"Role Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Economic Development Of State" Essays and Research Papers

Role Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Economic Development Of State

efficient manner has continue to be the only viable and alternative for development of small scale enterprises in Nigeria and for the development, growth and survival of any economy. The development of small scale enterprises not only contributes significantly to imposed standard, they also bring substantial local capital formation and achieve high level of productivity. Small and medium scales are crucial to the development of all economies of the world. They are the modern day’s incubators of job...

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Small and Medium Scale Mining

  PROJECT TOPIC  : SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA (A Case Study of Cassava Processing Industry) PROJECT PROPOSAL BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Interest in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their contribution in the development process continue to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. The advantages claimed for SMEs are various, including: the encouragement of entrepreneurship; the greater likelihood that SMEs will utilise...

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and effectiveness of small and medium scale enterprises as an instrument of economic growth and development in Nigeria has long been under scrutiny. This intense scrutiny has been against the backdrop of the low performance and inefficiency that characterized small and medium scale enterprises particularly in assessing its role on economic growth and development. Despite government institutional and policies support to enhancing the capacity of small and medium scale enterprises, SMEs has fallen short...

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Research Proposal On Financing Small And Medium Scale Enterprise In Nigeria

And limitation Plan of study References AWE JUMOKE BOLANLE 2008/758 ECO. 312 ACCOUNTING Research proposal. On FINANCING SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE. INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA PROJECT TOPIC  : FINANCING STRATEGIES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA PROJECT PROPOSAL  INTRODUCTION Interest in the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the development process continues to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. The advantages claimed for SMEs are various...

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The Role of Small Business in Economic

THE ROLE OF SMALL BUSINESS IN ECONOMIC GROWTH AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION IN WEST VIRGINIA: AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS By Gebremeskel H. Gebremariam1 Tesfa G. Gebremedhin, and Randall W. Jackson RESEARCH PAPER 2004-10 ABSTRACT: The main objective of the study is to empirically evaluate the critical roles of small businesses in economic growth and poverty alleviation in West Virginia. In OLS and 2SLS regression analysis a positive relationship exists between small business and economic growth. A...

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Small and Medium Enterprise in Bangladesh

The Small and Medium Enterprises worldwide are recognized as engines of economic growth. The commonly perceived merits often emphasized for their promotion especially in the developing countries like Bangladesh include their relatively high labor intensity, dependence on indigenous skills and technology, contributions to entrepreneurship development and innovativeness and growth of industrial linkages. Out of 11% employment of the civilian labor force provided by the manufacturing sector, about two...

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The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority

------------------------------------------------- Introduction Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority - SMEDA Premier institution of the Government of Pakistan under Ministry of Industries. SMEDA was established in October 1998 to take on the challenge of developing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan. With a futuristic approach and professional management structure it has focus on providing an enabling environment and business development services to small and medium enterprises. SMEDA is not only an SME...

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The Role of Small and Medium Equity Investement Scheme in Financing Sme's

The Role of Small and Medium Industries Equity Investment Scheme (SMIEIS) in financing Small-Scale Enterprises in Nigeria BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Interest in the role of Small-Scale Enterprises in the development process continues to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. The advantages claimed for Small-Scale Enterprises are various, including: the encouragement of entrepreneurship; the greater likelihood that Small-Scale Enterprises will utilise labour intensive technologies...

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CHALLENGES AFFECTING THE GROWTH OF SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISES IN KENYA (A Case study of Wajir Soko Mjinga Market) A Research proposal Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of Diploma in Business Administaration to the Mount Kenya University JULY 2013 ACKNOWLEDGMENT I take this occasion to thank the Almighty GOD for blessing me with his grace. I extend my sincere gratitude to my MKU supervisors...

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Small and Medium Scale Enterprise

SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA: THE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS. By Abiodun Fatai1 Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos Nigeria. ABSTRACT Small and medium scale enterprises have long believed to be catalysts for economic growth and national development both in developed and developing countries. In Nigeria where private sector is not well developed SME is assumed to play the role of employment generation, facilitator of economic...

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Role of Commercial Bank in Economic Development in India

country needs the services of financial institutions for accelerating the pace of development. Commercial banks have played a critical role in the economic development of a country. Now a day’s commercial banks are important not just from the point of view of economic growth, but also financial stability. In emerging economies, commercial banks are special for three important reasons. First, they take a leading role in developing other financial intermediaries and markets. Second, due to the absence...

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Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Tourism Diversification a Case of Eldoret Town

Effect of working capital management practices onfinancial performance: A study of small scale enterprises in Kisii South District, KenyaSmall scale enterprises (SSEs) are acknowledged in Kenya as significant contributors to economic growth. Despite this, it is estimated that up to 40% of the start-ups fail by year 2 and at least 60% close their doors by year 4. Working capital management is credited as one of the causes of these failures. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of...

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Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Managing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – The case of ‘iRepair’ Student name: Zaheer Abbas Course Name: BABS Student ID no Submission date Module Tutor: Executive summary Businesses these days need to be competitive enough to survive the competition in the market. Growth is an essential area which the organisation needs to explore and adapt the growth strategies. Small and medium sized enterprises these days play a major role in the economy and inject a lot of financial benefits...

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Role of Enterpreneurship in Economic Development

ROLE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The entrepreneur who is a business leader looks for ideas and puts them into effect in fostering economic growth and development. Entrepreneurship is one of the most important input in the economic development of a country. The entrepreneur acts as a trigger head to give spark to economic activities by his entrepreneurial decisions. He plays a pivotal role not only in the development of industrial sector of a country but also in the development of...

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How Has Managerial Incompetence Contribute to Small Scale Enterprise in the Country

to the study 1 1.2 Problem Statement 3 1.3 Objectives of the Study 4 1.4 Research Questions 4 1.5 Significance of the study 4 1.6 Scope of the Study 4 1.7 Limitations 5 1.8 Organization of The Study 5 Chapter 2 6 2.1 Small Business Defined 6 2.2 Challenges of Small Business 6 References 8 1.0 Introduction Many businesses begin operations on a shoestring, and some entrepreneurs never seek bank loans or other outside funding. However, many new and established businesses lack the managerial...

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Economic Contributions of Small Business

INTRODUCTION Micro, small, medium enterprises defined Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are defined as any business activity/enterprise engaged in industry, agri-business/services, whether single proprietorship, cooperative, partnership, or corporation. MSMEs have value falling under the following categories: By Asset*: MICRO: Up to P3,000,000 SMALL: P3,000,001 to P15,000,000 MEDIUM P5,000,001 to 100,000,000 LARGE: Above 100,000,00 This table shows that in a small business it...

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The Important Role Played by Small- Scale Industries in India.

The important role played by small- scale industries in India. 1. Employment generation: The basic problem that is confronting the Indian economy is increasing pressure of population on the land and the need to create massive employment opportunities. This problem is solved to larger extent by small-scale industries because small- scale industries are labour intensive in character. They generate huge number of employment opportunities. Employment generation by this sector has shown a phenomenal...

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Financing Small and Medium Enterprises

Financing Small and Medium Enterprises Introduction: Cash is like the blood in human body for all companies. So, the problem of financing is one of the most important issues in company operations. Appropriate and healthy sources of capital is the primary issue for an enterprise, especially for the SMEs. As policy, the reasons for their ideas, and SMEs’ own flaw, so that the financing channels for SMEs is relatively narrow, a shortage of funds has become a major bottleneck for the development of SMEs...

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Impact of Alternative Power Generation on Small and Meduim Scale Enterprises in Nigeria. Case Study: the Laundry Business in Nigeria

ALTERNATIVE POWER GENERATION ON SMALL AND MEDUIM SCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA. CASE STUDY: THE LAUNDRY BUSINESS IN NIGERIA KEYWORDS: SME’s, power, performance, financial development, poverty alleviation and employment 1. Introduction Small and Medium Enterprises Development (SMEs) has continued to be a popular phrase in the Business world. This is because the sector serves as a catalyst for employment generation, national growth, poverty reduction and economic development. More so, 70% to 80% of...

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Role of Commercial Banks in the Economic Development of a Country:

Role of Commercial Banks in the Economic Development of a Country: Commercial banks are one of the three primary agents which help circulating funds in the market. Commercial banks provide loans and corporate bonds to the households, new start ups and small medium enterprises to run their businesses. It also obtains money from the households and invests that money to other profitable investments. The money held as customer account then accrues interest which is given to the customer in the form...

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Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA SEMINAR ON SMALL AND MEDIUM INDUSTRIES EQUITY INVESTMENTS SCHEME (SMIEIS) Publication of CBN Training Centre, Lagos NO. 4  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Published 2003 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transcribed, translated in any other language, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, chemical, photocopying, recording, manual or otherwise, without the prior permission...

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Factors That Hinder Small and Medium Enterprise Customers to Access Credit from Commercial Banks in Tanzania

FACTORS THAT HINDER SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS TO ACCESS CREDIT FROM COMMERCIAL BANKS IN TANZANIA 1. Back ground information In this period of globalization of world trade, an increasing role is being assigned to the private sector in many developing countries. In parallel to and as part of this shift, there has been emergence of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sectors as a significant component in economic development and employment. In many countries in the world, this sector...

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Factors Affecting Tax Compliance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the Advent of the Eac Common Market.

taxpayers for example the recent protest by taxpayers over implementation of Electronic Tax Registers. Hostility towards tax compliance could be explained in terms of the deterrence theory which implies that taxpayers make calculations of the economic consequences of different compliant alternative, such as whether or not to evade tax; the probability of detection and consequences thereof, and choose the alternative which maximizes their expected after tax-return/profit possibly after adjustment...

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Small and Medium Enterprises

risks. The consequence is tightening of Y. Srinivas (The author is Manager, Compliance Group at ICICI Bank. He can be reached at srinivas. yanamandra@icicibank. com) Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a very significant role in the economy in terms of balanced and sustainable growth, employment generation, development of entrepreneurial skills and contribution to export earnings. However, despite their importance to the economy, most SMEs are not able to stand up to the challenges of globalisation...

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Challenges of Small and Medium Enterprises in Kenya

SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES "SME" stands for small and medium-sized enterprises – as defined in EU law: The main factors determining whether a company is an SME are: 1. Number of employees, and 2. Either turnover or balance sheet total | |Employees |Turnover |or |Balance sheet total | |Company category | | | | | |Medium-sized |< 250...

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Importance of Small-Medium Enterprises in Australia

order to outline the characteristics of small businesses, and also to explain the importance of these small businesses to the Australian economy. This report aims to achieve its purpose through the use of several Australian small businesses as examples. The businesses examined are: “Laservision Australia”, “Luken and May”, and “Peter Alexander”. Characteristics of Small Businesses Although there is no universally accepted definition of a small business, small businesses are generally identified through...

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Contribution of Small Enterprises in Indian Economy

CONTRIBUTION OF SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISE IN INDIAN ECONOMY ** RIDHI SHARMA ** Small & medium Enterprise (SME) sector is the seedbed of Indian economy. This article throws a light on the contribution made by SME’s in making India a growing economy; It is also an attempt to find out the reasons for the slow growth of Indian entrepreneurs as compared to other countries. Small business is regarded as seedbed for entrepreneurship as it provides favourable conditions for emergence and growth...

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country like India, the role and importance of small-scale industries is very significant towards poverty eradication, employment generation, rural development and creating regional balance in promotion and growth of various development activities. It is estimated that this sector has been contributing about 40% of the gross value of output produced in the manufacturing sector and the generation of employment by the small-scale sector is more than five times to that of the large-scale sector. This clearly...

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Large and Medium Scale Business

Small Scale Business Small Scale Businesses help every economy to achieve industrial growth and industrial diversification. Small Scale Business Enterprises are mainly of four different categories: 1.Small Scale Industrial Undertaking A Business Enterprise will be called Small Scale Business Undertaking if Investment in Fixed Assets, in Plant and Machinery, whether held on Ownership basis or on Lease or on Hire Purchase does not exceed 10 million Rupees and it is in no way owned, controlled...

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Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises

Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) And Innovation Prof. Datuk Dr. Kamaruzaman Hj. Ampon Prof. Dr. Syed Azizi Wafa Universiti Malaysia Sabah • “…The period of the IMP3 coincides with the remaining 15 years for the realisation of Vision 2020. To be a developed nation, it is important for industries, and the country, as a whole, to achieve global competitiveness. In this respect, the IMP3 has adopted the overall theme ‘Malaysia Towards Global Competitiveness’. Industries must strive...

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Role of International Finance Institutions

ROLE OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCE INSTITUTIONS BB0030 2013 LOCHIN BAWEJA BBA (6TH SEMESTER) Roll No. - 521067514 Center Code - 01665 01665 Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA Semester 6 BB0030 – Role of International Finance Institutions- 2 Credits Assignment Set- 2 (30 Marks) [Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions...

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Role of the Insurance Industry in Economic Development

What Role has the Insurance industry In Economic development? The insurance industry has come a long way from ship owners, merchants and underwriters gathering in Edward Lloyd’s coffee house in London to discuss their marine voyages to new colonies of the British Empire. Over the years, Insurance has become essential in our everyday lives. Something we just can’t live without. Our Economics and Societies are growing phenomenal rates and have become more and more interconnected on the rest of the...

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Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Their Effect on the Economy

INTRODUCTION This report talks about a subject that affects the whole economy in all countries. Small and medium -sized enterprises (SME’s) play an effective role in solving many economic problems such as unemployment. Therefore, SME’s are at the heart of economic growth. The purpose of my report is to show how SME’s help the economy in overcoming some problems. Also, this report discusses some SME difficulties and their solutions. This report has three chapters. The first chapter consists...

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Explain the Term ‘Credit Crunch’ and How It Has Developed. Discuss the Implications for Uk Small and Medium- Sized Enterprises (Smes)

and therefore constantly effecting not only small and medium enterprises but all forms of business. Small enterprises are defined by having an annual turnover of £5.6 million or less, total fixed and current assets on its balance sheet of £2.8 million or less and 50 employees or less. They account for two thirds of employment in western economies which makes them particularly influential in the current economic climate. Similarly Medium sized enterprises can be defined by having an annual turnover...

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Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development

distribution of economic goods and services." According to Schumpeter, "Entrepreneurship is based on purposeful and systemic innovation. It included not only the independent businessman but also company directors and managers who actually carry out innovative functions". Need For Entrepreneurship Development: Economic development essentially means a process of upward change whereby the real per capita income of a country increases over a period of time. Entrepreneurship has an important role to play...

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Small Scale Development

February 2012 Development of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises: The role of Government and other Financial Institutions By: Emmanuel O. Oni Ph.D & Daniya A. A. Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna ABSTRACT Small and Medium Scale Enterprises constitute essential ingredients in the lubrication and development of any economy. In Nigeria, the story makes no remarkable difference as Small and Medium Scale Enterprises dominate the economy...

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Evaluating the Role of the Government in Providing Accounting and Management Skills to Smes in Namibia

Chapter 1 Evaluating the Role of the Government in Providing Accounting and Management Skills to SMEs in Namibia 1.1 Introduction In this chapter the researcher will evaluate the role of the Government in providing appropriate accounting and management skills to SMEs in Namibia, the statement of the problem, the objective of the study, research questions, significant of the study and limitations of the study. The problem arises when the government does not control and monitor its According...

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Small Business Sucess

business has been the rise of entrepreneurship around the globe. An estimate of half-billion people worldwide is trying to venture to a new business every year. At the early 70’s, as corporate profits had begun to decline, entrepreneurs have started small business and created entirely unique industries such as Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and Bill Gates of Microsoft. Managers also arrived to the realization that having bigger business is not necessarily better and flatter organizational structures of...

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Globalisation and the Economic Impact on Small Island States: Caribbean

Nottingham University Business School MBA Programmes N14M79 Business Economics Globalisation and the Economic Impact on Small Island States: Caribbean January 6th 2011 Kole’ Mascoll Student ID: COPY [1] Globalisation and the Economic impact on small island states: Caribbean This paper conducts an analysis of Small Island States of the Caribbean, the Economic effects of Globalisation and addresses both the macroeconomic and microeconomic issues. The paper will begin...

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Economic Development

A BRIEF ON SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Nigeria as a developing economy cannot achieve full development without the contribution of the small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). In most developed economies, the main stay of their economy has been attributed to the effectiveness of the small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) is accepted globally as a tool for empowering the citizenry and economic growth. It has been associated...

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Functions of Development Banks

What are the functions of Development Banks? Describe its Quantitative and Qualitative roles. Solution: Development Banks or Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s) as these are normally called in the financial world are a post World War II phenomenon. Their establishment in Africa, Asia and other developing countries in most cases coincided with the attainment of independence. Their mission being “to expedite the pace of development in accordance with the national priorities and aspirations...

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 Moi University COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES IRD 200: DISCUSSION ON THE ROLE OF THE STATE IN ENSURING DEVELOPMENT IN A COUNTRY Submitted By: FRED WAICHERE M. FEBRUARY 2013 INTRODUCTION A state may be simply defined as a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government. Claude Ake (1992) defines a state as: The organized aggregate of relatively permanent institutions of governance. It is seen as a set of associations and agencies...

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Medium Enterprises

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN SMES (Small and Medium Enterprises) THE LITERATURE REVIEW The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been increasing rapidly over the past few years (Crawford and Scaletta, 2005) although meaning of the term CSR remains a subject of much debate (Roberts, 2003; Hopkins, 2003). The reason behind the debate is that the beliefs and attitudes on the nature of CSR have varied over time (Hill et al., 2003). However, according to European Commission’s...

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Development Role of Rbi

This role is, perhaps, the most unheralded aspect of our activities, yet it remains among the most critical. The Reserve Bank is one of the few central banks that has taken an active and direct role in supporting developmental activities in their country. The Reserve Bank’s developmental role includes -ensuring credit to productive sectors of the economy, ...

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Funding Small Scale Enterprises

Financing small scale business enterprises CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACK GROUND OF THE STUDY Over the years, it has become fashionable for successive government to come up with one economic policy or the other in a bid to bring about improvement in the nation during her regime. The then military administrator in the year 1986 while in power introduced an economic program called Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) which was foisted on Nigerians as an alternative to IMF/World...

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Discuss the Relationship Between Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development

between entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development. With the rapid development of a dynamic global economy, increasingly countries are seeking breakthroughs in their economic development. Stimulated by these ever-increasing competition pressures, exploitation of new ideas and businesses which provide great potential for economies to thrive, accordingly, is gaining widespread attention (Mansfield, 1972; Wong et al., 2005). In consequence, on a global scale, not only some developed countries...

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The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development: Thenigerian Perspective

European Journal of Business and Managementwww.iiste.org ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online)Vol 4, No.8, 2012 100 and support services to accelerate the development and modernisation of MSMEs, SMEDAN badly needed to have acomprehensive understanding and knowledge of the population of MSMEs in the country, their distribution bysectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, services, trade, construction, mining, technology, etc, and their distribution by rural and urban areas as well as the...

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Small Scale Industries

Project on Management of Small Scale Industries & Public Relations Management. SSI visited:- Nova Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. Kevin Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Introduction To Small Scale Industries. Small-scale industries are the backbone of the Indian industrial structure. They provide a variety of non-traditional low technology product. They are also engaged in the processing, preserving manufacturing and servicing activities. small-scale industries (SSIs) constitute an...

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A Study of the Microfinance Institutions and Their Effects on Funding of Small Scale Enterprises in Edo State

A STUDY OF THE MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON FUNDING OF SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISES IN EDO STATE BY AMADASUN ESE INTRODUCTION One factor inhibiting the attainment of development goals in less developed countries is the populace’s general inability to access factors of production, especially finance. This limits the entrepreneurial ability of the people, especially the poor. Consequently, potential employment opportunities and household prospects for creating wealth and improving income...

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Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development

Role of entrepreneurship in economic development Entrepreneur An entrepreneur can be regarded as a person who has the initiative skill and motivation to set up a business or enterprise of his own and who always looks for high achievements. He is the catalyst for social change and works for the common good. They looks for opportunities, identifies them and seizes them mainly for economic gains. An action oriented entrepreneur is a highly calculative individual who is always willing to undertake...

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The Relevance of Information Technology in Managing Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

A PROPOSAL ON THE RELEVANCE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN MANAGING SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA. BY: AMULUDUN OLUWABUSAYO R. 090201049 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 BACKGROUND OF STUDY Globalization of the economy has led to the emergence of information technology, especially the growth of the Internet and other communication network. Growing diversity of business transactions and increased competition, companies are changing the way they...

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Gandhian Model of Development

Gandhian model of development was emphasized by the Janata Party. The model emphasized the rapid development of agriculture and small industries. Village and small industries were emphasized from the point of view of production as well as employment. The model necessitated the following changes in the pattern of planning : (i) Employment-oriented planning to replace production-oriented planning : Nehru model by over-empathizing a capital-intensive pattern of development failed to generate...

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The Development of State Capitalism in Europe

Paper Economic Geography State capitalism in Europe Sam Bakker BA10 Economic Geography 19-2-2013 Introduction In the recent history and the current global financial crisis governments have nationalised banks in the Western world. They did this because the banks had too many debts and if the banks would go bankrupt it would create social unrest, political instability and economic problems because people will lose confidence in the monetary system. In other...

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Why the human resource management is important in small-medium Entrepreneur in UK

Why the human resource management is important in small-medium Entrepreneur in UK Introduction The article analyzes the way of HRM practice in small-medium enterprises(SMEs) and the reason why it is important element for SMEs. Over the past years, small-medium enterprises play an increasingly significant role in European economy. It is mainly because European countries including UK have large amount of SMEs but with small scale of big enterprises. However, HRM, as an important part of a company...

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Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Financial Management Goal

measure their performance .this paper introduces the main ideas of EVA. At the same time,it elaborates the significant advantages of EVA and it’s importance in Chinese. The first part Financial control's goal is enterprise managing finances hoped realizes the result, is appraises enterprise managing finances to move whether reasonable primary standard. For the consummation financial control's theory, the effective instruction financial control practice, must conduct the earnest research to the financial...

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Small Scale Enterprise and Poverty Reduction

often lack adequate food and shelter, education and health, deprivations that keep them from leading the kind of life that everyone values. They also face extreme vulnerability to ill health, economic dislocation, and natural disasters. And they are often exposed to ill treatment by institutions of the state and society and are powerless to influence key decisions affecting their lives. Some progress has been achieved over the last 40 years regarding life expectancy and health, education, infant mortality...

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role of small business in economic development

DEFINITION OF SMALL BUSINESS: There is no precise definition of a small business. Some would consider a business as small if it has no more than a specified number of employees. Other would like to believe a business as small that limits its scope of operation to the local market area. Yet others may prefer to classify a business as small on the basis of nature of firm, such as the local medical store, clothing store, service station or a jewelry store. WRITERS’ DEFINITION: “A small business is...

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small and medium enterprises

 Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka SMEs play a particularly significant role in enhancing the impact of private sector activity on broader socio-economic development outcomes. SMEs in post-conflict Sri Lanka hinges two inter-related strands; the process of participatory development and equal opportunity in accessing the benefits of growth. In Sri Lanka, the relative composition of private and public industries as a percentage of the total industrial sector has been 97 from 2007/09...

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Economic Development

[Pick the date] | Home | development | Economic development, achieved largely through productivity growth, is very important to both developed and developing nations. However, even though we know that higher productivity leads to improved economic outcomes there has been no consensus among researchers about either the desired path of development or the role of state in economic development. Concerning the path of development, Lall (2001) says that the appropriate strategy for any ...

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Small and Medium Enterprise

of modern societies but costs and constraints involved in meeting this demand threaten communities in important ways via financial impositions, increases in pollution and greenhouse effects and reduction of local amenity, promotion of dispersed development and the take up of farm or bush land and depletion of scarce fossil fuel reserves (G, 1999, pp. 11-122).Nowadays almost every day mass media in Indonesia review the issues about poor public transport and increasing levels of traffic congestion...

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