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Romney Vs Obama

It includes assessing followers’ motives, satisfying their needs and treating them as full human beings (1). President Obama is a transformational leader in my opinion; his great vision and management skills help him develop a strong emotional bond with his followers. The vision that he wanted to get across to his followers in his first election was “change” (2), President Obama was so passionate with his vision for where he wanted the country to be in four years that it was hard not to follow him...

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Election of Obama vs Romney

on many topics are opposites. Mitt Romney is the Republican, and Barack Obama is the Democrat. Their views on three things are very drastically different: same-sex marriage, abortion, and immigration. When it comes to same-sex marriage, Obama and Romney’s standpoints are very different. Obama has affirmed that he thinks same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Romney on the other hand, thinks that marriage should only be between a male and female. Romney has even got to the extent of making...

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Compare and Contrast Essay on Obama and Romney

the affection of all of America. On the left side we have our current president Mr. Barrack Obama and on the right side his opponent Mr. Mitt Romney. On paper both are outstandingly qualified candidates and both have been trusted to hold a position of leadership over large numbers of people. Mitt Romney built his foundation through a strong career in business before becoming a politician, while President Obama stuck to the legal side of things building up his reputation as a civil rights lawyer and...

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Regan vs. Obama Economy

 Reagan Economy vs. Obama Economy November 4, 2012 If there are any American Presidents who will go down in history, they should be Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) and Barrack Obama (2008 – Present). They both assumed office at a time when America’s economy was slumping. The American electorate voted them in office with the hope that they would recover the economy. Sure enough they did keep their promise to the...

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Not only was Obama the first African American to be elected president, but he was also the first presidential candidate to effectively use social media as a major campaign strategy. Social media activity rose rapidly in recent years and the bigger platforms touch people’s lives multiple times everyday.It is easy to lose sight given how global social media is today, that in 2008 sending out voting reminders on Facebook and interacting with people on Twitter was a big deal. When Obama announced his...

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Obama Vs Warner

Omar Flores Eng 101 Mrs. Davis 10/15/14 Judith vs Michelle Our Nation has many problems need that be fixed. Obesity crisis is one of those problems. Obesity started targeting adults but years have passed by and now it targets children today. Today we have people trying to fix the problem by changing the health of adults and mostly children. Warner and Obama both want to change the American way of eating into a healthy choice but Obama believes it can simply be changed by education and government...

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Obama Vs. Clinton

Barack Obama. The Congress diversity of Democrats vs. Republican’s was very similar in both Clintons and Obamas time in office. There were many steps that were taken in creating this policy, and some of those steps succeeded, and some of those steps failed. Any new process would be expected to have some issues to work through as it was created. The Affordable Health Care Act still has some issues to work on, but many steps succeeded and that is why it has been implemented during Obamas term. ...

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MLK vs. Obama

Martin Luther King Jr. vs. President Obama Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama have both written and performed their fair share of speeches throughout their respective lives. The two speeches that are being compared are President Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” speech and Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham City Jail” letter. President Obama spoke this speech while his was campaigning for the presidency in February of 2007, while his was running against Senator Hillary...

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Reagan vs Obama

that began in 1984. Today though, President Obama has been dealing with much different circumstances. Upon entering office during the “Great Recession” he was faced with an exploding unemployment rate, a crashing stock market, as well as a decrease in national GDP. In order to prop up the economy, Obama continued the stimulus packages enacted towards the end of the Bush administration. Instead of the climbing inflation rates that Reagan faced, Obama entered with low inflation caused by the crash...

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Mitt Romney Speech Analyse

Mitt Romney’s speech to the Republican ConventionThis assignment will analyze Mitt Romney’s address to the Republican National Convention.Mitt Romney serves as governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States of America in the election 2012. To give an overview of Mitt Romney’s speech I’ve put the speech into the Rhetorical Pentagon. The topic of Mitt Romney’s speech is his accept of the nomination for President and his address to how...

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Hillary Rodham vs Michelle Obama

English 101 Instructor: BK Harvey 16 January 2013 Hillary Clinton Vs Michelle Obama Many people usually spend the majority their time comparing the past and present presidents against each other. They always talk about the things the presidents have accomplished leaving behind a great legacy, but they never consider the great women behind the man. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama are both very different accomplished First Ladies. Both women had different...

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                  Obama: His effect on the Economy  US History II  Drake Lounsbury  Due Date: October 31, 2014      1  Although it's not perfect President Obama has improved the economy since he  has taken office. In 2008 when President Obama was elected as the President of the  United States of America, the economy was the nation’s main problem. In Obama’s first  year in office the unemployment rates were on the rise and corporations were profiting  less and less money each year. Obama’s first priority: fix it...

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Strategy Plan for Mitt Romney

PERSPECTIVE MANAGEMENT PROJECT MITT ROMNEY – UNEMPLOYMENT INTRODUCTION The financial crisis we recently experienced and its economic aftermath in lost output, jobs, and wealth will be studied for decades by economists. Of course, economic policymakers must react more quickly, and in scope and costs the past few years have witnessed unparalleled policy activism. Much of this activity has misunderstood economic trends and how economic policy works. Entrepreneurs...

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Focusing mainly on Barack Obama’s candidacy speech of February 10th 2007,though using further examples if you wish, explore the methods that Obama uses to create rapport with his audience to suit his purposes. Barack Obama’s candidacy speech is an important moment in the U.S politics because it is the starting point where he announces his candidacy. Obama’s speech took place in Springfield Illinois, in 2007, where former president Abraham Lincoln made his famous ‘House Divided’ speech. The...

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Obama vs. Bush: Guantanamo Bay

and dramatic changes in the policymakers tactics in order to combat the massive blow to their infrastructure. The policymakers answered with the Bush Doctrine. After witnessing the attempt, in many aspects successful, the Obama administration is attempting another route. The Obama administration wishes to expose the tactics, that can be proven a success, and follow the guidelines of upholding its administrations democratic values . The Bush administration was successful in protecting its citizens from...

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place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, people said it didn’t matter. WHEN he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco––a man of questionable character and who is now in prison and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home––people said it didn’t matter. WHEN it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected, people said it didn’t matter. WHEN he started appointing...

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analisis of Obamas victory speech

Obama’s Victory Speech Obama’s Victory Speech has impressed the whole world. Obama have used a lot of techniques which make people in the USA believe in him and make them feel united. In this essay of Obama’s victory speech, I will explain some of the techniques Obama uses and for what purpose. Besides that I will comment on important and meaningful quotes. Obama’s Victory Speech is separated in a lot of small sections. After finishing one section of his speech, he makes a long dramatic pause...

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Leadership and Management (Obama and Romney)

5 Leaders ...........................................................................................................................10 Appendix 3: Major Legislation signed in by President Obama (2008 – 2012)..........................................11 Appendix 4: Major Legislation signed in by Governor Romney (2003 – 2007) .......................................11 Bibliography...........................................................................................................................

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barack obama

Early Life and Career Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, in the state of Hawaii to Barack Obama, Sr. (1936–1982) (born in Rachuonyo District,Kenya Colony, British Empire) and Stanley Ann Dunham, known as Ann (1942–1995) (born in Wichita, Kansas, United States). Obama spent most of the early years of his childhood in Honolulu, where his mother completed college after his parents divorced. Obama started a close relationship with his maternal...

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Ann Romney Political Personality

Ann Romney: Women’s Rights Teacher: Mr. Hébert Tina Haibodi Nov. 13th 2012 Ann Lois Romney, the wife of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who ran for president in 2008 and 2012, was born on April 16, 1949, and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with her two brothers.[1] Ann Romney played a key role in the presidential campaign of her husband, when trying to appeal to women. 51% of the American population is women; Women are diverse, and live intersectional...

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Obama for President

century, we need to reform our government so that it is more efficient, more transparent, and more creative. That will demand new thinking and a new sense of responsibility for every dollar that is spent.” That was one of the strong quotes Barack Obama inspired us with.Obama is a better candidate because his policies would steer America in the right direction and take us away from our darkest times.I support his ideas for education,taxes and economy considering that his policies make more sense than...

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Impeachment of Obama

believe Barack Obama should be impeached and removed from office. Efforts to do so have been little until December 2013 when there was a hearing on Obama called by the House Judiciary committee, formally called "The President's Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws” and has been seen as a pursuit to start the justification of the impeachment process. The impeachment process is to be reserved for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”, none of which Obama has committed...

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Obama Care Research Paper 1

 The Affordable Care Act Maria E. Williamson Government 2305 18 August 2013 OBAMACARE In this paper we will address what Obama Care is and see how the implementation of this act shows governmental power and action. The Affordable Care Act is commonly known as “Obama care” and while President Obama had much to do with its eventual approval. The power of the lobbies in our nation’s capital, as well as, the efforts in the House and Senate played as equally important roles in the success...

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Why Obama Won the 2012 Election

Why Obama won the 2012 Election The American elections of 2012 was very competitive between the Democrat candidate Barrack Obama, who was the president then, and Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate. The campaigns and presidential debates were quite heated and as has been earlier mentioned, it was tight for each of them as polls clearly indicated that both Obama and Romney had more or less an equally high chance of winning the presidential elections. Demographics played a significant part in...

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Obama Election Speech

Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term as president of the United States on November the 7th 2012, by beating Mitt Romney despite dissatisfaction with the way he handled the economy. Before this particular outcome of the election, Obama made some remarks at a Campaign Event in Denver, Colorado. These remarks were among many other initiatives established by Obama to persuade the American people to vote for him. In order to reach this goal, he uses modes of appeal and rhetorical features, which...

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obama care

of the Affordability Care Act, popularly known as Obama Care” (see, question). This act was officially signed into law on March 23rd 2010. “The Affordable Care Act is the result of a joint effort between all sides of the isle, health insurance companies, and law makers and has been in the works for decades. The law itself is based on ‘Romney Care’, The Massachusetts health care insurance reform law, St. 2006, c.58” (www.obamacarefacts.com). Obama Care is useful to the citizens of the United States...

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ESSAY about Barak Obama

 “DO YOU THINK THAT BARACK OBAMA IS A GOOD PRESIDENT? WHY OR WHY NOT?” Barack Obama has been considered one of the black people most influential in the world in addition, he became the first black people president of United States of America and he has been in the eyes of much countries in especial countries from South America however, it has many questions like if it is a good or a bad president for USA and to the world, by the way how governs their country, but for me he is a bad president for...

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Obama Marriage vs 10th Century Marriage

other hand we have the article that was written about Presidents Obamas marriage, which reflects a modern day equal marriage. The Obama marriage seems to be very equal and fair. It is almost like there is no domination role between the two. Throughout history first lady’s seemed to be like “sidekicks.” The traditional first lady was always behind the scenes; it seemed like they were the husbands shadow. Todays first lady Michelle Obama is very empowering towards the president. It seems to be like they...

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President Obama

the Union speech of his second term. With no more presidential elections to face, Obama seems to be taking advantage of that newfound freedom to speak more forcefully on his second-term agenda items, like immigration overhaul, gun control and climate change, than he generally did during his first term. So expect to see that increased forcefulness on display during his speech to a joint session of Congress. Obama himself has acknowledged that he has decided to be unapologetic about his priorities...

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Obamas America

mainly through Supreme Court decision cases, congressional legislation, and the process of amendment to the U.S. Constitution. From the 1960s through the 1990s a battle on principles within the progressive movement ensued through Universalist Liberalism vs Radical Multiculturalism. Universalist Liberalism beliefs were rooted in “individual liberty, equal rights, and cross-ethinc integration and cooperation” as mentioned in the text while multiculturalism was rooted in cultural diversity, a premise of...

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Democrats vs. Republicans

democrat. It is much more than the difference between the Democrat donkey logo and the Republican elephant logo. The biggest distinction of the two parties is that Republicans are known as conservatives and the Democrats are known as the liberals (Democrat vs. Republican). All though they have some views and policies Democrats and Republicans both agree on, there are many differences that distinguish the two political parties such as taxes, government spending, social programs and issues. Anti-slavery expansion...

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The President Barack Obama Biography

Hawaii, Barack Obama is the 44th and current president of the United States. He was a civil-rights lawyer and teacher before pursuing a political career. He was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996, serving from 1997 to 2004. He w as elected to the U.S. presidency in 2008, and won re-election in 2012 against Republican challenger Mitt Romney. President Obama continues to enact policy changes in response to the issues of health care and economic crisis. Barack Hussein Obama was born on...

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Unfinished Essay on Michelle Obama and Ann Romney Speeches

problems but the solutions. Therefore, the speeches given by First lady, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney were to pursue the worried Americans as in college students, parents, pro and anti- gay marriage supporters, women right activist, low and high classes, and undecided voters to vote for their husband for president of the United States. Each man will affect the problems, which are upon the country. Michelle Obama was able to make her point by appealing to the emotions of the audience. She uses many...

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Health Care Reform, Obama Care

Health Care Reform, Obama Care Health Care reform in the State of Massachusetts could be viewed by many as an advance toward a better way of live in United States. At the same time many people have oppressed it. I believe that everyone in favor or in disfavor of the health reform of 2006 has had its reasons. Many of those reasons are valid reasons backed by knowledge and experience while others are just an opinions of other people that have been portrait to them, while an individuals do not fully...

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Barack Obama Research Paper

Barack Obama On August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, Barack Obama was born. Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, lived in Wichita, Kansas during her life, while her father was employed on oil rigs in Great Depression time. After the Pearl Harbor attacks led by Japan, Ann’s father, Stanley Dunham joined United States Armed Forces under George Patton’s control and marched across Europe. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was born of Luo ethnicity in Nyanza Province, Kenya. Barack Obama Sr. lived his early...

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essay on obamas victory speech 2012

collection of red states and blue states. We are and forever will be the United States of America.” This is one of many bold declarations made by the 44. President of the United States of America in his Presidential Acceptance Speech 2012. Barack Hussein Obama won the election 303 electoral votes vis-a-vis Governor Mitt Romney’s 202 electoral votes. Obama’s speech consists of anecdotes, his thoughts about the future, his deep sense of humility and most of all how the country should not be divided into merely...

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Obama and the power of social media

rational and reasons behind your point of view. (feel free to do your own online internet search) Introduction When Senator Barack Obama launched his campaign for the presidency in early 2007, the challenge for a long-shot candidate was to build a grassroots movement so big it could overcome strong primary challengers and, eventually, a well-financed GOP. The Obama campaign couldn't afford to do things the usual way, so it invested in some seasoned people and some brand-new tools to help rethink...

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Investing: a Valuable Lesson Taught by Mitt Romney

Investing: A Valuable Lesson Taught By Mitt Romney During the most recent presidential election campaigning between President Barack Obama and ex governor Mitt Romney we were given opportunity to learn a valuable lesson, and although this lesson may have been missed due to all the other important events that took place during the campaign it was and is, I think, a very valuable lesson. Although Mr. Romney had to be pressured into teaching us some of the key points of this lesson by being forced...

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Rough Draft of Paper on Obama

titled “Health-Care Reform: McCain vs. Obama.” Which relates to Obama’s plan for healthcare and McCain plan though her view is that McCain plan is less likely to help the people who don’t have healthcare. By Catherine Arnest saying, “There is a basic philosophical difference at the heart of the health-care reform proposals of Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, and in this case McCain really is the maverick.” Catherine stating this meaning that she feels Barack Obama has a better plan for fixing healthcare...

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submitted, Alan Korwin, Author Gun Laws of America http://www.gunlaws.com/gloa.htm Obama was born on August 4, 1961, at Kapiʻolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital (now Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children) in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is the first President to have been born in Hawaii. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was born in Wichita, Kansas, and was of mostly English ancestry. His father, Barack Obama, Sr., was a Luo from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Kenya. Obama's parents met in 1960 in a Russian...

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Barack Obama is running for a second term. During the Presidential Debates, Obama did his best to convince the citizens of the United States to vote for him, and give him the opportunity to continue his role as President. In these debates, Obama tackled many issues including the economy, foreign policy, health care, immigration, abortion, and social security. Together in our essay, we highlight the important parts of each issue handled by Barack Obama. The first, and biggest, issue Obama takes...

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Democratic vs. Republic

Kyra Chambliss Mr. Harris AP Government 18 September 2013 Democratic vs. Republic Choosing a political party is a decision based on how active you think the government should play a role in the lives of everyday people. When making this opinionated decision, it is better to see where you fit within the political spectrum. The two major parties are the Democratic and the Republican Party. These two parties are both looked differently upon by different selections of people. “Political Party...

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Obama Essay

given by Barack Obama on March 18, 2008. He was responding to the controversial remarks made by his former pastor. Obama addressed racial tensions and inequality in the United States throughout his speech. His purpose was to unite the audience together and receive the votes he needed to become the President of the United States. Obama conveys this purpose by using ethos which gets the audience attention. The audience he is most speaking to in his speech is the white community. Since Obama states story...

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Obama Care

OBAMA CARE Obama Care and health care reform is the same thing. The official name for "Obama Care" is the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act, a bill signed into law to reform the health care industry. Some aspects of Obama Care health care reform are already enacted. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law March 23, 2010. Over 100 million Americans have already benefited from the new health care law. The Obama Care insurance requires that all insurance...

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Obama Inauguration

On January 20, 2009, President Obama was officially elected and sworn in as the forty-fourth president of the United States of America. The tradition of being elected requires the president to give a speech about the goals they want to reach during their presidency. The president must make a speech that, appeals to the audience while being professional. Obama uses rhetoric to achieve presenting his message of creating hope and change together in America while fixing the economic and social challenges...

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Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign Strategy Case Study Analysis 1. Executive Summary This case attempts to provide an understanding of the main reasons of success in the Obama campaign strategy in 2008. Obama`s victory was a result of a well-planned marketing campaign that targeted the right market segments with the right message. When Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the American presidency in 2007, the newly released Gallup Poll of Democratic Presidential Candidates demonstrated that Hillary Clinton...

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Lincoln Obama

Carolina, who asked if his deadline to begin withdrawal in July 2011 was firm. “I have to say that,” Mr. Obama replied. “I can’t let this be a war without end, and I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.” Once again we have the supposed Commander and Chief showing that politics and keeping his base happy are more important than winning the war. Showing once again how idiotic it is to compare Obama to the likes of FDR or Lincoln. You can bet that FDR did not say “I don’t want to lose my democratic...

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Safe State vs. Swing State

as swing states during the times close to elections. This is why candidates fight over swing states that may only have as little as 4 electoral votes, instead of fighting for states with a lot more.(Dugan) An example of this would be Romney and Obama spending large amounts of money campaigning in a swing state such as Iowa with 7 electoral votes and very little in a safe state like California with 55 electoral votes.(Politico) Candidates do not put a lot of effort into safe states...

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Barack Obama

Barrack Obama was born August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Before being inaugurated as president on January 20, 2009 he had a whole different life. He graduated high school at Punahou School in 1979. Following high school, Obama moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to attend Occidental College. Later in 1981, he transferred to Columbia University in New York City, where he majored in political science with a specialty in international relations and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1983. He worked for...

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Michelle Obama

When Michelle Obama became First Lady of the United States in 2009, she had traveled a long way from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Still she pledged to remain grounded and focused on her children and their well-being. She also expressed interest in focusing attention on women's efforts to balance work and family. First Lady Obama commented that "My first priority will always be to make sure that our girls are healthy and grounded. Then I want to help other families get the...

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Essay on Obama

Barack Obama! Throughout, American history there has been many influential leaders who have brought justice, freedom, and change to its nation. From George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and now finally the 44th president of the USA “Barack Hussein Obama”, there have been many great people who have made history. As the first African American to become president and instil the ideology “Yes We Can” a motto now embedded in American tradition. Obama has succeeded in bringing free health care as...

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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Born January 17, 1964, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is the wife of the forty-fourth President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the first African- American First Lady of the United States. She was born and grew up on the South Side of Chicago and graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She is the third First Lady with a postgraduate degree. Michelle was born in Chicago, Illinois to Fraser Robinson III and Marian Shields Robinson...

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Obama Speech

Barack Obama Speech Notes Paragraph 1: President Obama begins his speech in a direct, strong manner, emphasizing the importance of the issue at hand; the immediacy of his statement conveys a serious tone.  His use of words such as “terrorist” and “murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children” (loaded language) support the rightness of the President’s actions, as well as appeal to the emotions of his audience (emotional appeal, pathos). Paragraph 2:  President Obama provides background/context...

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Barack Obama

BARACK OBAMA Barack Obama and Lincoln, both elected presidents for the United States, were men who superbly mastered the arts of public speaking. These two leaders both captivated their audiences and used different techniques to attract more followers. One thing in common with both Obama and Lincoln with public speaking is they both use “…concrete and tangible language, transporting listeners to another place and actually painting a portrait that they can see in their minds” (Gallo, 2012). While...

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Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood: Who is Right? Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama on the Issue of Planed Parenthood Funding It is now 2012 and it is an election year full of controversial issues that need to be discussed by each candidate. This campaign is said to have a “cavalier disregard for facts on both sides,” so much so that “the campaign has become bitter and trivial." Who would you vote for if the election was today? How much do you really know about the controversial issues? You, the voter, are in charge...

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obama care

The Obama Care-A Universal Plan Not for Everyone. As many U.S. residents already know, being prepared for the unexpected is a trait attributed to success, especially when it comes to our family’s health. One typical suggestion when it comes to “making ends meet” in household matters is saving enough money in a family safety net to ensure solvency and to mitigate the high cost of paying for routine medical care or unexpected health issues. However, that is impossible for most people due to the...

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Obama VS Chamberlain

anything with the appeasement, and war did in fact break out the following year. Recently, President Obama went to Geneva to negotiate peace terms with Iran regarding them physically possessing nuclear weapons, and failed to accomplish anything. In fact, Iran slapped America in the face by completely undermining America's request, and this is the cause for much controversy and ill feelings toward Obama as of late. In comparison to Chamberlain's utter failure at Munich, Obama's inability to impose...

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obama presidency

president Barack Obama for the goals he has achieved, but meets a turning point halfway. Then some light is shed on the global warming and climate changes. I used the word supermassive black hole in two ways: first as the black hole in Obama’s mind, referring to global warming which he seems to have forgotten about, then it is used as a consequence of our way of life: black holes and other problems are being created by our nuclear power stations. The illustration shows how Obama ‘uses’ nature, or...

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Barack Obama

English The Real Barack Obama By: Trae Hemphill Barack Hussein Obama II August 4, 1961 Barack Hussein Obama II, or “Barry,” his child hood name given to him by his father was brought into this world in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA by his mother, Ann Dunham, and father Barack Obama Sr. His parents met as college students at the University of Hawaii. Their relationship was frowned upon by both sets of parents; though it did not stop them from blessing the world with Barack Obama Jr. After a short lived...

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Fdr and Obama

The first hundred days of the presidency between Obama and Roosevelt (FDR) share a common similarity. Both, FDR and Obama entered office at a time when an economic crisis was taking place. In moments of despair, these men showed the willingness to make America better by giving the people hope. As a result, Congress passed several bills that were essential to the growth of the economy and businesses. Similar to FDR’s emergency banking bill, Obama creates a 1,000 page emergency stimulus bill of $787...

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