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Role Of Media In Creating Political Awareness

This paper discusses the role of the media in political campaigns. The purpose of campaigns To understand the role of election campaigns towards the end result it is necessary to understand that two ideas exist. It is believed that the voters decide for their candidate before the campaigning starts, while the others believe that it through active campaigning that voters reach their decision. The purpose of political campaigns is to do one of three things to affect the voter: motivate, reinforce...

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Mass medias and their political role

Key-term : Mass medias « Medias » comes from the latin « media » that designs all means of communication ; such as printing press, radio, television, Internet... There has been a mediatic revolution in Europe, and specially en France, since the end of the XIX th century, which accompanied the birth of the Republic and its main political crisis, at is allowed the expression of the public opinion. In June 29th, 1881, the Law on the Freedom of the Press allowed the liberty of expression though...

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Role of Media in Bringing Public Awareness

Internet and participation in social media groups have been recognized as by the US Congress as powerful means of helping people to avoid being victimized by advance fee loan scams and other types of financial fraud. Social media is a powerful force, reaching millions of people. The user-friendly design of the major social networking groups encourages users from all age groups and skill sets to communicate and to share information. That is exactly why social media has attracted the attention of government...

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Role of Media

Role of media Introduction It is often said that the world has become global village. Telecommunication, radio and television and finally computer have reduced distance and brought the most countries aloes enough to each other. Indeed, it has become an effective instrument for norms of democracy facilitate the decision, making process. In complex globalized world, role of media has become diversified and effective. Hence, peace or war politics or trade, diplomacy or commerce, religions or conflicts...

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Role of Media in Current Scenario

Role of media in current scenario Outlines 1. Introduction 2. Media in Pakistan 3. Importance of media • Creation Of Awareness • Strengthen Democracy • Promotion Of Tolerance And Understanding • Attract The Attention Of Policy Makers • Strengthen Relations With Other Countries • Entertainment 4. Miracles of electronic media 5. Present situation of media 6. What should be the role of media in current scenario * Political awareness * Social awareness *...

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Role of Mass Media in Political Development

Mass media in Nigeria Prior to the revolution of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the television, radio and print media had been the main source of mass communication. The development of mass media in Nigeria dates back to 1970 with the print media being the first having a coverage of about 45% with more penetration in the urban areas. The radio soon followed having a more widely reached audience though the availability of the radio at earlier stages was low and in 1990 then...

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Role of Media

ROLE OF MEDIA IN PUBLIC LIFE INTRODUCTION The importance and the impact of the media, written or electronic cannot be marginalized in the world of today. In the modern world of quick communication and quick information, media plays a very crucial role. The original role of the media was and still is to give to the public all relevant information about occurrences in the country and the world. Now the written media includes a host of publications, dailies, fortnightly, weeklies, monthly all giving...

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Role of Media in Tourism

  The  Role  of  Media  Communications  in  Developing  Tourism  Policy  and  Cross‐Cultural  Communication  for  Peace,  Security  for  Sustainable Tourism Industry in Africa          Author: Wilson Okaka   Lecturer (Communications and Environment Programmes)  Kyambogo University Kampala‐(Uganda)  Telephones: [Office: 256‐414‐3771775] ‐ [Mobile: 256‐078‐2588846]  Email: nupap2000@yahoo.com            Paper Presented at the 4th International Institute of Peace through  Tourism (IIPT) African Conference on Peace through Tourism at ...

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Role of Media in Development of Socienty

ROLE OF MEDIA AND NGO IN DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIETY” -ABSTRACT- Mass media are the channels, such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television use to communicate information to large group of people’s. By regularly convening information to important audiences, from the general public to government, and international decision maker a media plays a major role in shaping public debate. Media organizations are independent of political influence and work as important informative...

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MAL. ONAKPAH ASSIGNMENT TOPIC THE ROLE OF PRESS IN A FREE AND FAIR ELECTION IN NIGERIA By ADELEKE ESTHER KEHINDE INTRODUCTION Election is a festival of democracy. It fosters an inclusive state; democracy rooted in popular sovereignty and sustainable peace and tests the competitive strength of political parties and leaders through programme and ideologies. In this context, it is important for the press to keep the hope of citizens’ by serving key roles in democratic initiatives, democratic...

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Role of Media

From the Newspaper  November 5, 2010 (4 weeks ago) Media and politics WE live in times when political events and conflicts are not simply reported but also enacted and performed in the media. The mass media, especially television journalism, is now intricately implicated in structures of dominance and political conflicts. The latest example of such `mediatised` conflicts were the clash between the government and the judiciary over the unsubstantiated news that the former had plans to reverse...

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Role of Mass Media in Indian Society

living in a world dominated by media. The mass media is increasingly occupying the central stage in our lives. The mass media has an iron grip on the imagination as well as thinking faculties of the society. The programmes and features served by the mass media which instruct people not only what they should eat, drink and wear and groom them but also at times misguide them to commit heinous crimes. Mass media acts as an effective catalyst of change in society. Mass media which is also called the sword-arm...

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Political Awareness

Political Action Awareness Nurse leaders are aware that today’s health care system has many issues complicating the goal of quality patient care and outcomes for all. Nurse leaders must stay informed and become involved as an advocate influencing changes in policy, laws, and/or regulations that govern the health care system they practice in. At times the advocacy requires a nurse leader to become more involved beyond their immediate level of practice and into the world of politics and policy...

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Role of Mass Media

Role of Mass Media xxxxx Politics 1 Mr. Teacher December 5, 2011 Role of Mass Media With the ever changing world of technology, the media has evolved into a vast global phenomenon and has revolutionized the way people receive their information. News updates are received instantaneous through the internet, which may now be accessed through the innovative smart phones. The television news media networks have each developed multiple...

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Role of Media

of strength. This strength can either be used constructively by educating the people or it can be used destructively by misleading the innocent people. Power of the media can transform the whole society especially in the developing countries it can be used as a 'weapon of mass destruction'. But I think the most important use of media is to educate the people about the basic human rights. The dilemma of the developing countries is that people are not fully aware of their basic rights and if they know...

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Role of Media in Entertainmen

t Role of Media in Entertainment  Today television channels and newspapers are making fast money by cashing on the news in wrong sense and wrong way. In the race to become more popular and to make money they have broken all the limits media must follow while serving to build a healthy and progressive society. They have no respect for the sentiments and ethics of the people and land whom they serve to, with their immense power to influence the massses they just make judgment like a true dictator...

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MEDIA: ROLE AND INFLUENCE IN OUR LIVES Living in a society with every moment something happening around us, there exists certain and extreme requirement of information about what is happening around us, how it is related to us and how is it going to affect us. The purpose is being served by media right from the beginning of civilization. However, it has and is changing its forms very rapidly and very broadly. Some of the most basic and major forms of media are daily newspapers, weekly newspapers...

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Media Role

 “The role of media in today's world” In the present era, media has become as necessary as food and clothing. It has played significant role in strengthening the society. Media is considered as "mirror" of the modern society, infact, it is the media which shapes our lives. The purpose of the media is to inform people about current and new affairs . It tells about the people who are geographically divided. For many community groups and organisations, gaining positive and consistent...

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Role of Media in Public Awareness

The power of media on our lives is immense, it is not only a source of entertainment but it helps in making us form our opinions on major issues of social importance Print and electronic media help in awareness related to current affairs In an era of information, the impact of media, be it print or electronic, on our lives, cannot be ignored. Can you imagine life without reading newspapers, or traveling from one channel to the other on the television screen? Gone are the days, when people used...

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Role of Media

THE ROLE OF MEDIA IN DEVELOPMENT Media refers to the channels or tools used to store and transmit information or data to an audience for any purpose. For an ideal society to exist, as argued by George Mead, a form of communication must be developed to allow individuals to appreciate the attitudes, view points and positions of others, and also allow that individual to be understood as well. This human communication through artificial channels dates back to ancient cave paintings, drawn maps and...

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The Role of Media in Afghan Women's Rights

The Role of Media in Afghan Women’s Rights Nasim Basiri The world is becoming global and integral, and women already have to be strong and well equipped. Nature deliberately created us a certain way, precisely to allow everyone to be integrally connected to the general system by way of their maximum actualization in it. A woman’s personal, individual, and unique participation does not...

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Essay on printing media (press)

Today, in this ultra modern world, the role of media and particularly of print media has been augmenting day by day. It has been serving as a vigilant watchdog of India. Print Media has created awareness among the people regarding their rights and duties. Print Media has created awareness among the people regarding their rights and duties. Print Media has been nicknamed as ‘News Monger’ or the fourth Estate. We can update ourselves just by going through the morning news paper, getting each and...

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Role of the Media in American Politics

Role of the Media in American Politics A free and open media is essential to a functioning democracy. Its role in politics is to “encourage democratization, strengthen the rule of law and promote institution building” (UN News Center). In order for a democracy to work properly, citizens need to be informed on the issues at hand, in a fair and unbiased manner, so they can make sound decisions as to which candidates to vote for. The role of the media in democracy has been realized since the institute’s...

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Discussion on Media

The media has got a vital role in molding a good society. As far as children are concerned they have a tendency of grabbing the dialogues, actions etc aired or published through the media. So the media must be aware of this fact. Media should always try to side with the truth. Unfortunately some Medias side certain political parties for their mutual benefits. They must always reveal the truth. Media is the biggest tool to bring awareness in the society, either it be political, social or economical...

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rolesof media

2013, [ISBN 978-93-83006-16-8] page 67-70 ROLE OF MEDIA IN SOCIAL AWARENESS Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi, Ingita Pandey Research Scholar, Economics Department, University of Allahabad, Allahabad, UP inki2020@gmail.com, gita.pandey7@gmail.com INTRODUCTION The media plays a very constructive role in today’s society. Media play an important role in increasing of public awareness and collect the views, information and attitudes toward certain issue. Media is the most powerful tool of communication...

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Role of Media in Kargil

Role of Media in Kargil Anshu Bhatia PGP2- 18012 Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Literature Review 3 Discussion of the case 5 Analysis and conclusion 6 Bibliography 7 Abstract This paper attempts at evaluating the role of media in the Kargil war, which broke out in the summer of 1999, at a time when the Indian media was equipped enough to set the media agenda as well as present the war at an unprecedented scale. As mortals, we have never seen the war situations...

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The Role and Power of the Mass Media

  The Role and Power of the Mass Media Rami G. Khouri       Our world today is increasingly driven by a combination of information and entertainment values, and these are both promoted by the explosion of different means of communication, especially electronic communication such as satellite TV and Internet. This means the market for information is extremely competitive and is characterized by the following:   1.       Overload on the audience: Most people today, even in many developing...

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become a global village. It is media that has shrunk the world into a village. Telecommunication, TV, radio, and now computers have reduced distances and brought the countries of the world closer to each other. Free media is the integral part of democracy. It acts as the custodian of democracy and facilitates the decision-making process. It has become the voice of the masses. Indeed, it is instrumental in shaping the public opinion. A society with restricted media is just like stagnant water. Such...

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role of media

The Role of Media What is “The Media?” The word media means different things depending on how it is used. Media is the plural form of the word medium. A medium is a method of communicating information, entertainment, or other messages. Television is one popular medium. Radio, the internet, and cell phones are all examples of commonly used media. The term mass media refers to methods of communicating with large numbers of people. A lot of media exists purely for entertainment, such...

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Political and Economic Effect on Mass Media

processes perform an important role in regulation of state and economic interests. The modern world of information builds its own priorities, based on new types of opportunities of the media and media content. Media content are messages produced by mass media such as Internet, newspapers, magazines, books, video entertainments and television. People have great opportunities of getting information they need in short time. Mass media are important functions of political literacy of citizens and an important...

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Role of Media in Liberal Democracies

consider the role of media in liberal democracies of the 21st century and to analyse if the ownership of media affects this role. Media can widely be defined as any media of communication. This report will focus more on the news aspect of media rather than the entertainment side. In considering the role of media, I will examine multiple arguments of the role. The media ownership will be taken from examples in Australia, United States and Britain. This report will firstly look at the role of the media...

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Culture and Media

THE ROLE OF MEDIA IN THE SOCIAL, CULTURAL OR POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONS ABSTRACT The role of media has being described across general development of nations; social, cultural, and political. The phenomenal effect of the media in elimination of time and space and also the gradual extermination of ignorance; The media has created an interactive world whereby individuals are no more aliens to the diverse cultures and practices of the world, the power of sharing subjective thoughts, opinions...

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Islam, Terrorism and the Role of Media

 Terrorism - Islam, the Most Widely Misunderstood Religion and the Role of Media Increasing terrorism across the globe can be contributed to many factors such as extremism, poverty and literacy rate just to name a few; however, widely misunderstood religions have been the focus of the blame, disregarding the root causes. It has been over a decade since Islam is being openly criticized for promoting terrorism. Islam is the only religion that has been constantly associated with terrorism; however...

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Media Freedom

‘information.’ We seek information, awareness, and most importantly, a semblance of ‘truth’ about the things we face daily. Luckily for us, we have a way that provides us all that, something we collectively call ‘the media’. But, unluckily, as with most things of value, it is prone to exploitation. By the marketers and PR managers working for the commercialist culture or even the governments that like to ‘control’ public viewpoint by being spoon-fed their own political or commercial agendas. To inform...

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Media Role

you begin to feel. Your role models are people that the media exposes you to. You want to be someone, but not yourself! And now you say media does not influence you! Oh come on, it surely does! Mass media does affect the way in which masses think and act. It influences their behavior both positively and negatively. The positive effects are surely celebrated by one and all. But the negative effects are not conducive to a healthy society. Here, we will try to understand how media influences us negatively...

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Role of the Media in Shaping Opinion in Case of Humanitarian Interventions, Example of Somalia

o EWHA Woman’s university | Role of the media in shaping opinion in case of humanitarian interventions | Example of Somalia | | Mass Media and Society | June 2010 | ThesisThe way that TV news is creating emotion (through the power of images) in its audience is an essential element to understand how some humanitarian interventions have been decided | Summary Nowadays, communications come across boundaries, thus we can, more easily than never, be aware of what is happening in...

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The Role of the Media as a Catalyst in Tourism

What role does the medium play in encouraging or discouraging tourism to a particular destination? Media is our main source of entertainment and knowledge (REF) ,media has facilitate and mediate our connection with the world. Different sources of media like TV, film, internet and social media can affect the image of a tourist attraction and the way tourist lure to a specific destination. The popular media of the day influences the appeal of the travel destinations and activities through constructing...

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The Role of the Media in International Conflict

Title: The role of the media in international conflict. Case studies: Vietnam War, Falklands conflict, Gulf War. Abstract: Since the end of the Cold War there have been countless conflicts that have involved the deaths of millions of people and the suffering of millions more. It is impossible to accurately quantify human suffering due to the conflict. To take one indicator – it has been pointed that more than one million children died in the conflicts, which occurred in the world for last ten...

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the impact of political socialization in the transformation of the political system

which is perpetual for most of an individual’s existence. Thus enters the phenomena of political socialization. This essay will define what the phenomena is, what it encompasses and how it contributes to the transformation of the political system of a community, state or globally. Political socialization can be simply describe as the life long process by which individuals develop a relationship to the political world and acquire knowledge, beliefs, values and behaviours conducive to citizenship....

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Social Media as a Tool for Gathering Votes

Social Media as a Tool for Generating Votes The use of social media to generate votes is a very new concept. It is still in its preliminary stages but it shows great results as it helps gain popularity among the voters and confidence through them. Various instances of the use of social media have occurred in the past three years which sort of reconcile the fact that it is a powerful tool, not only in generating votes but, spreading awareness, messages; collecting data and understanding the people...

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Role Of Media In Politics Of Pakistan

 Role of Media in Politics of Pakistan Definition of Media: The word media is derived from a Latin plural word Medium. Media is a tool which is used to collect and deliver information and data for some specific purpose. Types of Media: There are many types of media; 1. Advertising media 2. Mass media 3. Print media 4. Social media 5. Broadcast media 6. Digital media 7. Electronic media 8. Multimedia 9. News media 10. New media 11. Published media 12. Recorded media 13. Interactive media 14. Hyper...

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Life Without Media

Modern public life could not exist or function properly without the media. In every facet of life, the media molds modern public life. Today we live in a world, which has been closely knit with a wide network of different types of media. Advertisements rule our waking hours and for some even during slumber. Although many people blame the media for invasion of privacy and even trivializing of news, we fail to realize that media is a mere reflection of the society we live in, the society we created...

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Media And Democracy

Media democracy is a set of ideas advocating reforming the mass media, strengthening public service broadcasting, and developing and participating in alternative media and citizen journalism. The stated purpose for doing so is to create a mass media system that informs and empowers all members of society, and enhances democratic values. It is a liberal-democratic approach to media studies that advocates the reformation of the mass media with an emphasis on public service broadcasting and audience...

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Media Effect on Presidential Campaign

Election Editorial Media Effect On Presidential Campaign The mass media communication industry is a multi-billion business. On average, American people watch about 1,550 hours of television, listen about 1,200 hours of radio and spend about 180 hours reading newspapers each year. In 1990s, as the innovation of computer and the Internet started to spread around the world, Internet usage has grown rapidly to play an important role on citizens’ public life. In 2012, the US citizens...

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Role of Media in Public Awareness

The media play an important role in increasing of public awareness and formation their views and attitudes toward certain issues. Nowadays, Internet resources are one of the most common means of communication as mass media. Today in Tajikistan, blogging and participation in social networks are one of the most common activities of Internet users after the e-mail and search programs. This trend is particularly noticeable among young people who spend more time on the computer and obtain more information...

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Media Business in Democratic Country

Importance Of Media Business in Democratic Country Like INDIA The newspaper business in India is gaining 10 percent per year but the fear is that the new generation of readers may grow up getting their news on tablet or computer. * For advertisers, newspapers are more time-efficient and effective than other media. Newspapers continue to reach more people than the internet does. * Internet penetration in India is less than 10 percent, but the country has 519 million mobile subscribers. ...

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Role of Mass Media in Politics

Role Of Mass Media In Politics In this discussion I call upon two movies as examples and evidence to examine the role of mass media in politics. The two movies I will use for this basis are The Candidate and All the Presidents Men. Today, the art of governing a society seems to be much dictated or prescribed by what the assemblage of the citizens of the United States say or express to the mass media. Thus, the government and politicians listening to and acting upon our...

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Role of Media in Democracy

people of a country can vote to elect their representatives’. Media came into existence in 1780 with the introduction of a newspaper namely ‘The Bengal Gazette’ and since then it has matured leaps and bounds. It has been playing a very important role in shaping human minds. Role of media Media plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy democracy. It is the backbone of a democracy. Media makes us aware of various social, political and economical activities happening around the world. It is like...

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Media Convergence

Material Media Convergence Worksheet Write brief 250- to 300-word answers to each of the following: |Questions |Answers | |What is meant by the term media |Media convergence means that the lines are getting blurred between the traditional forms | |convergence with regard to technology, |of media and they are almost becoming one. Media convergence plays an important role in ...

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Mass Media and Political Thinking

Mass media has dominated political thinking in many ways all around the world. TV, radio, the internet, and smart phones all have the ability to get you thinking about politics and what’s going on around you. Many of today’s youth are more active in the world around them by mass media. Sometimes that is a good thing but when they start receiving the wrong information it can be risky, everyone needs to know that not everything you hear and see is true. When it comes to elections and governmental...

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Media in the Modern Era

Assignment Of Functional English (MEDIA and PAKISTAN) Submitted to MR. Dilawar Qureshi By : Awais Ismail Soomro (MBA-17) Dated : 08-02-2013 MEDIA IN MODERN ERA Outlines: 1. Rising Power of Media and the Modern World. 2. Importance and influence of Media 3. Role which media is playing and which should played. 4. Power of Media in Pakistan 5. Impact of media over Pakistani culture, society and Politics 6. Pakistani Media in its youth 7. Government’s...

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Freedom of Media in Pakistan Blessing or Bane

Freedom of Media in Pakistan Blessing or Bane? Free media is a double-edged sword which has its benefits and vices; however, its advantages overweigh the disadvantages. Let's Make A New Pakistan 2014 Wednesday, January 01, 2014 1.    Introduction 2.    Definition of free media 3.    Media in Pakistan: From censorship to freedom 4.    Role of media in Pakistan: a blessing and curse at the same time a)     Free media as a blessing:     i. educates and informs masses     ii. increases level of awareness...

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The Impact of Media Outlets on Political and Civic Engagement

 The Impact of Media Outlets on Political and Civic Engagement Throughout the fall 2012 semester at Illinois State University, Ms. Hoppers Reporting II class has been reading about and discussing the role of Journalism in a democracy along with how it aids in serving the citizenry of the United States. The past couple of months have been a busy and important time for the media with coverage of the 2012 presidential elections this November. Several people rely on media outlets to receive information...

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Media Role in Everyday Life

following quote: “ it is because the media are central to our everyday lives that we must study them... as social and cultural as well as political and economic dimensions of the modern world.” (Roger Silverstone, Why Study the Media? 1999.) criteria understand respond to question construct logical argument key terms/concepts used accurately provide relevant examples where required Reading 1.1 Why Media Studies is Worthwhile: Bazalgette 'Media studies is controversial because it is...

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role of media in education

The important role of mass media in education The education of our children has always been emotive and when the mass media is added to the mix, volatility is inevitable. Hardly a country in the world is spared controversy in education, but when one looks behind the sometimes anarchic scenes, there is a lot about which to be optimistic and hopeful. Traditionally, the mass media and education have enjoyed a love-hate relationship. On one hand television and newspapers particularly, have provided...

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Roles of Media in Environment Awareness

Role of Media in Environment Awareness INTRODUCTION The rapid expansion and new breakthroughs in the arena of science and technology have taken humankind into a new age. The developments have both pros and cons. On the one hand, while technological developments have affected almost every aspect of human life, at the other, it has its devastating effect on the nature itself. Thus mankind faces double challenges from modern machines and from saving the nature, the mother earth. At this paradoxical...

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The Power of the Media The struggle for who gets what, when and how is largely carried out through the media. Mass communications help determine what the nation knows about politics and thus helps determine who gets what. The media is often referred to as the "fourth branch" of government because of the power they wield. The media consists of television, newspapers, magazines, radio, books, recordings, films, and the Internet. Television is the most powerful media format since almost every home...

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political awareness

Social media become an important medium of communication in the modern time in which it is provide powerful channels of information between politician and citizens. Besides that, the social media act as proactive devices for encouraging the citizen to participate in democratic process. The social media an important medium of information have influence people's thought and action about politics and encouraged people to give opinions, critics and suggestions as well as participate in politics. Therefore...

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The Effectiveness of Media to Pursue Political Agendas

With Media Coverage and Persuasion for All When it comes to swaying the public’s opinion, it is most important for political leaders. They must win the votes of the people, sometimes at any means necessary. While it may sound like it is alluding to violence, it is actually making reference to the techniques this fourth branch of the media uses. These techniques give the media the ability to set the political agenda and force political leaders to pay attention. They also make the public open their...

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The Power of Media

Media has the power to strengthen the changes in our social, cultural, and political values. The improvement of media has increased the spread of ideas and has made communication more convenient. Television, Facebook, and Twitter are all considered mass medias because they provide people with entertainment, and it is where the flow of ideas is disseminated. In James Fallows essay, “Win in China!” he states that media encourages the Chinese to follow their dreams, such as becoming an entrepreneur...

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