus” or “rajahs” collected tributes from the people before they...

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Police Morale

Police Morale The University of Tennessee at Martin Ripley Campus Police Morale Morale, such a simple word, six letters in a combination to make up a word that by its very definition means confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline. This word, morale, when coupled with a human being, can be a very powerful word. Morale is a great contributor to a healthy or unhealthy workplace. Morale, in the sense of police, can make or break a department. A high morale, and the department is firing on all...

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Examining Personnel Control as a Control Mechanism for Local Government System

EXAMINING PERSONNEL CONTROL AS A CONTROL MECHANISM FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT SYSTEM INTRODUCTION: For the purpose of clarity, it is imperative to conceptualize the key concepts in this question before delving into the answer. They include: personnel control and local government. According to bussinessdictionary.com personnel control refers to “Administrative discipline of hiring and developing employee’s so that they become more valuable to the organization. It includes (1) conducting job analyses...

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Police and Philippine Information Agency

of her happiness. All of these happen because she is unaware of her purpose in life. Napoles lacks of good personal principles and self–discipline. The absent of Almighty's presence blinds her visions as a worthy Filipino. Countrymen of the Philippines, let us make this unfortunate event of Napoles’s pork barrel scam controversy as an eye opener to us all. Therefore, CHMSCians, lets reap off the long period of silence and together we will practice the philosophy of personalism and truth to lead...

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Police Corruption

and discretion in police work produces great potential for abuse. Police corruption has been a problem in American society since the early days of policing. An ancient natural tendency of human beings is to attempt to placate or win over those in positions of authority over them. This tendency is complicated in today’s materialistic society by greed and by the personal and financial benefit to be derived from evading law. The temptations toward illegality offered to police range from free...

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Compensation and Benefits Strategies

 Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations HRM-531 December 16, 2013 Karin M.L. Wagner Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations A strategic plan for employee compensation determines how much you want to pay employees and what type of employees you want to attract. Your compensation plan entails a variety of aspects including pay scales, reward programs, benefits packages and company perks. A successful strategic compensation plan allows your business to compete...

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Archaeological Exhibit in the National Museum of the Philippines

the Archaeological Exhibit “National Museum: Museum of the Filipino People” The National Museum: Museum of the Filipino People displayed an immense collection of artifacts, relics and historical objects of the Philippines. It also housed fascinating and intriguing porcelain plates, coins, pots and jars, archaeological artifacts, jewelries, armaments and a whole lot more. The museum was divided into sections and galleries wherein one would get to know the Philippines’ history from as far back as...

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