• Roles and functions of the guidance counsellor
    ROLES AND FUNCTIONS OF THE GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR Guidance Counsellors are professionals who work in and out of the school system. Outside of the school system these professionals focus and interest is more on counselling and as a result are called counsellors. Guidance Counsellors form a part of th
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  • Outline and discuss the major roles and functions of the guidane counsellor
    Within our Jamaican schools the guidance counseling programmes are designed to implement core principles as stated by the Jamaican school curriculum. Guidance counsellors are the ones who play the role of effectively analyzing and implementing these programmes which ensure that all students are wel
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  • Guidance essay
    Guidance is the process of helping individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentialities and thereby to achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness, Gladding (2000). The concept of Counselling is essentially democratic in...
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  • functions of guidance
     The followings functions of counseling may be effective for any particular employee of an organization:1. Advice 2. Reassurance (confidence and courage) 3. Communication (upward) 4. Release of emotional tension 5. Clarified thinking 6. Reorientation DEFINITIONS, PURPOSE AND...
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  • Critically discuss any 5 roles of a school counsellor
    Critically Discuss any five roles of a school counselor. What are the implications of these roles in creating and fostering a healthy learning process Introduction School counseling is now done in most secondary schools throughout Zimbabwe. School counselors consult and collaborate with the s
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  • Guidance from website
    1 MODULE 1 : GUIDANCE : CONCEPT AND NEEDS Concept of Guidance Unit Structure : 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Objectives 1.2 Meaning and Principles of Guidance 1.2.1 Meaning of Guidance 1.2.2 Guidance and Education : Guidance and Counseling 1.2.3 Principles of Guidance 1.3 Need and Importance of Guidance 1.
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  • The changing roles and tasks of social work
    THE CHANGING ROLES AND TASKS OF SOCIAL WORK A literature informed discussion paper By James Blewett, Janet Lewis and Jane Tunstill January 2007 1 Introduction and structure of the report Over the last nine years or so, a set of wide ranging aspirations for social care have been identifi
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  • Roles of engineer in national development
    The engineer’s public duty - The role of the institutionsJohn Uff CBE QC FREng Download article (973KB)   ShareThis This is the last of three articles dealing with different aspects of engineering ethics. The first examined the general scope of the subject and current issues concerning direct ac
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  • Mentoring Roles in Leadership Development
    Mentoring Role in the Process of Learning to Lead Introduction Leaders are considered as the significant aspect in communities or organizations. The impact of leaders can lead organizations to the success or adversely to the failure in achieving their goals. Many perspectives on this...
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