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    PROJECT IN ARALING PANLIPUNAN III SUBMITTED TO: MRS. EDNA PURUGGANAN SUBMITTED BY: PRENHELYN JOY DIVINA The Complete List of Popes No. | Name | Reigned From | Reigned To | 1. | St. Peter | 32 | 67 | 2. | St. Linus | 67 | 76 | 3. | St. Anacletus (Cletus) | 76 | 88 | 4. | St. Clement...

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    PHILIPPINE CURRENCY HISTORY Pre-Hispanic Era At least 2000 years before the arrival of the Spaniards, the Philippines are home to small seafaring communities. These communities traded with neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and China through barter. Chinese Ming Dynasty porcelain and...

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    The Human Poverty Index (HPI) was an indication of the standard of living in a country, developed by the United Nations (UN) to complement the Human Development Index (HDI) and was first reported as part of the Human Development Report in 1997. It was considered to better reflect the extent of deprivation in...

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    1. How does the Bible view the family? Just like how God created people in his own image and likeness, He also wants us to have a family that is similar to the holy family. The bible says that each member of the family has a role. The father, as the head of the family, should stand strong for his...

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    Ang salapi o pera ay kahit anong pangkalakalang bagay o kaparaanan, na maaaring sa anyo ng papel (bill), barya o sinsilyo (coins, token), bono (bond), utang o kredito (credit) atbp. Ito ay nagpapanatili ng halaga ng bagay o serbisyong nauugnay o nailaan para rito. Ang halaga ng pera (sa kaniyang iba't...

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    501. Speaker X: Good government stresses the importance of the nation and accepts the rights of the individual only if the interests of the individual are the same as those of the nation. Speaker Y: The person of the king is sacred and to attack him in any way is to attack religion itself. The respect...

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    Projekto Sa Araling Panlipunan * Ipinasanila: Mary NicholleEspisua at ni Joyce Orosco * Ipinasakay: ma’m Meliza Emilio Aguinaldo (1869-1964) Vice-President: Mariano C. Trias General Emilio F. Aguinaldo (March 22, 1869 - February 6, 1964). He was 29 years old when he became...

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    UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA MARKETING COMMUNICATION (COM420) INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC INSTRUCTIONS 1. This is an individual assignment. 2. Students are required to identify ONE local brand/product that they believe need to be rejuvenated, rebranded or improved in term of...

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    SKILLS GOING FORWARD TO 1. Changing a central line dressing. 2. Administer metered-dose or dry powder inhaler. 3. Administer an inhaled medication using a spacer device. 4. Administer a topical medication. 5. Administer transdermal patch medication. 6. Administer a nasal instillation medication...

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     Beginning Emerging Proficient Excellent Initial Comments 2 Initial comments were posted but did not address the assignment. 4 Initial comments address some of the assignment requirements. Comments are not well organized and show limited knowledge and evaluation of the topic. 8 Initial...

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    Word Act Letter Rubric Name:______________________ Following your word act, you will write a letter to me about it. This letter forms the basis for your score on the word act. Explain your project and process: * Describe how you set up your word act, why it was important to you, what process...

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    Indian Ocean basin from 1450 CE to 1750 CE. Be sure to assess the effects of the continuities and changes that you describe. The Rubric BASIC CORE (competence) (same rubric for East Africa and West Africa question) 1. Has acceptable thesis. • The thesis must correctly specify both continuity(ies) and...

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    will take place beginning on 4/13. Written component of project is due on in class on 4/13. See WebCT for a list of topics, guidelines, and the rubrics. Unit III- Contemporary America 1945-present Study text chapters 27-31 Unit III Exam is on 4/13. Cumulative Final exam will be on – TBA Study...

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    University of Phoenix Material Research Paper Rubric Each section of the rubric contains evaluation criteria. Use the rating scale to rate yourself on each criterion even if the element is not contained in the rough draft. In the notes section for each category of the evaluation criteria, you...

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    Formal Physics Lab Report Rubric Spring Fling Lab Scientist: ________________ | |EVALUATION | |CRITERIA...

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    CAREER STUDIES CULMINATING ACTIVITY Rubric for Written Report Student _______________________ Total Marks /100 |Criteria |Level 1 |Level 2 |Level 3 |Level...

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    Rubrics Constructed Response Wilkes University Rubrics, Constructed Response Rubrics are criterion referenced grading systems that identify the criteria and expected levels of achievement for each level (Ehrmann, 2012). They are a useful grading tool, beneficial to both students and teachers...

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    ------------------------------------------------- Rubric for Research Paper Top of Form |   | Excellent | Good | Fair | Poor | Paper Requirements | 90-100% of the paper requirements (2,000 to 2,500 words, double-spaced, 12 point, readable font, proper format, and page number on every...

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    FACEBOOK RUBRIC | |Beginning |Developing |Well Developed |Accomplished | |Overall Layout[pic] |Greater attention to detail is |Shows some attention to |Completed with care and...

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