• Role of Identity in International Relations Case Study: Russia-Estonia Relations and Role of Russian Speaking Minority in Estonia
    Allahshukur Seyidov Baltic Sea Region Studies ROLE OF IDENTITY IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CASE STUDY: RUSSIA-ESTONIA RELATIONS AND ROLE OF RUSSIAN SPEAKINING MINORITY IN ESTONIA INTRODUCTION The concept of material issues is no longer dominating in the international relations. Non materia
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  • What Role Does International Relations Play in the Shaping, Defining, or Legitimating of Masculinity or Masculinities?
    “There may be numerous ways in which international relations are implicated in the construction of masculinities and masculine identities; through the direct disciplining of male bodies, through numerous political and institutional practices, and through broader cultural and ideological links.”
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  • International Relations of Asia
    International Relations Of Asia STRATEGIC GEOMETRY "This is the only region in the world where so many combinations and permutations of two- three and four- and even two plus four or three plus three- power games can be played on the regional chessboard with all their complexities and variations
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  • International Relations
    What was the Bretton Woods system? Why did it breakdown? In order to answer properly this question, it is important to establish first the main principles of this international monetary regime and its developments after 1945 and then to analyse the principal factors contributing on the breakdown
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  • The Theories of International Relations
    INTRODUCTION The theories of international relations are the end results of good international relations and system in the world today, most of this theories are not well implemented in most countries which has resulted on conflicts among nations, political instabilities, secessions and all oth
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  • International Relations
    Today’s international system is not the same of that hundreds of years ago, or is it? The hypothetical situation presented to us, can help answer many questions, like that above, and explore the various theories of international relations. As the leader of the great power country A, I see my overa
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  • Transnational Corporations in International Relations
    Introduction Many schools of thought and individual researchers have reached the conclusion that state-centric approaches fail to examine and analyze international elations as they have changed in the past century. The different leakages of the state-centric theories like the fact that states n
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  • International Relations : a Distinct Discipline.
    The question of whether International Relations is a distinct discipline has been a matter of consistent controversy. However, any field of study needs to fulfill certain criteria in order to be classified as a distinct academic discipline. Accordingly, I believe, that International Relations is ind
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  • Factors That Influence Perceptions in International Relations
    Several factors influence perception of international relations. Varying in every individual, as a result of childhood experiences, are beliefs, dispositions, and basic psychological needs. Contradictory to what some may think, all Americans as well as Chinese are not united in their opinions. An Am
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  • John Burton and the Study of International Relations
    JOHN BURTON AND THE STUDY OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: AN ASSESSMENT David J. Dunn In this article I want to assess the relationship between, the academic discipline of International Relations, by which I mean a set of issues and a community of scholars, and John Burton. The reasons for such a
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  • Concepts of International Relations
    Concepts in international relations Conjuncture In decision making in international relations, the concept of International Conjuncture, together with freedom of action and equality are important elements. Decision makers must take into account the set of international conditions in taking initiat
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  • International Relations as a Social Science
    International Relations as a Social Science: Rigor and Relevance Jeffry A. Frieden and David A. Lake1 March 23, 2005 Introduction When the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences published its first volume in 1890, International Relations did not exist as an area of systematic inquiry.
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  • International Relations
    Submitted by: L.S.Kaveisthaa INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Introduction: International Relations is the field of study, which concerns the relationships among the governments of the nations states. International Relations concerns people and cultures around the world. This is a vast subject a
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  • Theories of International Relations by Malik
    THEORIES OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1-Behavioralism:- Behavioralism is an important approach among the different approaches of international relations. This approach is actually generalization. They study a phenomenon generally. They say that we can not get fa
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  • International Relations
    First Semester - Updated through November 9, 2010 – End of 1st Quarter International Relations Lesson Plan for Week of September 7, 2010 Dr. Ericson Day 1 Objective: To discuss course expectations and requirements Handout: Syllabus, Study Guide for Chapter 1 (see below) Homework
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  • Terrorism and Its Effects on International Relations
    Terrorism and its Effects on International Relations Introduction Over the years there have been significant changes in how terrorism is carried out. With the changes in how terrorism is carried out there have also been dramatic changes in how countries counter terrorist attacks. The modificati
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  • Radicle Perspectives in International Relations
    Radical Theory of International Relations Radical Theory derives its views from Marxist Theory. It is therefore sometimes referred to as Marxism, Socialism or Socialists internationalism. Radicals believe that the state is nothing more than a machine for the oppression of one class by another. A
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  • International Relations After the Twin Towers
    International relations after the twin towers By any measure, the atrocity of 11 September 2001 was an extraordinary event, if for no other reason than that it was the first direct attack on US space since the British burned the White House in 1812, an event which occurred in the context of a muc
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  • What Is 'Power' in International Relations? Use Examples to Illustrate Your Argument
    What is 'Power' in International Relations? Use Examples to Illustrate your Argument Power can be seen as a very complicated concept within International Relations. Power in International Relations does not only refer to military might but also includes economic power, cultural power and also,
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  • Theories of International Relations
    Theories of International Relations* Ole R. Holsti Universities and professional associations usually are organized in ways that tend to separate scholars in adjoining disciplines and perhaps even to promote stereotypes of each other and their scholarly endeavors. The seemingly natural areas o
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